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Google and YouTube Are in Bed with the ADL and Israel


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Did you know that YouTube has been working with the Anti-Defamation League? Did you know that the ADL can put pressure on YouTube so that they can censor virtually any video they do not like, even if the particular video does not violate the user agreement which YouTube provides?

Did you know that you may be viewed as a terrorist or anti-Semite if you even upload something that questions the power of Israel over America and much of the West? Did you know that if you say Israel is an apartheid state, then you are an ipso facto a racist or anti-Semite by the ADL?

Did you know that the ADL has already concluded that British musician Roger Waters is an anti-Semite for criticizing Israel?[1] Did you know that you can be labeled an anti-Semite by the ADL even if you are Jewish?[2] Did you know that the ADL used to spy on people like Noam Chomsky? And did you know that the ADL used to receive money from notorious gangsters like Meyer Lansky? E. Michael Jones documented in his article last month that Meyer Lansky had a history of buying American politicians and sending

“large sums of gambling money to the ADL, which would in turn accuse anyone who claimed Lansky and Dalitz were gangsters of anti-Semitism. In addition to being steady contributors to the ADL, the Jewish gangsters of this era also supported Israeli terrorist organizations: ‘With support from Meyer Lansky, Hank Greenspun had become a gunrunner for Israel in 1948 and thereafter performed as an Israeli operative. Bugsy Siegel reportedly gave $50,000 to support Irgun while ‘celebrity gangster’ Mickey Cohen sponsored an Irgun fundraiser in 1947.’

“The Israeli newspaper Haaretz claim that ‘Jews control crime in the United States,’ but Meyer Lansky had the backing of the ADL when he claimed that ‘there was much anti-Semitism behind the campaign to convict him.’”[3]

Did you also know that it is not really hard to find sexually explicit materials on YouTube, despite the fact that YouTube pretentiously says that sexually explicit materials are not allowed? Did you know that performances by so-called entertainers like Nicki Minaj, Adriana Grande, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, among others, are laced with sexually explicit stuff?

Google and YouTube Are in Bed with the ADL and … – Veterans Today

26. sep. 2017 – …by Jonas E. Alexis. Did you know that YouTube has been working with the Anti-Defamation League? Did you know that the ADL can put pressure on YouTube so that they can censor virtually any video they do not like, even if the particular video does not violate the user agreement which YouTube …

Roger Waters on Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Israel: They’re Terrified



… by Richard Edmundson

The four man VT team (middle) at the Damascus Counter Terrorism conference, where we met Richard
The four man VT team (middle) at the Damascus Counter Terrorism conference, where we met Richard

[ Editor’s Note: We met Richard as part of the American delegation to the now famous Syria Counter Terrorism conference in Damascus in early December of 2014. He had edited a book for Franklin Lamb, with whom we parted ways after learning some things about him while we were there.

But we were glad to have met Richard through him, as he is a solidly disciplined writer who does the work doing good material, and not just the endless stream of opinion and commentary that we see so many wanting to be their niche, despite having no related education, work experience or profession relationships to have a basis for doing it.

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Roger Waters on Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out … – Veterans Today

6. mar. 2016 – Theoretically, Roger Waters could also have been featured, for yes, he did indeed perform in Israel, in 2006–and the experience seems to have been a watershed moment for him: A trip to Israel in 2006, where Waters had planned to play a gig in Tel Aviv and the end of the European leg of his Dark Side of …

Rock star Roger Waters said to lose $4m over anti-Israel activism


[Editor’s note: This sorry tale of the persecution of a famous musician due to his moral stance against the fascist, racist, genocidal apartheid state of Israel starkly illustrates why so many others choose not to speak out – they know that they will be attacked and it will probably end up hurting them financially, in Water’s case, to the tune of 4 million dollars. As Waters himself said in an interview, celebrities are ‘scared shitless’ to criticise Israel. Ian]

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Rock star Roger Waters said to lose $4m over anti-Israel activism

Roger Waters’ anti-Israel activism has cost the British rock star millions of dollars and an American Express sponsorship, the New York Post reported.

The credit giant took off the table a $4-million sponsorship of Waters’ 2017 tour in North America following his partisan and anti-Israel rhetoric this month at a festival that American Express sponsored, according to the tabloid’s report Thursday.


But an official spokesperson for the firm said it never formally offered to sponsor Waters’ 2017 tour. “When we were approached with the options, we passed on making a bid,” the spokesperson said.

At the “Oldchella” festival, Waters used his time on stage to blast the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and to call for a boycott against Israel, according to the Post.


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Rock star Roger Waters said to lose $4m over anti … – Veterans Today

28. okt. 2016 – [Editor’s note: This sorry tale of the persecution of a famous musician due to his moral stance against the fascist, racist, genocidal apartheid state of Israel starkly illustrates why so many others choose not to speak out – they know that they will be attacked and it will probably end up hurting them financially, …

Texas Kisses Ring of Israel Turns Back on America … – Veterans Today

27. okt. 2017 – From a cultural perspective the BDS movement has encouraged many high-profile musicians like that of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and world-class thinkers like that of physicist Stephen Hawking to boycott events they’ve been invited to attend within Israel. The success logically sought by the BDS …

“If you can´t beat them, join them…” – Jødiske organisasjoner som klager over antisemittisme, sponser nazi-nettsteder selv.

ADL Owns

This is my website, you stupid friggin’ Jews

Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash


by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


A forensic search of, and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe Foxman, is funding them and that ADL workers along with volunteers are managing these “NAZI” websites.

ADL Owns | Veterans Today

22. jan. 2013 – This is my website, you stupid friggin’ Jews. Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash. by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. A forensic search of, and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe …

Fabricated Hate, the Phony “Jew v. Nazi” Fake Narrative


… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Jim W. Dean Managing Editor

The “Kosher Nostra,” sometimes known as the partnership between the Rothschild banking system, and the Israeli led mobs that run Ukraine and much of Russia, have long partnered with  anti-Zionist or neo-Nazi organizations of their own creation.  Stormfront and Andrew Anglin, have been by our estimation, Israeli controlled.

We believe this organization was created by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League, which we long identified as part of spy organizations working against the US, to smear enemies of the Kosher Nostra, a powerful and secretive crime organization now capable of running governments and orchestrating wars.

This is the simple truth, deal with it. The CNN story below and depicted in the video is a very dangerous one.  Yes, it involves something sinister and poisonous at the heart of America.

How can supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom are Jew haters, racists, and criminal trash, utterly back a president whose advisors and cabinet, his friends, make up not only many American Jews but in actuality, the worst of the worst of financial criminals and mobsters who just happen to be Jewish.

Few Jews voted for Trump and fewer still support his politics.  Now for some backstory:

Years ago, Veterans Today made its policies clear.

  • VT supports international law in all forms including opposing the illegal settlements on the West Bank and the apartheid policies of the Tel Aviv government which are in direct controvention with the 4th Geneva Convention.
  • VT supports US policy that has pressured, until now, Israel to comply with International Law.
  • VT also recognizes, as a publication led by intelligence personnel, that Israel has been at odds with the US over security issues in the following ways;
  • a.  Israel, under Pollard and others, sold nuclear secrets to the Soviets in exchange for Jewish Russians allowed to immigrate by the hundreds of thousands to Palestine.
  • b.  The Israel lobby actively uses coercion, blackmail and bribery to influence American policy toward war on nations that financially compete with Israel.
  • c.  Israel, or Israeli led organized crime, which includes what is misnomered the Russian mafia, have orchestrated financial disasters such as the one in 2008, which cost the US $10 trillion dollars.
  • d.  Israel and its secret partner for over 60 years, have staged terror acts including 9/11, the 7/7 London bombings, the Paris Hebdo attacks and endless others to manipulate public opinion and American legislators to support policies favorable to Israeli backed organized crime.
  • We have seen universities controlled, their curriculum turned into pure propaganda, free speech killed not only under political correctness but total censorship and fact blackouts.
  • The current sex scandals, which are rightly cleaning out a very few monsters who have mostly exploited millionaire starlets or others much less vulnerable than those who really need protection, is now being used to silence opponents and cover up the sex blackmail ring of Trump/Epstein that ran an espionage operation on behalf of Russian Mobs for years.

To forward this agenda, elections have been rigged and Russia, most recently, blamed for it. Moreover, the media, now recognized as totally fake, has created a phony narrative blaming Islam for everything.


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Jo mer jødisk Theresa May blir, jo mer “antisemittiske” blir Storbritannia

The more Juif becomes Theresa, the more antisemitic becomes Britain


By Gilad Atzmon

Today, the Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported that the number of antisemitic incidents in Britain in 2016 were the highest on record. The CST’s statistics show that there were 1,309 incidents of ‘Jew hatred’ last year — a 36 per cent increase on the previous 12 months.

Of course, the CST is not a reliable source and its‘antisemitism figures’ have been debunked numerous times before. However, if these statistics are accurate, they suggest only that the more the British government invests in fighting anti-Semitism…. the more antisemitic Britain becomes.

This is easy enough to explain. The fight against antisemitism is now a profitable industry.  Every day, we learn of some new Jewish organisation dedicated to fighting antisemitism and to hunt down the Jew haters, and all at the expense of the British tax payer*.

And, as always in the case of Israel and Zionism, these organisation are financially sustained by the very Jewish hatred they seek to oppose. And, when there is no Jew hatred to be found, they will either induce, or even invent some.

For instance, we learned in the last few weeks that Stephen Silverman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) launched a war against popular cult figure David Icke. The same Stephen Silverman who launched this war also launched a war against musicianAlison Chabloz for expressing her thoughts on Holocaust religion by means of a cabaretperformance.

These ugly campaigns against British truth-seekers are unlikely to make UK Jewry popular. Quite the opposite. Both these campaigns immediately backfired – Alison’s work went viral and the campaign against Icke proved only that Icke’s investigation into Rothschild Zionism is not only legitimate, it is actually essential.  These campaigns clearly are not going to silence Icke or Chabloz but they will confirm  that Jewish institutions here in Britain do not subscribe to the notion of freedom of thought and elementary human rights.

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2. feb. 2017 – … Jews-only paramilitary organisations operating in the kingdom. We all agree that racism is a bad thing, so let’s fight it in a universal manner rather than following the whims of one particular tribe. * Theresa May vowed recently to allocate more than 13.4 million pounds annually to Jewish security matters.

Theresa May | Veterans Today

The more Juif becomes Theresa, the more antisemitic becomes Britain · Gilad Atzmon – February 2, 2017. 7. If the British government is concerned about antisemitism, It must immediately strip Jewish organisations of any special treatment and funds! WarZone …


Opposing Zionism not racism – says Court in Scotland – The New Magna Carta

Anti-Zionism not racism
Anti-Zionism not racism

A pro-Palestinian organization in Scotland has clinched a landmark victory in a UK court that ruled in favor of its members, who were accused of racism for having participated in a protest against Israel three years ago.

Glasgow Sherriff’s Court announced on Friday its verdict in favor of two members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC), which supports Palestinian issues in Britain.

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Scotland The Brave (Lyrics)

Nå er vi alle palestinere

– “Hedningene” vet det…

The Goyim Know


 By Gilad Atzmon

Sir Eric Pickles  may be the most disgusting sabbos goy in British politics. Pickles stood down as an MP before the 2017 election, but the ex-Parliamentary chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel still relentlessly advocates the interests of one tribe only.

Pickles pontificates on Corbyn’s recent electoral success in an article in the rabid ZionistTimes of Israel. “[H]ow did Corbyn’s comments on Hamas not put off voters?” he asks.

In the article Pickles affirms that it was the Jews who kept Theresa May in power. “Were it not for the Jewish community’s strong support for Conservative candidates in north London, then Comrade Corbyn could well be in No 10 right now.”  Pickles is probably right, but how did this come about?  Why is British Jewry’s political choice so distinct from that of their gentile neighbours?  Are those Jews British first or are they just ‘Jews who live in Britain’ as the Zionist mantra* suggests?

Like the vast majority of his chosen tribe and unlike half of the Brits, Pickles doesn’t like Corbyn. ”Worryingly, it seems Jeremy Corbyn’s relationships with hardline and extremist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, simply didn’t concern British voters in a way one would have foreseen.”  Pickles admits that it seems even ‘Islamic terror’ failed to boost May’s popularity.

Sir Eric Pickles

Sir Eric Pickles

The gruesome looking chap better grasp it. It is the other way around.  It is Corbyn’s openness to a dialogue that made him the most popular politician in Britain. It is Corbyn’s opposition to Israel that made most Brits see him as a genuine ethical voice. And the recent terror attacks in London made even more Brits realise that fighting Israeli proxy wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq may be the stupidest thing this Kingdom could do. Many Brits prefer peace and at least half of them believe that Corbyn may be the person who can deliver.

The recent election reveals that the Brits have developed a total fatigue with Zionist lobbying and Israeli driven global conflicts. They are tired of the likes of Theresa Je Suis Juif  May and Sir. Eric Holocaust Envoy Pickles.

And importantly, Brits are utterly revolted by local councils that trap the poor and the disabled in polyethylene clad death towers. They can see that Grenfell Tower engulfed in fire resembles Gaza under Israeli attack. They detect a devastating cultural continuum. This is not surprising.  With Jewish lobby groups like the Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative Friends of Israel dominating our political universe, media and culture, it doesn’t take much for Brits to see that they are turning into Palestinians.

Goldman sucks anecdote: We are anxiously waiting to learn what role Rydon Director Andrew Goldman played in the recent London Fire Massacre:

Despite the election results that point at clear voter fatigue with the Conservative offering and despite the huge outrage following the London corporate manslaughter at Grenfell Tower that illuminates institutional murderous carelessness at every level, Pickles continues to care for one privileged tribe only. “If Labour wants to proclaim to be a party ‘for the many’, he [Corbyn] can’t continue to whitewash its problem with the Jewish community.”  Actually, Corbyn did fine without the benefit of Pickles’ advice. Corbyn, who has been concerned about the Palestinians for his entire career, was also among the first to be with the fire victims this week. Corbyn probably realises that by now we are all Palestinians. Corbyn’s support for Palestinian resistance is exactly what we need and expect of him.

Further, if Corbyn had the guts to flat-out point at the one foreign lobby that has been pushing us into these catastrophic global immoral interventionist wars, he would be dwelling comfortably at 10 Downing Street, supported by a huge parliamentary majority. Whatever Pickles admits, Corbyn’s victory suggests that, by now, the Goyim know.

Theresa Je Suis Juif  May and Sir. Eric Holocaust Envoy Pickles.

Theresa Je Suis Juif  May and Sir. Eric Holocaust Envoy Pickles.


Corbyn is likely to become the British PM within the next year. He is supported by a huge enthusiastic crowd. Still, Sir Pickles vows loyalty to his foreign paymasters and their tribal interests. “In my capacity as the UK’s Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues, I remain resolute in my determination to root out anti-Semitism and feel proud to be in a Party that will stand beside the Jewish community every step of the way.”  Note: Pickles doesn’t offer to fight racism or discrimination against all. He clearly expresses his commitment to one people only.

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The Goyim Know | Veterans Today

17. jun. 2017 – In the article Pickles affirms that it was the Jews who kept Theresa May in power. … And the recent terror attacks in London made even more Brits realise that fighting Israeli proxy wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq may be the stupidest thing this … They are tired of the likes of Theresa Je Suis Juif May and Sir.

Når vi nå er inne på “klima”; som det står i stykket ovenfor om at globalistenes kriger ødelegger klimaet, så la oss se mer på hvordan den norske ærverdige Nobels Fredspriskomite har dummet seg ut, men nå holder for ørene og  ikke synes at Carl I. Hagen er verdig nok til å skulle få lov til å finne en fredens mann, så som Obama og den gudfryktige Al Gore. Deres fredsklubb er til for å nominere kommunister, så de skal få lov til å gjøre akkurat som de vil, med æren i behold, mens nordmenn skal bøtelegges i hjel ved enhver bomstasjon, hvor de betaler i dyre dommer i tillegg til veiavgiften de allerede har betalt, samt ikke skal få lov til å parkere i Oslo sentrum, for det får bare de som aldri blir ferdige med å skattlegge oss lov til å parkere: Ved Stortinget og Regjeringskvartalene… Pass på å ikke etterlate deg noen “karbonavtrykk”… De er ikke fornøyde før vi ligger i ei kiste under jorda, men den som graver en grav for andre kan selv falle i den…

Nå bør de fjerne parkeringen sin – Gunnar Stavrum – Nett på sak

23. jun. 2017 – Alle som jobber i sentrum, skal nektes å bruke bil, men ikke Stortinget og Oslo kommune. Denne uken vedtok Oslo bystyre, mot … Vedtaket innebærer at all gateparkering skal bort, gjennomkjøring blir forbudt, og man vil også forby innkjøring til private parkeringsplasser. Tiltakene skal også ramme …

Gunnar Stavrum – Nett på sak –

Gunnar Stavrum … UNØDVENDIG PROVOSERENDE: Byrådsleder Raymond Johansen bør fjerne gratis parkering på Rådhuset og kjøpe utslippsfrie biler. Byrådet i Oslo gjør klokt i å ….. Kulturminister Linda Hofstad Helleland (H) og regjeringen etterlater seg et NRK som har fått 500 millioner kroner mer å rutte med i året.

Stortingsgarasjen bør stenges først – Gunnar Stavrum – Nett på sak

20. okt. 2015 – Stortingsgarasjen med 200 parkeringsplasser under nasjonalforsamlingen, bør være den første garasjen som stenges hvis de rødgrønne skal forby bilkjøring i Oslo … Hvis den rødgrønne byregjeringen skal forby biler i Oslo sentrum, bør Stortingsgarasjen stenges først. … Skal det gjeldeStortinget også?

Beboerparkering er en straffeskatt – Gunnar Stavrum – Nett på sak

16. nov. 2017 – Mandag forsvinner 4.700 gratis parkeringsplasser på Frogner i Oslo, og beboerne må ut med 3.000 kroner i året for å sette fra seg bilen. Så kommer andre bydeler etter, slik at ialt 20.000 gratis parkeringsplasser skal bort. I Oslo budsjetter man med 170 millioner kroner fra bileierne – og Oslo er på ingen …


Forskere visste allerede for et par tiår siden at hovedklimasynderen som ødelegger ozonlaget er kjernekraftverkenes enorme kjøleanlegg,

men vi fikk aldri lov til å høre det. De sendte ut sjarmtrollet Al Gore til å lyve om saken:


Al Gore Lied

NASA photo of earth – Sunset

NASA – CO2 is a Global Coolant

by  Bob Nichols

(Editor’s note:  A review of the actual NASA study fails to support the Drudge story and the conclusions gleaned by a “1+1 += 25” popularization and “spin” funded by the “clean coal” lobby. g)


[Editors Note: Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum (Hammer’s wikipedia has remained cleaned of his espionage history, despite it’s being out over a decade now. You can guess why) was the financial and political mentor for both Senator Gores. So they hold the honor of having a top Soviet spy as a patron. Hammer’s much advertised early Soviet business ventures (all of which lost money) were a cover for his espionage venture.

This was finally revealed when Prof. Harvey Klehr of Emory University here in Atlanta in his book, Venona, Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. The proof came from the Soviet archives when Yeltsin had them open for a few years. I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with him around ten years ago shooting two one hour Jim Dean Journals, one of them on Venona…and hoping to get this up on the Net some day… Jim W. Dean]


NASA gores Gore - it's just biz-ness - Global Warming is out is the Take-away
NASA gores Gore – it’s just biz-ness – Global Warming is out is the Take-away

(San Francisco) The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lowers the Boom on Al Gore’s Big Lie that the humble, beneficial gas – CO2 – causes global warming. NASA states absolutely that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a Global Coolant and massively cools the Earth.

You can bet that the NASA scientists designed, built, launched and placed in Earth orbit the satellite machinery to prove it, too.

So, there we have it. In addition, the Earth has not gotten any warmer for 17 years. NASA has finally pulled the plug on Gore’s Big Lie and ended the gigantic, world wide charade on CO2.

This “discovery” about CO2 is nothing new, it’s well known by scientists not employed by the Gore-istas. The Gore-istas probably know it, too; but the money was just too good to pass up. Besides, you don’t have to do anything except sit around, make up wild stories and tell lies. Great “job” if you like that sort of thing.

Why did Gore do it?


If you follow the money, Gore, a career politician, now has a net worth of about $200 million to $300 million dollars, conservatively. That is a stratospheric increase from about $1 million dollars in the year 2000.

They say all politics is local and if we look around in Gore’s home state of Tennessee, there are many Tennessee companies, both private and governmental, that owe their existence to Gore Jr. or his dad, Gore Sr.

US Businessweek's Cover - Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune,
US Businessweek’s Cover – Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune.

Both father and son were elected United States Senators from Tennessee and brought home the “bacon” for many companies and home state jobs. Both were the “go to” politician for various “political problems” of the sponsored companies and industries.

Nothing unusual there, many Senators see that as just part of their job as privatized public servants. In other words, they are bought and paid for many times over as they sell themselves for campaign cash. It’s a devil’s bargain.

Senators on the make have no concern whatsoever for what they are privately hired to do on government time; but, the results can disastrously boomerang on the country and world. Especially so in the very particular cases of the United States nuclear weapons programs (the nuker program.)


It is used in cooling systems like refrigerators and air conditioners. CFCs are responsible for killing the Ozone over Antarctica all the way to Australia. Ozone is essential to life on Earth since it blocks deadly Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun and makes the Earth habitable.

Pro-Nukers: Deadly when their Livelihoods are threatened

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Al Gore Lied

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate


Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled

It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than twenty 20 years.

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate

Solar Cycle 24 Freezes Out Al Gore

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Slik har Al Gores bestemmelser om å la utlendinger produsere amerikanske miliærfartøy satt amerikanske soldaters liv i fare (men også de som kjøper amerikanske fly…):

The Great Chinese-Iranian Stealth Reconnaissance Drone Theft Caper


Hvis dere lurer på hvem “khazarene” var og er i dag, så gir dr. Preston James dere et utmerket svar her:

Khazarians Then, Khazarians Now | Veterans Today

5. sep. 2017 – It’s a well-established historical fact that Khazaria was destroyed by both Russia and Persia (now Iran) in approximately 1250 AD, and with good reason. Many years of prior very stern warnings had been given by Russia and Persia with no changes by the Khazarians. The reason for this final destruction of …

VT vs Google: Russia’s Big Win in Syria

Editor’s note: The military arm of Google Corporation, the 20,000 strong “Jigsaw”  group that stages false flag terror attacks and assassinations, has ordered the internet-wide ban of Veterans Today because we offer banned news coverage. We cover Russia, Syria, Korea and, above all, we cover the crimes of Google itself, who we now deem the most dangerous organization in the world. Google Jigsaw is very much “Spectre” out of the James Bond films, not just in real life but on an unimaginable scale.  Google is the new “Gladio.”  Be afraid – time for the EU to close them down.

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YouTube, Jigsaw and Google, Terrorism, Regime Change and Bad Taste


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

YouTube has been “caught” with at least 50 admitted child exploitation, pedophilia channels and advertisers running for the hills.  The truth is a thousand times worse, worse than Google’s involvement in child trafficking or acting as a platform for ISIS though YouTube.

We will cover Google, which is also YouTube and their censorship of what they deem “objectionable” speech, of course we are referring to anything that opposes war, apartheid, human slavery and the current scourge of planetary gangsterism.

Google and Facebook are at the heart of it all, a thousand times more dangerous than anyone guesses.  They don’t stand alone, they, backed by the Rothschild banks including the US Federal Reserve and the controlled and manipulated stock markets, have taken on the task of reshaping mankind into a new form of monkey, ignorant, fearful and violent.

They are doing very very well.


The independent media has been at war with Google and YouTube for years.  First they went after Anthony Lawson.  Lawson died of colon cancer in 2015 and much of his legacy was wiped from YouTube in a war Lawson fought for years.  Lawson exposed Zionist control of many of our institutions and when he got to YouTube, they cut him down.

They did the same to me when I exposed Google/YouTube/Jigsaw as a military contractor working with the White Helmets, Mossad and others staging poison gas attacks inside Syria.  They only cut down my YouTube channel, banning dozens of my dog and kitten videos.  They murdered Detroit born journalist Serena Shimm.

Google Jigsaw/Google Idea Groups hires people fired from Blackwater, Dyncorp and L3 Communications, fired for brutality.  If only I were making this up.

Les resten:

YouTube, Jigsaw and Google, Terrorism, Regime … – Veterans Today

25. nov. 2017 – By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. YouTube has been “caught” with at least 50 admitted child exploitation, pedophilia channels and advertisers running for the hills. The truth is a thousand times worse, worse than Google’s involvement in child trafficking or acting as a platform for ISIS though YouTube.

Dette er et veldig viktig stykke:


– First published …  May 16, 2017 –

Back in 2013, Veterans Today along with Press TV and their correspondent Serena Shim tied an innocent-sounding organization to false-flag sarin gas attacks in Syria. VT had come upon the group before, a high-ranking source tied them to assassinations of scientists inside Iran and to a network of black operations squads inside Azerbaijan.

Their task was Iran, destroying their economy, arming Kurdish separatists, undermining any possible nuclear settlement. They had taken down Egypt, temporarily placing the Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood in power, they overthrew Ukraine, and they instigated the civil war in Syria.

The organization was called Google Idea Groups, which has since changed its name to “Jigsaw.” Its focus has changed also – it is now recruiting worldwide. Behind massive interlocking websites promising democracy, goodness and light, offering secure software, and training in political activism is that other reality of the dead children, of false flag terrorism, of press manipulation and an agenda of conquest and tyranny.

Whenever anyone gets close to who is really behind this, the lie machine starts pointing fingers at George Soros and his “Open Society” group, for those who are aware of such things, not so many today as it were, clearly on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

American Journalist Serena Shim was murdered for discovering shipments of Sarin gas

This is the organization behind Victoria Nuland and the neocons in Ukraine and, more frightening still, those who clearly controlled Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and now control Donald Trump as well. We aren’t talking one billionaire; we are talking trillions of dollars – we are talking total control of the internet, of all social media, all search engines, even the hardware infrastructure itself.

We also stand ready to prove beyond any doubt that we have broken through at least one level of “what has been hidden.” We are now looking at one head of the hydra – the power above and beyond governments, the power to create reality, engineer any truth, above any law. There are other heads of the hydra – this is one.


A worldwide organization exists, backed by the most powerful technology companies in the world, led by Google, Facebook and Microsoft, but backed by the governments of the US and UK and behind them, an alphabet soup of intelligence and security agencies. Curiously, this group is called Alphabet Inc, and at the heart of it, “Jigsaw,” headed by former consultant to the Bush (43) National Security Council, Jared Cohen.

NEO – Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros | Veterans Today

16. mai 2017 – by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow. [ Editor’s note: VT has been shadowing the Google groups’ black ops for some time, on a case-by-case basis. This is the first time we have published what we have been privately briefing those with a need to know. The timing was chosen …

Google Jigsaw: Missing Piece in New World Order? | Veterans Today

18. okt. 2017 – In this Truth Jihad Radio interview, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today says the “ideas incubator program” Google Jigsaw fronts for deep state activities … Everything the most feverish right-wingers think George Soros is doing is actually being done – not by Soros, but byGoogle Jigsaw:.

NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon …

23. okt. 2017 – By Gordon Duff. First published October 21, 2017. A “hit piece” based on an “Oxford Study” on an obscure publication known as Veterans Today, was … Curiously, Veterans Today had “outed” Google Jigsaw or its precursor, “Google Idea Groups” as supplying weapons, intelligence and propaganda …

VT vs Google: Russia’s Big Win in Syria | Veterans Today

10. okt. 2017 – Editor’s note: The military arm of Google Corporation, the 20,000 strong “Jigsaw” group that stages false flag terror attacks and assassinations, has ordered the internet-wide ban of Veterans Today because we offer banned news coverage. We cover Russia, Syria, Korea and, above all, we cover the crimes …

Google Jigsaw | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff First published October 21, 2017 A “hit piece” based on an “Oxford Study” on an obscure publication known as Veterans Today, was recently. … Jim W. Dean – Phil Butler is coming at the attack on internet freedoms from a different angle than VT, but our roads intersect with Google and the tech giants.

Gordon Duff exposes Google Jigsaw – YouTube

17. okt. 2017 – Lastet opp av Kevin Barrett

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today (VT) says the “ideas incubator program” Google Jigsaw fronts …


Breaking: NEO – BLACKLIST – Monsters Among Us


by  Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Gordon got a good dose of geopolitical reality in Vietnam. He is upper right, next to Frank H, standing next to the altar.  Several in this photo are “on the wall.”(A Company, 2nd Platoon, BLT 1/26 Marines, Vietnam 1969)

[ Editor’s note: This is another VT – Gordon classic. No one currently employed in corporate media would dare write such a thing. And that is not because of what the bad guys would do to them, but the layer of bosses that would call them in and ask them, “Have you lost your mind, do you think you can put us all at risk, to be crushed under the steamroller for your “Don Quixote” exercise?”

The tragedy is not so much the huge number of people engaged in all of these horrors, but that we have so many on the taxpayer payroll in military, intelligence and security defense, politics, law enforcement and the judiciary who generally know about it, and do nothing.

As Shakespeare once wrote, and oh so true, “Aye, there’s the rub”. Professional organizations of every description have turned away from lifting a finger for taking on the house cleaning job that needs to be done.

If there were some, that job would now be even more dangerous, because as Gordon will lay out below, the huge contractor outsourcing after 9-11 – something we can see was part of 9-11 itself – has given the “uber-monsters” a powerful veil of immunity by classifying their nefarious activities as “national security” activity which cannot be exposed without great harm to the country.

One of the best examples of this is how the industrial-scale Israeli espionage that has gone on in the US is handled by hiding it from public view. When is the last time you remember the FBI agents’ association threatening to expose the coverup if they were not allowed to do their jobs and bust up all the Israeli networks?

Fortunately there are many individuals and pockets of loyal Americans who are fully aware of what is going on. To put it simply, they are under-resourced. They work at great risk just to keep the candle of hope burning that such resources will emerge before it is game over, which many defeatists say is already here.

I remember in my 20s, with my first exposure to WWII atrocities, where only the Nazi participation was widely publicized, and for only one class of victims, you know who. I was struck by the cooperation of victims walking to pits filled with bodies to take their turn, wondering why didn’t they make one last desperate attempt to go at their executioners.

Polish cadets with their great coats tied over their heads

Later I found one example in the Katyn Forest massacre, something missed initially. Some of the buried bodies had their great coats pulled up over the backs of their heads and tied around their heads. It was many years later before someone noticed that those buried in this fashion were all the age of cadets; and I instantly knew what had happened.

The trucks of the victims were unloaded a good distance from the execution ground so the pistol execution firing would not scare the condemned men who were thinking that they were just being transferred.

But as they walked the few miles to their last stop, the shooting could be heard; and these cadets began shouting for those behind to make a run for it. They had their coats wrapped around their heads to prevent them from doing this.

I share this with you as a sad but true historical lesson – that sometimes only the young have the instinct for survival that rest of us do not, that life is so precious that even a one-in-a-thousand chance to save it must be taken, out of respect. I hope such young people are living among us now, as they may be the only chance we haveJim W. Dean ]

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Our Founding Fathers were not perfect, but they would be shocked to see what we have allowed to happen

– First published … October 14, 2017 –

Hundreds of thousands travel freely among us, some even live as our neighbors, teach in our schools, borrow from our banks. They are war criminals, they have murdered, raped, run narcotics, been involved in arms and sex trafficking and are, in some cases, honored as heroes. Leading the list are “regime change” factories under the mercenary flag of Google Corporation’s “Jigsaw” 20,000 man army tasked with, according to their website, bringing American style democracy to everyone.  Did they add, as they should well have, “even if we have to murder every last one of them in the process?”  We begin:

Who are these individuals, those brutalized by war, those who murder children, who wipe out villages, who arm and aid ISIS or run heroin out of Afghanistan?

Young Gazan child killed on beach during IDF attack – Is America face down in the sand, too?

Who are those who have strafed the beaches of Gaza, gunning down running children or driven bulldozers over huddling families? Let us take a quick look.

Today the US is considering blacklisting the Iranian Republican Guards who have been fighting ISIS for years. This is Trump of course – infamous fraudster whose endless coffers have silenced dozens, even hundreds of sex assault victims. He is the “decider.”

Les resten:

Breaking: NEO – BLACKLIST – Monsters Among Us | Veterans Today

15. okt. 2017 – Leading the list are “regime change” factories under the mercenary flag of Google Corporation’s “Jigsaw” 20,000 man army tasked with, according to their … Worst of all is Erik Prinz, now candidate for US Senate in Wyoming, whose Blackwater Group in its various guises has been the worst of the worst.

Opprinnelig blogginnlegg, postet hos (, som de slettet:

30. aug 12-26 Publisert

For et betent vepsebol dere har gjort politikken og menighetene til… den store “avledningsmanøvren” fra sannheten om deres egen blodskyld…



24. august 2017 kl. 14:01

Eustace Mullins (fengslet, nå død) avslørte løgnene rundt Holocaust og oppklarer hvem skaperne av nazimen er10:00

Eustace Mullins (RIP) about Zionists, Holocaust, Rothshild, Israel, Judaism

Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews – source: …1:05:29

The Secret Holocaust – Eustace Mullins

The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians Many in the US can’t read due to the …

Nederst her har jeg lagt til veldig viktig info som dere bør ta dere tid til å høre på. Jeg fornekter ikke at jøder satt i fengsel, fangeleire/konsentrasjonsleire, til og med min morfar ——  (fangeleir i Troms og på Grini) og hans bror satt i fengsel (Sachsenhausen mente min onkel ——– —-det var at ——- —–, som jobbet i Kongens Garde, med militærutdannelse/stilling satt). I NRK håner de alle som tror at London-bankskurkene kan ha gjort noe galt… De om det.

Ellers er det viktig å få med seg at israelske, politiske sponsorer stod bak terroren i Charlottesville, noe som er bevist med 1000% økning i sponsorinntekter online like etter drapene. Det betyr at nazister sponser nazister, og disse nazistene sitter i Israel. Lytt til Ian Greenhalgh. Det er et politisk spill. Texe Marrs kommer også med nyttig info om den nazistiske UFO-sekten som israelske myndigheter ikke hadde noen problemer med å gi tomter til i sitt “hellige land”. Dessuten kan man jo spørre om ikke de rasistiske handlingene mot palestinerne viser samme ansikt som nazistene viste via sine handlinger?

Spillet er så enkelt at til og med jeg kan forstå det, ja et barn kan det – hvis man bruker enkle tegninger og forklaringer på “guttestreker” og mobbing med døden til følge, fordi man har ledere som tenker med hva de sitter på; tissen sin. De har ikke tid til å sette seg inn i disse tingene, fordi de er urettferdige, grådige og hjernevaskede; partiske kalles det.

I det ytre er “man” imot nazisme/nynazisme, og beskylder alle som kritiserer en for å drepe og gjøre noe som er like galt mot andre folkegrupper eller religiøse/politiske grupperinger som man selv ble utsatt for, bare fordi man tjener på det. Derfor sponser man nynazister til å begå terrorhandlinger mot ens egne, for å skape sympati for seg selv. Det samme gjør venstresidens sponsorer. De sponser mennesker som begår rasistiske/religiøst motiverte handlinger mot “en selv” (ens egne), og ofrer dermed ens egne på alteret, bare for å oppnå det å for eksempel “få lov” til å rasere landet Irak. De “innrømte” at Al-Qaida stod bak 9/11, men fredet deretter gruppen som de selv skapte

Snakk med redaktør Gordon Duff, Jim Dean eller f.eks Kevin Barrett og Ian Greenhalgh som vil beskrive hva “kristne nynazister” er (Bush-klanen). Obama var med på å skape IS (tillot fremveksten av den). Han ofret dermed både muslimer, kristne og yazidier på alteret, mens han retter fingeren opp mot himmelen, for å signaliserer “Kun 1 Gud: Allah”.” Det er jo trist, hvorfor gjorde han da “IS” mot dem? Det er jo lett å forstå. Han er ikke en av dem.

Mafiaen er bak det hele, verdensmafiaen, og vi ofres alle på deres alter. De innsetter kun sine egne “dobbeltagenter” i presidentrollene. Kongressen støtter… Israel (under Obama, som ikke satte ned veto for én gangs skyld…)

It’s Congress, Stupid! | Veterans Today

70 prosent av Kongressen er avslørt å være pedofile; “tatt på fersken”, men blir ikke fenglset.

Power, Pedophilia and the US Government | Veterans Today

7. feb. 2015 – There now exists incontrovertible evidence confirming that members of ….. by the powerful pedophiles in Congress

VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History … – Veterans Today

24. aug. 2016 – An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members – thought to be … Mehran T. Keshe met with the FBI in Rome, a meeting set up by VT.

Trump Campaign Chair Charged with Pedophilia … – Veterans Today

23. apr. 2017 – … with the Rockefellers and a prominent Congressional family invited me …. An Internetpedophile ring with up to 70,000 members

Complete Exposure | Veterans Today

15. jun. 2017 – And we now know that pedophile crimes are practiced by about 70% of the Members of the US Congress are pedophiles (according to …


Warmonger and Neocon Max Boot humiliates himself again

Politimenn i USA stønner over en komplett mangel på forståelse….

Dette er ikke noe nytt. Det var slik under Obama også. Gordon Duff skrev om hvordan amerikanske politistyrker lenge har blitt trent opp av Israels politivesen som har fått seg “god” erfaring på å “få kontroll” over palestinere, for å si det mildt, “som verdens mest moralske hær” og for det andre er det ikke bare republikanere, men også demokrater, som oppfordrer til vold mot politi. Israeliseringen av amerikanske politistyrker (brutalitet). Black Lives Matter (amerikansk “blå”) har oppmuntret barn til å drepe politifolk. Militariseringen av det amerikanske politivesen har kommet ekstremt langt, i feil retning (eks. avliving av veteranen Elliot Williams). De har blitt delaktige i å skape en politistat, et diktatur. Røttene er i Israel, uansett om det er republikanere eller demokrater som står bak. Mener dere å si at dere egentlig er “røde”, at folket har misforstått? Egentlig virker det som om dere er temmelig sinnsforvirret når det gjelder å forstå hvem det er som bruker dere som bevæpnede bukker, uten sympati, som virker så korka i hodene at dere skyter mot og dreper døve og autister / deres verger som snakker med dere på tegnspråk (Charles Kinsey), trygler og ber på sine knær og banker mentalt og fysisk handikappede jenter til blods på flyplasser fordi dere tenker med avtrekkfingrene deres, ikke med hjerte eller hode. Selvsagt er det mange snille blant dere. Dere blir bare brukt som nyttige idioter av disse som dere nå skal få vite hvem er. Bruk hodet på etterforskning om hvem det er som holder trådene dere danser i som tankeløse bevæpnede dukkemenn i blå drakter… Var det hele poenget? “Image is everything“. De rekker ikke å se fargen på klesdraktene deres for bare pistolen. Dere får til og med lov til å voldta barn uten å bli straffet for det (artikkel finnes på denne bloggen, om hvor politimenn ble frikjent i retten i USA selv om de hadde forgrepet seg på barn i uniform, som et “frynsegode”).

Historiker Ian Greenhalgh, som er britisk, forklarer dette svært grundig – hvis amerikansk politivesen vil lytte – og han oppgir navnene på de som står bak begge grupperinger, som sponsorer. Deres sponsorer er Israels høyre- og venstreside, i regjeringen. Det gjør vel ikke USAs politivesen “blått”, men lilla? Rødt pluss blått er… hva dere har blitt til. “Neste år i Israel”? Ians viktige intervju er markert med rødt under innlegget om volden i Charlottesville. Det er vel ikke rart at mange synes det er rart at deres amerikanske justisdepartement får beholde satanistens far, Sir Albert Pike, på æresplass foran bygget? Og dere forventer at folket skal respekterer ham og dere? Hvis Trump kunne slutte å slenge sånn med leppa og fjerne han, så skulle jeg gidde å lytte til ham når han forteller om at han har sørget for at det har skjedd. Innen det er jo dere bare et Frimurerland, med politivesen som tjener de kreftene dere ærer så lenge dere lar trollet få stå der som et forbilde. Dere har til og med dekorert offentlige bygg over hele USA med frimurersymboler, der politikontorene holder til i kommunene. Latterlig er det, latterlig trist.

Viser en komplett mangel på forståelse (video som amerikanske politi har produsert selv)

USA: Rødt + blått = Israel 

NEO: Washington Behind the Mirror


By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Russia thinks it is working with President Trump in Syria and is making progress in pushing NATO off its borders, or so one might gather from reading news available in late July of 2017. What Russia doesn’t know, and few in the US do either, is that the Pentagon, in particular, an extremist cabal, have been given a free hand.

Thus, when Secretary of State Tillerson threatens to resign, his deals, his efforts, continually undermined, he and the public think it involves President Trump and his family and the barrage of fantasy tweets that deluge the public from what many believe to be a president suffering from flight of ideas and lack of focus.

The real question might be not if but why Trump gave the Pentagon a free hand, why he trusts generals or who might be behind advising or controlling him. Nothing in Trump’s background should lend itself to militarism or trust in Pentagon knuckle draggers and “behind kissers.” No organization has fared more poorly than the Pentagon, losing war after war, losing trillions of dollars, broken weapons, tarnished reputations.

For every move toward improved relations in a world that can be defined as it was during the Cold War as “East v. West,” there are two moves toward conflict and confrontation.

Les resten:

(som det snart er straffbart å boikotte)

Blå jakke, rødhåret jente – og så vinner dere alltid i rettssalene.

Ingen kan pelle dere på nesene.

Billy Joel – Keeping the Faith

GORDON DUFF: America is Egypt | Archives | Veterans Today

31. jan. 2011 – John Kennedy’s America was going to save the world, not so much from Communism but from slavery and dictatorship. Africa had …. Few in America were aware that Egypt was part of a political nexus in the Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United States and several more, more “regimes’ than 

Fredsprisvinner Obama tillot disse to kjekke herremennene i uniform å få skape IS:

A tale of two traitors and the terrorists they created


… by Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

Never have two less qualified individuals, we are talking Generals Petraeus and Allen, duplicated what this pair has done.  “Honeytrapped” by allowing the “little brain” to think in place of the only slightly larger one located a short distance higher, each combined moral flexibility, inferior intellect and hubris.  These are the parents of the ISIS bastard child as much as anyone, no Saudi price, not madman Erdogan or scheming Netanyahu, not “Hanoi Songbird,” John McCain, Paul Vallely or Googles “Gas-man” Jared Cohen (recently outed in a Hillary email, now tying him to sarin deaths across Syria in 2012 and 2013).

Les resten:

Britisk historiker, Ian Greenhalgh:

Jødiske organisasjoner involverte i terroraksjon i Charlottesville – Trump, ADL, SPLC, Ukraina og Nord-Korea

ADL reports 1000% surge in online donations after Charlottesville rally

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 23, 2017

[Editor’s note: While this funding boost is not the reason behind the Charlottesville fiasco, it is certainly a welcome bonus for the perpetrators – the ADL and the rest of the Israeli lobby, the SPLC, AIPAC and B’nai Brith.

Yes, the Israeli lobby is behind Charlottesville and the rest of the attacks on US society that are, ultimately, intended to destabilise and perhaps even destroy the USA by turning left against right black against white, dividing and conquering in a ploy straight out of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Ian]

Les resten

Hvis dere lyttet til den britiske historiker Ian Greenhalgh i intervjuet ovenfor så vil dere forstå galskapen i at sponsorer i Israels (“jødiske”) politiske maktelite SELV ildner opp under nynazister i Charlottesville. Ja, det finnes ekstremisme på både høyre og venstre side i politkken.

Selv om “Davidsstjernen” ikke kan bevises å være en stjerne kong David brukte, men heller bevist å være den Refan-stjernen Israelsfolket bar på; avguden, i ørkenen, så forstår jeg godt Billy Joel som tok på seg stjerne under sin konsert. Det er på tide at president Donald Trump ser nærmere på sine egne sponsorer og hvem han selv støtter med alt han har og er; med “hud og hår”.

Billy Joel har på seg “jødestjerne” under konsert – men kristne journalister får ikke lov til å ha det på seg hos NRK, men hadde de brukt hijab hadde det vært greit. Det handler om “ansvar”, og om å være et “anker”… Enda vi har et kors i flagget vårt og de tvinger oss til å betale lisensavgift i dyre dommer…


New Age -bevegelsen er jødisk

New Age Movement is Jewish – Power of Prophecy

In fact, New Age doctrine comes straight out of the pages of the Jewish Kabbalah. … Bill Clintonsporting the red wristband of Kabbalah. … New Age, and thus are Judaic. This fact is why Texe Marrsand Power of Prophecy are dedicated to exposing the evil doctrines and practices of Freemasonry,Judaism, and the New Age.

Bill Clinton with Kabbalah red wristband

Bill Clinton sporting the red wristband of Kabbalah.

Det finnes terror også på venstresiden av det politiske kart:

Pennsylvania Mom Claims Black Lives Matter Told Her Son to Shoot at Cops…So He Did

August 4, 2016 | The Daily Caller

Via The Daily Caller:

The mother of a Pennsylvania teen charged with attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer blamed Black Lives Matter for the actions of her son, who she says was just following orders.

According to police, Marquell Rentas, 17, and Trenton Nace, 18, opened fire on police officers early Friday morning by a cemetery in central Pennsylvania. Marquell’s mother, Luz Rentas, pointed a finger at Black Lives Matter in a statement released to news organizations over the weekend.

“I went to school with some of these cops. I know some of their parents and we all have respect for each other,” Ms. Rentas said, according to WGAL. Rentas went on to refer to the two teen – who are cousins – as “punk kids” who were influenced by Black Lives Matter, which she called an “irresponsible organization.”

“They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops,” Rentas said, according to WBTV.

(read more)

Black Lives Matter “Protesters” Destroy French Town


Veldig viktig bok:

Arguments Against the Race Grievance Mafia

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 9, 2016

The Race Grievance Industry cunningly and unremittingly utilizes three schemes to sustain itself: black victimhood, white guilt, and political-correctness


…by Jonas E. Alexis & Taleeb Starkes


Les resten

Disturbing truth about all American Wars in the Mideast since WW2

Pakistan Says US Must Not Make It A “Scapegoat” for Afghan Failures

De plasserer seg som guder på tingfjellet mens de viser djeveltegn. Satan er jo også en av Guds sønner som brukte å møtes der oppe. Og så ber de en om å re opp sengen først, for å få til noe her i livet…

RE OPP SENGEN (med djeveltegn som hilsen…)

Admiralen starter hver dag med å re opp sengen. Nå hylles han for grunnen


Shirley Caesar – Rejoice

Fil. 3

Å vinne Kristus
3Og så, mine søsken: Gled dere i Herren! Jeg blir ikke trett av å skrive det på nytt, og det skal gjøre dere trygge.  2 Hold øye med hundene, hold øye med de onde arbeiderne, hold øye med dem som skamskjærer seg.  3 For det er vi som er de omskårne. Vi gjør tjeneste ved Guds Ånd, vi har vår stolthet i Kristus Jesus og setter ikke vår lit til det ytre.  4 Ytre sett har jeg grunn til selvtillit. Om andre mener de kan sette sin lit til det ytre, kan jeg det enda mer:  5 Jeg er omskåret på den åttende dagen, jeg er av Israels folk og Benjamins stamme, hebreer av hebreere, lovlydig fariseer,  6 en brennende ivrig forfølger av kirken, uklanderlig i min rettferdighet etter loven.
     7 Men det som før var en vinning for meg, det regner jeg nå for Kristi skyld som tap.  8 Ja, jeg regner alt som tap fordi det å kjenne Kristus Jesus, min Herre, er så mye mer verdt. For hans skyld har jeg tapt alt, og alt jeg har tapt, regner jeg som verdiløst skrap, bare jeg kan vinne Kristus  9 og bli funnet i ham, ikke med min egen rettferdighet, den som loven gir, men med den rettferdigheten jeg får ved troen på Kristus. Det er rettferdigheten fra Gud, bygd på tro. 10 Da kjenner jeg ham og kraften av hans oppstandelse, får del i hans lidelser og blir ham lik når jeg dør som han 11 – måtte jeg bare nå fram til oppstandelsen fra de døde!

Fram mot målet

12 Jeg mener ikke at jeg alt har nådd dette, eller alt er fullkommen, men jeg jager fram mot det for å gripe det, fordi jeg selv er grepet av Kristus Jesus. 13 Mine søsken, jeg tror ikke om meg selv at jeg har grepet det. Men én ting gjør jeg: Jeg glemmer det som ligger bak, og strekker meg etter det som er foran, 14 og jager fram mot målet, mot den seiersprisen som Gud fra det høye har kalt oss til i Kristus Jesus. 15 La oss tenke slik, alle vi som har nådd fram til modenhet. Og om dere ser annerledes på noe, skal Gud gi dere klarhet også i det. 16 La oss bare, så langt vi er kommet, fortsette i samme spor!
    17 Følg mitt eksempel, søsken, og se opp til dem som lever etter det forbilde dere har i oss. 18 For, som jeg ofte har sagt og nå gjentar med tårer: Mange lever som fiender av Kristi kors. 19 Fortapelse er deres mål og magen deres gud, skam gjør de til ære, og de søker bare det jordiske. 20 Men vi har vår borgerrett i himmelen, og derfra venter vi frelseren, Herren Jesus Kristus. 21 Han skal forvandle vår skrøpelige kropp og gjøre den lik den kroppen han selv har i herligheten. For han har makt til å underlegge seg alt.

Muslimer tar på seg hjijab, jøder tar på seg Remfans stjerne for å demonstrere sin identitet, enten via smykke rundt halsen eller “stjernehatt” på hodet, akkurat slik også kristne med samme stjerne rundt halsen, på kirkevegger og “flaggstanden” på sine politiske scener gjør, mens kristne tør ikke miste jobbene sine fordi de tvinges til å ta av seg korsene sine hos NRK (og andre steder) siden kristendommen er noe de ikke vil identifisere seg med… Er vi allerede blitt til utslettede dotter? Det er det de vil ha oss til å bli. Ville de ha tatt fra noen jobben for å ha et smykke formet som en “politisk” slange rundt halsen, armene eller i ørene? Se nederst, angående “Jødenes hellige slange“. Så inviterer de inn brunkledde kappemunker (hos Ulf Ekman som ble med dem da de dro) i sine trosmenigheter og konferanser, slike som har en statue i Roma hvor en pave tråkker en protestant flat, noe som alltid har vært og fortsatt er målet, enda den “kirkens” makt er bevist være satanisk og undertrykkende på alle måter overfor motstandere av Vatikanet  – (satanistene, frimurerne – de pedofile), ikke minst økonomisk. Og årsaken dere oppgir til de menneskene som dere vil skal gå ut av Den lutherske kirke er “De forkynner ikke at vi blir rettferdiggjort ved tro…” Lykke til, dere “rettferdige”. Dere kan saktens trenge det på dommens dag, som dere påstår dere skal unnslippe. Da trenges det omvendelse fra økumenisk samarbeid med Djevelen, uansett hvor mye “pinsekraft” dere tror dere har mottatt fra deres “profetiske” (kristenspiritistiske) mentorer og “åndsutgydere” Visjon Norges “eks”-satanister med svært så saftige lønninger for sine “puff-puff”. Hvis dere elsker ild så vet dere hvor den finnes, i fullt monn, i historien om den rike mann og Lasarus.  Fordi Jesus oppfordret oss til å selge alt vi har og gi til de fattige så leser dere ikke det verset. Dere tar heller ifra enken hennes aller siste skjerv for å gi til satanistene. Skam dere. “La oss hjelpe deg å skrive ditt testamente for deg!”, som Jan Hanvold annonserer med hver dag på TV, i godt selskap med alle de andre ødeleggerne av Guds hellige menighet og uskyldige mennesker i mange land (fascister og nynazisters bidrag.) Tror du ikke meg, så kan du lese her.  Dr. Preston James i Veterans Today sier at “Det er ikke over før den feite dama synger”.


Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement


…by Katherine Frisk

The scam of training “moderate rebels” continues

Daesh/ISL is a private army, with private funding and with no oversight from any government. Daesh has been making huge profits through oil stolen from Syria and transported to Turkey where it has been bought by Erodogan’s son. Who he is selling it to is still under debate.

On Monday 16th of November, President Putin presented the G20 with satellite and banking details of those countries and individuals who have been both supporting Daesh and buying illegal oil through Turkey. His disclosures at this meeting were not covered in any Main Stream Media Outlet.

Speculation has run rife as to who exactly is involved. In The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking Zero Hedge suggests the following.



This is still speculation on their part. And not confirmed. However, keep the names of these companies in mind, or any corporations similar to them.

As we have seen in the last week, a plethora of articles have appeared in the Independent media about the association between the Saudi Muhajadeen, Qatar, Turkey, Mossad on the Golan Heights and the CIA and their affiliation with Daesh/ISIL

For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on the CIA, though the same applies to all covert groups who have been involved with training, funding and working alongside Daesh/ISIL. To get some background on the CIA please read:

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities 


Double Game Franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Les resten:

Lukas 19

45 Så gikk Jesus inn på tempelplassen og ga seg til å jage ut dem som drev handel der. 46 Han sa til dem: «Det står skrevet:
           Mitt hus skal være et bønnens hus.
          Men dere har gjort det til en røverhule.»

 Hver dag var han på tempelplassen og underviste. Overprestene og de skriftlærde og alle folkets ledere ville gjerne få tatt livet av ham. 48 Men de fant ikke noen måte å gjøre det på, for hele folket hang ved ham og hørte på ham.

Time to start defending Christianity (Part I)

By Preston James, Ph.D on March 23, 2017

It’s time for the American Christian Churches to wake up and understand that they are under sinister long-term attack from a Babylonian Talmudic agenda.

by  Preston James and Mike Harris

“With her she took the clean smell of lilies wherever she went; perhaps that is why she loved white so much: it was the reflection of her heart.” ~The memoirs of Archbishop Anastasius, regarding St. Elizabeth (Fyodorovna) the New Martyr and Grand Duchess of Russia (1864-1918), who was brutally martyred by the Bolsheviks on July 18, 1918.

Christianity is under onslaught by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it. Unless Christians begin to understand how they have been misinformed, this attack will continue to erode their ranks of believers until Christianity is dis-empowered, reduced and then eliminated.

In 1917 the horrific slaughter of Eastern Orthodox Christian Priests and their parishioners began as the Bolshevik Communists unleashed their well-financed and supported revolution in Russia.

Their initial actions also involved burning down hundreds of Eastern Orthodox Christian churches as fast as they could get to them, one after another as they moved their new Peoples´ army inward into Russia.

In one day alone, approximately 80,000 Eastern Orthodox clergy and church members were executed by the Bolshevik Communists.

This blatant, deadly attack on the Russian Christian Church was progressive and spread inward through Russia and was one of the first major goals of the Bolshevik Communists – to label Christians as subversives, murder them and destroy their churches.

Want to trace the pattern that the Bolshevik Communist revolution spread into Russia beginning in 1917?

Just map out the Russian Orthodox Christian Churches they destroyed; and the spread of Bolshevik Communism in Russia beginning in 1917 parallels this.

As long as the Christian Church is strong and maintains a proper scriptural basis, the USA cannot be destroyed by this same group of bankers that created Bolshevik Communism and invaded Russia with it in 1917.

Les resten

By Preston James, Ph.D on March 28, 2017 … the Bolshevik invasion of Russia and mass-murder of 100 million Russian Christians and the invasion ….. simply because Jesus refused to defend himself; and the Pharisees framed Jesus and his …

Tenk hvis de kristne i Russland, 100 millioner, som ble drept av jødiske kommunister kunne ha hatt våpen til å beskytte seg med mot dem? Det eneste kommunister og sosialister synes å være opptatt av, særlig i USA, er å avvæpne landets innbyggere enda de har rett i henhold til grunnloven til å beskytte seg selv mot inntrengere og mennesker som truer dem på livet uten grunn, til og med politifolk (FBI-mafia) som ikke har lov til å gjøre noe på egen hånd uten beviser på at de har gjort noe galt angriper, noe politiet “forbryter” seg mot til stadighet i sin nye Gestapo-politistat. De har gjort seg selv til lovløse forbrytere. Lovens såkalte håndhevere  tar loven i egne hender, i beste kommunist – men også naziststil. Slik behandlet de også indianerne; krevde at de skulle levere inn alle våpen, og vi så hvordan det gikk. Nå har de gjort det via IS, i sitt fantastiske “allierte-samarbeid“… som tar livet av kristne, deres egne søsken.

Time to start defending Christianity (Part I)

By Preston James, Ph.D on March 23, 2017

It’s time for the American Christian Churches to wake up and understand that they are under sinister long-term attack from a Babylonian Talmudic agenda.


Want to trace the pattern that the Bolshevik Communist revolution spread into Russia beginning in 1917?

Just map out the Russian Orthodox Christian Churches they destroyed; and the spread of Bolshevik Communism in Russia beginning in 1917 parallels this.

As long as the Christian Church is strong and maintains a proper scriptural basis, the USA cannot be destroyed by this same group of bankers that created Bolshevik Communism and invaded Russia with it in 1917.

100 Years Ago – 1917, November – Metropolitan Tikhon of Moscow excommunicates the Communists. “Come back into your senses, you madmen and stop spilling blood! What you are doing can please only satan. The retribution for it will be curse on you down the generations and eternal torture in hell fire. In the name of Almighty God I hereby anathematize you and also excommunicate those of you who happened to be Orthodox Christians by birth… I hereby call on the Orthodox faithful to rise in numbers and beat off the forces of evil that are besieging the Church on all sides.”

The main motivation of the top several City of London bankers who created Bolshevik communism and deployed it as a “Peoples´ Revolution” in Russia in 1917 was actually a strong desire to eradicate Christianity from the world.

This attack on Russia was to be the first step, followed by the take-down of Europe, then America and then China, then Malaysia and then Japan.

Thus the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 was nothing less than a well-planned agenda to eradicate Christianity and God from Russia.

The Bolshevik Communist leaders believe that, in order to transform Russia into a Communist totalitarian society with them in charge as a dictatorial group at the top, they had to eradicate Christianity completely and make the new Communist state itself god.

There was total stripping and theft of any from the Churches, Christians by the Bolshevik Communists as they were mass-murdered.

These Bolshevik communist leaders stole all the gold cups, art and valuables from the churches and from Christians and kept it for themselves. They also stole all the Tsar´s family crown jewels, art and gold and any valuables they could find anywhere in Russia.

It wasn´t long before these several top Bolshevik Communist leaders had accrued immense, almost incalculable fortunes and taken their wealth to other nations, such as Switzerland to place in secret, numbered accounts.

Funeral of priests killed by Bolsheviks (L) – February Revolution (R)

Now if you think this couldn´t happen in America to American Christians, you had better carefully consider the evidence we are going to present in this four-part series.

America is rapidly becoming the new Soviet Union, while under Putin´s direction the new Russian Republic is experiencing a complete rebuilding of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches and Christianity. Putin has formed a strategic partnership with the Russian Christian church and is creating an environment where it can flourish. Why would he do this? Because he believes that in order for Russia to become a strong, successful nation, the people (especially the young folks) need to be morally upright.

Les resten

Le’Andria Johnson – Heaven Help Us All 

Det er ikke bare politikere og kristne som skyter seg selv i foten, det gjør også journalister

Når journalister skyter seg selv i foten

Så vårt land er ikke bygd på kristendommen, vi er ikke kristne, vår kirke vier homofile og… Vel, venstresiden (de som heiet på Obama som tillot IS å bli grunnlagt) og som nesten korsfester kristne på arbeidsmarkedet som mener “feil” om homofili , høyreekstremister og frimurerne har inntatt prekestolen og deres lære er nå “den nye guds ord”.

Kristne, bare forbered dere på å møte deres Gud, akkurat som dere har heiet på de som ødela Syria og drepte deres søsken der og andre uskyldige ofre for de grådige, for som Andraé Crouch sang, og vi sang i barnekor og tensing: “It won´t be long till we´ll be leaving here… we´ll be going home.” Hvis dere ikke har skjønt det ennå, så er ikke denne jorda Guds bolig og hjem, heller ikke det jordiske land og dens by, Sodoma-Egypt (Joh. Åpb.-navn på) Jerusalem. La ikke mafiaen få ødelegge de siste “små grå” kristenheten har, for det er nettopp det de driver med, nå med mer avanserte metoder.

Efeserne 6

Guds rustning 
 Til slutt: Bli sterke i Herren, i hans veldige kraft! 11 Ta på Guds fulle rustning, så dere kan stå dere mot djevelens listige knep. 12 For vår kamp er ikke mot kjøtt og blod, men mot makter og åndskrefter, mot verdens herskere i dette mørket, mot ondskapens åndehær i himmelrommet. 13 Ta derfor på Guds fulle rustning, så dere kan gjøre motstand på den onde dag og bli stående etter å ha overvunnet alt. 14 Stå da fast! Spenn sannhetens belte rundt livet og kle dere i rettferdighetens brynje,15 stå klar med fredens evangelium som sko på føttene16 Hold alltid troens skjold høyt! Med det kan dere slukke alle den ondes brennende piler. 17 Ta imot frelsens hjelm og Åndens sverd, som er Guds ord. 18 Gjør dette i bønn, og legg alt fram for Gud! Be alltid i Ånden! Våk og hold ut i bønn for alle de hellige, 19 også for meg. Be om at de rette ordene må bli gitt meg når jeg skal tale, så jeg frimodig kan gjøre evangeliets mysterium kjent, 20 det som jeg er sendebud for også mens jeg er i lenker. Be om at jeg ved evangeliet får frimodighet til å tale slik jeg skal.

Texe Marrs: Serpent is Symbol of Jewish Satanism –

2. aug. 2016 – Texe Marrs: Serpent is Symbol of Jewish Satanism … economy, education and the media. …. Of course, the Talmud is referring only to the Jews as “man,” because it describes non-Jews as inferior “beasts” and … The New Testament clearly paints for us an honest and forthcoming picture of the Serpent.


Om jødedommens Talmud (Den babylonske talmud) som det undervises fra i synagoger:

Current events demonstrate that humanity is 

indeed in the grip of an occult power

rooted in the Jewish Kabbalah. 

The situation is dire.

Adherents of this satanic cult control the government,

economy, education and the media.

No one has done more to alert mankind to its perilous state 

than Texe Marrs.

In his latest book, he exposes the satanic nature of the Kabbalah. 

In the article below, he proves Judaism worships the snake 

who represents Satan or Lucifer. 

Jødenes hellige slange


Sculptor Tomas Medek produced this giant steel serpent. Medek says his creation is inspired by mysticism and religion and symbolizes the “spirit of the world.” Uroboros, was unveiled in July 2008 in Rennes, France.

    The Gaon of Vilna further taught in the Zohar that the “worldly and profane serpent” would, in messianic times, when the Messiah of the Jews has come, ?be redeemed and revealed in all of its glory and awesomeness.?

Leviathan, Jewish New Year post card, Alain Roth, artist. The word written in Hebrew at the bottom of the card is Leviathan.

The Holy Serpent: Savior of the Jews

The Holy Serpent moves and slithers in the Tree of Life, the rabbis say. He is now inside the bottomless pit but is seeking his way out. In the future he will emerge, ascend and prove to be the savior of the Jews. He is today the helpmate and wise advisor of the Jews, but shall someday rise up out of the abyss like a Phoenix bird to create a New World and to “regenerate humanity.”

Hul jordklode

‘NASA images show giant hole at North Pole leading to hollow Earth …

21. mai 2016 – NASA caught hiding something at North Pole … by the fact aircraft are blocked from flying over the North Pole . …. Science is not religion.



| |

Did you know that no airplanes are allowed to fly over the poles?


The flight patterns look like this:

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 9.45.15 AM

Why exactly do you think that is?

It may sound crazy, but consider this compelling evidence below… is NASA hiding a huge secret at our poles?

Les resten / Se video:

Is NASA Covering up a Giant Hole in the Earth at the North Pole? | The …

24. mai 2016 – It may sound crazy, but consider this compelling evidence… is NASA hiding a hugesecret at our poles? … part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to http://www. Save The People… Read The Sheeple! Join over one million free thinkers who read our newsletter monthly.


Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?


Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?

With the current wave of violent protests and counter protests between far-right White Supremacists/Neo Nazis and leftist groups like Antifa sweeping America, we are seeing what is clearly a provoked and manufactured series of events. We know that the Jewish-Israeli lobby in the form of AIPAC, the ADL, and SPLC are deeply involved in these events, providing funding, organising groups of violent thugs on both sides. At first glance, it would seem rather strange for Jewish organisations to be involved with White Supremacists and Nazis but the truth is that when it comes to Nazis in America, the ADL and Jews have always been deeply involved, in fact, they created, financed and ran every incarnation of a Nazi party in America since 1935.

American Nazi Party

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi political movement that started in 1935. Under the leadership of its “Führer,” a notorious anti-Semite named Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height claimed about 15,000 members.

A 1939 rally in New York City’s Madison Square Garden attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were mostly Jewish). The Bund’s fortunes experienced a downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison for embezzling funds.

It turned out that the ADL was financing the whole thing.

George Lincoln Rockwell

Rockwell ran the American Nazi Party from 1959-1969 with six part time troopers and 300 followers.

The father was a Vaudeville performer and earned $3,500 a week in 1925.

George grew up surrounded by Jewish entertainers such as Fred Allen (Fischel Lebowitz), Rudy Vallee, Benny Goodman, Groucho Marx and Walter Winchell (Jewish Vaudeville dancer).

He went to Hebron Academy, Brown University, and New York Art College (all hotbeds of Judaism).

Les resten:

Real Nazis, Or More Zionist Hoaxes?



The ADL and the Armenian Genocide: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over



                …by David Boyajian                             

In mid-May, on the Anti-Defamation League’s “blog,” CEO Jonathan Greenblattsaid that the ADL now “unequivocally” acknowledges the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey. Curiously, he doesn’t mention Turkey.  The ADL, he added, “would support U.S. acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide.”

It’s surprising that such a serious subject would only be “blogged.”  But let that go.

For decades the ADL has been colluding with Turkey to defeat Armenian Genocide resolutions in the U.S. Congress and to avoid acknowledging that genocide.  For an organization that loudly espouses human rights and insists on Holocaust recognition and legislation, the hypocrisy has been breathtaking.

Just imagine the ADL’s reaction had some Armenian American organization questioned the Holocaust and lobbied against Holocaust-related legislation.

Jewish and Israeli media have long candidly conceded that Turkey, Israel, the ADL, and groups such as the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, AIPAC, and others had mutually agreed to help Turkey stop U.S. acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide., “Press Kit.”


Les resten

Rasisme i jødiske organisasjoner:

An Armenian American Group Caves in to the Anti … – Veterans Today

21. jun. 2016 – By David Boyajian. For several decades the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other leading Jewish American organizations (AIPAC, AJC, B’nai B’rith, and JINSA) have deliberately colluded with Turkey and Israel to defeat U.S. Congressional resolutions on the Christian Armenian Genocide and to …

blackwater | Veterans Today

The Trump administration is meeting with war profiteer, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater (who will work with the Afghan war criminal/war lord, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the Butcher of Kabul) and with the use of more mercenaries/private contractors on the ground to wage war against the Afghan people. Investigations …

Blackwater head trips to Turkey | Veterans Today

25. mar. 2016 – According to some analysts, this action takes place because of increasing concerns of Erdogan and the Turkish government about possible riots and potential tensions in the country.Blackwater is actually a security contractor firm attached to American armed forces special teams who in exchange for large …

Trump, Blackwater and the Butcher of Kabul | Veterans Today

17. jul. 2017 – First and foremost, I am stunned by the recent news that the Trump administration is meeting with war profiteer, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater (who will work with the Afghan war criminal/war lord, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the Butcher of Kabul) to discuss the military strategy to be used in Afghanistan with …

Blackwater: the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army – Veterans Today

11. des. 2014 – Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill (2008 with 2013 epilogue) is an in-depth examination of the systematic privatization of the US military. In 1988, as Secretary of Defense to Bush senior, Dick Cheney initiated the process of outsourcing military training and …

Trump, Betsy DeVos Hire Disgraced “Blackwater … – Veterans Today

14. feb. 2017 – Editor’s note: VT’s “on the ground” experience in the region tells a very different story ofBlackwater’s presence, in support of broad organized crime efforts to destabilize African government through the support of terrorist groups. Targeted are Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.

NEO – Iraq: Blowback Blackwater-Style | Veterans Today

20. jul. 2014 – “Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager there issued a threat: “that he could kill” the government’s …

Blackwater manager threatened to kill US investigator | Veterans Today

30. jun. 2014 – In August 2007, the State Department dispatched two investigators to Iraq for a monthly review, but the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s project manager, Daniel Carroll, threatened to “kill” the government’s chief investigator, Jean C. Richter, saying “no one could or would do anything about it as we …

Prince of Blackwater, GOP Private Merc’s Under … – Veterans Today

24. mar. 2016 – RT gets this story wrong. It isn’t really Dick DeVos, its his wife Betsy. Long beforeBlackwater, they had a private army of police and CIA retirees. They long used the Michigan State Police as a private enforcement group for Amway Corporation “policy.” DeVos (Betsy) nominated GOP presidential candidates, …

Ex-Blackwater guards get life, 30-year sentences for … – Veterans Today

27. apr. 2015 – I am sure the Blackwater lawyers chose the wording carefully, but we know that this was interpreted to mean shoot everybody around you to eliminate any “possible threats”. In this city environment there was no opportunity to plant weapons to cover themselves as we know bad elements of our military did …

Trump, Betsy DeVos Hire Disgraced “Blackwater” For Africa Black Ops …

14. feb. 2017 – Editor’s note: VT’s “on the ground” experience in the region tells a very different story ofBlackwater’s presence, in support of broad organized crime efforts to … Expressed opinions are NOT necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians orVeterans Today …

Veldig viktig artikkel, som viser hvem bakmennene til IS er

NEO – New Revelations in Syrian War


by James O’Neill,… with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Editor’s Note: We are now arriving at the later stages of the exposure of so-called free and democratic nations for their involvement in supporting state-sponsored terror as part of their foreign policy tool kit, and keeping parts of their military and defense contractors well-oiled.

They have literally tattooed themselves with their crimes, meaning their open violation of a number of international laws and conventions that are simply ignored and not enforced, while they seek to punish “rogue groups” for doing such.

But there has been a second and third layer to this ongoing crime, the culpability of mass media in not reporting it, but even worse…attacking those who do report it. And then there is the mass institutional failure, where everyone from all the various veterans, legal and security trade and professional groups, who have obviously been aware of the ongoing process has “stood down” throughout it all.

Les resten /Read more:

Her får dere hele forklaringen på hvem IS er:

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project


by F. William Engdahl, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Barzani politically shot himself in the head, but he has at least a billion stashed away for this rainy day

[ Editor’s Note: Brother Engdahl brings us a good wrapup on the Barzani-Israeli, independent Kurdistan caper that never had a snowball’s chance in hell. Although his contention was that the US supported the attempt, when the Barzani Kurds complained bitterly that it did not, mystified me.

But William has done a great job on the dot-connecting of what has been going on behind the scenes, reviewing Barzani selling oil out the back door via Turkey, while handling ISIS oil at the same time by letting its trucks flow right through the Kurdish areas to the Turkish border.

This helping to fund ISIS to line their own pockets was a treasonous act against Baghdad when the country was in the middle of a major state-sponsored terror war. Barzani and all those involved with him, including the Turks, should be hanged.

Payback day came when the PUK opposition Kurds who thought the independence ploy was a disaster, agreed to move their troops back from Kirkuk and let Iraqi forces nip the move by Barzani to grab that oil permanently. We estimate thousands of lives were saved by this “grown ups” decision.

The Russian and Rosnet moves and oil investment motives are more murky, with more than a whiff of playing both sides against the middle. But with that said, Rosnet did have billions invested in pipeline infrastructure deals, which increases the wealth to be distributed for everybody, so no one will be kicking them out any time soon.

That his failed Kurdish independence move has resulted in so few casualties and destruction has been a pleasant surprise to us all. We hope it stays that way, as Iraq has a huge amount of rebuilding to do, and hopefully making sure that nothing like this can ever happen again to them.

The Iraqi people have suffered enough, but the Israelis not enough, as they were buying most of the oil stolen from Iraq. Iran has been getting some payback against Israel for its hyping the mythical Iran nuclear weapons program.

Israel was the big loser in all this when it showed it did not have the juice to leverage the US into backing Barzani, and just watch him jump over the cliff. There once was a time when the Israelis would not have made such a stupid move.

Do you want to know how I am sure the above is 100% correct? It is because the Israelis have not uttered a word since the Kurdistan independence move fell through, pretending not to know anything about it. Dear Kurdistan, you got suckered by the Zionsts, but don’t feel too bad; we have an army of people in the US who have suffered the same, and who don’t even know it yet! ... Jim W. Dean ]

Les resten / Read more:

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project

We Have Met the Evil Empire and It Is Us | Veterans Today

7. jun. 2017 – by Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow. You can read this article here without advertisements. Is there anything more detestable than a war of aggression masquerading as liberation? When I told my father, back in 1968, that I was joining the United States Marine Corps he responded: “I …

The ISIS-US Empire | Veterans Today

11. mar. 2015 – The US Empire along with its international partner-in-crime Israel has allowed and encouraged Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to be the ….. It is managed by editors Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff who often share posts from other confirmed sources along with general information with our …

For mer oppdaterte nyheter:

Takk for følget!


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