De prostituerte er Washington DCs eneste ærlige arbeidere

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“God dag, Mann Økseskaft!”, som pappa bruker å si i visse sammenhenger som er litt vanskelig å forklare her og nå, men nok er når man sier noe som høres ut som Forest Gumps samlede visdomsverker. Hvor han har “Økseskaft-mannen” fra må jeg spørre ham om, kanskje fra et norsk folkeeventyr?

Er det ikke veldig rart og mistenkelig at våre myndigheter har gjort økonomiske sanksjoner mot Russland, hvis dere leser Gordon Duffs veldig viktige og oppklarende stykke om hvem som er hvem rundt oss på “det politiske og militærbevingede kart”? Disse artiklene nedenfor gir dere et unikt innsyn i noe ingen skriver om i media, og det norske folk leser og lytter jo til dere som sin hellige andaktsbok, for de tror ikke at våre flotte norske aviser, tv-stasjoner, forsvaret og etterretningstjenesten ville føre oss bak lyset.

Det har dere, og taperne er bare oss og de som ikke får drive handel med “synderne”, de som kjemper mot disse beistene som dere støtter med ord, “skrifter”, lover og hjerte.  I det minste har dere fått heist flagg, vist hvem dere er – og får god lønn. Jeg får bare 5000 kroner i omsorgslønn, og ikke jobb, ikke engang vaskejobb, for de tror at “gamle kjerringer” på 47 ikke klarer å holde i en vaskekost engang.

Hvorfor straffer ikke Børge Brende og Co Israel for å bombe Syria (Damaskus) med kjernefysiske våpen i 2013? Se videoen til Gordon Duff nedenfor (stykke nr. 2 ovenfra).

Les om CIA, nazistenes Fjerde Rike i professor Preston James artikkel. Hvorfor sanksjonerer dere ikke mot USA?



NEO – What you can’t be told, Turkey and the Deep State

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 18, 2017

“A mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman geopolitics is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.” – Jim W. Dean

by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Sultan Erdogan

[ Editor’s Note: VT continues to investigate the thread we have been pulling from time to time on the corruption in the top command who use their time during the 11th hour of their career postings to set themselves up financially after they “retire”.

The biggest unprosecuted scam is the biggest betrayal, where people have worked with nefarious elements, in politics, multi-nationals, and major criminal networks, including those overseas who are always looking for fresh new talent to protect their business interests in return for a piece of the pie.

One’s worth is not what is demonstrated in a job interview after leaving government, but what “prospects” do for them WHILE in government. A small army of experienced Washington DC attorneys provide the necessary packaging and legal protection, book deals, big fee speaking gigs, no-work board chairmanships at $50K a pop, low-work think tank gigs, and then the age-old consulting fees. This is collected after these enterprising public servants leave public service, which in their case is an oxymoron.

The most sought after material is classified material, which is always what foreign entities want, under the guise of some kind of an analysis work cover. This can even be subcontracted out to others to provide a solid paper trail that it was done, but the tip off is always in how much was paid, and how important, or unimportant the task was. 

Where Flynn jumped into the spotlight was the huge fee he was paid for some open-source analysis, when Turkey already had vast and highly talented in-house resources to do that. The idea that a major foreign country would lay out half a million bucks for someone like Flynn to do it is frankly off the charts of feasibility.

Flynn should have known better. It put him right in the investigation cross hairs. Can the Trump team keep the cork in the bottle on this with its control over the Justice Department and all the prosecutors being let go, including former US Attorney Mr. Bharara who had some things already in progress?

If Trump can stonewall ongoing and new investigations, would a Republican-controlled Congress step in to expose it to the embarrassment of all? I doubt it… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  March 18,  2017

The idea that Russia has rigged an American presidential election and that Donald Trump is a Russian spy is an interesting story, but it is just that – a wild story. The problem is, that story has an author, who paid millions to blame Russia and throw America and the world into turmoil and chaos.

Did Flynn gets seduced by his own delusions of grandeur?

We will now tell that story. Putting highly classified and actionable intelligence “out there” is high risk for a variety of reasons. To the casual reader, non-internet reality challenges the fabricated narratives so many have tied their emotional lives to, stories scripted for them to enfeeble and deter.

Without wasting time, I will tell a tale of Turkey and, in the process, pretend I am clever and disguise highly classified intelligence in hopes that understanding of what “deep state politics” really is, almost the direct opposite of what most are told, will “make a difference”. We proceed.

A few years ago, we were all talking about Turkey and Erdogan as being the “New Ottoman Empire.” We were right then but stopped, we burned out the idea, ran to something else, and forgot what we had learned through hard lessons of observing Erdogan’s betrayals.

Turkey is back to its old Ottoman self, and Ottoman Turkey had one enemy above all, and that was Imperial Russia. Now the new Czar is Putin, the Imperial Russian flag is back, the Russian people are back and “in the game” and the old rivalries are alive and well.

The story all really begins, or at least this part of it, with the conquest of Ukraine by ultra-nationalists, part of the now obvious populist revolt in both America and Europe. When we look at Gert Wilders in Netherlands, or the junta in Poland or Nigel Farage’s Britain, we are seeing intelligence agencies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, orchestrating the collapse of NATO and the EU, and the creation of a disinterested America.

This is buying power “on the cheap,” with cheap “populist” ideas; and with “cheap politicians” all on the make, on the take, and with long personal histories of looking out for “number one,” corruption, selfishness and lying. Yes, we have described Donald Trump as well.

The missing story of 1915, found by VT

First we need to understand the real power of lobbying in Washington. Turkey went into Washington in a big way in 1915, yes a century ago, when the slaughter of the Armenian people threatened to bring an America ready to fight Germany into a war with Ottoman Turkey as well.

Turkey bought newspapers, politicians and anyone with a price tag on them in DC, and has kept that up until even now. Activist and author Sibel Edmonds knows this well, as a former FBI translator. She stumbled on the massive Turkish spy rings in Washington and was silenced by the Bush administration for years.

Les resten

Will Russia Allow the Nuclear Attacks on Syria that Trump and Israel have Planned Go on?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 18, 2017

It is time we abandoned not only fake news but the fake narrative as well

Video of Israel’s confirmed tactical nuclear attack on Syria, May 4, 2013

[Editor’s note: Gordon’s excellent article provides the in-depth background information to the current scenario I lay out in my article examining Netanyahu’s plans to invade Lebanon. Ian]    

Se video og les artikkel:

Will Russia Allow the Nuclear Attacks on Syria that Trump and Israel have Planned Go on?

Netanyahu to launch Invasion of Lebanon with Trump’s backing?

Redaktør Jim Dean forklarer viktige ting:

Israeli Arrow-3 missile used to shoot down Syrian missiles fired at Israeli planes

Pravda: As Trump Moves More Troops into Afghanistan, “Heroin dealer in chief”

By GPD on March 18, 2017

Heroin, the true mission of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan

By William Edstrom

A heroin surge is shocking and awing Americans, 165,000 of who will be killed the next ten years. How does 415,000 kilograms (913,000 pounds) of heroin from US-occupied Afghanistan get to US each year?

Opium Wars I & II were British troops forcing farmers in India and Pakistan, colonies of Britain then, to grow opium which Brits pushed on Chinese to try to make China a colony of Britain too. In the 1980’s, CIA grifters flew weapons to Contras in Nicaragua and flew crack cocaine back to the USA . The DEA did nothing to stop CIA felons from dealing crack in the USA.

CIA organized, trained and armed the Mujahideen (later re-named Taliban) to fight a 1979 Soviet invasion into Afghanistan and to push heroin on Russians. CIA contracted NLC trucks to send weapons through Pakistan to Afghanistan and to bring heroin back. After Soviet withdrawal, Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s government.

Afghans (who earn $55 a month on average), given choices between starving, freezing or growing opium they get pennies a pound for, often choose the latter. The Taliban outlawed opium in 2000. Afghan opium farmland decreased from 91,000 hectares (1999) to 7,600 hectares (2001).

Why did US invade Afghanistan in 2001? Iraq was invaded because Bush, Rumsfeld etc. claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Which was a lie. Another reason, Bush gets bored by peace. (Satan also gets bored by peace if I’m recalling my Sunday School classes correctly.)

Les resten:

Pravda: As Trump Moves More Troops into Afghanistan, “Heroin dealer in chief”

Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We The People

By Preston James, Ph.D on March 19, 2017

The Vault 7 leaks have merely disclosed the tip of the Secret Shadow Government iceberg. It quickly becomes obvious that there is also Secret Space War program and secret Deep Underground Military Base program that the CIA runs interference for.

This is an extreme claim that the CIA became the Intel arm of the new Forth Reich but one that has legs. And here is how it happened.

Les resten:

Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We The People

Newsweek: Vladimir Putin Challenges the Deep State

RT: The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran          

Pakistan: How Imran Khan Plotted to Overthrow Sharif’s Government?

Russia to Israel: Why the recent strike in Syria?

By Jonas E. Alexis on March 18, 2017

The Israeli regime never gets tired of evoking implausible scenarios and explanations, presumably because they think that the West will never challenge them.

This is how Israeli soldiers treat the Palestinians.

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Russia has asked Israel to provide a reasonable explanation for its military airstrikes in Syria last Thursday.[1] Israel, of course, summoned the old boring and unconvincing explanation that Syria was trying to transfer weapons to Hezbollah.

The Israeli regime produced the same explanation in 2014, when an Israeli airstrike hit the Syrian military forces.[2] The Israeli regime never gets tired of evoking implausible scenarios and explanations, presumably because they think that the West will never challenge them. According to the Israeli narrative, Hezbollah, Iran and the Assad government are to be held responsible for the airstrikes in Syria.

But that explanation again has been weighed and found wanting. As Israeli scholar Avner Cohen pointed out in 2009, Hamas “is Israel’s creation.”[3] One can argue that Hezbollah is also Israel’s creation. In other words, whenever Israeli officials seek to pursue their diabolical ideology in the Middle East, they just put all the blame on Hamas or Hezbollah or even “anti-Semitism.” In response to the recent attack, Netanyahu declared:

“Our policy is very consistent. When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah – when we have the intel and the operational capability – we act to prevent it. That’s how we’ve acted and how we will continue to act…and everyone needs to take this into account. Everyone.”[4]

Complete nonsense. Keep in mind that when Netanyahu says that “everyone needs to take this into account,” he is basically saying that the West and the entire world must follow his essentially Talmudic manipulation. The West needs to suspend rational inquiry and the moral order and adapt Israel’s relentless maneuvering.

John McCain – terrorist apologist.

But Netanyahu seems to forget that there are people in this world, including this writer, who will never bow down to Israel’s perpetual fabrications and colossal hoaxes. He also seems to forget that Jewish scholars – including Zionist Israelis like Benny Morris – have actually written on Israel’s ethnic cleansing and manipulation of the actual facts.

Les resten:          

Russia to Israel: Why the recent strike in Syria?


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