Den stygge sannheten om Jemen og Syria, av Gordon Duff

Før jeg avslutter ønsker jeg å dele denne artikkelen som gir en veldig god og rystende oversikt over hvem som egentlig står bak terroren i Syria og Jemen. Menn i dress og glattpolerte sko, eller damer med høyhælte sko og pene kjoler, i verdenspolitikken er det liten eller ingen grunn til å bli imponert av. De er bare en haug med løgnere, med et stort pressekorps av ryggslikkende journalister som ikke bryr seg om å fortelle folkene sannheten, mens likene etter dem ligger strødd rundt omkring på kloden. Det er til å spy av (se link under rosa “ordreklame” som ikke jeg har plassert der og som noen har plassert over hele bloggen min i dag, sannsynligvis fordi de ikke liker hva som står her.)

The Nasty Truth About Yemen

The West has already used nukes against Syria and Yemen to affect political solutions

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The war in Yemen is simple. Saudi Arabia and its allies are protecting the Arabian Peninsula from occupation by Iran and other terrorist nations. Few actually believe this fantasy though “officially” Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE are at war with the Houthi backed “color revolution” that overthrew the Saudi backed Hadi regime. Hadi fled Yemen for Saudi Arabia in March 2015 after a popular uprising sent him “home to mama.”The context here is important in light of what has transpired in Aleppo since the terrorist groups that occupied that city have been expelled. There, we found not only arms from a number of nations, the US is mentioned prominently, but chemical weapons production facilities as well.

Additionally, after weeks of MSM (Main-Stream Media) “fake news” reports of Syrian government atrocities in Aleppo, the truth is getting out, the US backed “rebels,” led by what was then called Jabat al Nusra, the Saudi backed al Qaeda franchise for Syria, maintained a reign of terror in Aleppo during the entire occupation. Mass graves are now being exposed, people are coming forward and the MSM and their “fake news” are again discredited until “next time.”

Why this applies to Yemen isn’t simple but it is also not too complex for the “fake news” to either spin or ignore or for governments to keep from their own people. As with Aleppo, Yemen is inundated with evidence of the use of illegal weapons, cluster bombs, chemical munitions, admittedly supplied by the US and Britain.

In fact, the real coalition there is quite different than we are told, and includes not only NATO but Israel. More than that, the Emirates have turned to the Colombian drug lords, long their investment partners, who have supplied mercenaries who now fight in Yemen alongside al Qaeda and other Saudi backed groups. From Reuters:


Les resten:

NEO – Trump Trials and Tribulations

Det er visse ting Donald Trump ikke vil si angående “trygge soner” i Syria og flyktningestrømmen, for han beskytter Israel:

Will Trump apply the “America First” principle to the Israeli regime?

Dear Trump: “America First” or Israel First? The answer to that question will make a profound statement about you personally.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


It has been reported that Trump is trying to develop a series of “safe zones” in Syria in order to make things easier for the people who are currently suffering in the region.[1] Trump rightly thinks that the Syrian war has created total disaster in Europe as well. He said:

“I’ll absolutely do safe zones in Syria for the people. I think that Europe has made a tremendous mistake by allowing these millions of people to go into Germany and various other countries. And all you have to do is take a look. It’s… it’s a disaster what’s happening over there. I don’t want that to happen here [the US].”[2]

Sure, Europe has certainly made a categorical error, but what fueled that error? Was the six-trillion dollar war an accident? Or was there a specific entity that actually lit the fire in the region?

You see, Trump does not want to go that far because the answer will inexorably lead him to the Israeli regime, which Trump himself has vowed to support.

The Syrian war could have ended overnight if serious politicians in Washington has manned up and told the Israeli regime that they would no longer support their essentially Talmudic maneuvering.

And here again Trump’s “America First” is a room full of smoke precisely because Trump does not want to criticize or challenge the Israeli regime, the very entity that seeks perpetual wars all over the Middle East. If Trump wants to be “the president of a safe country,” then he has to protect America from a bloodthirsty country that has devoured innocent men, women and children in the Middle East.

The Trump administration has recently stopped “hundreds of millions of dollars in assets that the Obama administration previously authorized for the Palestinians in President Obama’s final days in office.”[3]

The money was supposed to be sent to places like the West Bank and Gaza in order to help the largely poor and dehumanized population there. Ari Lieberman of the Neocon magazineFrontPage quickly put out a ridiculous article saying that “Obama sends $221 million to terrorist-funding Palestinian Authority.” David Horowitz, the founder of the same magazine, has just come out and declared that Obama is an anti-Semite.

We can ignore people like Lieberman and Horowitz because they will never get to the heart of the issue. The central question that neither Trump nor Lieberman will ever answer in a rational fashion is that we are pouring at least $3 billion every single year to Israel! Is this really helping the “America First” principle? And who’s going to stop that diabolical enterprise?

Les resten:

Will Trump apply the “America First” principle to the Israeli regime?

War in Lebanon Coming to a Theatre Near You

Syrian War Report – January 27, 2017: 2,600 Militants Laid Arms In Wadi Barada

Syrain Army Repels Large-Scale ISIS Advance On Khanaser-Aleppo Road

Utrenskning pågår, slik at “rett type” folk kan få overta landet.

Mens vi venter får villblomstene være deres gravsteiner, for folket som forsvinner ned i rennesteinene på grunn av okkupantene.

“Drømmeserier” / “Serier av drømmer”

“And the cards are no good that you´re holding / Og kortene du holder er ikke noe bra”



En ny sikkerhetsstrategi for Norge

ANDERS ROMARHEIM, førsteamanuensis, Institutt for forsvarsstudier

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