Irans virkelige `kjernefysiske´revolusjon

Iran’s real ‘nuclear’ revolution


The Islamic republic won’t disintegrate tomorrow. What’s much more crucial is to revisit the key reasons why the revolution happened 35 years ago, and why, when it comes to Iranian geopolitical independence, it remains somewhat popular.


by Pepe Escobar

Asia Times


The nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) are back this Tuesday in Vienna. The stakes couldn’t be higher. It will be a long and winding road. Hidden agendas on both sides badly want the talks to fail – and will spare no effort towards that goal.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei could be interpreted as a stony realist, when he said that the talks will go nowhere. It’s as if the Supreme Leader had readManufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, a crucial book by Martha Gellhorn Prize winner Gareth Porter which is being launched today in New York. In the book, Porter thoroughly debunks the whole narrative of the Iran nuclear dossier as sold to the world by the George W Bush administration, assorted neo-cons and the Israeli Likud.

And it gets much worse, in terms of prospects for a final deal to be reached this year. According to Porter, “the Obama administration has introduced the subject of ‘possible military dimensions’ into the nuclear negotiations. That means that the United States will be demanding an explanation for ‘evidence’ that the book shows was fabricated. That is a decision that could threaten the conclusion of a final agreement with Iran.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday last week, millions of people hit the streets in Tehran in a massive rally celebrating the 35 years of the Islamic revolution. How come?


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Historiker Mike Harris tar for seg Den islamske revolusjon (blant annet) i disse to svært viktige intervjuene:

Mike Harris: Matt Stein is the guest

Historiker Ian Greenhalgh i Veterans Today:


På personfot (-o)

(foto mangler):



Skal vi leke? Skal vi prate?

Skal vi spise sammen og være venner?

Er det bare amerikanere og nordmenn som har krav på å ha energi og varme i husene sine? 

Kjærlighet gir energi

Kjærlighet og diplomati

på tvers av landegrenser

Når USA og Israel har atombomber, så må dere da jammen tåle at Iran prøver å skaffe seg energi. De har ikke fossekraft som vi har, og om de fyrer med ved eller olje får du spørre dem om, men bruk skallene litt og døm rettferdig, er dere snille (?).

Joshua Ledet- I Believe

Joshua Ledet – “To Love Somebody”

Vazelina Bilopphøggers – Fem Fyrer Med Ved

John Lennon-Power To The People-Offical Video-HQ

Tillegg mai 2017:

YEMEN – A Modern Day Concentration Camp


Editor’s note: Israel and certain Saudi royals, alongside “American” traitors, attacked the US on 9/11.  For all practical purposes, they have destroyed whatever was left of America’s traditional freedom, democracy, and rule of law. As Israel pushes to complete its genocide of Palestine, and the Saudis pursue their parallel genocide in Yemen, we Americans get nothing from our politicians and mainstream media but Saudi-Israeli genocide propaganda. Even Trump, who openly pinned 9/11 on the Saudis while campaigning for president, and who claimed to support “America first,” has now demonstrated that he is even more of a slave of the evil Saudi-Israeli axis  than Obama ever was. It’s time for Americans to demand the truth – including the truth about what’s going on in Yemen as laid out in this article – and then rise up and overthrow the evil that has taken over their country. –Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

YEMEN – A Modern Day Concentration Camp

By Kim Sharif, Director, Human Rights for Yemen

In the early hours of March 26 2015 the children of Yemen narrate hearing the sounds of massive “fireworks”, which they attributed to some sort of national celebrations, only to discover later that this was the start of a nightmare of bombardment, starvation and immense suffering that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Who is doing this and why?

Saudi Arabia by its then Ambassador to Washington Aljubayri and its spokesperson General Al-Asseeri made the announcement in English and Arabic claiming that they have formed a coalition of nations including Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Sudan, Senegal, Pakistan (“the Saudico”), and attacked Yemen in order to restore the legitimate government of Yemen led by former caretaker president Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi at his request.

It later added to its claims that their aims are to prevent Iranian expansion in the region and to enforce UNSC Resolution 2216. I shall deal with each of these claims separately under its own headings to see whether there is a grain of truth of what they have been claiming and the consequences of their actions for the people of Yemen.

To Restore Hadi to Power – the biggest lie of the century

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YEMEN – A Modern Day Concentration Camp

Vladimir Putin: “Political schizophrenia” rules over warmongers and psychopaths


Putin: “It’s hard to imagine what” the warmongers, “who generate” complete “nonsense and rubbish, can dream up next.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis and Richard C. Cook


Richard C. Cook is a retired federal government analyst. In his 32-year career he worked for five civilian agencies and the Carter White House. While with NASA he documented the flaws with the space shuttle solid rocket booster and testified before the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident. Unable to return to NASA after his testimony, he spent the rest of his career with the U.S. Treasury Department.

On retirement in 2007, he published Challenger Revealed,[1] the definitive account of the multiple layers of cover-up surrounding the disaster. He went on to publish a book on monetary policy entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform.

Jonas E. Alexis: Vladimir Putin could have been talking about people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham when he recently said that there are numerous signs of “political schizophrenia” in Washington.[2] Every time the new administration tries to sit down and come up with a peaceful resolution with Russia, New World Order psychopaths quickly come out of the woodwork and declare that the United States is being manipulated.[3]Listen to the Weekly Standard, a Neocon flagship:

“While Sessions’s failure to disclose an official meeting when asked about his contacts with Russians raised eyebrows, nobody thinks it is evidence that he is a secret Putin stooge. But many others in Trump’s coterie of advisers have had significant dealings with Russia, relationships likely to be at the center of Mueller’s probe.”[4]

So what? Doesn’t Trump have “significant dealings” with terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and even Israel? For example, it has been reported that “Trump’s Senior Adviser Jared Kushner Called Lockheed CEO To Slash THAAD Price For Saudi Arabia.”[5] Even theWashington Post has recently bragged that “Trump resets U.S.-Saudi relations, in Saudi Arabia’s favor.”[6]

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Vladimir Putin: “Political schizophrenia” rules over warmongers and psychopaths

Paris: Hebdo Attack Investigation Cites Police in False Flag

Because I am an Israeli intelligence operative?
Because I am an Israeli intelligence operative?


The 2015 attacks were perpetrated by Islamist networks known to the French intelligence services, serving as troops for the NATO war in Syria. The Kouachi brothers, Coulibaly, and the 13 November commando leader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, were all known to the intelligence services for their links with Al Qaeda or the Islamic state.

The Kouachi brothers were monitored closely between 2010 and 2015 and considered extremely dangerous because of their direct contact with Al Qaeda leaders in the Arabian Peninsula. Chérif Kouachi and Amédy Coulibaly have visited Djamel Beghal, a member of Al Qaeda in Algeria, who has been under house arrest in France.

Abaaoud, a leading member of the widely known EI on Facebook, was able to move freely across Europe and prepare for the attacks of 13 November 2015, without being worried.

Saudia-Arabia betaler Trump for å angripe Iran

Saudis pay Trump to attack Iran – Video


Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia and judging by the speech he just gave in front of the Saudi king and an assemblage of bought and paid for supplicant nations, one of the prime goals of his visit is to organise a war with Iran.

Although Trump spoke for over half an hour, the key words were those he uttered about Iran, how that nation sponsors, arms, equips, trains and deploys terrorists across the region, namechecking Syria and Yemen as places where these Iranian  sponsored terrorists have been upto no good.

For three minutes, Trump told lie after lie about Iran, his rhetoric was belicose in the extreme; particularly worrying was his statement that Iran gives safe haven to terrorists, something that was alleged of Saddam’s Iraq some 15 years ago when the drums of war were beating for that nation.

Now Iran finds itself squarely in the crosshairs, branded a state sponsor of terrorism and a destabilising factor in the region, old lies we have heard many times before, not least when Bush Jr and Dick Cheney were manufacturing their pretexts for the invasion of Iraq.

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Saudis pay Trump to attack Iran – Video

NEO – Saudi Arabia vs Iran: Eye of the Storm


 NEO – Who’s Igniting the Saudi-Iranian Conflict?

by  Viktor Mikhin, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The Saudis are mainly all show, because real work is considered a slave thing

[ Editor’s Note: Viktor Mikhin gives us a good review of the Saudi Royal family trying to play “Puff the Magic Dragon” with Iran, via its borrowed Israeli tactic of making an aggressive bogeyman out of a country that has attacked no one in hundreds of years.

For evidence evidence of a threat, all the Saudis seem to be able to put on the table are “allegations” that Iran is a major backer of terrorism in the region, but fails to provide us any examples.

I think this is just as big an insult to the world public as it is to Iran. The main terrorism Iran is involved in is killing those terrorists infiltrating its borders with steady consistency and professionalism. Terror attacks inside Iran are quite rare, the envy of some other countries who are not so fortunate.

Iran’s actual involvement in “foreign terrorism” has been in helping Lebanon’s Hezbollah protect Lebanon from the Israeli terrorists who have long pummeled that country whenever it chose. And it has been a key member of both the Syrian and Iraqi anti-terrorism coalitions, with an estimated dead of 1000 of it people just in Syria alone.

Iran has done this for what it openly stated, that if  Wahabbi Saudi sponsored terrorism was not defeated in these two countries it would become a greater threat to Iran and the region.

It did not make sense to sit back and watch the terror slaughter in Syria and Iraq, when we have solid proof that the Saudis, US, Israel, Britain and even Turkey have been major backers of proxy terror groups there, despite the free pass that corporate media has given them on their crimes.

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NEO – Saudi Arabia vs Iran: Eye of the Storm 

13.05.2017 Author: Viktor Mikhin

Who’s Igniting the Saudi-Iranian Conflict?

562454342342In addition to the very dangerous conflicts in the Middle East, in which Great Britain and Germany are actively involved, there is a ‘hot’ local conflict. This constant tension over the past few years between Saudi Arabia and Iran, their constant struggle for leadership not only in the region, but also for dominance in the Arab world. This tension has been constantly spearheaded by Riyadh, whose rulers while well aware of their political and economic inadequacy nevertheless try to make every effort and opportunity to place themselves first in the region and, with the help of the west, to block the rapid development of Iran in all areas. But Saudi Arabia is not the west, which, on flimsy grounds, for some time slowed down the progressive movement of the Iranian people.

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 NEO – Who´s Igniting the Saudi-Iranian Conflict?

Eye to Eye (Tevin Campbell) – SoCal VoCals (SCAMFest) 2013

Southern California A Cappella Music Festival (SCAMFest) 2013 A Cappella cover of “Eye to Eye” (Tevin Campbell) – SoCal …

Chaka Khan – Through The Fire (Live On Solid Gold)Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement Intended. I Own Absolutely None Of These Videos (Unless Otherwise Stated) Copyrights …

Vickie Winans – Already Been To The Water

Vickie WinansAlready Been To The Water.

“I´ve never been to Paris…”

Rance Allen – That Will Be Good Enough For Me

Wednesday 30th April 2003, Orpheum Theater, Memphis. The Stax Museum Of American Soul Music was due to open at the end …


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