Det nye romerske imperium

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The New Imperial Roman Empire


by  Preston James


Contrary to what is taught in the history books, the Roman Empire was never completely destroyed.

Actually it was transformed into a covert spiritual system run by the same occult-linked families that ran it.

It was the same process that occurred when the British Colonial Empire appeared to have collapsed, but was transformed into a neo-colonial empire.

This new empire was based on a covert system of Rothschild private central FIAT banking run out of the City of London, a one square mile private financial district and separate nation state.

Thus, the new system became based on covert banking and finance and specialized in war profiteering and narcotics trafficking. It was of course aided by the private spy agency, the East India Company, and the covert British privateer ships flying pirate flags of the “skull and bones”.

The British pirates were the equivalent of today’s ISIS et al., which are derivatives of the Mujaheddin and are actually private mercenary armies comprised of drugged and mind-kontrolled disposables who work for the CIA, the Israelis and Saudis.

This same secret financial/banking system of the City of London that was covertly imposed on the world as a replacement for the shrinking British Empire has remained in place even today and is still operating covertly. It is hidden in plain sight, but nonetheless run by the same occult-linked families through a large coterie of privatized Intel fronts called proprietaries.

Fountain of the Fallen Angel

Mythical Gods characterized the Roman Empire.

Imperial Rome was characterized by the worship of mythical Gods, the Olympiads and the exercise of complete, unquestioned absolute Cesarean power.

Some believe that each of these mythical gods actually represent real but absent fallen or lesser Elohim, booted out of the circle of Elohim by God Almighty, the first cause or creator of all (the Great “I am”), because of a rebellion run by Lucifer.

Today we see the continued deployment of absolute Cesarean power through the aggressive and illegal, unconstitutional military attacks and invasions against other nations who refuse to follow the secret edicts of this New Imperial Roman Empire.

And it is clear that Washington DC runs the military enforcement arm of this new imperial Roman Empire system.

The New Imperial Rome.

The new Imperial Roman Empire is comprised of three key elements: the Vatican as Spiritual Head; the City of London as Monetary/Financial Head; and Washington DC as the Military Arm, the enforcer of the absolute Cesarean authority of this system of world control.

To understand this system of endemic evil, it is helpful to become aware of the historically important work of the late, great Tupper Saussy in his incredibly important book, Rulers of Evil (now a free pdf download).

In this important book, Saussy disclosed that Washington DC was built on the City of Rome, Virginia and is part of the new Roman Empire.

As many who have carefully studied the current system that controls most of the world have discovered, each of these three centers of control (the Vatican, the City of London and Washington DC) are separate nation states in and of themselves and have their own diplomats.

When Imperial Rome was sacked by the Huns and Visigoths and crumbled from within, the wealthy families that ran it from behind the scenes fled to other parts of Italy and took most of their riches with them.

As Rome began to crumble, Emperor Constantine was approached by a spirit being and converted to Christianity – a false form according to the views of some conservative Christian historians.

Rome was then moved to Constantinople. Later on, the Roman Empire began its transformation into a covert financial empire, later to become centered in the Vatican, which was to become the head of the New Roman Empire. This new financial empire became hidden behind a false cloak of Christianity which was un-biblical and steeped in traditions going back to ancient Babylonia.

As the Vatican spread its tentacles out and perverted Christianity to make vast fortunes by selling indulgences and confiscating property and wealth from its various inquisitions, it needed its own bankers to manage its accounts.

The Rothschilds become the Vatican Bankers.

This led to the selection of the Bauers (later changed their name to Rothschild or “children of the Rock”) to serve as the Vatican’s personal bankers.

The Rothschilds were able to covertly gain control over the British Banking System and were able to gain control over the British Empire through banking.

The Revolutionary War that supposedly freed the American Colonies from the control of the British System was just a slick illusion mandated by the hidden boss of the Vatican.

By that time, the British Empire had become a covert arm of the Vatican.


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Tybring-Gjedde raser: – Jeg er lei av at han får så mye spalteplass

Flere artikler om innvandring skrevet av andre journalister, forskere og historikere



Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel


[Editor’s note: I don’t think there is any chance of the US cutting aid to Israel as long as Israel exists. The last POTUS who tried to stand up to Israel and the Israeli lobby was JFK, who tried to stop Israel acquiring nukes and force AIPAC to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. We all know the price he paid for this and it explains, in large part why no POTUS since has opposed Israel and AIPAC. Of course, the other reason why the likes of Bush Sr and Clinton failed to stand up to Israel & AIPAC is that the Israelis managed to obtain blackmail materials on them. Ian]

The New Observer
Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel

A Washington D.C. Federal court has denied a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) application to squash a lawsuit instituted by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) to reveal how Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program makes US aid to the Jewish ethnostate unlawful.

The ruling, made August 23 by Judge Tanya Chutkan denied the CIA’s courtroom maneuver to throw out IRmep’s lawsuit seeking the exact dollar value of US intelligence support to Israel.

According to a statement put out by IRmep, “acknowledging the lawsuit as one component of a broader IRmep legal effort to reveal how Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program makes US aid unlawful, Chutkan was unpersuaded that ‘unprecedented’ levels of such aid—president Obama’s words—could flow as intelligence support to Israel without the CIA knowing about it.”


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Setback For Jewish Lobby As Court Denies CIA Attempt To Smother Lawsuit On US Intelligence Aid To Israel

Russia Investigation: Demand Full Disclosure


Netanyahu is hopelessly trying to lecture Putin on Iran and Syria


You be the judge: Is the “chickenshit” thing an apt description of Benjamin Netanyahu?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Benjamin Netanyahu is really desperate. He knows that Israel obviously lost the Syrian war. For more than five years, the Israeli regime used all kinds of diabolical strategies to remove Assad from power. They even admitted openly that they preferred terrorist cells in Syria over the Assad government.[1] As Israeli ambassador Michael Oren put it then:

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”[2]

If bad guys aren’t a problem at all, then lying to the West with respect to the situation in Syria was a small price to pay. And the Israeli regime did exactly that for years.

Yet despite all their political propaganda and maneuvering, Assad thrived and survived the Israeli onslaught. Netanyahu was humiliated. He is now desperately trying to redeem himself by coming up with implausible scenarios. He has recently told Putin:

“Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent is already in practice in control of Lebanon. We cannot forget for a single minute that Iran threatens every day to annihilate Israel. Israel opposes Iran’s continued entrenchment in Syria. We will be sure to defend ourselves with all means against this and any threat.”[3]

Putin was probably yawning when the mad man in Tel Aviv made that statement. Netanyahu obviously knows that it was largely Russia that destroyed the Israeli plan in Syria. In fact, when the Israeli regime was summoning one lie after another, including the chemical weapon nonsense, it was Russia that always stood up and presented serious evidence to the contrary.

And now Netanyahu is saying to the West that “Iran threatens every day to annihilate Israel.” This man has been living in a fantasy world since ascended to the Zionist throne in Israel, and he doesn’t want to come back to the real world at all. This is again Netanyahu:

“I made it clear to Putin that Iran’s establishing itself in Syria will not aid stability in the region, and I told him that we want to prevent a future war and therefore it is important to warn in advance.”[4]

Iran, with the help of Russia, has been annihilating terrorist cells in Syria.[5] In fact, Iran even fought against ISIS in Iraq. The U.S. government and even the Zionist media knew this.[6] And now mad man from Tel Aviv is saying that Iran is the bad guy?

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Netanyahu is hopelessly trying to lecture Putin on Iran and Syria

Syrian War Report – August 25, 2017: Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Southern Raqqah

World reacts to Trump´s new Afghanistan policy

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

Undated file photo from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or Islamic State group or Daesh (Daech), taken in Ninive area, Iraq, in 2015 and published by the group on their web pages. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks across Paris that has left at least 132 dead, in what the French president described as “an act of war”. In an online statement, the group said it had carried out the shootings and suicide bombings at restaurants, a concert hall and a football stadium that led to a state of national emergency and boosted border controls. Photo by Balkis Press/Sipa USA
Undated file photo from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or Islamic State group or Daesh (Daech), taken in Ninive area, Iraq, in 2015 and published by the group on their web pages. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks across Paris that has left at least 132 dead, in what the French president described as “an act of war”. In an online statement, the group said it had carried out the shootings and suicide bombings at restaurants, a concert hall and a football stadium that led to a state of national emergency and boosted border controls. 

ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

by Anna Jaunger

Europe became mired in cruel terror attacks which led to hundreds people died and wounded. The European Union is perplexed, the U.S. administration makes every effort to hide the truth – in this game with terrorist West is the loser.

It is been a week since the terror attack in Barcelona, and ISIS terrorists have launched a large-scale information campaign concerning intimidation and new threats against the safety of the West.

ISIS released a propaganda video Tuesday that shows American boy, whose father fought in Iraq.

The child, who spoke in fluent English, was identified as Yousef, age 10. He said that “the airstrikes against ISIS would move to the West” and promised Trump that “the battle would end in the United States”. Yousef also added that the war against the U.S. and its allies had just begun.

Heather Nauert, U.S. State Department Spokesperson, confirmed the identity of the boy or the authenticity of the video.

Besides, recently, ISIS militants have released footage, where two ISIS Takfiri militants were speaking Spanish. They were praising attackers and urging for more terror attacks in Spain.

The foreign militants were identified as Abu Layth Al-Qurtubi from Spain’s Cordoba region and Abu Salman Al-Andalusi, supposedly from the Spanish province of Andalusia.

ISIS’s threats were also against Germany. The ISIS propaganda magazine Rumiyah reported that the Dresden Frauenkirche was the next ISIS’s target.

Dresden Police President Horst Kretzschmar confirmed the level of threat was extremely high.

Obviously, now more than ever Europeans realize the threat that is a result of the Western double standards towards the Middle East.

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ISIS threatens Europe and U.S.

The Jewish roots of ‘Takfiri’ culture

(FILES) – A file image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on August 23, 2013 allegedly shows a member of Ussud Al-Anbar (Anbar Lions), a Jihadist group affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Al-Qaeda’s front group in Iraq, holding up the trademark black and white Islamist flag at an undisclosed location in Iraq’s Anbar province. ISIL gunmen seized Iraq’s second-largest city on June 10, 2014 as troops threw away their uniforms and abandoned their posts, officials said, in another blow to the Iraqi authorities, who appear incapable of stopping militant advances. Arabic writing on the flag reads: “There is not God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God.” AFP PHOTO / YOUTUBE == RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO / YOUTUBE ” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS FROM FROM ALTERNATIVE SOURCES, THEREFORE AFP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIGITAL ALTERATIONS TO THE PICTURE’S EDITORIAL CONTENT, DATE AND LOCATION WHICH CANNOT BE INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED ====

This tribal intolerance of any creed other than the one accepted and embraced by the tribe (be that Israelite or Islamist) is what we could safely identify as one of the characteristics of ancient Arabian culture.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

It all started after the chaotic and unanticipated shockwaves of protests in the Middle East, otherwise known as the Arab Spring. Even those who saw the Arab Spring coming never thought it would lead to war and destruction of such frightening scale. It is mind boggling; where all those fanatic (Muslim) warriors have been hiding?  They surely did not pop out of nowhere. Where all those ‘Takfiri’ terrorists come from and what are the historical and cultural ground that helped carve their (morbid) dogma and intolerance.  Is this culture of anathematizing anyone who subscribe to a different faith a new phenomenon or could we historically trace back its cultural/geographical roots?

Equally unanticipated began one of the biggest series of immigration in the wake of the lingering wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria.   Massive waves of immigrants set off on a perilous journey to Europe. Why specifically Europe? Because there was no other place safe in the Middle East while Europe was economically stable and practically next door. And let’s be honest, wasn’t it Europe and its NATO (in coalition with the US) who have started these shockwaves of destabilization and wars in the Middle East. After bombarding Libya and Iraq to the ground, it was not long before all hell broke loose in Syria.

You could look upon the fighting in Syria as a proxy war between different international powers. That would pass as a sound assessment. But make no mistake there is no end in sight for the Syrian war, simply because it is a war that is fueled/funded by ‘Takfiri’ culture.

I’m aware that many alternative media outlets view DAESH warriors as pawns remotely controlled by foreign intelligence. But undercover agents, even if they were pawns, don’t sign up for suicidal missions. Their top command figures don’t get assassinated by drone attacks. Professional intelligence officers don’t dig heels in and blow themselves up; only religious fanatics will most willingly do so.  Simply because they believe in a faith/dogma more lethal than air-to ground missiles; it is called ‘Takfir’. Blindly following the ‘alternative’ view won’t make you ‘different’ from the rest of the herd.  putting your brain cells to good use will.

European Politicians thought they could get away with their destruction of the Middle East, but the current crisis of Immigration certainly proved them not only wrong but also short sighted.  historically, it may not be that frequent but when it takes place mass migration will often cause serious historical changes. History speaks of not only a change of demographics but most seriously cultural and religious changes as well.

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The Jewish roots of ‘Takfiri’ culture | Veterans Today

10. apr. 2016 – Where all those ‘Takfiriterrorists come from and what are the historical and cultural ground that helped carve their (morbid) dogma and intolerance. Is this culture of anathematizing anyone who subscribe to a different faith a new phenomenon or could we historically trace back its cultural/geographical roots …

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat | Veterans Today

Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian born in Cairo and based in Alexandria. He graduated from the faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University. Keen not to be entirely consumed by the medical profession, Dr. Ezzat invests a lot of his time in research and writing. History of the ancient Near East and of Ancient Egypt has long been …

The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

[ Editor’s note: We have suspected for some time that Trump is trying to sabotage his own campaign by saying “outlandish things.” At VT, we don’t believe American Jews are knowingly funding terrorism, except perhaps for the ADL, AIPAC and groups we know to be tied to anti-American intelligence efforts.
We do, however, have more than minor proof of Israel’s involvement with the ISIS movement, which includes transiting and recruiting jihadists from among Hamas dissidents and supplying now over 1000 advisers who serve with ISIS, al Nusra and other groups inside both Syria and Iraq.
Some have been killed and captured. Whatever Trump’s game is, we report and comment but the decision as to whether he means this or not is up to the reader. To that you can add the question of, “is Trump doing these things because he figures he is stealing media coverage from the other candidates, or is he really that out of control that anything can come out of this mouth at any time.
There is already a slang name for this, invented by VT, “Pulling a Donald” Gordon Duff ]
– First published  … Decemeber 15,  2015 –
US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has implied that Israel is supporting Daesh (ISIS) by “sending massive amounts of money” to the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Trump made the remarks in a recent interview with the Morning Joe show, shortly before he cancelled his trip to Israel.

“Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to al-Qaeda and to others,” he said, using an alternative acronym for the terrorist group.

Asked about who he was talking about, Trump said “you know who it is. What do I have to bring it up for? You know who it is.”

He said that he will not mention US allies which support Daesh because of his relationship with Israelis, but noted that no one talks about Israel, even though everyone is aware of support Israel and other states provide to ISIS.

The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS … – Veterans Today

15. des. 2015 – US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has implied that Israel is supporting Daesh (ISIS) by “sending massive amounts of money” to the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Trump made the remarks in a recent interview with the Morning Joe show, shortly before he cancelled his trip to Israel. “Some of our …

The Trump Doctrine


The Trump Doctrine

by Samson Simon Sharaf

On an instability trajectory, Pakistan has passed the nadir without commotion. The jar did not break. There were many desiring an instability that could lead to international intervention to humble the armed forces seen as impediment to democratic institution building and holding its own to safeguard regional interests. The combined diatribes suggesting such punishments through Pakistan hate groups comprising Lisa Curtis, Christine Fair and Hussain Haqqani may have had an effect on Capitol Hill but none in Pakistan. Following President Trump’s unpunctuated slurs at Pakistan, Zalmay Khalilzad came up with a unique idea of designating Pakistan’s top generals as terrorists. As a pseudo expert in the region, having destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq, he wants to pluck out Pakistan. The social science of the stupid has no limits.

Soon after the Presidential speech, US secretary of State and their envoy to Pakistan were on a damage control mission. They understood that the rationale and logic of Trumps speech was hallow and disconnected. But one aspect was clear. Despite a sixty year love-hate relationship, USA has overtly given up Pakistan as a long term ally and prefers India. This is so because Pakistan’s security perspectives do not coincide with US strategic designs. Pakistan has no option but to exercise its choices for its own good. For USA, Pakistan must play the minion in what Dr. Walter Russell Mead in 2010 called the Long War. Hello India, welcome to the graveyard of Afghanistan. As events develop, strategic defiance will place your country in an inextricable corner. You will have enemies all around.


The Trump Doctrine

No Words

By Richard Edmondson on August 25, 2017

Israelis Demolish Kindergarten

First published 21 August 2017

Israelis destroy Bedouin kindergarten

[ Ed. note – No words. ]

Times of Israel

Israeli Civil Administration officials and security forces on Monday demolished a temporary structure built without a permit that was to house a kindergarten in a Jerusalem-area Bedouin village.

The room, built of wood and metal paneling in the Bedouin village of Jabal al-Baba adjacent to al-Azariya, in the West Bank and just east of Jerusalem, was slated to open next month as a schoolroom for 25 four- to six-year-olds.

According to a statement from Israeli rights group B?Tselem, the kindergarten was to be the primary childcare facility for some two dozen Palestinian families from the Bedouin encampment at the site who otherwise have no access to either the Israeli or Palestinian education systems.

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No Words

Israel is still grabbing Palestinian lands and building a beautiful, powerful wall

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 25, 2017

Haaretz: “There are 3,455 residential and public buildings built on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank, according to Civil Administration data. These illegal structures could be legalized under the expropriation law, whose validity is now being determined by the High Court of Justice in response to Palestinian petitions against the law.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Yes, Trump is a Zionist shill. He speaks on both sides of his mouth; he lives in a swamp of contradictions; he is also surrounded by people who live in a swamp of contradictions – and I´m talking about people like Jared Kushner.

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Israel is still grabbing Palestinian lands and building a beautiful, powerful wall


Pakistan in the Firing Line | Veterans Today

9. okt. 2017 – To hide their crimes, the Indo-US-Afghan nexus has been constantly blaming Pakistan for its uncommitted sins. … Demonization of Pakistan’s nuclear program on the pretext that it will fall in wrong hands, coupled with application of ‘do more’ mantra by USA from 2006 onward and the US heavy tilt towards …

pakistan | Veterans Today

By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today At present, unbridgeable trust deficit exists between Pakistanand the US because of the fact that America has been… video …. New York Times reported on 14 June 2017 that, “Tora Bora, the mountain redoubt that was once Osama bin Laden’s fortress, fell to the Islamic State early …

Pakistan’s bloopers | Veterans Today

11. feb. 2017 – Idea of getting out of the US spell has been shelved. While the Muslim world is tense and scared, Pak leadership is relaxed and appears to be all set to once again get duped and fall into the deceptive trap and get bled. They are optimistic that the US under Trump will not betray Pakistanand will be more …

The Trump Threat | Veterans Today

9. okt. 2017 – USA and its new found ally would have found temporary solace in destroying a military it was jealous of, but the revulsion would overflow the brim and ignite the entire region.. Military reactions aside, it would result in unleashing elements that Pakistan has tediously contained and eliminated during the past …

Zionist Agenda to ‘Denuclearize’ Pakistan | Veterans Today

11. nov. 2017 – As regards the security of Pakistan’s nukes, Islamabad has adopted potent measures as part of Nuclear Security Action Plan (NSAP), Mobile Expert … pose “an existential threat” to Pakistan, while on April 23, 2009, she had warned that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists.

9/11 Tragedy & the US Double Game with Pakistan


                                                                              By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today

The grim tragedy which the United States suffered on September 11, 2001 through suicidal bombings on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon resulted into the death of more than 55000 innocent persons. This still remains fresh in the minds of Americans and people of other countries.

In the drastic aftermath, the US held Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden responsible for the incident and attacked Afghanistan where he had taken shelter.

A majority of the small and major countries joined American global war on terror, and Pakistan also joined it as the frontline state. Some Pakistanis criticized the then President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in this respect. But, they do not know that we are living in a world of unequal order. Financial dependence always brings political dependence in its wake. And, while making decision on foreign issues, a number of factors are considered. In these terms, Pakistan not only faces acute financial crisis, but also depends upon foreign loans, while all the major financial institutes like IMF and World Bank are controlled by America. Besides, Pakistan also faces hostile factor of India. Taking cognizance of all the related-factors, Islamabad decided to join the US war on terror.

In the aftermath of 9/11 events, the then President George W. Bush threatened all the countries, including major powers by saying, “You are either with us or with terrorists.”

In his book, “In the Line of Fire”, Gen. Pervez Musharraf pointed out that the then US Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage had told the director general of Pakistan’s intelligence—the choice was clear—with America or the terrorists. And, if Pakistan chose the terrorists, it should be “prepared to be bombed back to the Stone Age.”

Now, American President Donald Trump is taking the US back to the Stone Age owing to his political follies and by continuing the phony global war on terror in its worst form.

However, Pakistan was also granted the status of non-NATO ally by Washington because of the early successes, achieved by Pakistan’s Army and country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) against the Al Qaeda militants. Within a few years, when the US-led NATO forces felt that they are failing in coping with the stiff resistance of the Taliban in Afghanistan, they started accusing Pak Army and ISI of supporting the Afghan Taliban. US high officials and their media not only blamed Pakistan for cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan, but also presumed that a plot to attack the US homeland would be prepared in FATA (Tribal areas) where safe-havens of Al-Qaeda exist. They also constantly emphasized Pakistan to ‘do more’ against the militants and continued drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal areas by ignoring the internal backlash in the country.

As part of the US double game, America ignored the sacrifices of the Pakistan’s armed forces which had broken the backbone of the Taliban militants through successful Swat and Malakand military operations, while country’s primary intelligence agency ISI had arrested renowned Taliban commanders, including other militants and masterminds of Al-Qaeda, namely Abu Zubaida, Khalfan, Abu Hamza Rabia, Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar etc. In this context, the then Interior Minister, Rehman Malik stated on, May 2, 2011 that ISI has castigated more than 2,000 suicide attacks. In this respect, on the one side, American high officials admired Pakistan, while on the other; they continued their blame game against Pakistan’s security forces and intelligence agencies.

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9/11 Tragedy & the US Double Game with Pakistan | Veterans Today

11. sep. 2017 – In this context, the then Interior Minister, Rehman Malik stated on, May 2, 2011 that ISIhas castigated more than 2,000 suicide attacks. In this respect, on the one side, American high officials admired Pakistan, while on the other; they continued their blame game against Pakistan’s security forces and …

Pakistan: Politics of PML-N under Nawaz Sharif | Veterans Today

25. sep. 2017 – During his second stint in power, after narrowly escaping from the claws of chief justice Sajjad Ali, he fell from grace of the military and was shown the ….. match between Pakistani and UK cricket teams at newly constructed stadium in North Waziristan has given a loud message to the world that Pakistan is a …

The US Needs to do More in Afghanistan | Veterans Today

30. aug. 2017 – As regards Pakistan, blaming it for failures in Afghanistan and ‘Do More Mantra’ are old accusations that have been levelled by USA, Afghanistan and … US will not commit past mistakes and will make amends and we thoughtlessly fell into the trap, trusting that Pakistan will be safe under the wings of USA.

Warmongers colluding to launch illegal war on Iran: Gordon Duff …

RAYMOND DAVIS: Gordon Duff Discusses U.S. Diplomatic Immunity …

20. feb. 2011 – Lastet opp av VeteransToday

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff interviews Pakistan Station Chief Raja Mujtaba in Lahore Pakistan.

Gordon Duff: Americans Believed Involved in … – Veterans Today

29. aug. 2010 – By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor. August 29, 2010 Islamabad, Pakistan(Veterans Today exclusive) Informed sources in the Government of Pakistan have told Veterans Today that they are developing “hard evidence” indicating the Air Blue Airbus 320 that crashed July 28th outside Islamabad …

Gordon Duff: Times Square Bombing Part of CIA … – Veterans Today

13. mai 2010 – Foreword by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. Veterans Today realized some time ago thatPakistan would be the key to US security. Toward that end, we formed a partnership with Opinion-Maker (, one of the most influential publications in that country and one that takes courageous …


14. feb. 2011 – By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor. Americans have been told one of their diplomats is being held illegally in Pakistan after killing two terrorists. The American government hasmade every imaginable effort to secure his release. Why would America’s most powerful ally, a nation dependent on …

Oversett denne siden

10. mar. 2013 – The “tail kicking” that America has suffered in Afghanistan would be a “walk in the park” compared to Iran. In 1982, the United States developed its “war plan” for the invasion of Iran. That plan required Iraq to attack from the east and for Pakistan to offer staging areas in Baluchistan. That planhas never been …


Balochistan Blasts and the Issue of Pak-Afghan Border | Veterans Today

15. nov. 2016 – These externally-supported insurgent groups had kidnapped and killed many Chinese and Iranian nationals in Pakistan including Iranian diplomats. They have claimed responsibility for a number of terror assaults, including those on Shias in Balochsitan and Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan. In fact, like Syrian …

Imran Khan’s Collusion with Pakistan’s Military | Veterans Today

7. nov. 2017 – The predicament of Imran Khan’s fanboys has been somewhat like the pubescent girl who falls head over heels in love with a promiscuous playboy; …. It is managed by editors Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff who often share posts from other confirmed sources along with general information with our readers.

Zionist Agenda to ‘Denuclearize’ Pakistan | Veterans Today

11. nov. 2017 – Taking cognizance of the anti-Pakistan developments, Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had disclosed on June 7, 2011 that there was …. It is managed by editors Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff who often share posts from other confirmed sources along with general information with our readers …


USA ønsker å opprette sin egen nye “orden” her i verden, som vi alle har sett, og det er blant annet å ta rotta på Pakistan (Balochistan) for å lettere kunne ta rotta på… Iran.

India er USAs yndling. Pakistan skal bare beskyldes for å være en havn for terrorister…

Dere skjønner, verden er en eneste stor barnehage, og som amerikanerne selv sier; “You name it, we´ve got it…!”, og “My Merceded is bigger than your Merceded!”, sier pastorene der – så selvsagt har de også verdens største barnehage. Den boltrer de seg i hver dag. Deres favorittlek er å sende penger til terrororganisasjoner, drepe “diktatorer”, sette inn “sine egne” diktatorer i stedet, for å få tak i naturressurser, som ikke kommer vanlige folk til gode, men mafiaen.


November 11, 2010: The Plot to Destroy the United States of America


By Gordon Duff



The 2010 election had one purpose, war with Iran, even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield is the United States.”

Plans are in motion for a “false flag” attack on America.   Iran will be blamed, everyone knows that and Iran will be totally innocent.  This is the last thing Iran would ever want.  The most likely scenario is a nuclear attack.

Two bombs are missing, bombs built by Israel in South Africa and lost long ago.  These were supposedly Saddam’s bombs.  Now we are told Iran has them.  Israel has had them all along and the fear, they may be inside the United States already.

The Israeli game with these weapons is one of the worst kept secrets in the world and has already cost the deaths of many.  It will take nothing short of the detonation of one of this Hiroshima sized Israeli nukes to push America into Israel’s war with Iran, much as hunting for these nukes which Israel informed President Bush were in Iraq, led “the decider” to making one of the many blunders of his career.  Our next 9/11 will be nuclear.

The purpose will be to push America into a 20 year war that will destroy Iran and Pakistan, take oil to over $300 per barrel and collapse the dollar and Euro.  Iran isn’t Iraq of 2003, toothless and starving.  This will be America’s last military adventure, and the end of America’s place in the world as we know it.  We know the details of the proposed military campaign and the military and political leaders who support it are the worst imaginable incompetents and traitors.

Invading Iran is an impossible task for America.  Other than there be no reason whatsoever to engage in such folly, something that, of recent years, seems to concern fewer and fewer Americans.   Turn on the TV, if the “rodeo clown” says “wipe ’em out” then we do it.

Invading Iran is an impossibility for America. Going to the moon was easier.  No matter how senseless, how impossible, the decision has been made, more in Tel Aviv than Washington, for sure, but one that will be obeyed.

There are only two scenarios that can fulfill the nightmare Israel and her shiny new congress have in store with us.  One is a preemptive nuclear attack on Iran and the other full scale total war with up to 500,000 Americans being drafted into the military.


Forcing America to return to a draft and begin a major war, one America can never really win as with Iraq and Afghanistan and, let us not forget Vietnam, is something absolutely vital to hang around the neck of a Democrat,

especially one of African American ancestry.  Anyone who doesn’t think the real heart of American politics has always been racism is a liar.  Family values means “white” family values.  African Americans know shame at the relief they have felt seeing Muslims targeted for persecution.  Every political position in today’s America is derived from institutionalized racism, be it immigration, health care or “constitution.”

When a return to the “constitution” is brought up, by people who wouldn’t know the document from a Croatian take-out menu, the reality is always race, fear, hate and envy, the glue that holds American society prisoner.  Decades ago, and even more recently during our last presidential election, African Americans were represented as animals, “goyim” to the Jews.  Now we play “Kill the camel jockey.”  Is this why the Christianized army we sent to Afghanistan murders innocent civilians for sport?

An America in total economic collapse will require another “decider” and more “Patriot Acts,” even more totalitarian and vicious than the last, that and an end to the even farcical elections that are now inundated with drug money and cash from US based foreign corporations.

This is the plan and a criminal gang in America, some in government and the military but more behind the scenes, “banksters” and media moguls, many with ties to Israel, are working feverishly to bring it about.  However clever the planners may think they are, their mechanations can be tracked through the media, the army of “Wolf Blitzers” that “work” the American people with the subtlety of carny shills.


Why would anyone want to destroy America, kill millions, leave the nation that has been there to save the world over and over a virtual wasteland?  If you think America’s castrated government or the military, now relegated to acting as virtual mercenaries for drug lords, oil cartels and bizarre Zionist plots, have the will or ability to stop what has already begun, you have not been paying attention for some time.  While the “circus of deception” went on, the utterly phony “war on terror,” imaginary enemies, the 9/11 disaster, orchestrated by Israel and its puppets,

Israel has decided that America is going to war with Iran.  The new congress, the one Israel openly boasts is under their total control, will make it happen, it was why they were put there.  The upcoming war will leave the United States crippled, castrated, a “third world” nuclear power like the old Soviet Union.  The plot isn’t against Iran and Pakistan, that’s just an excuse.  The real enemy is what is left of a free and democratic America.

The real goal is to end America’s leadership role in the world.

Israel has plans for Russia, China and India, especially India, to rule the world with them pulling the strings.  America had been their “milk cow” for some time, now that cow is going to slaughter.


This is how it is going to play out.  The news media has gotten their orders, Wikileaks is part of it.  From now on, key members of congress will, on cue, begin harping about the threat of Iran.  Governments in the Middle East that are under the total control of Israel and the American military will aid in every way possible.  Thus far, of all the Islamic nations in the world, only Syria and Afghanistan are not taking orders from Tel Aviv.

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Den eneste årsaken til at vestlige land med sine allierte gikk til krig mot Assad og Syria var for å få tak i gassen der. Det handler kun om gassrørledninger, olje (Irak), naturressurser. Det er tyveri i “verdensklasse”:

Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game

Chinese port of Gwadar, Baluchistan, Pakistan

… by  Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today

Hans J. Morgenthau opines, “The true nature of the policy is concealed by ideological justifications and rationalization. Therefore, the ideology provides a mask behind which the ulterior motives are concealed…there is a close relationship between interest and ideology…the annexation of the backward states by Great Britain and France as their colonies was described as educating, civilizing and humanitarian mission, a sort of white man’s burden, while the real objective was economic exploitation of the former. Annexation was an act of imperialism.

But to disguise it humanitarian ideology was advanced…one of the significant aspects of ideology is that it can be described as a cloak for real foreign policy objective.”

Palmer and Perkins write, “Just as power became the instrument of ambitious nationalism and state’s leaders, it has now become the tool of ideologies…ideologies, in fact, are futile source of international conflict…they can be used to obscure the real facts of a situation or the real motives of ambitious leaders.”

Karl Mannheim also uses ideology in this sense by saying, “In this form the ideas are more or less conscious disguise of the real nature of a situation.”

Hitler and the Nazi Party had come to power with the avowed purpose of conquering colonies and foreign lands for the Germans. They must have a “living space”-‘Lebensraum’ as the Nazis called it for the “living surplus German population and find raw materials and markets for German industrial goods”.

Religious fervour inspired by ‘Hitlerite’ Germany, which was supported by the country’s industrial and financial magnates, wanted to establish its domination first over Europe and then over the entire world.

Similarly, after the 9/11 tragedy, by using the ideologies of colonialism and neo-imperialism (Indirect control), the US-led Western allies attacked and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, while compelling other Muslim countries and Pakistan to join Bush’s phony war on terror. Under the cover of freedom and democracy, the aim of democratizing Afghanistan and the Middle East was propagated by the United States.

But, the real motive behind was to get control over the gas and oil of Central Asia, the Caspian Basin, Iraq and other countries of the Middle East. The pretexts of Osama Bin Laden and Weapons of Mass Destruction were also used in case of Afghanistan and Iraq respectively with a view to rationalizing the objective. While Bin Laden had denied his involvement in the 9/11 catastrophe and no WMDs were found in Iraq.

Influenced by the Zionist planners, Bush’s family, some neoconservatives and the Jews who are well connected to oil and energy companies wanted to enhance their business interests in the pretext of rooting out Islamic militants or terrorism. Under the mask of the so-called war on terror, they also planned to destabilize the Muslim countries to obtain the sinister designs of Israel.

When during the regime of the President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan initiated the construction of Gwadar deep-seaport in Balochistan province in March 2002 with Chinese assistance, sirens went off in the capitals of some European countries, especially the US, India and Israel which took it as a threat to their global and regional plans.

Located on the southwestern coast of Pakistan, Balochistan’s Gwadar seaport is close to the Strait of Hormuz from where more than 17 million barrels of oil passes every day. Its ideal location among South Asia, the oil-rich Middle East, and oil and gas-resourced Central Asia has further increased its strategic significance.

Besides, Balochistan’s abundant mineral resources irritate the eyes of the US, India and Israel which intend to destabilize Pakistan for their collective aims, as the latter is also the only nuclear country in the Islamic World. However, development in Pakistan’s province of Balochistan has shifted the gravity of the Great Game of Central Asia to Pakistan.

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Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game | Veterans Today

19. jun. 2016 – But, CPEC is much bigger and viable project then Chahbahar. Notably … Nonetheless, due to Balochistan, Pakistan has become center of the Great Game. … Although Pakistan and Syria will remain the centers of the Great Game, yet owing to a prolonged war in Afghanistan, proxy wars in Syria and other …

Revolution 1979: On this Day in History, Iranian … – Veterans Today

4. nov. 2017 – On this November 4th day in 1979, Student followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini send shock waves across America when they storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran. The radical Islamic fundamentalists took 90 hostages.The students were enraged that the deposed Shah had been allowed to enter the United …

Time To Scrap Iranian Nuclear Deal! | Veterans Today

23. okt. 2017 – Germany sponsored the Iranian Revolution, working with the French, who had protected the Iranian pedophile Khomeini. German assets in … Not only did the Iranians have other airframes and engines to cannibalise for spares, they have had German technical assistance since 1979. That includes …

Iran’s Presidents: A Veterans Today political history primer with …

20. nov. 2017 – In this report, we attempt at reviewing the central presidential stages of the Islamic Republic of Iran, since its foundation in 1979. The report has been written based on … Both Supreme Leaders late Khomeini and Khamenei have never asked voters to vote for any specific candidate. However, Ayatollah Ali …

Iran: myths vs. reality | Veterans Today

7. jun. 2014 – REALITY: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, whose word is law for all 77 million Iranians, has repeatedly and officially declared that nuclear weapons … in the political, intellectual and cultural leadership of Iran as in the USA; they have certainly made massive gains since the Islamic revolution of 1979.

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