Misbruk av amerikanske menn og kastrering av sinn og hjerte – Del 3 – av dr. Preston James

Dette stykket av dr. Preston James er så viktig å få lese at jeg kunne bare ikke la være å komme tilbake, selv om jeg hadde avsluttet denne bloggen, for at vi alle skal forstå det grusomme som skjer med ikke bare amerikanske soldater men hele jordkloden, årsaken til krigene og oppklaring av hvem løgnerne og morderne bak det hele er. Dette stykket gir oss oversikten, den vi aldri får i historietimene på skolen eller på universitetene.


Martin Luther King learned of all this and began to speak out about the insanity of the war, and was quickly assassinated by Op40 of the CIA, the same crew working under GHWB’s direction that assassinated JFK. Finally enough was enough. Heinz Kissinger ran the negotiations with the north Vietnamese after convincing Nixon to attempt to bomb them back into the stone age. It was decided to abandon the south, and thousands of Vietnamese loyal to Americans were left behind to be butchered by the communists.

Part III: Abuse of American Men and castration of Mind and Heart

Would the COL be disappointed if they were unceremoniously thrown out again?

 by  Preston James

In order to subvert America and transform it from a Representative Republic into a City of London (COL) RKM Globalist slave state, it was determined by the COL Banksters that the American male had to be heavily mind-kontrolled and eventually covertly gelded.

Ben Franklin said we have a republic, if we can keep it

And that all this had to be done in a wide variety of ways over a long period of time. But at the same time it was also realized that the American males had to be adequately mind-kontrolled to be made willing to sacrifice themselves for the COL RKM Banksters, without understanding specifically how or why they were being conned.

This required very sophisticated mind-kontrol to make sure the American Soldiers would fight hard, and also required chemical means to make sure they would not come home after battle and turn on the COL RKM Bankster war machine. 

Thus, sophisticated methods have been deployed to make American Soldiers disabled upon their return home, both mentally with PTSD and biologically, with numerous medical disabilities caused by toxic exposures, toxic experimental vaccines and exposure to depleted uranium.

Roundtable planning discussions (secret abject evil beyond imagination).


Les resten:


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Zionist regime war on Gaza only “a matter of time”

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German Intel finds no proof of Russian ‘disinformation ops’ against Berlin

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Preston James, del 2

Down Here on the Farm (Part II)

Xenophobia, the Know Nothing Party of the 1850s and the Trump/Pence NeoFascist Republican Agenda for 2017

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Revolution or Invasion?

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Neocons are mad and sad because Tulsi Gabbard is kicking their butts

Citing intermarriage threat, Israeli rabbis ‘blacklist’ families deemed not Jewish

Russia capable of halting US surrogate war in Yemen: Analyst

Russia Concerned Over Escalation of Tensions Between US, Iran

Syrian Army Makes Important Gains Near Al-Bab, Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line

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Matt 5,13

Dere er jordens salt! Men hvis saltet mister sin kraft, hvordan skal det …

Smokey Robinson – Abraham, Martin And John

Luther Vandross “Give Me The Reason” [Soul Train November 22, 1986]

Bob Dylan -Working Man´s Blues

Luther Vandross, Boy George – What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted (LIVE) HD

Billy Joel – Allentown

Feb 09, 2017

Billy Joel To Play Salt Lake City November 29, 2017

Får avslutte med dette:

J.Moss and 21:03 – Operator

Jennifer Hudson – O Holy Night 


Adjø (man trenger ikke dra til Betlehem for å tilbe Jesus)


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