USAs Israel-slikking gjør presidenten kjæledyraktig

 Jødisk forfatter Daniel Sugarman: Richard Nixon var en antisemitt

But let us grant Sugarman the silly idea that Nixon was actually an anti-Semite. Will he condemn Benjamin Netanyahu for saying things like Palestinians are like “wild beasts“? Will he come out and declare that Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was wrong for putting the Palestinians and “grasshoppers” on equal footing?

Mer om landet Israels “bedrifter” og onde handlinger mot til og med USA, her:

Jewish writer Daniel Sugarman: Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite


…by Jonas E. Alexis


You just can’t make this stuff up. Daniel Sugarman has accused Richard Nixon of being an anti-Semite because Nixon has said some uncomfortable things.

Sugarman begins his article by saying that Nixon’s entourage was overwhelmingly Jewish. “His Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was Jewish. Leonard Garment, his White House counsel, was Jewish. Nixon speech-writers William Safire and Ben Stein were both Jewish.”

It doesn’t stop here:

“During the Yom Kippur war, when Israel’s future was at its bleakest, it was Nixon who went to Congress and asked them to sign off on emergency aid to the Jewish state. It was Nixon who organised an airlift to provide desperately needed supplies to Israel, a decision that reportedly moved a beleaguered Golda Meir to tears when she first heard it would happen.


Les resten:

Jewish writer Daniel Sugarman: Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite

Syrian War Report – January 24, 2017: Russian Strategic Bombers In Action Against ISIS

Advanced Supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is here !

Er det ikke landssvik av amerikanske presidenter å selge sjel, hud, hår og eget land til Israel? Pengesekken kommer jo ikke amerikanerne “på gata” til gode, men Israel. It’s Congress, stupid! Trump vil ha USA ut av FN fordi de ikke “helliggjør” Israel i sine hjerter (våger å kritisere og/eller stille landet til ansvar for hva det har gjort), som han har det:

Trump’s Plan to Kill UN Begins with Withdrawal Bill

Sucking up to Israel makes American president look ‘petty’


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … with Press TV, Tehran

The warning of our Founding Fathers, to “beware of foreign entanglements”, has been buried under NeoCon concrete

[ Note: Trump’s fawning over Israel can be explained in two simple words, Sheldon Adelson.  He owns Bibi, and for now the Likud party, and Trump, on his pet issue…Israel, not the country, but the huge international crime base. In Israel Shelley founded a free distribution newspaper that is basically a Bibi cheerleading tool, an “in your face” influence pedaling on a new scale.

There has not been any negative political blowback in Israel for his. On the contrary, a line has formed offering themselves up to Shelley, should they be so lucky.

Most would view this as politics as usual, powerful parties seeking influence the best way they can, but this is much different. In the past such “influence” was to advance one’s business and financial interests, where the money laid out would be returned many times over.

But in this case, Shelly is shelling out red ink, and does not care about getting a financial return. He is doing it for ideological reasons, at the expense of everyone else’s, without having to face the public to justify his motives.

And why should he have to do that? Well, try national security reasons for a starter. With Israel already having a lock on Congress and the media here (in terms of protection from bad coverage), why would having an additional lock on the US President be needed? The only answer I can see is that Shelly wants to do some things that Congress might not go for, that the man who signs executive orders can.

This is an intelligence penetration of the US government at the highest level, upon the person that has immunity, which not even Bibi has back at home, per his latest corruption scandal investigation. We will watch to see if the US Intelligence community moves against this threat, as they have the capacity to do so, as they always have, if they choose JD ]


Shelly gets a “two fer”

Sheldon Adelson now has two presidents in his pocket


Les resten/More:

Sucking up to Israel makes American president look ‘petty’

Trump Pentagon Guiding ISIL Through Deir Ezzur Offensive

By GPD on January 21, 2017

Neocon’s under General Jerry Boykin, dedicated to serving Israel at any cost to America, may well have been coordinating the war on Syria for a very long time, now fully inside the Pentagon on an official basis.

Les resten:

“Her har vi ingen problemer, kun utfordinger, som tv-pastoren i `Kristent Fellesskap´ alltid sa.

Untouchables Soundtrack

Bob Dylan: With God On Our Side (lyrics video)

Bob Dylan’s memorable 1988 Live Oakland performance of ‘With God on Our Side‘ made into a historical / lyric video. Hope you …

Since God Is For Us – Morris Chapman – Album: “The Artist (Remastered)”

Since God Is For Us” An inspirational song by Morris Chapman from his album “The Artist (Remastered)” released in May 2010.

Duane Loken on God Morgen Norge, singing Me and You

Duane Loken on the Norwegian live morning show God Morgen Norge on TV2 October 30th, 2006. He’s singing Me and You.


Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever (John Travolta ) [extraHD


Luther Vandross I Didn’t Really Mean It


Jeg fant ikke favorittversjonen min av “Jerusalem of gold” og heller ingen med norsk tekst (Je rusla hjem), så det får heller bli:


Jeg trodde Prima Vera og Jahn Teigen hadde en norsk versjon av “Saturday Night Fever”, men jeg fant noe like bra, knallbra:

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