Satte Labour-parlamentmedlem igang et Corbyn-kupp for å redde Blair fra krigsforbrytelseanklage?

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Did Labour MPs launch Corbyn coup to rescue Blair from war crimes charge?

By GPD on July 4, 2016

Scottish MP Alex Salmond says the coup against Jeremy Corbyn was launched by a core of right-wing Labour MPs because they fear the anti-war leader will seek the impeachment of Tony Blair after the Chilcot report is published on Wednesday.

In an op-ed for the Herald Scotland newspaper, former Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Salmond said he hopes Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq war probe will result in Blair stranding trial.

In a few revealing paragraphs, however, Salmond mulls the obsession of Labour MPs with forcing current leader Corbyn’s resignation.

A leadership contest after the Brexit vote would be understandable, Salmond says, but “what exactly was the urgency in getting the removal vans to visit Corbyn’s office last week?

“I had a conversation on exactly this point with veteran Labour firebrand Dennis Skinner. He answered in one word: ‘Iraq.’ The Skinner line is that the coup was timed to avoid Corbyn calling for Blair’s head next Wednesday from the Despatch Box.”

Several MPs, including Salmond and Corbyn, are expected to call for legal action to be taken against ex-Prime Minister Blair over his role in the Iraq war, namely his distortion of the facts about the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

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“Hvit (‘demokratisk’) støy for å dekke over rop (kjeft fra publikum)

Kneblet Den nasjonale demokratiske kongress med “cellejamming”-signal (“falsk støyproduksjon som dekker over de egentlige lyder i rommet)? “Offisielle talsmenn innrømmer så å si aldri at de bruker det”

Did the DNC Keep Press Silent With Cell Jamming Signal? “Officials Barely Acknowledge They Use It”

Mac Slavo

August 12th, 2016

Comments (34)

Read by 8,230 People

Image: Alan Levine, Flickr

Free speech, abridged.

Yet another report has emerged in the aftermath of the DNC convention alleging that staffers used sophisticated technologies to blackout negative coverage and literally drown out dissident voices.

Hillary’s 2016 coronation just wouldn’t be the same without the Orwellian overtones.

First there were reports that the convention had installed white noise generators over the sections that were pro-Bernie states. The white noise significantly drowns out the voices of anyone shouting in the radius.

Plenty of people find it hard to believe that such a device would be used against protesters in order to carefully control the DNC convention and make sure that it friendly for Hillary. However, a reporter on the campaign trail pointed out the use of these machines months before convention ever began.

Listen to the difference of before and after (around 9:20) the Clinton event when the white noise generator was switched on to cover-up the speech and make it incoherent.

Check out the video at around 8:36

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Democratic National Convention -skittspredning

The Bullshittery of the DNC


81 93081 K


Trente USA IS-rebeller for å kjempe mot Assad i Syria?

Did the US Train ISIS Rebels to Fight Against Assad in Syria?

Allegations are mounting that the US trained Syrian rebels to fight against Assad only to see them later join ISIS and turn against the US-backed Iraqi Army.

By Barry Donegan

Jun 18, 2014


Special note: the above Fox News video, from 2013, references the existence of a US-led training program in Jordan aimed at strengthening the Syrian opposition against Assad, which some have alleged might have equipped ISIS fighters with the tactics they are currently using against the US-trained Iraqi Army.

Iraq has fallen into total disarray, with a rebel group called ISIS, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, having conquered broad sections of the nation, along with a significant amount of territory in neighboring Syria. Though the Iraqi military claims to have ISIS contained, clashes are currently taking place within 140 miles of Baghdad. The US is sending ground troops back to Iraq, and officials representing the government of the war-torn nation have asked the US to provide air support against ISIS.

However, is it possible that the very rebels fighting against the US-backed government in Iraq were trained by American forces in an effort to strengthen the Free Syrian Army’s rebellion against Assad in Syria? Back in March of 2013, Reuters reported that the German magazine Der Spiegel published an account by organizers of the Syrian rebellion claiming that US trainers, some wearing uniforms, were seen providing anti-tank training in Jordan to anti-Assad forces. Though the article mentioned that the training program was meant to exclude radicals that might turn against locals in Jordan, it is challenging to run background checks on everyone who joins a rebel group. Also, individuals who seemed ideologically moderate at one time could later on join a group like ISIS, especially considering its escalating momentum.

In January of 2014, a rift formed between members of the Syrian rebellion and ISIS, largely over tactics. However, ISIS has been successful in its military campaign against the Iraqi government, and this has led its ranks to grow. It’s difficult to know whether the rebels allegedly trained by the US in Jordan have since joined ISIS, but The Washington Post is reporting that ISIS just released a new propaganda video touting its American-style military tactics. The video not only shows a capable military force with mature training, but it also contains footage of rebel fighters using an anti-tank guided missile system.

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Gjenopprettet USA-Saudia-Arabia -forslag det syriske folks sikkerhet?

Did US-Saudi option restore Security to Syrians?

By GPD on June 21, 2016

For about six years Americans and their associates are interfering in the Syrian affairs wishing to remove from power the Syrian President Bashar Assad. It is, however, quite clear their plan failed. In this article, we will shed some light on such failure.

In 2011, some representatives of the neighboring countries requested the Syrian president to step down without any preconditions, and a firm response of the Syrian President was “No”! Certainly, anybody with little common sense wonder what alternative if America and its coalition want the Syrian president to step down.

Is it possible for someone backed by terrorists to come or be elected – Terrorists who committed crimes against the people and the government who are involved in all kind of crimes and disorder?

Couldn’t the West accept democracy and democratic elections in Syria and support it?

Why they don’t encourage democracy in Syria? Is people’s consensus on a president what democracy all about? Is it not the Syrian people living in Syria who elected the Syrian president ?

It is very clear that the West supports insurgent leaders of ISIS and Nusra Front armed groups, the same people beheading men and children videoing their heinous crimes in their media to distort the image of Islam. Was this not planned and conducted by Americans and their Zionist alliance?

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Donald “Friytring” Trump kontra Rotteansikt-medialøgnere

Donald “Free Speech” Trump vs
The Rat-Faced Media Liars

By Rex MacInnes

With the absence of values ­ society begins to decay.” – Vladimir Putin (1)

If You Let The Clintons Back In The White House, America, As We Know It, Will Cease To Exist. We Will Get The TPP, We Will Lose Our Second Amendment, We Will Be Taxed Into Oblivion We Will Have Wide Open Borders And We Will Be Overrun With Muslim Fanatics, Like Europe. This Is It… We Are At The Final Crossroads” – Jeff Rense

God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” – Mark Twain

Donald Trump has withstood a snarling storm of rat-faced media lies that makes sailing around the tip of Patagonia in a rubber dingy mere child’s play by comparison. The media knives are all out against Trump the outsider, just as they were against Huey Long, David Duke, Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy, which resulted in assassination in two cases.

No one can doubt Trump’s sincerity and unbounded optimism to fix the broken American dream and prevent dispossession from the third world invasion into the United States culminating in white genocide.

White Europeans that founded the United States of America are under demographic threat due to the 1965 immigration act, which allows practically unlimited numbers of foreigners from non-white countries and cultures to invade the US.

Honest people have made reasonable complaints against Trump both before and after he began his presidential run (who among us is perfect?). But America is now in a state of cultural-marxist psychosis where even the smallest joke or snicker is interpreted as unacceptable violence.

Trump’s approach to destroying political correctness is rhetorical and not based in careful, scholarly arguments of logic. He doesn’t want to bore his audience and uses catch phrases to grab their attention. Trump is not a professional politician (whom are all liars) but an articulate man who has reached the hearts of many Americans that sense that something is very, very wrong with their country.

Trump has an absolutely amazing level of energy, intelligence and dedication. His goal is to revive the American economy for everyone, not just the Wall Street fatcats. Day after day, Mr. Trump travels the country giving three hour speeches in cramped and hot auditoriums with overflow crowds and thousands of cheering supporters.

Hillary Clinton has to hire enough actors for her staged appearances which are deceptively made to look much larger than they really are. That’s why when Hillary announces that “we are going to raise taxes on the middle class” the paid actors and liberal dupes in the audience cheer wildly for their own destruction.

Handsome, intelligent, courageous, The Donald.

Trump’s steadfast message to secure the borders and rebuild the country resonates with mainstreet because of his honest, gritty, John Wayne no-nonsense interpretation of the world. Also, the man can be very funny. His sarcastic barbs against opponents (2) probably makes the legendary comedian Don Rickles jealous.

Tribal Brethren Media Thuggery

Hillary Clinton receives fanatical media support and follows a political agenda set out for her from Wall Street and players like George Soros (said to be the Rothschilds banking cartel’s right-hand man) (3).

It has long been documented that the Jewish controlled corporate media, with few exceptions, hates Donald Trump because he cannot be controlled through blackmail and bribes. As the brilliant columnist Ann Coulter describes, media hatred for Trump is now fevered at a temperature that even Satan would find unpleasant (4).

In 1985, the book “They Dare To Speak Out” by congressman Paul Findley documented how the Jewish Lobby was able to control congress by expelling any politician with the tiniest sense of fairness regarding the Israel/Palestine issue. Two decades later Jimmy Carter’s book documented the same phenomenon and he was never invited back to speak at the DNC.

Trump has a commonsense plan to rebuild the economy (this is not rocket science folks) but the global elites and central bankers and the Jews that run America are not going to allow this.

America must be destroyed, just as in the book of Acts 2,000 years ago, as with Christ, the apostle Paul’s primary enemy was the Jews who refused to cede their power and accept his message of hope (5).

Today all you have to do is turn on the internet or the TV to see the flood of Jewish names in the field of “journalism” attacking Donald Trump in print or in person, spewing their anti-Trump vitriol of lies and deceit (6).

There is one kindly-looking fellow, perhaps Jewish, a Howard Kurtz, who has taken exception with his tribal brethren and called them out for their unfair media attacks. His rare commentary is well worth watching and much closer to the truth that Fox News is used to airing (7).

Vicious Rat-Faced Media: “Do as we say, not as we do”

Trump recently came out with a statement which was slightly ambiguous leaving the possibility of “a call to arms” for those who defend the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) against a tyrannical state (8). This was portrayed by the media as a clear death threat against Hillary Clinton. However, Trump has three points of defense:

1. His “2nd amendment” reference could have been interpreted in two ways, most obviously as a call to voters, not as a call to take up arms;

2. However, we need only refer to Thomas Jefferson (one of America’s founding fathers):

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Put another way:

The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights so that in the event that the government became oppressive, the people could stage a coup” (9).

The second amendment supporters are true American patriots, and Hillary Clinton is a Bolshevik, a scoundrel and a tyrant. In this sense, Trump’s statement would not be immoral even if interpreted as a call to arms, just the opposite, silence in the face of evil is cowardice.

CNN went so far as to create a hoax news story in order to promote their fantastic narrative:

‘CNN story a hoax’: Secret Service held no formal talks with Trump over 2nd Amendment remarks” (10).

3. The hypocrisy of the media is overwhelming:

In the general historical perspective, It is perfectly OK for the Jewish led Bolsheviks to kill millions of white Christian Russians during the reign of terror of the Soviet empire (11), but the news and entertainment media remains silent on that irrefutable chapter in history. However, daily reinforcement of the mythological role of Hitler and evil Nazis in “murdering six million Jews” is not considered biased (12).

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Kjønnslemlestelse er “uskadelig og et nyttig redskap for å temme lystene”, sier russisk “eldsteråds” -mufti

Female genital mutilation is “harmless, helps tame desire”, says senior Russian mufti

Published time: 15 Aug, 2016 23:53

Female genital mutilation does not pose health risks and “does not contradict the dogmas of Islam,” said the head of the North Caucasus Muslim Coordination Center, following a damning report about the outrageous practice in Russia’s southern republic of Dagestan.

“As far as I know it is done in order to tame women’s desire a bit. It is absolutely harmless to health,” mufti Ismail Berdiev claimed in an interview with the “Govorit Moskva” radio, referring to female genital mutilation. He added that it is “purely Dagestan’s tradition,” suggesting that the practice is limited to areas of just one of Russia’s southern regions located in the North Caucasus.

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 Nyheter fra The Daily Sheeple

Watch Today’s News Update: The Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be Scapegoat Russia as Wussification of America Continues
It truly is the “enemy within” that is causing all the chaos and havoc in the elections, in U.S. foreign policy, and in the propaganda flooding our airwaves and internet news streams

United Nations Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”
The narrative has already been created at the very highest levels of America’s political hierarchy and it is not so hard to envision a scenario such as this playing out.

Disgusting: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s Camp Carefully Handpicks Which Shootings to Exploit for Her Gun Control Agenda
These people truly are vultures.

Monetary Collapse Is Coming – You’ll Want To Have Some Of This

New Conspiracy Theory: Does This Email Prove the Clinton Camp Knew Justice Scalia Would Be Murdered?
Under the inconspicuous subject line simply “Thanks,” Podesta writes, “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.”

Iran Just Deployed Warships off Yemen in Response to US Navy Blowing up Three Radar Sites
Then again, we only know what we’re being told by our establishment media and their always unnamed officials.

FBI in Revolt – Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide
A high-ranking FBI official has blown the whistle on what they say was a politically motivated, top-down decision to not recommend Hillary Clinton face criminal charges for her mishandling of classified intelligence.

Disturbing Eminent Domain Case in CT is Further Proof Government Does Not Care About People
Imagine trying to peacefully enjoy your retirement in your childhood home, only to have government officials try to force you out because a private company wants your property for its own purposes.

Time To Pay Attention – In The Last 48 Hours, Humanity Just Moved To The Brink Of World War
Months of disquieting and needless escalation between the United States and Russia over Syria and the Asia-Pacific theater quickened feverishly to near outright hostility

Hardcore Walking Dead Survival Tips for Preppers
What if you removed the zombies and kept the rest of it?

Will there be a massive attack on U.S. soil? Will you be ready for it?


An Inside Look at Two “Unrelated” Banker Suicides Reveals a Fascinating Rabbit Hole

Data Shows Voter Fraud Across The Country

Gulf Of Tonkin 2.0? US Using Unconfirmed Attack On Navy Ship To Quietly Start War With Iran And Russia

Air Force Investigates Outage of Secret Computer Network at Its Major Drone Base

Common Core: Standardized Reality and the Slow Kill of Divergent Thinking

Hillary Clinton Fans Attack Bill Clinton Rape Protester at Rally

A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster


Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman part. 1, Live In Pori Jazz 2002 (11.)

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