Oversikt over bruk av atomvåpen ingen holder USA, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Tyrkia, NATO ansvarlige for


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Når har dere tenkt å slutte med å jatte med amerikanske presidenter ved å tie om alle gangene USA, Israel, Saudi-Arabia og Tyrkia har brukt atomvåpen bare i løpet av de siste få år? Jeg gir dere atter en gang oversikt under her over disse tilfellene, som dere aldri ville se nærmere på. Dere er noen veldig skremmende USA-ryggslikkere. Kunne dere ikke lese om narkotrafikken som mafiaen vil ha kontroll over i Nord-Korea? Hva er det med dere? Jeg blir kvalm av å lese norske aviser og se på deres spesialdesignede nyhetssendinger. Har Forsvaret, i det “hellige” NATOs navn, bedt dere tie om alt dette?



Gordon Duff  forteller om USAs 600 kjernefysiske bomber:

Trump Uses Nukes: VT Teams Rush to Site of Nuclear Bunker Buster in Afghanistan

By GPD on April 13, 2017

Will collect soil samples, witness statements as Trump’s professed love of nukes becomes a reality


The US dropped thousands of depleted uranium bombs on the Iraq city of Fallujah in 2003, which killed thousands of people.

A great proportion of all births in Fallujah since the strike have suffered from abnormalities and the rate of mutation among newborns is higher than what was found in Japan after America attacked the Asian country during the Second World War.

US Used Micro Nukes in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars:  An interview with Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today

…the US has produced approximately 600 micro nukes, some of them smaller than a soccer ball, with the capability as low as a single ton of TNT dialable up to 40 tons of TNT. There is evidence that those weapons have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Studies have found uranium 235 to be in the bodies of the population there.”

The United States’ use of powerful genetic weapons such as depleted uranium on the battle field is in violation of every conceivable international law, says an analyst.

Les intervju med redaktør Gordon Duff:

Trump Uses Nukes: VT Teams Rush to Site of Nuclear Bunker Buster in Afghanistan

Dette er Pentagons påstander, som Gordon Duff tar for seg i intervjuet ovenfor, mens VT kjernefysiskkeksperter undersøker åstedet.

Kuzma’s Father” and Co: Superweapons That Never Entered the Battlefield

Selv om USA brukte atombomber bl.a. i Irak og samarbeider med blant annet Israel, USA og Danmark om å bombe Jemen, også med kjernefysiske våpen, så er det ingen som ser noen grunn til å gå til sanksjoner eller bygge et rakettskjold for å beskytte seg mot USA. Er ikke det merkelig, Det norske forsvar?

US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD

Atomvåpen brukt i Jemen

How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen | Veterans Today

# Saudis Have Israel Nuke Yemen for Them | Veterans Today

Deadly US raid on Yemen produced no major intelligence … – Veterans Today

28. feb. 2017 – A recent US ground and aerial attack on the Yemeni province of Bayda, which left dozens of Yemeni civilians and a US serviceman dead, has …

Yemenis will never succumb to occupation | Veterans Today

1. apr. 2017 – Houthi said the Saudis kill the Yemeni people to appease Israel. He called on … The United Nations: 10 thousand civilians killed in Yemen war …

Trump escalates War in Yemen | Veterans Today

24. jan. 2017 – First Drone Strikes: Can Trump Write off Yemen This Time? … Yemen is poised to spiral further into chaos, in which more civilians will be killed …

Atomvåpen brukt i Irak

US Used Small Nuclear Weapons in Iraq | Veterans Today

Atomvåpen brukt i Syria

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory… – Veterans Today

5. jul. 2016 – Was Turkey allowed to use one of the the 84 NATO nukes stored at Incirlik for … CNN photo taken over Kurdish territory near the Turkish-Syria …

US nukes in Turkey vulnerable to ‘terrorists & other ….. – Veterans Today

US nukes in Turkey vulnerable to ‘terrorists & other hostile forces’ ? think tank. By GPD on August 15, 2016. US airmen load an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile on to …

Atomvåpen brukt i Tyrkia

Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt – Veterans Today

15. jul. 2016 – If nuke less than 0.5kt, based on fireball size and duration. … 26 Responses to “UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt”.

Failed coup in Turkey: A LIHOP conspiracy? | Veterans Today

16. jul. 2016 – While we appreciate Kevin’s insight and explanation of Turkish …. and God save whoever is on the end of the nukes if he commandeers them.

Atomvåpen brukt i Kina

Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked | Veterans Today

25. aug. 2015 – This was no chemical fire, this was China’s 9-11. … When we get into mini-nuke investigations the list grows much shorter as there are fewer of …

Was China Nuked Today by Rothschilds-Khazars-US? | Veterans Today

12. aug. 2015 – Essentially, we hit China on their way down. Official and public humiliation of a proud and POWERFUL people; we can only hope they are not …

Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine May Involve China in … – Veterans Today

12. feb. 2017 – Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine May Involve China in Strategic Arms … comes to its senses regarding nukes,” Trump tweeted on December 22, 2016.

Was Syria ‘Nuked’? | Veterans Today

11. mai 2013 – And is China silent because they are making a deal with the Zionist … When the Syrian nuke facility was hit in 2007, we had a team nearby.

Atomvåpen brukt i Libya

NATO Using Nuclear Weapons in Libya | Veterans Today

7. jul. 2011 – Washington and NATO allies are using illegal “dirty bombs. … vast areas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Serbia/Kosovo, Libya and other nations …

VT Nuclear Education: The History of Nuclear Weapons Design 1945 …

By Ian Greenhalgh on September 30, 2015. The state of the art in nuclear weapons design allows a myriad of ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ types. … However, the sub-kilotonne mini and micro nukes have been used many times, both in false flag ‘terrorist’ …

The tactical nuke dropped on Yemen in 2014 was most likely a neutron type.

Kjernefysisk eksplosjon i Ukraina

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine | Veterans Today

By Ian Greenhalgh on March 25, 2017 … We assert that a nuclear weapon went off in Ukraine and more than one may have “fizzled. … Perhaps Russia did sabotage this ammunition dump in order to destroy Ukraine’s nukes, if so, it looks like …

Atomvåpen brukt i krigen mot Jugoslavia

Yugoslav Wars: Story of Serbian Genocide Still … – Veterans Today

23. jul. 2015 – Yugoslav Wars: Story of Serbian Genocide Still Remains Untold … game aimed against Serbia and Russia which started with the Yugoslav War of …..

Frikjent, “who cares”… NATO slupper unna med massmord

Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on | Veterans


A few years before George Soros and the Yugoslavian puppet ruler Ante Markoviã signed the deal for establishing the Soros Yugoslavia efforts, Soros and the westerners were instrumental in helping break apart the government of Branko Mikuliã, the $21 billion in debt to western bankers being insufficient to the Soros types. In his stead, Ante Markoviã was put in place as the last leader of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Not all got an equal share of the loot

Then the country began to melt down, Clinton played his role, and a war shattered lives and infrastructure, and credit would need to be extended. Instead of the $21 billion Yugoslavia owed, 7 weaker states would be formed up to become satraps.

This is the irrefutable ends, to which Soros’s and Bill Clinton?s strategies were aimed. Yugoslavia, a stable buffer in between rampant capitalism and new eastern ideas, it was destroyed. The legacy of Prime Minister Tito died a horrible death, one revisionist historians were paid to whitewash.

And make no mistake, George Soros is chief among the revisionists. Key opposition players like Slobodan Miloðeviã (“Sloba”) were the predecessors of Libya?s Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein, you see. Useful for the Americans and Brits for a time, these authoritarians were backstabbed and betrayed, once their usefulness was at an end.

Les resten:

NEO – George Soros: “Let’s Call the Terrorists a Taxi!” – Veterans Today

Radiation From Balkan Bombing Alarms Europe – The New York Times

Radioactive weapons used by U.S./NATO in Kosovo

Death By Slow Burn –

How America Nukes Its Own Troops

What “Support Our Troops” Really Means

By Amy Worthington

The Idaho Observer



For years, the U.S. and NATO fired DU missiles, bullets and shells across the Balkans, nuking the peoples of Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo. As DU munitions were slammed into chemical plants, the environment became hideously toxic, also endangering the peoples of Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Austria and Hungary. By 1999, UN investigators reported that an estimated 12 tons of DU had caused irreparable damage to the Yugoslavian environment, with agriculture, livestock and air water, and public health all profoundly damaged.

Scientists confirm that citizens of the Balkans are excreting uranium in their urine. In 2001, a Yugoslavian pathologist reported that hundreds of Bosnians have died of cancer from NATO’s DU bombardment. Many NATO peacekeepers in the Balkans now suffer ill health. Their leukemias, cancers and other maladies are dubbed the “Balkans Syndrome.” Richard Coghill predicts that DU weapons used in Balkans campaign will result in at least 10,000 cases of fatal cancer.

Les resten:

Death By Slow Burn – How America Nukes Its Own Troops What …

Tilbake til dagens VT-nyheter:

Boris Johnson Finds Himself in Isolation after Demanding New Sanctions against Russia

The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Cover-Ups – A Step Toward World Cataclysm

Trump sier i sin påsketale: “J¸der regjerer, til lykke med utgangen (fra Egypt)!”

Trump’s Easter message: “Jews rule! Happy Passover!”

Pakistan: Indo-Bangladesh Defence Deal, Hasina Wajid’s Puppet Regime 

Breaking: Keshe Cancer Announcement Broadcast

Årsaken til ønsket krig mot Nord-Korea:

Is this quick decision to go to war about the mafia’s move to take over the lucrative drug trade based out of North Korea which includes vast amounts of trafficked methamphetamine?

Trump Wags the Dog in Korea

O, salige stund uten liket, han lever, han lever ennu.

US ABM shield in Europe may lead to sudden nuclear attack on Moscow … – Veterans Today

28. mar. 2017 – US ABM shield in Europe may lead to sudden nuclear attack on Russia, … Romania, and Poland, compromises Russia’s nuclear deterrence capabilities. … READ MORE: Moscow warns NATO Black Sea buildup & increased …

Serbia’s New Missile Will Keep NATO at Bay (VIDEO) – Veterans Today

23. mar. 2017 – “This means that the Serbian military-industrial complex is back on its feet after 1999 and all NATO did to us by bombing Yugoslavia,” Miroslav …

NEO – NATO Nuclear War Hype goes Ballistic

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on May 22, 2016

NATO is hell bent for its new Cold War despite there being no real threat. Why?

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it? Mark Twain, American humorist


– First published  …  May 22, 2016

While I am credited as the creator of the byline “You just can’t make this stuff up”, I must now add an addendum to that, the NATO exception, because they make it up all the time.

And, just when we figure they have flogged the Russian Bear threat to death, almost as badly as the retired Iran nuclear weapon threat, here we have British General Shirreff, former Deputy Supreme Comr. for NATO, pitching his fictional book about a nuclear war with Russia, in 2017 mind you, and over the Baltics no less.

This is the kind of ploy that an Intelligence agency would use to seed a repetitive fear message into the public’s consciousness via a series of high ranking officials to give support to a geopolitical psyops game they are running.

We now have General Shirreff as a book end to American General Breedlove, who told us all about the amassed Russian army on Ukraine’s eastern border that was ready to sweep across Ukraine in three days.

The only problem with that tall tale was that despite Moscow’s holding long planned exercises in the area, none of the experienced observers who attended ever reported seeing this invasion army. Since that day, we have had a never ending echo chamber of claims of Russian aggression toward Europe, but where no one felt it was necessary to provide any proof.

General Breedlove never showed us any satellite photos of all the huge stockpiles in forward bases that could have easily be viewable for an invasion, and he never apologized for the lie.

Les resten:

NEO – NATO Nuclear War Hype goes Ballistic | Veterans Today

It’s Time to Leave NATO Now! Europeans Launch … – Veterans Today

4. jun. 2016 – A recent media report about Washington’s plans to upgrade nuclear … in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain; NATO’s military buildup in the …

Biden in Belgrade: A trip down NATO invasion … – Veterans Today

20. aug. 2016 – Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Serbia was intended to send a message … All it managed to do, however, was dredge up the bitter memories of the 1999 NATO invasion.

# Nutty NATO General to Nuke Russia | Veterans Today

Israel bomber USA

Blockbuster: Wikileaks Suppressed, Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” terrorist operation

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 10, 2017


The “dancer/art student” groups had a variety of tasks on 9/11, among them:

  • Planting jammers on buildings on exhibit one to block Port Authority dispatchers and first responder radios
  • Plant explosives on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge where the cables are anchored, in order to collapse the bridge
  • Explode a truck in the Lincoln Tunnel
  • Explode a truck in the Holland Tunnel
  • Park trucks with demolition devices in specific parking areas of the twin towers
  • Coordinate with Mohammed Atta and his group

Les resten:

Wikileaks Suppressed, Mossad ran 9/11 Arab … – Veterans Today

NYPD road block captures team 2 here with explosives filled truck on 9/11

BREAKING: 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on October 5, 2016

Vital revelations surface, from the 9/11 investigation that never happened.

…by Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith and Ian Greenhalgh

BREAKING: 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes | Veterans Today

2 + 2 = Israel nuked the WTC on 9/11 | Veterans Today

ISIS Nukes Baghdad?

US propaganda campaign against Russia could lead to nuclear catastrophe

ISIS signals Nuclear Terrorism predicting 9/11 dirty bomb “False Flag” attack

Nuclear Roundtable: America’s Nuclear Arsenal


The Debate – US nuclear weapons policy

Does anyone else get the idea that he really doesn’t have a real grasp of all this stuff, and is just faking it?


Does anyone else get the idea that he really doesn’t have a real grasp of all this stuff, and is just faking it?


Breakthrough: Video Case for War with Israel Over 9/11

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