Døve bjeffende forsvarssjefer- Les litt om hva dere støtter…

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Jeg så en dag en overskrift og et bilde i Nettavisen tatt ovenfra og ned mot en forsvarssjef som jeg burde kunne navnet på, som var sint på Russland for at de “undergraver” NATO. Hvorfor er NATO så blinde for dette? (hentet nederst fra artikkelen):


Now we get back to our Turkish friends. We know that during the entire War on Terror, from 2003 onward, and there is no way of knowing this ever ended, the Iraqi oil that transited Turkey in the Turkish-Israeli pipeline system, oil that mostly went to British Petroleum and to Secretary of State Tillerson’s Exxon, was never paid for. Some Turkish leaders made vast fortunes on their cut.

Then, during the new ISIS war, Turkey claimed the pipeline was “out of action”, and then cut a deal with certain Kurdish leaders who sought a way to defraud Baghdad. So, for years, the Kirkuk oil from Iraq has flowed through a “destroyed” pipeline into those Exxon and BP tankers, money split in more hands this time, with ISIS getting a fat cut, London and the CIA too.

The Iraqi Air Force is coming into its own
Iraqi warplanes destroyed Daesh oil convoy in Nineveh province (file photo)

Then there are the oil trucks, rumored to be owned by an Erbil, Kurdistan company controlled by Turkey’s Erdogan family, perhaps more than a rumor. These trucks, up to 12,000 of them, were prominently featured on YouTube as the Russian Aerospace forces made mincemeat of them.


What more comedy?

Nobody ever knows where the trucks go, where the oil goes, who pays for it, where 600 factories went, where 40,000 missing women and children went, where hundreds of millions in antiquities went, nobody knows anything. The world is Forrest Gump.

Les resten:

NEO – High Comedy and the Fall of Raqqah

NATO vil ikke ha noen IS-kur

Erykah Badu Tribute to Diana Ross – “If there´s a cure for this I don´t want it”


Tyrkia har lenge vært nyttige for NATO, i sin fraværende kamp mot IS, for Erdogan holder på å gjenopprette det osmanske rike:

Trump is taking the US back into the Middle East wars

By Ian Greenhalgh on March 16, 2017

[Editor’s note: We have been watching aghast but totally unsurprised as Trump wasted no time at all after squeezing his fat orange ass into the big chair in ramping up US military involvement in the Middle East. Trump had pledged to increase defence spending and we have seen precisely that with this week’s budget that virtually doubles US defence spending, reaching levels unheard of since the Reagan years where vast sums were spent on all kinds of defence projects in order to win the Cold War by simply outspending the Soviet Union.

All that increased spending is going to fund Trump’s return to direct military involvement in the Middle East, which began immediately after he took office with an escalation of drone strikes on Yemen to such a degree that a little over a month has passed and already more drone strikes have hit Yemen under Trump than did in all the years of Obama.

No doubt this is the US playing the role of mercenaries for the Saudis, intervening in a war which has seen the Saudi military and their Gulf State allies repeatedly humiliated by the Houthi tribesmen. The Yemen war is a proxy conflict between the Saudis and Iran who are backing the Houthis, therefore US involvement also increases US-Iranian tensions at a time when Trump seems dead set on obeying his Zionist master Netanyahu and destroying the US-Iran nuke deal, an action which will undoubtedly have a very negative impact on both regional and global stability.

More seriously in terms of the potential to ignite a wider, far more dangerous conflict is the US troops and heavy hardware that are being sent to Syria and Iraq to involve themselves in the ongoing wars there, ostensibly to fight IS, in reality, more likely to be a far more nefarious reason yet to be revealed. President Assad has correctly pointed out that any foreign forces entering Syria without the express permission of the Syrian government are acting illegally and has complained about the illegal presence of US forces in his country.

Of course, the Russians and Iranians already have large military presences in Syria as they are allied to the Syrian government in it’s fight against the various mercenary and terrorist groups; therefore the rather dangerous situation arises where US, Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Hezbollah, Kurdish and and Syrian forces are all present, plus the various opposition groups including the Turks and their proxies. A mess like that is a very dangerous, most combustible situation.

Then there is the Turkish question – just WTF is Erdogan upto? The Turkish army has illegally invaded northern Syria and Iraq, we know that many of the “IS” fighters are nothing more than Turks in Extremist fancy dress, and the “Euphrates Shield” operation, ostensibly to combat terrorists that may threaten Turkey, appears to be intended to seize as much territory as possible.

This would be in line with the neo-Ottoman agenda that Erdogan appears to be following which was laid out in detail by former PM Davutoglu in his 2001 book “Strategic Depth”. In this work, Davutoglu makes the case that Turkey is entitled to expand it’s borders south and east, seizing former Ottoman territory that now belongs to Syria and Iraq in order to create “Lebensraum” for the Turkish people, especially the cities of Mosul and Aleppo.

This map has appeared frequently in Turkey in recent years – it depicts the Turkish borders expanded to include large tracts of northern Syria and Iraq.

Les resten:

Trump is taking the US back into the Middle East wars

Disse artiklene kommer til å ryste leserne og få dem til å forstå våre lands myndigheter og “forsvars” -industri går til krig (militærmaktene tjener rått på krig og løgner):


Pan-Turanism Takes Aim At Azarbaijan; A Geopolitical Agenda

By GPD on February 4, 2017

Part VI: Geopolitical Interests & Petroleum Diplomacy


… by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh

(1) The Bernard Lewis Project.

Professor Bernard Lewis (photo below) is an octogenarian expert of the “Middle East” (itself an invented geopolitical term). Lewis is indeed a “master” scholar and expert on the Turks, Iranian and Arabs (see sample of his books in references). And herein lays the tragedy: Lewis wields his treasure trove of knowledge as an engine of destruction. Few have ever heard of  “The Bernard Lewis Project”.


Professor Lewis first unveiled his project in the Bilderberg Meeting in Baden, Austria, on April 27-29, 1979[i] [ii] (see the only photo available of a Bilderberg Conference – 1954 photo). He formally proposed the fragmentation and balkanization of Iran along regional, ethnic and linguistic lines especially among the Arabs of Khuzestan (the Al-Ahwaz project), the Baluchis (the Pakhtunistan project), the Kurds (the Greater Kurdistan project) and the Azarbaijanis (the Greater Azarbaijan Project)[iii].


Dreyfus and LeMarc (see References, p. 157) provide a very succinct summary of the plan’s methodology:

“According to Lewis, the British should encourage rebellions for national autonomy by the minorities such as the Lebanese Druze, Baluchis, Azerbaiajni Turks, Syrian Alawites, the Copts of Ethiopia, Sudanese mystical sects, Arabian tribes…the goal is the break-up of the Middle East into a mosaic of competing ministates and the weakening of the sovereignty of existing republics and kingdoms…spark a series of breakaway movements by Iran’s Kurds, Azeris, baluchis, and Arabs…these independence movements, in turn would represent dire threats to Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and other neighbouring states.”

The report is almost too incredible to believe: this is indeed the dark side of Professor Lewis’ distinguished academic career. For the students of geopolitical and Petroleum Diplomacy however, there is nothing new regarding the “chop-up Iran” agenda (item 10).

Les resten:

Pan-Turanism Takes Aim At Azarbaijan; A Geopolitical Agenda


Trump on Whose Extremist Agenda?

By GPD on February 4, 2017

…by  Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today

During and after the presidential election campaign, taking note of the US new President Donald Trump’s religious bigotry, racialism and extremist statements such as calling a “ban on Muslims entering the United States”, “Islam hate us”, opposition to the Muslim refugees, especially from Syria etc., some writers, researches and bloggers, including American politicians have called him a “crazy person”, while some called him a “mad man.”

In fact, American President Donald Trump is neither a “crazy person” nor a “mad man”, as he is acting upon the extremist agenda of Israel and India (Under Prime Minister Modi) without bothering for its dangerous consequences which could envelop the entire world, including the US herself.

When he took oath as the American president, it was expected that being the president of the superpower, Trump would soften his attitude and would behave with responsibility. But, no such a change has emerged in his political character, as he seems determined to follow the Indo-Israeli extremist agenda against the Muslims and the Islamic World.

Les resten:

Trump on Whose Extremist Agenda?


NEO – Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on February 1, 2017

by  F. William Engdahl,

NEO – Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come

4) Radiointervju:

Mike Harris: Matt Stein is the guest

5) Radiointerju

Mike Harris with guest Ian Greenhalgh

By Mike Harris on January 22, 2017greenhalgh,


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:42:21 – 117.1MB) | Embed

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Trump wants Zionist Mercenary Kapo to Control All US Security and Intel Functions

UPDATED: FBI interviewed ex-US national security advisor Flynn

Why US concerned over Hashd al-Sha’bi possible deployment to Syria?

The Destruction of Dresden

Veldig viktig – og avslørende:

New Declassified CIA Memo Presents Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on February 16, 2017

Missing from the CIA wall are the countless victims murdered under the pretext of defense

Written by Brad Hoff; Originally appeared at The Libertarian Institute,

via Southfront

Brad Hoff is a native Texan and US Marine veteran who, after leaving the military, began wandering around the Middle East, eventually making Syria his second home.


Obama gets his affirmative action Nobel Peace Prize

[ Editor’s Note: It is always nice to start off the day with a declassified CIA report. Incredibly, most of this kind of material is ignored by mainstream media because it does not feel the public has the historical education and background to be interested or even to understand, so they stick with the current news for the predictable readership.

VT is the opposite, as we consider having a steady stream of declassified proof of our main themes to be like a visit from the tooth fairy, but for grownups. Brad Hoff put the grunt work into bringing this material to us, because the main conclusion, that the overthrow of Assad through Western exploitation of Syria’s religious and sectarian divides, could produce a radical Islamic State situation, which would be much worse for the US and the region.

As we all know now, that is the path our Nobel Peace Prize former president chose to take. He hooked up with the NeoCon desire to “redo” the Mideast and Israeli’s pathological hatred for not only Assad but Syria’s successful pluralistic society, to do exactly what this report warned against.

Of course, what is still classified is the answer to why was the analysis presented below ignored, when the golden rule is usually “don’t make things worse than they are”. The trick to surviving such geopolitical mistakes is to classify background reports like this, so you can pretend that “downside scenarios”, like we have seen, came as an unexpected surprise.

The public ends up getting shafted twice. A major geopolitical mistake was made with long-lasting consequences – not only for the people most affected, the poor Syrians who had evidenced one of the most harmonious multi-ethnic and religious countries in the Mideast, but for the region as a whole and even Europe – with the emergence of a powerful Islamic State.

This could never have been done without the well-orchestrated and very criminal State-sponsored support for proxy terrorism of the West, Israel and the Gulf States, a cancer that the world public must find a way to rid itself. And the challenge there is to face squarely having a discussion of sovereign immunity continuing for such activity, a place where few dare to go, other than VT… Jim W. Dean ]

Les resten (artikkel):

New Declassified CIA Memo Presents Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse

Kermit Roosevelt ‘Does’ Iran – 1953 CIA Coup

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on September 2, 2013

Iranian Premier Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq – Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. – and Kermit undercover in Tehran

West’s 1953 coup against Iran goes on

If  journalists are unable to penetrate the secrecy with which officialdom seeks to cloak its enterprises, they should go back as historians to make the record whole and clear,”  wrote Kennett Love, former New York Times Mideast correspondent, who was in Tehran during the coup (1924 – May 13th, 2013)

    … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV

–  First  published  on  August  21rst,  2013  –

Kennett Love as young New York Times Reporter

The hard copy CIA archive confirmation of its engineering the 1953 Iranian coup in cahoots with Britain’s MI6 was a news headline this past week. But as pointed out by Press TV, it was old news.

Anyone who wanted to know already did.

This continued charade of governments and their security organs pretending that they can somehow control public perceptions about “what really happened” when everybody already knows, continues to undermine public trust.

The public correctly views this as an attitude of contempt by those in government sworn to protect and serve us. To that you can add the historical government refusal of accepting any responsibility for its misguided and failed policies.

This is especially so if such policies were never really designed for the public, but for special interests, both the visible kind and worse … the invisible.

The whole world is facing crises in governments of almost every kind, everywhere. Despite the Hollywood and Madison Avenue public relations campaigns to hide it as a minor systemic problem which all suffer, corruption runs deep throughout most of them and always has.

By burying away under security classifications and everything that citizens really need to accurately measure the effectiveness of their governments, and even their loyalty, it makes calling them democracies a bad joke. Our Founding Fathers warned that an informed citizenry would be crucial to maintaining a true republic, and frankly, we have failed.

Les resten:


The 1953 CIA-MI6 coup – the consequences are still with us today

Mer om Iran, det du aldri fikk høre i media:

Med et folk og en ledelse som ikke har tid til å høre på noe annet enn egne fantasier om “snille USA”, og aldri kunne lese sannheten om hvem det var som angrep hvem i Ukraina, skjønner jeg at det ikke er noe håp for Norge. De vil jo gi fredsprisen til Porosjenko (noe Jim Dean var rystet over). Til og med Den norske fredspriskomité er visst kommunister, og belønner sine egne.

Utdrag angående fredspris til Porosjenko:

Proxy Terrorists

I have been astounded how long the media has given the US a pass on its use of terrorism

Trump is expected to ramp up coordination with Russia on fighting IS, but with al-Nusra still off limits. I suspect he is not wanting to attack Qatar’s and the Saudi’s proxy terror force now, which is concentrated in Idlib, and make them more unhappy than they already are.

It remains to be seen if Turkey will cut off its supply lines to the opposition there. The infighting that has been going on between the FSA and Jihadi groups over ammo dumps and supply routes to Turkey indicates a possible shortage or an anticipated one. How can Turkey be a mediator while continuing to supply al-Nusa/al-Qaeda, and then Russia and Iran allowing it to do that?

Trump will also find the Gulf States re-evaluating their experiments with proxy terrorism. Qatar and the Saudis have lost Aleppo, their big prize, and Raqqa is just a matter of time, with the Syrian, Russian, Turkish and US air power available to cut off IS reinforcements trying to come in.

The several thousand jihadis in control of the Damascus water supply have surrendered, so that last gasp effort has failed. The Sryian and Hezbollah forces tied up there can shift to clearing new areas around the capital.

The recent IS attack at Deir-Ezzur has stalled out, partially thanks to the Tupelov bomber strikes on the IS assembly areas. We found Kuwait in Iran for kiss-and-make-up talks where it was met with open arms. The Saudis are eating through foreign reserves and still bogged down in a senseless war in Yemen.

The Iraqi Army is poised to be able to clear Western Mosul this Spring, where the only variable there is whether the defeated jihadis will be allowed to escape to Syria, possibly to Dier Ezzur, where the Saudis can easily support them there to torment Syria during the political talks.

Russian Sanctions

Trump will find anti-Russian sanctions voices are rising in the EU now. We are already seeing talk of a policy shift when the EU sanctions are up for renewal this summer. But Trump might preempt them with his own deal with Putin, forcing the EU to do the same with angry voters tired of the failed Russian squeeze policy.

The comedy act in all this, once again, is the Kiev clowns. We had a planted story this week that the brilliant strategists in Kiev are going to play their “China card” to get Crimea back. This is the silliest thing I have heard in a while.

But Norway was a close second with its strange claim that the Russians were trying to pressure it on the Nobel Peace Prize not going to Poroshenko, another fantasy. Sure, Ukraine could be so stupid to lobby for such a thing; but for someone who has steadfastly refused to implement the Minsk Accords, Poroshenko seems to be an unlikely recipient.

Expect a government turnover in Ukraine, and no more money forthcoming from the West until a lot of corruption arrests are made on those who looted poor Ukraine, a country that will end up on Obama’s failed regime change

Les resten:

Trump’s First Weeks in Office Were Full of Surprises – Veterans Today

NEO – Joining NATO: Ukraine a Warning to Others

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on December 21, 2015

NATO could not care less what any citizen group thinks

– First published  …  December 21,  2015

Ukraine was not exactly clamoring to get into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the antiquated military alliance created in the wake of World War II to prevent a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.

In order to even raise the prospect of Ukraine’s inclusion, first NATO itself would have to overthrow the elected government via an armed coup. Then it would have to ensure its new client regime remained in power. To do that, it organized, trained, funded, armed and militarily backed a patchwork of military units, including “volunteer Battalions” openly founded upon Nazi ideology.

The incredible shrinking state

Crimeans saw their referendum vote in clear terms

In the process of building this obedient client regime, Ukraine would entirely lose the Crimean peninsula when its population voted to join the Russian Federation.

While Kiev and its NATO patrons claim Crimea was “invaded” and is now being “occupied” by Russia, the people of Crimea are clearly counting themselves lucky to have escaped the fate of other regions with large Russian demographics.

Several of Ukraine’s eastern-most oblasts were not so lucky. Upon coming to power, the regime, tainted with Neo-Nazi ideology imported by coalition members such as Svoboda, began instituting anti-Russian policies which included rolling back many of the privileges and compromises long made by previous governments to accommodate Ukraine’s large Russian minority. Neo-Nazi “volunteer Battalions” were sweeping the country, imposing Kiev’s authority and attempting to preempt any counter protests that might threaten its grip on Power.

Ukraine’s government/circus

Les resten:


The Ukraine coup had the fingerprints of the US and multiple EU Intel agencies on


Earth, Wind & Fire – My Promise (Rehearsal Performance)

Earth Wind & Fire – Shining Star/Head To The Sky @ Nobel

Søte, men destruktive “i aksjon” uten tøyler, bare med fjær….

Myrk lagnad på buplassen

med døve fjærbefengte skapninger som setter sin lit til hva USAs overvåkningsutstyr er villige til å se…

Nå har jeg brukt nok penger på å snakke til døve ører. Vårt land har ikke noe forsvar, kun oppblåste besserwisserguttebasser.

Ha det som dere vil ha det; for som man reder sin seng så ligger man.


Storbritannia og USA innrømmer at de innsatte Khomeini i 1979 og stod bak kuppet

Newly-Released US Documents Confirm UK Role in Iran’s 1953 Coup …

19. aug. 2017 – Million a Week Club: USA Total Gamma Rad … Newly-Released US Documents Confirm UK Role in Iran’s 1953 Coup … years until the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, led by Imam Khomeini, … http://www.veteranstoday.com … sort of operation is not currently underway anywhere in the world today.

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