Den jødisk-russiske mafia – fra Gulag til Brooklyn, til verdensherredømme

From VT:

The Judeo-Russian Mafia – From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Domination



[ Editor’s note: The Judeo-Russian Zionist mafia, AKA the Kosher Nostra, has come a long way in the last century. They came to America from the Russian Empire largely penniless; and through their extraordinary ruthlessness and murderous ambition, they came to dominate organised crime in the USA and Canada to such an extent that, by the mid-20th century, they WERE organised crime in north America.

Donald Trump is 100% a creation of the Kosher Nostra; and this should be abundantly obvious from the single fact that he was created and mentored by Roy Cohn, one of the kingpins of the Kosher Nostra. Further digging into Trump’s business dealings show that everyone he has done business with – from the NYC mafia families to Felix Sater and the Brighton Beach Russian mafia – is part of the organised crime cabal.

Trump is a frontman for organised crime; that is why he is loading up his cabinet with representatives of the various arms of the Judeo-Zionist organised crime cabal, be they Israeli stooges like Steve Bannon (a Netanyahu puppet) or traitorous military yes-men who serve Jewish high finance, like Gen. Petraeus.

The Kosher Nostra got their man into office, they had to call in a favour from their associates in Russia to do so. Now that it’s been achieved, the future looks extremely grim for the USA. The last time a major world power fell into the grasp of the Judeo-Zionist mob was in 1917 when the Bolsheviks (a bunch of Jewish thugs and killers) seized control of the Russian Empire. Over one hundred million dead Russians later, Russia is still recovering from the damage doneIan ]

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