Har Trump i all hemmelighet blitt fratatt sitt presidentskap? – Redaktør Gordon Duff

Livsfarlige tider i USA:


Feinberg’s company, DynCorp, accused of human trafficking in Bosnia, is contracted by Saudi Arabia to train and supply al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq, from facilities in Jordan and the Saudi Kingdom, in concert with the Gulf States.

NEO – Has Trump Been Secretly Stripped of His Presidency?

Intel agencies have always had to be careful what to give presidents, and moreso when they have contact with foreign intelligence agencies themselves

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor  … with New Eastern Outloook, Moscow

What did the President know, and when did he know it?

[ Editor’s Note:  This is a very important story, published in Russia of all places, because they of all people understand the real threat.  This is time for big boys to pay attention.

Washington is at war and Trump is in the process of risking everything to save himself and take down anyone in his way, breaking all the rules and perhaps killing all of us in the process.  This is not hyperbole, it is fact.

Trump has named Stephen Feinberg, not a harmless hedge fund manager at all but the guy that runs DynCorp, the huge mercenary army a dozen times the size of Blackwater, to take control of everything, giving him the power to run all US intelligence and security functions.

Feinberg will be able to edit or fabricate any intelligence, order any arrests, suspend rights for any group, censor the press, declare any domestic group or political party “illegal” or even “terrorist.” He is a violent fanatic, a dangerous person the like of which we may well never have seen in this country before.

Trump is appointing a Czar to end all Czars, placing all American power under corporate, or may we say “Israeli” control.  Is anyone surprised?  Feinberg plans to create “controllers” over all military and intelligence functions with full command authority but answerable only to him.


Les resten:


Steve Feinberg of DynCorp – Could a foreign Intelligence agency end up in charge of reorganizing U.S. Intel?


På personfot (-o)

 (Fotografier av en diger haug med blåfargede dongeriklær og skjorter som skulle styrkes etter vask mangler)

Føler du deg “blå”? Neitta, neitta.

Ingen annens jobb enn min – Disponent Kleshaugen, junior (Min mor er Senior).

Perfekt! Hadde bare ikke gulvet mitt vært så flekket. (Bilde av meg i blå-hvite amerikanske tenåringssko.)


Dr Hook – “Millionaire”

Dr Hook – “Everybody’s Making It Big But Me” From The Old Grey Whistle Test Show

(Hvor ble det av “Blues Sisters?”

Nå trenger du ikke lure lenger.)

Blues Brothers – John Lee Hooker in Boom Boom Boom

Hvis Trump og Co mot formodning noen gang skulle få dårlig samvittighet og føle seg litt ekstra blå, så kan de jo lage seg en reinsdyrbrødskive fra Karasjon?

(“Neitta, neitta” hentet herfra:)

Snøscootersandwich med Ante Valente

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