Vestlig terror mot Iran – 17.000 ignorerte terrorofre – Netanyahu og Trump planlegger sammensvergelse mot Iran

Hilsen til Randy Newman… “You better Second Line” – hvis du har tid til å legge til et vers


Å jobbe “svart”, er det rasisme? “Hvitvasking” av penger, er det også rasisme? Kortspillet “Svarte-Per” og “Hottentotter (Vesle Hoa)” er rasisme i barneland, og jeg gir meg snart over av forundring…


But the US is owned by international bankers and influenced by ultra-Zionist neoconservatives. These folks are out to conquer the world. So they don’t want allies, they want vassals. (Kevin Barrett)

Western Terror on Iran – 17,000 ignored victims

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on June 11, 2015

Iranian terror victims would equate to 70,000 dead Americans – 23 9-11s


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, and the Habilian Association, Families of Iranian Terror Victims

The victims have faces, and the dead march in the Russian fashion
The victims have faces, and the dead march in the Russian fashion

[ Editors Note – The submission date for papers on terrorism ends on June 30th. You can review the details for submission at this link. Gordon and I have been invited to submit and hope to both be attending on August 30.

Veterans Today is a sponsor of this event to help put the spotlight on the injustice done to us all by the continuation of the state-sponsored terrorism that has been successful in perverting diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution… so far. But that is a subject for another day.

The world’s human rights organizations and media have censored the story of Iran’s 17,000 terror victims, mainly because 12,000 of them were murdered by MEK-MKO — the group supported by the US and Israel in the well-known “destabilization campaign”.

Extrapolating that number onto the US population would generate about 70,000 dead, far more than our KIAs in Vietnam, but where our soldiers had weapons to fight back with.

The decades of censorship on this slaughter of Iranians was done to avoid interfering with the West’s psychological operation of tainting Iran as a state sponsor of terror, when a number of Western governments had been doing it to them.

The US and Israel have had a long history of state-sponsored terror, and are supporting brigades of terrorists in Syria and other countries while claiming to be fighting terrorism. This shameful campaign smears the memory of our Founding Fathers, who are rolling over in their graves at what has been done in America’s name.

Les resten:

Bibi-Trump plot against Iran


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Iran, which won its independence in the 1979 Islamic revolution, should be a natural ally of the United States. The most scientifically advanced Middle Eastern nation, Iran has an educated population, a growing and highly-diversified economy, and a crucial geostrategic position in the center of the Eurasian chess board. Its successful experiment in political Islam is pluralistic and at least as democratic as anything in the West.

But the US is owned by international bankers and influenced by ultra-Zionist neoconservatives. These folks are out to conquer the world. So they don’t want allies, they want vassals. Iran will never settle for vassal status, nor will it acquiesce to the Zionist genocide of Palestine. Hence the “Iran problem.”

Now that Bibi Netanyahu has helped install his man Donald Trump in the White House, will the Likkudniks accelerate their plots against the Islamic Republic? Of course they will.


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Kjennetegn på en fascist i punktliste – Trump passer inn:

Trump is the new Hitler and the US is a Fascist state

Om “Holocaust-religionen”:

Holocaust erstatter Golgota med Auschwitz

Deborah Lisptadt: “The de-Judaization of the Holocaust, as exemplified by the White House statement, is what I term softcore Holocaust denial.”

The Holocaust replaces Golgotha with Auschwitz

Deborah Lipstadt

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Israel Shamir once argued that the Holocaust is in reality “an adaptation of the Jewish spiritual rule for Christian minds, as it replaces Christ with Israel, Golgotha with Auschwitz, and the Resurrection with the creation of the Jewish state.[1]

If you think this is far-fetched, then listen to Charles Krauthammer very carefully. He declared that it “has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust.”[2]

If your identity is located in the so-called Holocaust, then whenever a person does not emphasis the Holocaust too much,  you get paranoid. You’re likely to get depressed and inconsolable. And Krauthammer is not exempt from this depressing state.


Les resten:

The Holocaust replaces Golgotha with Auschwitz

Putin blames Kiev for upsurge in violence


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV, Tehran

Nikki Haley gets right into the fairy tale groove

[ Note: The dump trucks of lies continue to unload on the American people, who as an additional humiliation are forced to pay for the delivery. Having a female UN ambassador to deliver the lies seems to be in vogue as a softer way to do it.

It’s not so much that diplomats would want to hide the truth on nasty things they are doing, but that the public acquiesces and swallows what is throw out at them. Nikki Haley seems to have gotten into the  manure-truck groove quite easily.

I doubt the UN Ambassadors get much mail criticizing what they are doing. America really needs grassroots letter clubs that organize a constant flow of letters and emails going out to officials on timely topics. The cynics are wrong in suggesting it is a waste of time, when it is just the opposite.

As long as they don’t see any pushback, they have no incentive to stop shoveling out the manure. Our silence is acceptance and permission. The seeds for these groups include people who are already in other affinity groups, where it would just be a matter of having a weekly group Skype meeting to share targets and talking points so the participants would have everything they need to execute.

The key is to make it fast and efficient and to keep a tally of what they are doing, so as the months go by, they see the communication statistics grow. Some fun has to be woven into it. For instance, when we started “flagging” Governor Roy Barnes, who took the Confederate Heritage state flag down using a bushwhack end of legislative session trick, our motivation for sustaining our efforts was all the car honking that we got from the passersby who supported our efforts. There’s nothing like a little positive, instant feedback. 

This politician was defeated in the next election, and the black anti-flag Democrats have never had a committee chairmanship since then; although once the Republican governor assumed office, he quickly abandoned supporting the heritage movement, since he was grooming himself for national office, which requires wiping one’s feet on Southern heritage as a domestic Islamic State era of our history. My revenge? … they never got another dime or one minute of my time. I found a better place for it at VT… Jim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 33, 2017 –

The United States ambassador to the United Nations has strongly condemned Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. Haley goes on to say that all American Crimea-related sanctions on Russia will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine.

Crimea rejoined Russia following a referendum in 2014. Meanwhile Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin says Kiev provoked the recent upsurge in violence to win the support of the new US administration.

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Putin blames Kiev for upsurge in violence

Syrian War Report – February 3, 2017: Syrian Army Storming Key Gas Fields In Eastern Homs

Trump is the new Hitler and the US is a Fascist state

War between USA and Iran possible again

Norske kristne på Skjærgårdsgospelfestival på Sørlandet lærer Kirk Franklin hva de selv kan og husker dette helt til det blir snakk om Iran og “Stakkars Israel” som Gud vil beskytte, og gi hele “Kanaans land til” før de enten krangler på Kristenbloggen eller sier hva de egentlig mener i “krigstunger” (bønneform Ulf Ekman lærte fra seg før han gikk over til Den katolske kirke, hvor jo jesuitter har et spesielt syn på tillatt krigføring mot protestanter) på bønnemøtet, for å oversette det ville trenge sensur for barnas skyld?

Jesus elsker alle barna – Kirk Franklin konsert 9 September

Å se på dette er umulig for (avisen) “Dagen”-folk, som ikke vil se virkeligheten i øynene

The Golem Is At Hand – Texe Marrs

Israel has been building nuclear weapons for years. … The Zionist plot to use

The Golem – thanks to the 400 nuclear bombs now in Israel’s Negev desert …

Texe Marrs anklages for  å forkynne “erstatningsteologi” , men samme mennesker som sier det gjerne ser hele araberverden erstattet med Israel… hvis de ikke slutter med å true landet (selvforsvar), for Israel må jo få gjøre det Gud har bedt dem om å gjøre i Det gamle testamente? Som pinsehøvdingen ropte inn i mikrofonen på Sandvik Folkehøyskole for to år siden, som jeg hørte: “Jeg er bekymret for dagens kristne menigheter. De burde lese mer i Det gamle testamente om hva Gud har lovet og sagt til Israel…” Da gikk jeg ut, både for å berge hørselen og fordi jeg trodde at vi nå lever under den nye pakt og at himmelen er målet, ikke byen Jerusalem som har slaktet alle Guds profeter som kritiserte de som bodde der og ikke tålte kritikk fra Gud via dem? Pinsebevegelsen tror jo at det finnes profeter også i dag, så hva er problemet med å høre på hva Jesus sa da han gråt over byen? Var ikke Amos profet?  Tror de ikke på Åpb. kap 18? Det blir et skikkeli’ september… (11), for Jerusalem forsvinner da ned til elven som renner under den (som The Jerusalem Post skrev om “running deep, akkurat som i Sak. 14).

På en eneste time ble hun lagt øde.»
    20 – Fryd deg over henne, du himmel
          og dere hellige, apostler og profeter!
          For Gud har dømt henne og gitt dere oppreisning.
 Da tok en mektig engel opp en stein, svær som en kvernstein, kastet den i havet og sa:
          «Slik skal Babylon, den store by,
          bli styrtet ned med veldig kraft
          og aldri finnes mer.

September (Earth Wind and Fire)

Norsk barnesang

Noen barn er brune

David Foster & Friends – Chaka Khan – Through the Fire

Donnie McClurkin – “Stand”

Med Israelsstjernen i hånd – Har Gud nasjonalitet? Er Han også demokrat?

New American Standard Bible
Opening his mouth, Peter said: “I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality,

(Parti = Party)


King James Bible
Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons

Dette er vår historie som vi må tenke alvorlig over:

Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples

By Katherine Frisk on August 18, 2016

During the Protestant Reformation a similar split can be equated with a break from the centralized control of the Vatican and the high priest who is considered “infallible” and a law unto himself, as well as European countries moving towards Nation Statehood and the deposing of the royal families from their previously held position of autocratic and absolute control under the dictum of a “divine right to rule.”

In the 21st century this can be compared to the Brexit vote where Britain left the EU as well and many other countries in Europe who want to opt for independence due to the political and economic corruption in the central body as well as laws that have been imposed on them that are contrary to their national identity and particular cultural customs. One size does not fit all. In “Europe Has Two Options: Revolution Or Elections,”Charles Gave writes:

Les resten:

2000 Years – Billy Joel Lyrics (live version)  

Billy Joel Performing 2000 Years (1993 with interviews)

Billy Joel besøker gjerne “kardinalene” (enten det er katolikker, røde fabelfugler eller baseballspillere (med røde drakter?)


Feb 02, 2017

Billy Joel To Play Busch Stadium September 21, 2017

No Man’s Land by Billy Joel

Løfteslandet/Drømmenes elv

Billy Joel – The River of Dreams

John The Revelator

Sak. 14

 8 Den dagen skal det renne levende vann ut fra Jerusalem, halvparten til havet i øst og halvparten til havet i vest.

Åpb. 22

Engelen viste meg nå en elv med livets vann, klar som krystall. Den springer ut fra Guds og Lammets trone.  2 Midt mellom byens gate og elven står livets tre, fritt til begge sider. Det bærer frukt tolv ganger og gir sin frukt hver måned. Og bladene på treet er til legedom for folkene.  3 Det skal ikke lenger finnes noen forbannelse. Guds og Lammets trone skal være i byen, og hans tjenere skal tjene ham.  4 De skal se hans ansikt, og de skal ha hans navn på sin panne.  5 Natten skal ikke være mer, og de skal ikke ha bruk for lys av lampe eller av sol, for Herren Gud skal lyse over dem. Og de skal herske som konger i all evighet.

Ka ska man sei?

“Do they sing our songs”?

What Was It You Wanted | The Official Bob Dylan Site –

“Why do you want it. Who are you anyway? Is the scenery changing. Am I getting it wrong. Is the whole thing going backwards. Are they playing our song?”

Tillegg nov. 2017

Det er ikke første gang Randy Newman håner Putin. Dagbladet ønsker hans “Dark Matter”-plate hjertelig velkommen. Både de og Randy Newman var jo tilstede da kommunistene angrep russerne i øst, og vet akkurat like godt som Jesus hva som skjedde, skal man tro på dem. De elsker mørk materie.

Klassisk satire fra mesteren Randy Newman – Dagbladet

Klassisk satire fra mesteren Randy Newman. Wandrups utvalgte: «Dark Matter», ny plate etter ni år. 24. november 2017 kl. 9.17 Del på Facebook.

Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa | Veterans Today

5. mai 2014 – The following video is from a woman who is a resident of Odessa and who … AllUkrainian politicians in Kiev had praise for the massacre of the innocent civilians. … The protester camp was burned to drive them into the building where ….. Didn’t you look at the old woman who was raped, killed and burned?

Donbass on the Cross – Who did it and why | Veterans Today

18. mar. 2016 – The third world war is a hybridized war and the conflict in Donbass has … of atrocities, such as: widespread looting, murder, rape and torture.

War in Donbass: Circles of hell | Veterans Today

16. apr. 2016 – Due to this fact mass grave and especially grave crimes against person including assault and battery, torture, rape, and threats of killing take …

Who is Killing the Donbass Commanders? | Veterans Today

10. feb. 2017 – “Ukies” do not have such heroes as Donbass because who could be they proud of, maybe those “fighters” who arrived in Donbass to kill, rape …

Kiev card or Why Yarosh confessed unleashing the war in Donbass …

18. jun. 2016 – Kiev card or Why Yarosh confessed unleashing the war in Donbass … defend themselves as was shown by the people of Donbass when they took … people, the political implications of which are unclear even today, was turned into a farce. …. And you don’t think that the Banderasts have?? raping and then …

Odessa in these days of May | Veterans Today

22. mai 2017 – VT had editorialized that, if the Ukraine coup regime was not made to pay a heavy … of our time – the burning to death of living people in Odessa, Ukraine, at the Trade Union building. … What about the woman near the elevator without clothes from her bottom? Doesn’t it look like she wasraped, then killed?

NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse | Veterans Today

24. aug. 2015 – The Minsk2 ceasefire agreement is dead but no one wants to bury the rotting corpse. Since it was signed in February of this year, the Donbas …

Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers? | Veterans Today

28. feb. 2015 – “The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing …

New World Order lost war against Russia and Ukraine | Veterans Today

12. okt. 2017 – Well, shortly after World War II, the Mossad recruited him in their covert … A deal to establish a ceasefire, called the Minsk Protocol, was signed …

Ukraine Wars | Veterans Today

NEO – Minsk 2 – A Rotting Corpse · Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor – August 24, … Will Minsk2Checkmate the Warmongers? Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor …

Ukraine | Veterans Today

March 25, 2017 nuclear detonation at Ukraine arms depot (time mark 2:00 onward) Introduction by Gordon Duff, …. This attack clearly violates the Minsk accords.

Documents Confirm The US Already Delivered … – Veterans Today

7. aug. 2017 – … (Precision, Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher) and GS 777 (PSRL-2). …. lethal weapons prolonging conflict in Ukraine — despite the Minsk …

The war in Ukraine is far from over | Veterans Today

6. mai 2016 – The front lines have been stationary since the Minsk II agreement but there is continual low intensity conflict along almost the entire front.

MH17 was really MH370 | Veterans Today

17. jul. 2017 – 2) Strong smell of formaldehyde in air …. no firing back from the ‘russian’ area because hey they would violate the minsk agreement isnt it!!!

Verdensmester og allvitende Randy Newman synger hånende om Putin, men Obama slapp unna, siden han var svart (mørk “sak”) og demokrat, enda bevisene er mange for at Obama var med på å grunnlegge IS og støtte dem. USA støtter jo Israel, slik Obama var med på å gi tidenes største økonomiske gave til landet da han var president, så da er jo Newman veldig “bibeltro”, akkurat som Jesus-menighetene som er Israelvenner (de “White Presidents”? “Velkommen i klubben!”, som de sier. Dere har mer til felles med de røde enn dere aner, dere blå. I Norge er blått (høyre) rødt, og rødt (Arbeiderpartiet, Venstre og AkpMl) rødt, så sammen er vi alle “barn av regnbuen”, ja. Politikk er for barn, som også tror de er verdensmestre. Det lærer de av de voksne.

Randy Newman – Putin (Official Video)


Hvilken “farge” har Jesus, dere fargekarttilhengere (damer som skal sminke og kle seg rett bruker å ta fargekartanalyse først hos hudtereapeut for å finne ut om de er “vår”, “sommer”, “vinter” eller “høst”). Min venninne som fikk meg til å gjøre det på slutten av 80-tallet fikk meg til å ta en slik test, og hudterapeuten sa at jeg er “sommer”, men kan også bruke “vinter” (farger), noe som gjorde meg akkurat like klok. Jeg fikk med meg en bunke med pastellapper hjem (pastellfargelapper).

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