NATO-terrorisme avslørt i Syria

Syria-Gate: NATO weaponry and personnel in East Aleppo


… from Southfront

Originally appeared at Freewestmedia

They all have serial numbers

[ Editor’s Note: As VT predicted, the real story on who was responsible for the horrors inflicted on Aleppo will be coming out, and some of the Western media are already looking for cover. We have reported on the many rat lines use by a variety of Western and Gulf State Intel agencies to arm the insurgents and jihadis and who later even provided Intel for their operations.

NATO has been in it up to its eyeballs, in terms of knowing what is going on and assisting where deemed appropriate. The story below includes an interview with the Syrian MP who first reported the NATO and Gulf State officers in Aleppo, who we were already aware of, as they had been in other parts of Syria in opposition and jihadi command bunkers, which got a bit riskier when the Russians came in.

But with the collapse of Aleppo, we knew there would be a treasure trove of hard evidence, and we are finding the ammo dumps that survived not being spotted and destroyed by the Syrian coalition. Much of this stuff will not have a paper trail from the US to Syria, but with some US and NATO ally stops along the way.

Weapons all have serial numbers, which are wonderful things for tracing where they were made, with their transportation more of a challenge. A few tons of NATO weapons is a drop in the bucket.

Most came through the CIA rat line into the Balkans and old Soviet States, and then the Western weapons bought by the Gulf States and transferred with a wink and a nod to the various jihadi groups. But at the end of the day, the bottom line is still aiding and abetting terrorism, which is a pretty serious felony, unless you are a state sponsor of terrorism, like you know whoJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  December 29, 2016 –

Huge stockpiles of weaponry and ammunition, many with NATO markings, were discovered in East Aleppo when the Al-Nusra militants, a local branch of Al Qaida, were pushed out of the city by Syrian forces.


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A Storm Is Coming


[Editor’s note: Veterans Today even played its part.  When confronted by evidence of electoral interference at every level, just like the CIA does to other countries, this time “payback” for the US, we knew that the truth would never get out.  We tried telling the Clinton campaign that the FBI and Israel were rigging the election, working hand in hand with fake news, voter suppression and sophisticated “erasable” hacking.

What they all wanted was to blame Russia, the traditional “boogeyman.”  This is why evidence is so thin, against Russia at least.  The evidence against Wikileaks, Israel and traitors in the US is massive but all are under FBI protection and there is no other body that can protect the United States.  Congress and the Supreme Court fell under the control of the elements that rigged this election long ago, something carefully documented by VT time and time again.

The evidence was overwhelming and it would have produced a massive amount of quality intelligence.  We had worked with the CIA on social media monitoring and analysis intelligence, some of us at least, in the Gulf, and we knew that Facebook was onboard, coordinating rumors and smears.  

Other efforts must have left the trail for others that we quickly found, straight to Tel Aviv, tied to a Netanyahu grudge and his obsession with destroying Iran and ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people, to hideous acts of criminality now deep in planning between the Trump and Likudist camps.

What will or at least “should” hang them all is the trail left by Wikileaks.  The Russians, out of desperation, let Assange into Russia Today, with other recognized foreign intelligence assets, a penetration of both Sputnik News and RT.  Press TV in Iran had gone through a similar process but Revolutionary Guards purged that publication and returned it to its previous level of prominence and quality.

For those unaware, if such a thing is possible, America’s efforts to undermine and control the press have long been turned on America herself through penetration of the BBG, the shadowy Broadcast Board of Governors and their equally shadowy relationship with the CIA’s black propaganda mechanisms.

Through Booz Allen Hamilton and the State Departments USAID, they run the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the “White Helmets” in Syria, the phony Moscow Times,Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, the Daily Beast and for our friends in the UK, the Daily Mail and the Guardian.

Feeding all is really the Mossad whose best and most defended asset has, since 2009, beenWikileaks and Julian Assange, taking over that crown from the Murdoch organizations.


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PressTV: Turkey plane transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen: Report



This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen’s Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP)

Yemeni sources say a Turkish plane transporting scores of Daesh Takfiri terrorists has landed in the Aden International Airport in southern Yemen.

Yemen’s al-Masirah news website reported that the plane carried 150 terrorists who were evacuated from Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo after Syrian government forces fully retook control of the city.

On December 22, the Syrian army said Aleppo had completely returned to government control after the last batch of civilians and militants were evacuated.

Yemeni security sources said the terrorists landed in the airport that is under the supervision of Emirati forces, who are taking part in the Saudi military campaign against Yemen, the report added.

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Turkey plane transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen: Report

En del av artiklene tilbake til den 27. des., finner dere på:

GPD – Veterans Today


Jes 14,12

Å, at du er falt fra himmelen, du morgenstjerne, morgenrødens sønn! At du…

Foto av “himmelrøden” (mangler, da blogg ble slettet)

Er dere veldig stolte over dere selv nå? I godt selskap med “Morgenrødens sønn” (Satans navn i Bibelen). Det er nettopp sånt noe han driver med. Han er en blodtørstig morder og løgner. Det finnes ikke sannhet i ham. Slik blir også hans disipler som følger ham.

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