Trump forteller Egypts Sisi at Assad er en modig mann som bekjemper terrorisme

Tar Trump av seg “kyllinghammen” (drakten) og lar hanen (i “Sun do shine”) komme til syne? Eller er det “berre innbillning”?


Trump tells Egypt’s Sisi that Assad is a brave man fighting terrorism


… from  Southfront

A face only a mother could love

[ Editor’s Note: Trump is having a busy week, and although this report is unconfirmed, it has Trump’s fingerprints on it, having fun getting around the ban on direct contact with Assad, channeling a message through Sisi. And there was a message here for Erdogan, based on what was not said.

And the same goes for Qatar, which has been keeping a low profile during the recent Tripartite Syrian talks. It has been THE long time supporter of the Muslim brotherhood. Having them officially designated a terrorist org will put Qatar down range on the shooting gallery.

Netanyahu will have heartburn after reading about this “brave man Assad” fighting terrorism, which of course includes the Israelis. So is Trump rolling out some psyops of his own?

Bibi announced today that the new settlement announcements were “just the beginning”, and Germany was quick to denounce them, but would Merkel cancel the nuclear sub deal? Meanwhile Israeli defense minister Lieberman signals that Israel’s next conflict will be settled via total war with someone’s surrender at the end.

And last, Kuwait was meeting with Iran yesterday, wanting to kiss and make up to start putting the past Gulf hostilities behind them, while Bibi wants Trump to kill the Iran nuclear deal, which none of the other P5+1 members will do — and Boeing having a badly needed airliner deal recently signed.

Britain’s top military think tank issues a report that British armed forces would not last a day in a major conflict. You just can’t make this stuff up. What the hell is going on here?Jim W. Dean ]


A Kuwait delegation was in Tehran yesterday mending fences

– First published … January 26, 2017 –

US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi held a telephone conversation on the topic of combating terrorism, the Lebanese Ad-Diyar newspaper reported, citing unnamed presidential sources in Cairo.

According to the newspaper, Trump promised to support the Egyptian President in the fight against terrorism, as well as stressed that the US would fight terrorism in the Middle East. Reportedly, the US President also expressed his support for the Congress’ decision to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist group.


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Trump tells Egypt’s Sisi that Assad is a brave man fighting terrorism

Erik Bye – Så lenge skuta kan gå 

Det finnes de som snur seg etter vinden, fordi “det passer seg slik” der og da. Bein i nasen er mangelvare hos de fleste, til og med den store Peter var feig.

Luther Vandross Sings In Church – Change Is Gonna Come.flv

Al Green – A Change Is Gonna Come 

Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens – Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five (Live video 1974) 

Ta fram den rette hane i deg:

“Sun Do Shine” from Don Bluth Film: Rock a Doodle

Medley: Peter,Don’t Be Afraid,Nobody But You Lord,Teach Me Master – Shirley Caesar 

Ordsp 25,28

Som en by hvis murer er brutt ned og borte, er en mann som ikke kan styre… sitt sinn (sine tanker)

Ordsp 27,8

Lik en spurv som flyver omkring borte fra sitt rede, er en mann som vanke…

Ordsp 18,24

En mann med mange venner går det ille; men der er venner som henger faste…

Ordsp 19,4

Rikdom skaper mange venner, den fattige blir skilt fra sin venn.

Var det Rødehavet eller Dødehavet de modige gikk over?

“Her kommer guttemusikken, midt i trafikken…”

Lillehammer Guttemusikk Veterankorpset


The Blind Boys of Alabama recording “I Saw The Light” featuring Hank Williams Jr. From the new album “Take The High Road” …

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