Tyster: Tyrkia direkte involvert i det kjemiske angrepet på Khan Sheikhoun

(Artikkel i overskrift: se lenger ned på siden)

The Trump Administration, Israel, and North Korea

Strip Earth Bare – Trump Agenda – Waste Land Ahead

By Ann Diener on April 28, 2017

“We strip them (planets) bare and let you people kill each other,” said a Source.

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Exclusive: “Lock him Up,” of Course We Mean Flynn, But Lock Him Up Last

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 28, 2017

Press covering for Turkey but other nations paying off Trump and company as well, only Flynn got caught and is being thrown under a bus

Perhaps if he had seen combat at some point, check his record, he might have been more careful

Editor’s note: VT had run into Flynn some time ago.  When he ran DIA, he tried to recruit top VT staffers for that agency, offering bizarre incentives.  There are people at VT that know and like Flynn personally, I am not one of them.  There is a long story here which we should probably get into a bit.  Nobody gets Flynn, who was the only proponent in the US intelligence community who understands the real value of human intelligence.  The Pentagon has been overrun with SIGINT guys, satellite guys as well.  VT’s defense side, starting with 4C and Adamus, include the scientists that invented SAR surveillance used in military satellites.

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Exclusive: “Lock him Up,” of Course We Mean Flynn, But Lock Him Up Last


Exclusive: Trump Apologized to Russia for Syria Attack

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 28, 2017

US backed down to get cooperation agreement restored…end threat to US pilots…certain death at hands of S400 missiles

Exclusive: Trump Apologized to Russia for Syria Attack

By Jonas E. Alexis on April 28, 2017

Assad: “What is happening to Syria, to Korea, to Iran, to Russia, and maybe to Venezuela now, aims at re-imposing American hegemony on the world because they believe that this hegemony is under threat now, which consequently threatens the interests of American economic and political elites.”

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Part 2 – How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books

By Paul Fitzgerald on April 28, 2017

By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

An 1898 cartoon features newspaper publishers Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst dressed as a cartoon character of the day, a satire of their papers’ role in drumming up U.S. public opinion for war by Leon Barritt

Most Americans outside of Washington policy circles don’t know about Team B, where it came from or what it did, nor are they aware of its roots in the Fourth International, the Trotskyist branch of the Communist International.

Lawrence J. Korb, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and assistant secretary of defense from 1981 to 1985 attributed the intelligence failure represented by 9/11 to Team B and had this to say about it in a 2004 article for the Los Angeles Times.

“The roots of the problem go back to May 6, 1976, when the director of Central Intelligence, George H.W. Bush, created the first Team B… The concept of a ‘competitive analysis’ of the data done by an alternative team had been opposed by William Colby, Bush’s predecessor as CIA director and a career Professional… Although the Team B report contained little factual data it was enthusiastically received by conservative groups such as the Committee on the Present Danger. But the report turned out to be grossly inaccurate… Team B was right about one thing. The CIA estimate was indeed flawed. But it was flawed in the other direction”

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Part 2 – How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books

Far East: Trump Gets Brothel License in China, Taiwan Gets Screwed


US President Donald Trump has rejected an offer by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to have another official phone call. The first in December 2016, was vehemently condemned by China, which considers Taiwan a rogue province. Trump has pledged to consult with Beijing before any further dialogue with Tawian.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 28, 2017

US policy being marketed like Ivanka’s sweatshop rags

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Far East: Trump Gets Brothel License in China, Taiwan Gets Screwed

Russia’s Clear Signal to US: Think Twice Before Using Your Nukes

By GPD on April 28, 2017

Idiot Trump conned into thinking US missile defense actually works

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Russia’s Clear Signal to US: Think Twice Before Using Your Nukes

Israel Won the First Round of the French Election

ESCALATION IN SYRIA: Erdogan I – The Phantom Menace of NATO


Deputy Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State, Mark Toner, during a regularbriefing on April 25 said that the U.S. expresses serious concern over Turkey’s aggression in Syria and Iraq.

It should be mentioned that in the morning, April 25 the Turkish Air Force struck the positions of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Karachok mountain region in north-eastern Syria. They also attacked the positions of the Kurdish militia near the town of Sinjar. Turkish warplanes killed more than 20 fighters of Kurdish Peshmerga. Eight more soldiers were wounded. The targets hit by the Turkish Air Force in Syria also include local television and a YPG broadcasting media station. On April 27, the Turkish army continued its massacre of Kurds on the ground in the province of Aleppo.


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ESCALATION IN SYRIA: Erdogan I – The Phantom Menace of NATO

Why We Need a Whistle-Blower in US Customs and Border Protection

Being in Time – USA Book Tour Announcement

Trump under fire over huge tax cut for the rich

VT-redaktør Jim Dean:

NEO – What Comes After the US Missile Strike in Syria?

Israeli officials: We want to drink Assad’s blood by any means necessary

PressTV – Large blast hits Damascus International Airport

I’ll Beat the Hell Out of Any Two Swabbies in This Joint!

New Gun Offerings for Spring

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation: An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

Syrian War Report – April 26, 2017: Turkey Bombing US-backed Forces In Syria

Tale of the White Witch of Mara Lago: Ivanka’s Chinese Factory, Low Wage Slavery

Satanists Who Destroyed Middle East are Back in Washington

Satanist Paul Wolfowitz
Satanist Paul Wolfowitz

…by Jonas E. Alexis

The Satanists who literally created chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are back in the White House. They are currently chilling with the Trump administration. One of those Satanists is none other than Paul Wolfowitz. A little background of this dude.

When he was told by deputy national security advisor Stephen Hadley that there was no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, Wolfowitz responded with certainty, “We’ll find it. It’s got to be there,”[1] which is another way of saying that if it does not exist, they would make it up.


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Gunnar Stavrum – Zuckerbergs fantastiske tale (tro og praksis er to forskjellige ting)

OBS: Er det så fint at Facebook skal bestemme hva som er “rett type info” for verden…?

Facebooks dobbeltstandard gjør palestinere utsatt som gruppe (sikter seg inn som målskive på en negativ måte)

Russia: Facebook Double Standards Enable Targeting of Palestinians



Sputnik/Moscow: Instances of individuals being prosecuted and/or jailed for their social media activities are on the increase the world over. Israel is a world leader in this phenomenon, arresting hundreds annually for their posts – although similar behavior by Israelis is censured neither by Facebook nor the Israeli government.

Data suggests 27 percent of all internet users reside in countries where people can be arrested for publishing, sharing, or even merely “liking” content on Facebook. Authorities in 38 countries made arrests based on social media posts over 2016 — by contrast, people were arrested for content published on news sites or blogs in 21 countries.

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Russia: Facebook Double Standards Enable Targeting of Palestinians

Awarding Saudi Arabia chair on Women’s Rights Commission makes UN complicit in crimes



Ms. Marwa Osman. PhD Candidate located in Beirut, Lebanon. University Lecturer at the Lebanese International University and Maaref University.

Russia Today: The Saudi Arabia that publicly beheads women and dangles bodies from cranes was just elected to the UN Women’s Rights Commission. This is not the punchline of a twisted joke, but the intergovernmental UN shaming itself.

Awarding Saudi Arabia chair on Women’s Rights Commission makes UN complicit in crimes

Israel Won the First Round of the French Election

NEO – How come Central Asian States have become a Breeding ground for Terrorism

Joshua Goldberg: – a Cover for an Elaborate Psychological Operation?

Secrecy and Cover-Up for Trump War Plans?

Cleveland: Cops Lied in Tamir Rice Shooting, Video Shows

Kiev’s Maidan coup – US begins to back away from financial support

Trump “Sold” Turkey US Approval to Attack Iraq

Afghanistan: Showdown field of the United States and Russia

Syrian Army’s 5th Assault Corps: Formation, Operations, Capabilities


Former Israeli Defense Minister Bogie Yaalon: Israel continues to work with ISIS in Syria

Russia: Isis Once Apologized for Accidentally Attacking Israel

By GPD on April 24, 2017

Two issues here: Israel is ISIS and Russia finally “grows a pair”

Tel Aviv remains so “neutral” in the Syrian conflict that even Islamic State terrorists have on at least one occasion “apologized” to Israel for mistakenly attacking IDF soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights, according to a former Israeli Defense Minister.

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“Madman” Mattis Said Russia Arming Taliban, “Says the Kettle to the Pot”



Speaking at a joint press conference with Mattis in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Monday, the head of the US and international forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson said the US “continue to get reports of this [Russia’s] assistance” to Taliban insurgents.

The NATO commander, who Mattis praised as “one of our most experienced officers in the field and one of our most serious strategic thinkers,” was asked “to address the influx of Russian weapons into Afghanistan and showing up in Taliban hands” by a journalist from the Washington Post.

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“Madman” Mattis Said Russia Arming Taliban, “Says the Kettle to the Pot”

Trump Campaign Chair Charged with Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking

A Tale of Two Cities

Uri Avnery – Marwan Barghouti, the Palestine Nelson Mandela

NEO – Is Euroland on Verge of Disintegration?

Fox News finally kills Bill

Pravda: Putin “loses control, the fall is near”

Pravda: China sides with Russia on Syria and North Korea

Whistleblower: Turkey Directly Involved in Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack

TEHRAN (FNA) – A Turkish dissident leader revealed that the pharmaceutical companies affiliated to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government have provided the terrorists in Syria with Sarin gas, reiterating that Ankara has been directly involved in Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack.

Sarhab Golhan, the leader of Moon and Star party, was quoted by SANA news agency as saying that Erdogan is directly involved in the chemical attack and he is “the ISIL’s current leader”.

“If investigations are carried out about Khan Sheikhoun incident, it will certainly reveal that Erdogan is behind it and all massacres happening in our region; the Justice and Development government opened the borders to the terrorists’ easy traffic and equipped them with weapons,” he added.

Golhan said that certain pharmaceutical companies close to the Justice and Development government have supplied the terrorists with Sarin gas to be used against the civilians and raise allegations against the Syrian government to provoke the international community.

Meantime, head of Turkey’s Socialist Workers Party Turgut Kocak said that the same side that had provided the terrorists in Aleppo with chemical weapons supplied their comrades in Khan Sheikhoun with the same kind of weapons “and therefore, they were sent by Turkey to the Syrian city”.

“We know that 90% of weapons in terrorists’ hands have been sent from Turkey and we think that the terrorist groups in Idlib which are led by the Turkish intelligence agencies are the culprits behind the Khan Sheikhoun incident,” he added.


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Whistleblower: Turkey Directly Involved in Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack

Afghanistan: US Accused of Sarin Use, More “Poor Dead Babies”

Russia prepared to deploy ground forces to Syria – Unconfirmed

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan”

Just a matter of (quasi) Semitic semantics, after all?

Do You Know How Much It Costs To Buy A 9 Year Old Girl?

Trump has dangerous mental illness

Trump Campaign Chair Charged with Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking

Atrophy of Knowledge and Amputation of Honor, America, are you ready for revolution?”

Turkey ties could be redefined, EU warns

Realistic solution needed for NK nuke issue – Official Chinese editorial

Death Is a Sailing Ship Which Will Also Be Welcomed On Another Shore

Moscow demands OPCW explain how White Helmets emerged unharmed in Syrian sarin attack

59% of Britons live in areas where diesel pollution threatens health

NEO – Insanity and the Art of Trump’s Deal

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel


TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 13 and 14

URGENT: Russia Silent as Israel Bombs Syria

NEO: – Anti-Korean Sentiments Becoming Widespread in China

Russia Ready to Prioritize Air Defense Systems Deliveries to Syria

US regressing into a developing nation for most people, MIT professor warns

Ivanka plans to “mourn Holocaust victims” – but not Russian or Palestinian victims

By Jonas E. Alexis on April 22, 2017

“Civilian casualties from airstrikes grow in Iraq and Syria. But few are ever investigated. A recent airstrike by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq is believed to have caused more than 270 civilian Deaths…”

“Thou shalt have no other gods before the Holocaust.”

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Nikki Haley is a political maniac and psychopath – Nikki Haley er en politisk galning og psykopat

West blocks OPCW investigation of alleged Idlib chemical attack

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on April 21, 2017

Now we have to start looking into how many “fake divisions” we have inside the UN

… from  Southfront

Lavrov is not happy dealing with a West that does not honor their commitments

[ Editor’s Note: Now we have not only a highly probable fake gas attack in Idlib, but an investigation that is more fake than the attack itself. There has been little public outrage over the investigation scandal, mainly due to a steady string of other news stories that quickly become the problem of the day.

The Brits are getting ready for an election, and the EU leaked their tough negotiating stand to throw a huge political bomb into that process.

France is getting some “warm up” terror attacks in the most public of places. And Germany is being told it is sucking the EU and even the US up with its steady and growing trade surpluses. Its Foreign minister says “bull shit” to that, something we can print at VT.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! False Flag Weekly News under attack for spreading the truth

Black Boxing the White House & US Foreign Policy

NEO – Trump the War President… or a Pretender?

UN Finally Admit they are Israeli Allies

Mattis in Israel to Take Instructions

Moscow demands OPCW explain how White Helmets emerged unharmed in Syrian sarin attack

By GPD on April 22, 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry says no representatives of the OPCW visited Syria’s Khan Shaykun, so the origin of samples the organizarion claims to have is unclear

Editor’s note:  This article was “erased” by hackers when it was posted on VT 48 hours ago.

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NEO – A Tale of Two Cities: Aleppo and Mosul

Dr. Preston James:

Time to start defending Christianity (Part III)

Noam Chomsky warns of false flag “staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly”

Media’s Orwellian Newspeak to Justify Violence

Tulsi Gabbard Conveyed Trump’s Offer of Cooperation to Assad


Busted: Turkey’s Phony Coup, Trump Insiders Took Part

Syrian War Report – April 3, 2017: Militant Defenses Collapsing In Northern Hama

How America Betrayed its Sunni Allies in Middle East?

Brexit – But Not Quite Yet!

NEO – Erdogan’s Dance of Conquest with Europe and America

Gordon Duff:

Intel Drop, April Fools Day Plus One and We’re all the fools

Flynn failed to disclose income from Russian entities: White House Pravda: Trump, the USA and the unforgivable evil

Russia’s advanced nuclear submarine

New World Order Lies Suffocate Humanity – But Truth Will Triumph

Veterans Today endorses Donald Trump

Ayad al-Jumaili’s Death and Islamic State’s Command Structure

Yemenis will never succumb to occupation


Turkey intends to annexe Northern Syria

Pence to Go before Trump: Nixon-Agnew/Watergate Déjà Vu?

Obamas Were Real Thing Versus Fake Cardboard Cutouts and Reality TV

Your premier federal government employee and veteran shopping program

Tillerson goes cold Turkey with Erdogan on Gulen

The Stolen Valor of Michael Flynn

 “Official” antisemitism definition gets two-finger salute from legal experts Top GOP Officials: “Prepare for President Pence”


Tillerson Loves Assad, Hates Putin, as Trump Foreign Policy Goes Berzerk



Luther Vandross – Live At Wembley 1987 – Give Me The Reason, Really Didn’t Mean It, Never Too Much

Miks – Luther Vandross – Give Me the Reason (Live at The Royal Albert Hall

Luther Vandross – Give Me the Reason (from Live at Wembley)


Irak-krigen ble iverksatt basert på løgner om oljemangel:

Utdrag av F William Engdahls artikkel:

NEO – Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come


by  F. William Engdahl,   with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Peak Oil premise plummets

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Engdahl has a timely retrospective piece on the pseudo-scientific battle over the theory of peak oil that had become a pseudo-religion, with big oil using the scarcity angle to keep their prices increasing. Imagine that.

What William lays out is a classic Intelligence psyops, starting with the readily available scientists’ willingness to write papers confirming the foundation of peak oil when they see a deep pocket sponsor. When looking into it, neither Engdahl nor the Russians could find a scientific paper that really established the original premise.

Someone made it up because it suited their purposes to do so, and it worked like a charm, allowing the big oil companies to enjoy some fabulous years of huge profits. But it is now destroyed with the track record Ukraine had, with its deep wells running at a 60% success rate and some of them producing over 2000 barrels a day.

VT has nibbled on this controversy over the years, our biggest contribution being that one of the reasons that Africa was kept in a permanent state of chaos was that it was sitting on an ocean oil, where certain parties never wanted that flooding onto the market, and it hasn’t.


Les resten:


Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer

By F William Engdahl, September 14, 2007

Nyheter mai 2017:

Updated for Memorial Day, Trump Drop the Hammer: Vietnam Combat Disabled to Lose Benefits

Merkel to blame for letting Trump humiliate her that way: Her rival

Manchester bombing: message still not understood

Breaking: Iraqi Popular Militias reach Syria border

Video Report: US Suffers Reverses as Trump´s Plan to Aid Terrorists is Realized by Russia

How is the War on Terror being used for Power Projection? (Brexit)

Mattis: Civilian deaths inevitable in war against Daesh

Russian Rocket Artillery to Be Rearmed to Tornado-S by 2020 (video)

Pakistani Commander of Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition Mulling Resignation

Arab NATO reserve force to fight terrorism is myth and propaganda

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