Hvordan kan jeg kritisere (stakkars) Israel?

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Emne: “Hvordan kan jeg kritisere (stakkars) Israel…?” – Svar nedenfor:

Hvordan kan jeg fordømme forsvarspolitikken til Israel?


Naziarven og jødehatet.

Det finnes andre ofre her i verden enn bare jøder.

For det andre har Israel forårsaket millioner av menneskers død, som ingen gråter for.

Left Forum Caves to Pressure: Bans Panels Amid Claims Speakers Are Holocaust Deniers, Anti-Semites



Introduction by Dr. Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Just a few days before the Left Forum begins this Friday, the Board canceled yet another Deep State panel due to libelous attacks from Zionists. Here is the email received by Left Forum organizers:

“a big german organization Left Forum has worked together with many years said they will withdraw panels etc. when Anthony Hall speaks at Left Forum, he is a Holocaust denier. The board and the staff of Left Forum will act now and cancel the panel “Political Correctness: The Dangers of Thought Crime Police”   -Marcus Graetsch, Co-Director, Left Forum leftforum.org  | 212-817-2003

 I responded as follows:
Sent to marcus@leftforum.org
Dear Marcus,
You just committed libel, leaving both the Left Forum as an organization, and you personally, legally exposed. In the email copied below you call Anthony Hall a “holocaust denier.” That is a lie. And it is the most career-damaging lie imaginable.
Speaking of “holocausts,” you are capitulating to the very people responsible for the murder of 32 million people based on the 9/11 big lie. The lobbyists preventing truth-tellers from speaking at the Left Forum are paid or unpaid agents of the state of Israel, which orchestrated 9/11 and the ongoing Holocaust of Muslims it triggered.
The Australian Jewish physician Dr. Gideon Polya explains that: “…about 60 Americans have been killed by terrorists in America since the US (sic) Government’s 9-11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000 mostly American people (one would hope that the governments of non-American victims of 9-11 would conduct their own expert inquiries into this atrocity – indeed failure to do so is evidence of depraved indifference).  In stark contrast, 32 million Muslims have been killed by violence (5 million) or through deprivation (27 million) in the subsequent Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims (aka the US War on Terror).”
You, Marcus, are now a Holocaust perpetrator.
Kevin Barrett

Les resten:

Left Forum Caves to Pressure: Bans Panels Amid Claims …

Terror Attacks and No Sympathy Hashtags For Millions of Dead Muslims?




Shabana Syed for Veterans Today

In any war the first casualty is truth and this is clearly evident by mainstream Media’s contradictory narratives on the horrific terror attacks from Paris, Orlando, Nice, as opposed to the murder and mayhem taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Malcolm X stated: “If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”.

The recent beheading of an 84 year old priest by a known French security services tagged ISIS supporter horrified the world and President Hollande declared that ‘France is at war.’

Les resten:

Terror Attacks and No Sympathy Hashtags For Millions of Dead Muslims?  – Veterans Today

Historiker Ian Greenhalgh har tatt for seg Stalins massedrap i det gamle Sovjet, det samme har Texe Marrs. Hvorfor kunne ikke Storbritannias regjering spandere i det minste ett minutts stillhet for de ofrene, slik de gjør det for Holocaust-ofre? Hvorfor spanderer ingen noen tårer eller stillhet på palestinerne og ofrene for IS (kristne, yazidier og muslimer), som Henry Kissinger (Hillary Clintons mentor) og lederen for Israels etterretningstjeneste forsvarer og ikke ønsker skal overvinnes, noe Russland, Iran og Den syriske hær har gjort en kjempeinnsats mot?

Jeg ante ikke at våre “røde” aviser spiller like mye på IS sin side (Israels Etterretningstjeneste) som alle våre “kristne” blå aviser? Til og med NRK har jo vært “bibeltro” (gammeltestamentlige).

Her (i min blogg) står det om de jødiske organisasjonene som lenge har kjempet imot anerkjennelsen av blant annet folkemordet på Armenerne (de kristne):

CIA står bak masseinnvandringen som Sylvi Listhaug er imot, men ikke vil høre om

Steve Kangas avsløringer kostet ham livet

The Israeli Mossad, George Ratterman, and John F. Kennedy

Was the Israeli Mossad an accomplice in killing this decent president?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


John F. Kennedy was almost certainly marked for death. He and a former professional football quarterback turned politician George Ratterman “shut down the Jewish gambling empire in Newport [Kentucky] and sent its leaders packing, never to return.”[1]

Ratterman was also marked for death because he had previously intended “to drive the racketeers out of Newport if elected sheriff.”[2] The Khazarian Bankster Cult was so desperate to literally destroy his political purpose that they once put a heavy dose of chloral hydrate in his drink, which essentially knocked him out of his moral judgment. Then they drove him to a hotel and paid a 26-year old stripper by the name of Juanita Hodges to sleep with him.  E. Michael Jones writes,

“At approximately 2:40 AM on May 9, three detectives from the Newport, Kentucky police departmentburst into room 314 of the hotel/casino which Carinci managed in Newport and discovered Ratterman wearing only a shirt and socks in bed with a 26-yearold woman wearing nothing but an imitation leopard negligee. The woman’s real name was Juanita Hodges, but she earned her living as a stripper in Newport under the name April Flowers.

“Both Hodges and Ratterman, who was wrapped in a sheet, were arrested and then taken to police headquarters where he was charged with disturbing the peace. When Ratterman arrived home he was still disoriented. Seeing his condition, Ratterman’s wife had the presence of mind to take him to their family doctor, who ordered blood and urine tests which showed that Ratterman had been dosed with enough chloral hydrate to kill someone less robust…

Les resten:

The Israeli Mossad, George Ratterman, and John F. Kennedy

Balfour’s shameful legacy: UK Government must say sorry and protect Christian churches in Palestine


To: Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland

Dear Mr Mundell,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Dumfries Agricultural Show. If you recall, we talked briefly about Mrs May’s perverse plan to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration “with pride” and invite Israel’s PM Netanyahu to the jollifications.

The infamous Declaration was a pledge contrived by Zionists inside and outside the British Government. It was in effect a ‘promissory note’ to the Zionist movement for their help in bringing the US into WW1; and it was made with utter disregard to the consequences for the majority Arab population in Palestine. Worse, it amounted to a betrayal of our Arab allies, cutting across an earlier promise for their help against the Turks. There was strong opposition in Parliament even from Lord Montague, the only Jew in the Cabinet. Lord Sydenham remarked: “What we have done, by concessions not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, is to start a running sore in the East, and no-one can tell how far that sore will extend.”

Well, we know now. And it’s high time the wound was healed.

The Declaration by Balfour, a Zionist convert, needs to be read in parallel with The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism, a joint statement by the heads of Palestinian Christian churches which rejects Christian Zionist doctrine as false teaching that corrupts the biblical message of love, justice and reconciliation. “We further reject the contemporary alliance of Christian Zionist leaders and organizations with elements in the governments of Israel and the United States [they could have added the UK] that are presently imposing their unilateral pre-emptive borders and domination over Palestine…. We reject the teachings of Christian Zionism that facilitate and support these policies as they advance racial exclusivity and perpetual war.”

Les resten:

Balfour’s shameful legacy: UK Government must say sorry and protect Christian churches in Palestine

Veterans group sues Pentagon after personal military records exposed

Mike Harris intervjuer den britiske historikeren Ian Greenhalgh om ting man ikke visste om, angående Stalin m.m

Den sanne bakomliggende årsak til storkrigene

Etter å ha lest disse artiklene sank nesten hjertet helt i meg, i skuffelse over landene som har gjort dette. Det er mafia i ordets rette forstand.

Snart 20 års fengsel for å “boikotte Israel ” i USA.

Snakk om å være “ett”.

AMERICAN POSTMORTEM: Three More Senators Sign on as Co-Sponsors of Israel Anti-Boycott Act


Three more US senators have added their names as co-sponsors of S.720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, a bill that would make it a felony for Americans to support a boycott of Israel. The latest three senators to add their names are: Steve Daines of Montana, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Richard C. Shelby of Alabama. All three are Republicans.

According to the ACLU, should the bill be signed into law violators could be punished by hefty fines and up to 20 years in prison.The addition of Daines, Flake, and Shelby brings the total number of co-sponsors to 48. Had Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York not withdrawn as a co-sponsor, the number would now stand at 49. However, as I noted in my most recent post on this issue, Gillibrand withdrew her name after taking heat from her constituents.

You can go here to see the total list of senators who have signed on as co-sponsors. The bill was originally introduced by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) on March 23, 2017.

So far, the House version of the same bill has picked up 249 co-sponsors. That’s 31 more votes than it needs to pass. Unless a miracle happens, the bill is pretty much a done deal in the House. You can go here to see the list of representatives who are willing to trash the First Amendment to the US Constitution in order to please Israel and its lobby.

AMERICAN POSTMORTEM: Three More Senators … – Veterans Today

Three More Senators Sign on as Co-Sponsors of Israel Anti-Boycott Act … could be punished by hefty fines and up to 20 years in prison.

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