Hvorfor ingen politikere tør stille spørsmål om mytene rundt…

“Half has never been told… now, ain´t that good news…?”

“Min” kjære klokskalle, som er medlem av Mensa-klubben, redaktør i Veterans Today og innbitt “ikke-troende på Gud”, er en man uansett bør ta på alvor, enten man tror på en høyere makt, ånder, UFO-er eller hva det måtte være (bare ikke Gud, vel og merke for dét er å strekke strikke altfor langt… 😉  – eller ikke.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelli…Show More

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The X Files of Turkey & US: The Conflict Is Out There

Exclusive: ISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

NEO – Syrian Safe Zones – A Miracle or Mirage?

Moon Jae-in: War with North Korea ain´t gonna happen – bad news for NWO agents

Are the US, Turkey, Israel and Saudis going to Balkanize Syria under Russia’s nose?


US’ Variant of Russia’s Hmeymim? What Washington Has in Mind for Syria

… from  Sputnik News, Moscow

The YPG Kurds cannot take Raqqa with what they can carry on their backs

[ Editor’s Note: This is a timely story despite some of the spin that is in it, and then what is left out. The main hype is this silliness of “arming the Kurds”. They have obviously been armed to have been able to make the gains against ISIS that they have with US adviser help, the air cover and some Marine artillery.

But now that the fighting will have to escalate into intense street fighting, with fixed, heavily defended positions and civilian human shields, we can assume much of ISIS will be underground. The YPG is going to need heavier weapons to have any chance of keeping its casualties reasonably low to sustain its morale.

The only other option for the US would be to bring in its own combat troops to do that work, which defeats the whole purpose of using proxy troops so body bags do not flow back to the US. That has been a presumed red line for Washington.

One of the most interesting comments below is the open admission by the Turks that when Erdogan and Trump meet, they will be working out the flow of arms to their various militant groups, a kind of group confession about their regime change goals.

The Turks have built a wall to keep the Kurds out of Turkey, while Turkey holds Syrian-Kurdish territory

Syrian Brigadier General Muhammad Isi makes a good point that, with the American Kurds in control of NE Syria, and the “Turkish Kurds”, Turkmen, and MIT Intel people pretending to be militants controlling NW Syria, they will have effectively Balkanized Syria.

One of their main goals is to be able to run a pipeline from the Persian Gulf allies into Turkey to make it an even bigger energy hub, which is one of Erdogan’s key long-term goals. This would cut off future Iraqi and Iranian plans for pipeline exports. Erdogan’s fear of the Kurds is mainly play-acting, a smokescreen.

The wildcard in all this is that Raqqa is not a Kurdish City, but an Arab one, and for a long time. Those native Arabs are just not going to abandon their city after being under the cruel boot of ISIS and turn it over to the Kurds and Americans. But what the Syrian, Russians and Iranians would do if such an attempt was made is also way up in the air.

Is the US building a national Kurdish army with combined operations capability? Yes it is, and quite openly so. This is the US’ answer to the Russian and Iranian involvement, but leaving out that the US goal from the beginning was an offensive one, to overthrow Assad and Balkanize Syria, but where Russia and Iran are happy with the Syrian people choosing who they want to run their country. Welcome to the ugly face of American freedom and democracy.

Russia, one might assume, would not be interested in helping pave the way for a Gulf pipeline to compete with its own Turkish-Stream effort for the Southern European market. This is a messy situation, where the poor Syrians are being ruthlessly abused from several directions. To say the situation is unpredictable would be an understatementJim W. Dean ]

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Are the US, Turkey, Israel and Saudis going to Balkanize Syria under Russia´s nose?

Mike Harris: PRESS TV “US to arm Syrian Kurds “very quickly”

Al-Nusra denounces Syrian support for de-escalation Zones as treachery


… from  Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Well it looks like trouble has come to jihadi paradise. The al Qaeda/al Nusra crowd has issued a fatwa against any of the “moderate” Syrian opposition groups, such that they will be attacked for complying in any way with the deescalation zone program.

Les resten:

Al-Nusra denounces Syrian support for de-escalation Zones as treachery

FBI Director Fired: Is the US a Mafia Controlled Dictatorship?

The FBI’s James Comey has bipartisan backing behind him. Trump does not. Will Trump’s gamble crash and burn?

Even the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Lavrov was surprised by the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Perhaps we are finally to the point of a Constitutional crisis. There is no recourse in the US. There is no rule of law. No one can indict the President, even if he commits a potential felony, such as witness intimidation with tweets on Twitter.https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/861592420043157504

The key is Congressman Devin Nunes who leads the Trump-Russia investigation. Will anyone force Nunes to recuse himself from the Congressional investigation because of his lack of impartiality?

Still, something is wrong with this whole story, the Russia portion. Trump was heavily involved with the Russian mafia. He was also monitoring the oligarchs for the Russian government according to the  Christoper Steele dossier. Trump profited from the Russian mafia and oligarchs with his condominium sales and has deep mafia ties. So, is the Trump-Russia investigation a non-starter because it is a lie – not investigating the mafia connections and not investigating the many other issues with the current administration, including the potential rigging of the 2016 election?

Les resten:

FBI Director Fired: Is the US a Mafia Controlled Dictatorship?

NEO – Western Fake News guns aimed at foreign leaders

Thai prime minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha

Fake News: Asia’s “Autocrats” vs Asia’s Autocrats

by Joseph Thomas, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

“Mixed traffic”

[ Editor’s Note: We are beginning to not only see more of alternative media challenge the Fake Media giants, but seeing it done in a professional way, via something that used to be known as “investigative journalism”.

That was before the big consolidated media houses considered that vein of reporting “old school” and a threat to their consistent efforts to “manage public perceptions” via what and how they reported stories.

Joseph Thomas has picked a plump target with how media can spin “who is an autocrat” to please a constituency they are serving, either inside their ownership structure, or to curry favor with outside powers like governments and big business powers.

As Thomas points out below, Thailand does not have a reputation of being run by Boy Scouts. The same could be said for most of Asia, and the world for that matter. But he rakes the AFP for its attempts at branding the current Thai PM as America’s new autocrat friend, knowing the vast majority of the public is not aware of the autocrat he replaced, who had tight relations with the US and West because he was their guy.

VT has been able to bring our readers this level of reporting in Asia due to our partnership with New Eastern Outlook in Moscow, where we have access to their deep bench of writing talent. For an editor like myself, going to the NEO site to look for good material to bring over is like a visit to an organic writers’ farmers market, where one gets to pick from among the best available.

Gordon and I did a first radio interview with a South African station this morning, partly due to not only our Syria coverage, but the breadth and depth of the material they found at VT, which included our NEO material. Good work finds a good audience, and we will keep building in this directionJim W. Dean ]

Jim’s Editor’s Notes are solely crowdfunded via PayPalJimWDean@aol.com

This includes research, needed field trips, Heritage TV Legacy archiving, and more – Thanks for helping out


– First published  …  May 06,  2017 –

Mounting evidence suggests media outlets across the United States and Europe are selectively labeling leaders from around the world as “autocrats,” “despots” and “dictators” based not on their actual human rights records, policies or actions, but rather on where they fall along the spectrum of obedience to and complicity with the ambitions of Wall Street, Washington, London and Brussels.

Les resten /Read the rest:

NEO – Western Fake News guns aimed at foreign leaders

After Buying S-400, Turkey Aims to Build Own Components for Air Defense Systems

Mosul Hasn’t Been Fully Liberated ‘Because of Washington’


The United States has deliberately not provided advanced precision weapons to Iraqi security forces, limiting Baghdad’s ability to fully liberate Mosul and fight Daesh, defense analyst Ahmad al-Sharifi told Sputnik Persian.

Les resten:

Mosul Hasn´t Been Fully Liberated `Because of Washington´

Sex abuse & sham marriages: Reality for Eastern European women trafficked to Scotland

Turkey warns US against arming Syrian Kurd `terrorists,´ ponders end of `strategic partnership´

Trump Says You´re Fired to FBI Director Comey

US military training terrorists in southern Syria


NEO – Washington’s Criminal Activities are only Getting Messier

We have all been here before
We have all been here before

by Martin Berger   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is an all too familiar story, where veterans go back to combat zones as civilian contractors and make tons more money than when in uniform.

In the case of Iraq now, they can be working at bases, where going into town to party and find some girls to have a good time are huge security risks. It can make for a very boring tour.

So there is a huge demand to bring the party goodies onto the base, and the girls, too. There is a well-oiled and experienced batch of personnel ready to set up the pipelines for the R&R for all those cooped up on the base, where outside eyes are expected to see nothing.

But once again we have a situation where two internal investigators did their jobs by breaking the story, which is the only reason we are hearing about this. They got fired of course. But it is good to have one of these stories blow up now and then, so we can review the dark side of the contracting business.

Recreation facilities are quite limited, hence the pressure to import them

Some of the more interesting things are the ripple effects of exposure than can come out of these stories, like the one below, where contractors have a long history of being easy to shake down by the local bad guys, being handsomely paid off, to make sure there are no attacks on a base or a district.

Tons of cash were turned over to the Taliban in Afghanistan; a large amount of it just for the $2000 toll charge per truck for a convoy of supplies coming north from Pakistan to not be attacked.

Utdrag 2:

Balad air base has extensive contractor facilities
–  First published  …  May 09,  2017  –

The unpunished slaughter of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan carried out by the US over the course of the last decade is now being gradually replaced by new types of crimes committed by Washington’s henchmen in the course of its ongoing instances of armed aggression against sovereign states.

As it’s been reported by Bloomberg with a special reference to AP, a well-known American contractor firm Sallyport Global has recently been engaged in a number of illegal operations in Baghdad’s vicinity. According to the report, its employees would get engaged in alcohol smuggling and slave trade.

Les resten /Read more:

NEO – Washington´s Criminal Activities are only Getting Messier

Putin says `no force ever existed to conquer Russian people?

Alex Jones´ Prison Planet Lies for Israel

Mosul Battle Report – May 9, 2017: Operation Approaching Its Final Phase

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, America’s and Israel’s Friend and Ally


…by Jonas E. Alexis


According to the Neoconservatives in America, Saudi Arabia is not a country that needs to be challenged on moral grounds, despite the fact that the country has been shown to be an accomplice in the 9/11 attack.[1] Saudi Arabia even “warns of economic fallout if Congress passes 9/11 bill,”[2] an implicit admission which basically puts their political feet firmly in mid-air.

But that again doesn’t give politicians in Washington goosebumps because Saudi Arabia has been working with the Israeli regime to politically destabilize Iran.[3] When the Iran deal was passed during the Obama administration, Israel, the Neocons, and indeed Saudi Arabia worked tirelessly to kill it.[4] As the New York Times itself put it then, “Saudi Arabia and Israel share a common opposition.”[5] Even Tablet, a Jewish magazine, reported back in 2013 that both Israel and Saudi Arabia were “co-planning [an] Iran attack.”[6]

Les resten:

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, America’s and Israel’s Friend and Ally


Narcotics, Business of Western Wars

Les resten:

Narcotics, Business of Western Wars

NEO – Iran’s economic recovery surprised us all

White Helmets Profit from Suffering

Part 3 – How the CIA created a fake Western reality for ‘Unconventional Warfare’

Jim Dean: Russian AWACS is operational in Syria

Turkey and Russia Advance on S-400 & Pipeline

More Fake News to Whitewash the White Helmets?

By Ian Greenhalgh on May 1, 2017

[Editor’s note: This may well be a totally fabricated story intended to garner sympathy for the “brave work” of the noble White Helmets. Of course, VT readers are well aware that this is a load of nonsense and the White Helmets are scum who work hand in hand with the assorted mercenary headchoppers polluting Syria. The source of this tale of woe is yet again, the SOHR, which is nothing more than a fat, sweaty little turd of a man sat in a house in Coventry, England pumping out Fake News on behalf of the intel services and always aimed at damaging the Assad government.  So they may well have made the whole thing up and no White Helmets were harmed in the production of this fantasy tale. Ian]

Les resten

Anyone Home at US State Department? Turkey, India & Korea

Tillerson addresses Department of State employees
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addresses Department of State employees.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson addresses Department of State employees.

While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was “taken aback” when he arrived on the job to see how much money the State Department was spending on housing and schooling for the families of diplomats living overseas” according to Bloomberg, the decision to cut as many as 2,300 employees may cause the US to loose diplomatic capabilities on multiple fronts.

It is interesting to note that “William Inglee, a former Lockheed Martin Corp. official and policy adviser in Congress, is overseeing the budget cuts and briefed senior managers on the plan,” last Wednesday according to Bloomberg.

Will these cuts cause the US to loose standing financially, while encouraging the focus on war over diplomacy? – Ann Diener

Pravda: Turkey and India abandon the dollar

Anyone Home at US State Department? Turkey, India & Korea

Will Le Pen be put to the Sword?

Viktig stykke for alle som verdsetter ytringsfrihet  (og fri forskning) for alle, ikke bare en selv. Sånn går det når feiginger lar internasjonal mafia ta patent på “sannhet” og får kjøpe opp alle mediastasjoner og dommere, og selv definere hvem det er som skal få lov til å være frie: Kun de selv. Resten må i fengsel.

Wetbacks in Reverse? Ernst Zundel banned forever from Land of the Free

By Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel on April 29, 2017

“Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

[ Note: After 14 years of legal wrangling at the cost of millions of dollars to both sides, the US government has ruled on discretionary grounds by an unelected bureaucrat named Ron Rosenberg, Chief, Administrative Appeals Office of the US Department of Homeland Security, that Ernst Zündel is banned from joining his family in the US.

According to this ruling, a dissident contesting a disputed historical claim such as the “Auschwitz gassing” is now a “…criminal of moral turpitude.” Can it get any more Kafkaesque?

More will be said about this latest Zundel development at a later time. For now, here is the latest installment of the ever-expanding Global Zundel-Saga… Ingrid Zundel ]


Ernst Zündel, in his own words:

Ernst and Ingrid Zundel: Wetbacks in Reverse?

Within hours of my illegal arrest in February 2003, fourteen years ago, I had been given an expulsion order with stiff penalties, should I dare to set foot in America ever again in the future. Should I be so brazen as to attempt a re-entry and be caught, I was to be arrested “forthwith”, detained, tried, and found guilty – and put in prison to face a 20-year sentence as an illegal “re-offender.”

Les resten

Lebanon: Jordan Warns of Israeli Strike as Internal Political Destabilization Continues

Historiker Ian Greenhalgh er også lurt å lytte til, for få er så modige som karene og damene i Veterans Today. Resten i media er mer eller mindre sagt på godt norsk, feigskiter, som er mer opptatt av å sikre seg smør og syltetøy på brødskiva enn å sette seg inn i ting de burde. De har solgt sjela si. De jobber i kollektiv (fellessjel).

Why No Politician Will Ever Question The Holocaust Mythos

By Ian Greenhalgh on April 29, 2017

Les resten

En mild, klok mann, som velger sine ord med omhu, som jeg setter pris på å lese artiklene til:

Why No Politician Will Ever Question The Holocaust Mythos

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on April 28, 2017 shows member of France’s far right party Front National (FN), Jean-François Jalkh (L) and Henin-Beaumont’s mayor and European MP, Steeve Briois during a press conference on January 20, 2011 at the party headquarters in Nanterre, west of Paris. Briois replaces Jean-François Jalkh as FN party president by interim, according to Louis Aliot, one of the vice-presidents of the French far-right National Front (FN) party, AFP reported on April 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / JACQUES DEMARTHON (Photo credit should read JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)
Jean-François Jalkh, left, has been replaced at the top of France’s far-right National Front party by Steeve Briois, Henin-Beaumont’s mayor and a European Parliament member.

[Editor’s note: This is a perfect example of why no mainstream politician will ever question the Holocaust mythos – it is so poisonous it will kill your career stone dead.  We have seen similar outrage directed at British politician Ken Livingston for making some innocuous statements about the Nazis working with the Zionists, which was true, but poor Ken was castigated and viciously attacked for daring to even broach the topic. Now Monsieur Jalkh has become the victim of the guardians of the great lie that is the mythology of the Holocaust. Small wonder no-one dares question the 6 million or the existence of gas chambers, to do so is career suicide. Ian]

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Marine Le Pen’s party boots leader over Holocaust denial quote

The leadership of the far-right National Front party in France replaced its pick for interim president following reports he had denied aspects of the Holocaust.

Les resten /Read more:


#RightWingExtremism #Right #Høyre

President Trump’s Korean Peninsula Gambit?


by Preston James


President Trump with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster

Current background realities:

1- The Russians and Chinese have a working agreement to displace the Babylonian Talmudics BT/RKM private pernicious usury central Banking system and provide BRICS as the world’s new reserve currency system.

2- Rex Tillerson put together a very large deal between Exxon and Rosneft Russian Federation Oil Corporation. Being Secretary of State you can imagine that he will be advising President Trump to protect this agreement and make sure it remains intact when the smoke settles.

3- The BRICS banking system has now set up a Swift-type wire transfer system, allowing direct monetary transfers between BRICS member banks.

4- The New AIIB and Shanghai “Silk Road” economic Agreement is moving ahead and will eventually create a railroad system and a strong industrial trade system between Russia and China. And, if progress continues as expected most European nations will enter this new, developing trade pact as soon as the EU System is deconstructed, which experts believe is a certainty. President Duterte of the Philippines claims to be booting out the RKM Banksters right now. He has now been invited to meet with President Trump at the White House.

5- The top BT/RKM Banksters you can count on a couple of hands have decided to use the CIA/Israel/Saudis to create and deploy ISIS to destabilize the Mideast and Africa and create millions of homeless individuals. This small satanic group has also provided funds to ship these immigrants to European nations, Australia and America to neutralize emerging populism and as part of a new policy to progressively eradicate the white race, to destroy borders, language and culture and thus de-nationalize targeted nations and destroy their sovereignty.

6- This massive immigration is all part of their long term plan to destroy populism, nationalism and sovereignty by Globalization in order to create a NWO to be run by their satanic one-work government ruler.

7- This long term secret BT/RKM agenda involves hijacking and then using each of the following groups as Cutouts, and then destroying each when done with them, often pitting one against the other to weaken them and set them up for destruction. These groups include the Caucasian race, Christian, Islamics, Torah Hebrews and then Israeli and American based Khazarians who have been used as key Cutouts to destroy many societies and have been well-rewarded. The last group that will be destroyed unless this process is stopped will be the BT/RKM themselves.


Les resten:


Uri Avnery – The Israeli Macron

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

by Uri Avnery,   …with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

Emmanuel Macron

[ Editor’s note: Uri gives us an analysis of how the young, unknown Emmanuel Macron, with a new party, came out of the blue to win the first round in the French elections. Uri is thrilled because he feels it shows the Left is not dead in France. He uses the Macron story to dream of something similar happening in Israel, but alas, the Left is definitely down for the count there.

Les resten:

Uri Avnery – The Israeli Macron

En annen kjær redaktør:

Jim W. Dean is managing editor of Veterans Today wearing many hats from day to day operations, development, writing and editing articles.

He has an active schedule…Show More

‘Butcher of Kabul’ calls for peace in 1st public appearance in 20 years

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on April 30, 2017

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

Hekmatyar with CIA Deputy Director Richard Kerr

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, what a surprise here – a blast from the past. While the story mentions Hekmatyar being a CIA asset during the Soviet-Afghan War and a close friend of Osama bin Laden, it left out that Osama was a full CIA case officer, Tim Osman, who even used his medical benefits when he was on the terror lists.

Our Pakistani ISI Intel friends had filled us in on all this long ago. General Hamid Gul, former ISI chief, now deceased, was a long-time VT editorial board member, and is in our In Memoriam section now.

The best satire line I have read in some time is the one below where the US had designated Hekmatyar as a “global terrorist”. I would have to ask, “compared to who, what country or countries”, and how much carnage did he create, compared to the real global terrorists?

Les resten:

Butcher of Kabul’ calls for peace in 1st public appearance in 20 years

Russia: Stealth a Joke, Now Missile Defense Too

Steve Bannon: Jared Kushner is a “cuck” and a “globalist”

By Jonas E. Alexis on April 30, 2017

“[Steve] recently vented to us about Jared being a ‘globalist’ and a ‘cuck’. He actually said ‘cuck,’ as in ‘cuckservative.’ There’s a big fight [going on]. It’s all about policy. There’s tension [between them] on trade, health care, immigration, taxes, [terrorism] –you name it.”

Steve Bannon calls himself “Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors.” Remember Thomas Cromwell?

…by Jonas E. Alexis

The recent conflict between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner reminds me of the conflict between Jewish intellectuals and German scholars in nineteenth-century Germany. A little historical background.

During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth Century – most specifically during 1870 and 1914 – a number of German intellectuals such as Heinrich von Treitschke developed the idea that Jews had to either be on board or leave the country. Treitschke was a historian and was probably aware of the fact Jewish merchants always ended up cheating the Goyim, most specifically in Poland. Heinreich Graetz, the father of modern Jewish historiography, had this to say of Jewish merchants in Poland in the 1600s:

Les resten:

Steve Bannon: Jared Kushner is a “cuck” and a “globalist”

Back To The Dark Ages With Trump Administration

Breaking: Russian, US-Led Coalition Should Unite in Counterterror Fight in Syria – Lavrov

South Korea to the US: No more wars for you

By Jonas E. Alexis on April 29, 2017

Washington wants war and bloodshed because the Israeli regime is dictating what needs to be done. Trump is allowing that to happen. He is conniving with an essentially diabolical system, and this is really dangerous.

…by Jonas E. Alexis

South Koreans are slowly but surely realizing that making a deal with a nation that is drunk with perpetual wars is like making a deal with the devil himself. In other words, people are seeing that perpetual wars breed perpetual hatred, perpetual hatred breeds moral and economic collapse, and moral and economic collapse breeds confusion, chaos, and complete catastrophe.

Trump is asking South Korea to pay for an anti-missile system (THAAD) that will cost at least $1 billion dollars, and South Koreans are basically saying that they cannot afford it. Hundreds of protesters in the town of Seongju carried signs which said: “No THAAD, No War? and “Hey, USA, are you friends or occupying troops?” Those protesters clashed with the police and began to throw water bottles at military trailers. In essence, those people are saying, “We didn’t sign up for this.”

Les resten:

South Korea to the US: No more wars for you

DAMNED DISGRACE: Pimping for Israel remains undiminished since UN report branded it an apartheid state

Censors attack False Flag Weekly News, Gilad Atzmon

The Trump Administration, Israel, and North Korea

Strip Earth Bare – Trump Agenda – Waste Land Ahead

Assad: Deep State and NWO agents want to control the entire world

Exclusive: “Lock him Up,” of Course We Mean Flynn, But Lock Him Up Last

Exclusive: Trump Apologized to Russia for Syria Attack

Part 2 – How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books

Far East: Trump Gets Brothel License in China, Taiwan Gets Screwed

Russia´s Clear Signal to US: Think Twice Before Using Your Nukes

Israel Won the First Round of the French Election

ESCALATION IN SYRIA: Erdogan I – The Phantom Menace of NATO

Why We Need a Whistle-Blower in US Customs and Border Protection

Being in Time – USA Book Tour Announcement

Trump under fire over huge tax cut for the rich

NEO – What Comes After the US Missile Strike in Syria?

Luther Vandross – Searching (from Live at Wembley)

Chaka Khan – Ain’t nobody (Night of the Proms 2016)

Det er en festlig artigkar og kordirigent som heter Bobby Banks i denne videoen, som får et fantastisk gospelkor til å synge “Ain´t that good news” med overbevisning; “Conviction”.

“Ain´t that Good News” (12:07 på tidlinjen)

Miks – The History Of Gospel Music 02

Samme melodi her, med et annet, like festlig kor: “Half has never been told”

Ain’t That Good News – Rev. Ernest Davis, Jr. & the Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir

Man må lære seg å sile ut det de serverer, hvis man i det hele tatt klarer å spise det, for muggsporene kan ha gått gjennom hele kurven.

Trump får kritikk for vennlig tone med filippinenes omstridte president – han burde skamme seg

Press TV: Duff on America’s Use of al Qaeda in the Philippines

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on October 5, 2016

Philippines suspicious over US intentions in S China Sea: Analyst

The alliance between the US and the Philippines is falling apart over Manila’s suspicions about Washington’s intentions in the South China Sea dispute, a journalist and intelligence specialist in Ohio says.

“The Philippines government is deeply suspicious that the United States is trying to build the Philippines into a base for a meaningless confrontation with China over a non-existent island in the South China Sea,” said Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today.

Les resten / se videointervju

New World Order agents attempt to assassinate Rodrigo Duterte

By Jonas E. Alexis on November 29, 2016

As far as the evidence shows, 2017 doesn’t look promising for New World Order agents at all. Russia has already attracted numerous leaders across the political spectrum, and obviously NWO agents are mad and sad.

An alley in Manila where drug dealers usually meet.

There is no doubt that President Rodrigo Duterte has created a storm of controversy among New World Order agents. He is intrepid. He says things that the average politician will never dare to say, and he wants to represent the poor and needy.

For Duterte, the oligarchs have used their economic power to suppress the poor and to largely destroy economic progress in the Philippines. The Manila Times reported last July:

Les resten

Rodrigo Duterte: I am officially through with the New World Order

By Jonas E. Alexis on October 21, 2016

“In country after country, from Mexico and Honduras to Panama and Peru, the CIA helped set up or consolidate intelligence agencies that became forces of repression, and whose intelligence connections to other countries greased the way for illicit drug shipments.”

Duterte: “I announce my separation from the United States. America does not control our lives. Enough bullshit.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

In case you missed it, Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has officially announced his “separation” from the Zionist States of America. And he doesn’t mince words:

I announce my separation from the United States. America does not control our lives. Enough bullshit.”

Les resten

‘We’ll never have peace’: Philippines leader Duterte wants to boot US troops out of country’s south

By GPD on September 12, 2016

Les resten / se video

Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”

Duff on Press TV: Putin Diplomacy “Trumps” US, Israeli Plans

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 29, 2017 (videointerjvu er ikke der lenger)

Duff on Press TV: Putin Diplomacy “Trumps” US, Israeli Plans

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