Hvordan USA i årevis har stjålet Iraks olje og fortsatt gjør det – av redaktør Gordon Duff

Løftet – “Lydriket


Her mine to kjæreste journalister, diplomater, redaktører og Gud vet hva mer, som jeg anbefaler folk som Jens Stoltenberg og vår statsminister, Erna Solberg å lytte til, for ikke å i ettertidens historiebøker bli fremstilt som løgnere eller propagandamaker som aldri gadd å sette seg ned og lytte til noe annet enn NATOs rapport av “sannheten”. Det samme bør Det norske forsvar, selv om for dem er det nok for sent, hjernevaskede som de er, på lik linje med Dagen, MIFF, Norge I dag, Korsets Seier og sannsynligvis også Vårt Land -avisene. For et kristent forsvar vi har…? Helt i tråd med Det gamle testamente, jo! Redaktørene Gordon Duff og Jim Dean er noen av verdens mest tålmodige mennesker, som har sittet her i flerfoldige år og snakket til døve ører som er mer opptatt av drive propaganda for krig, enn å lytte til artikler som dere finner her, hos dem (linket til i min blogg), og som sannsynligvis kommer til å koste oss alle livet, av den grunn, når denne jordkloden ikke klarer “trykket” av deres politikkføring mer.

Dette kan redde livene våre, hvis dere bare ville lytte, og tenke over hva dere selv driver med. Å være “forstokket” er å være så hjernevasket som man gjerne beskylder kristne og muslimer for å være, og ikke klare eller ville sette seg inn i livsviktige ting angående hva som egentlig skjedde i f.eks Ukraina. Man velger vekk alt ubehagelig, slik jeg velger vekk musikk jeg ikke liker. “Brudd på folkeretten” av Russland? Skulle virkelig Den norske nobelkomité gi Porosjenko fredsprisen, som Jim Dean var inne på i en nylig artikkel? Har dere blitt heilt steine, hakke tuillat? Noble Fred og Billy The Kid går godt i hop, men Billy var 1000 ganger mer fredelig og snill.


Trump and Bibi crank up the Iran nuke scare con


“US, Israeli claims against JCPOA baseless”

by Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   … with Press TV,  Tehran

Bibi barks again

[ Note: Trump has been trained by the Israelis. Just keep making the charge and don’t worry about providing any proof. Israel did it for two decades,  but came up empty handed by not having anything solid to kill that first nuke deal. And with that huge failure do you think that would scare them away from pulling rerun?

No way Jose, they have Rube Goldberg in the form of President Tweet for whom this is all new and does not let historical context get in the way of anything.

I am waiting for Jared’s secret contacts with the Israelis to get the same attention as Flynn’s. Our security people should have those calls also, but the difference is of course the Israelis get treated with kid gloves. Do any of you remember an outrage by Republicans for Bibi interfering in Obama’s second election? Hell no. Congress laid down like a rug for old Bibi to the embarrassment of all of us who care about such thingsJD ]


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Trump and Bibi crank up the Iran nuke scare con

Gordon Duff forklarer hvordan USA i årevis har stjålet Iraks olje og fortsatt gjør det:

Despite remarks by Defense Secretary James Mattis, US presence in Iraq is aimed at ‘stealing oil,’ an analyst says.

Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today, made the statement while commenting on Monday remarks by Mattis ahead of an unannounced visit to the war-ravaged country.

In an apparent attempt to distance himself from recent remarks by President Donald Trump regarding Iraq and its oil, the Pentagon chief, who was en route to Iraq, asserted that Americans are ‘not in Iraq to seize’ oil.

In the course of one year after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US “stole 40 percent of Iraq’s oil that was sent out thought the Kirkuk pipeline to the Mediterranean port, south of Seyhan, Turkey,” Duff told Press TV.

“And it was loaded on the tankers owned by, well oddly enough, mostly Exxon corporation.”

The former ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, currently serves as Trump’s state department secretary.

“Those tankers would be loaded, supertankers one after another, with Iraqi oil that was never paid for and then again we have the issue of ISIS (Daesh) and their 12,000 trucks that the US never saw.”

This AFP file photo taken on October 19, 2016 shows a man taking a selfie in front of a fire from oil that has been set ablaze south of Mosul.

“The oil trade is still going on,” asserted the Ohio-based commentator. “That oil [is] being shipped into Turkey, where it’s processed for the Turkey market or it´s put in the same Seyhan pipeline.”

The stolen oil is also being sold at a “highly discounted price” to ExxonMobil, “and that would be Rex Tillerson.”

Duff noted that Mattis himself “knows all about this.”

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US keeps stealing Iraq’s oil despite Mattis comments: Analyst

Iran and Iraq have signed a basic agreement that envisages exporting Iraqi oil through the Iranian territory.

Iran and Iraq have signed a basic agreement that envisages exporting Iraqi oil through the Iranian territory.

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New Ukraine truce due to come into force on Feb 20

Iraq Started Operation To Liberate Western Mosul From ISIS

Steve Bannon forbereder Trump på “hellig” krig

Steve Bannon is preparing Trump for a holy war


[Editor’s note: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, is a nutjob, someone who should be kept far, far away from the corridors of power; however, under Trump, he has been allowed to become the centre of power. This essay by C. B. Anthony examines Bannon’s recent past and provides an insight into the man’s disturbing politics and worldview. Ian]

Middle East Eye
Steve Bannon is preparing Trump for a holy war

by Charles B. Anthony

Sometimes a seemingly innocuous speech can potentially set the direction of the US presidency long before the Oval Office incumbent even declares they are running for office. Thus it is with the current White House administration – and Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist.

In July 2014, Bannon gave a 49-minute speech and Q&A to a conference hosted by the Human Dignity Institute as part of its coverage of the rise of Europe’s religious right.

Beamed live from Los Angeles – via Skype – into a small conference room tucked away inside the Vatican, Bannon declared that “the Judeo-Christian West, is in a crisis… We’re at the very beginning stages of a very brutal and bloody conflict.”

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Steve Bannon is preparing Trump for a holy war

Trump – Bannon Ship of State Beached

Israel Bashes Russia Through Stratfor/WikiLeaks/Infowar

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American Political Cronyism (part II)

Media and CIA v Trump

The Afghan Connection of Terrorism in Pakistan (Updated)

Livsfarlige tider i USA:

Har Trump i all hemmelighet blitt fratatt sitt presidentskap?

NEO – Has Trump Been Secretly Stripped of His Presidency?

Steve Feinberg of DynCorp – Could a foreign Intelligence agency end up in charge of reorganizing U.S. Intel?


Nå: Galningen Trump sender taktiske kjernefysiske våpen og 10.000 tropper til Polen

Breaking: Nut Case Trump Sends Tactical Nukes and 10,000 Troops to Poland

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on February 19, 2017

From bromance to “Putin the Madman” in 3 short weeks, as Trumps mental state continues to deteriorate

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Breaking: Nut Case Trump Sends Tactical Nukes and 10,000 Troops to Poland

Buffoon: Trump Fabricates Swedish Terror Attack in Florida Lie-Fest

UN envoy to Syria questions US role in resolving Syria crisis

George W. Bush was ripping wounded veterans off in 2015, charging them $100k for speech

Research Question: Why do more conservatives support Israel?

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The Global War on Terrorism from Two Perspectives

Report: Trump transition team attempted to block UN settlement resolution

Americans protesters chant “Bibi go home” as Netanyahu visits US

Gun Play Dayze, Duff and Chet on Elite AR Platformz

Trump calls media ‘enemy of the American people’ – first step on road to totalitarian dictatorship?

Geneva Conference on Syria to be Settled on the Battlefield, Duff on Press TV

Fake Presidency Follies: Stephen Miller Leaks National Guard “Immigrant Roundup”

Trump’s Sinking Ship: More Resignations and Rejections

Syrian War Report – February 17, 2017: Turkish General Staff Believes Al-Bab Is “Liberated”

Gordon Duff:

The Roots of Trump, Violence Won’t Be Enough (video)

Syria Cites Turkey’s Double Game With Terrorists and May Question Russia’s Role as Well

Trump Fail: ‘Vicious circle’: Moscow warns NATO Black Sea buildup & increased spending may lead to new Cold War

US ‘not in a position right now to collaborate’ with Russia militarily ‒ Pentagon chief

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis addresses a news conference during a NATO defence ministers meeting at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, February 16, 2017. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

… from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: The word-dancing begins with the Russian engagement where the Trump administration has to play tough, to hold the Congressional hawks in line, while going through the process of finding safe steps towards building political support.

This will not be easy, but one of the carrots that Trump has put out is an unnecessary expansion of the military, as there is no real threat to justify it. He is, in effect, trying to buy the Hawks off. The navy expansion alone is ludicrous, as no other navy is a threat, and silent subs and inexpensive hypersonic missiles that can be fired from multiple platforms in swarms will be a replay of what happened to the unsinkable battleships in WWII.

Tillerson’s goal with this meeting was to keep all the president’s options open, and not make any mistakes to make the task any tougher than it already is. All that said, it is nice to see someone else who is able to make comments and make the news besides The Donald, as I have been getting so tired of hearing his endless stream of Trumpisms, with a few reasonable things mixed in now and thenJim W. Dean ]


NATO – Where creating a false need for a false threat becomes a security threat itself

– First published  …  February 17,  2017 –

As President Donald Trump repeatedly stressed the need to get along with Russia, two of his top Cabinet members were abroad, saying the US is ready not for closer ties until Moscow “proves” its commitment to international agreements.

On Thursday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said at a NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium that the US isn’t ready to collaborate militarily with Russia against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) or other threats.

“We are not in a position right now to collaborate on a military level, but our political leaders will engage and try to find common ground or a way forward so that Russia, living up to its commitment, can return to a partnership of sorts here with NATO,” Mattis said.

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US ‘not in a position right now to collaborate’ with Russia militarily – Pentagon chief


5,000 people expected at NOI 9/11 truth event this Saturday


Earth, Wind & Fire – My Promise (Rehearsal Performance

For en fantastisk lyd (av “avlyde”, lydrike)

Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire – Sing A Song 

Joshua Ledet – “To Love Somebody” – American Idol: Season 11 

Jacob Lusk – You’re All I Need to Get By – American Idol Top 11 – 03/23/11

Billy Joel – The Ballad Of Billy The Kid (from Live at Shea Stadium)

Det er rart hvordan “det ene tar det andre”, og den ene sangen fører til en annen. Tenk så deilig å ha hatt sin egen musikkradiokanal og få betalt for det? Ikke noe “skvaller” fra løgnaktige politikere, generaler eller predikanter, kun “lovely” musikk. “Kan bare ikke ta øynene fra deg…” Sikle, sikle.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons on A Capitol Fourth on PBS 



Å eg minnes så vel dette land…

Å eg veit meg et land – Bodø Domkor

#Løftet #Lydriket #Grunnloven #Norge #Noreg

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