Vestens 10 største løgner om frigjøringen av Aleppo, av historiker Ian Greenhalgh

Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo


Incapable of Shame: Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo

That the aim is to give the international civil society an entirely false view of the allied forces’ victory over ‘moderate’ terrorists is not the point of this write-up. What’s rather appalling is that the frantic propagandists are incapable of shame:

1- The evacuation is yet to begin, despite a ceasefire deal to allow civilians and opposition fighters from the besieged districts to leave.

– But, almost 6,000 civilians were evacuated from the Eastern districts on Wednesday alone, while over 350 militants turned themselves in. The civilians have all been placed in humanitarian centers, receiving food and medical assistance. The remaining rebels are allowed to leave but they have decided to stay – and fight.

2- The city has endured a brutal “meltdown of humanity” as Syrian forces rampage through newly reclaimed districts reportedly carrying out extrajudicial killings.

– But, not even one official report or video clip and picture has ever emerged to show that Syrian forces have committed any atrocities. True, some civilians have been tortured and killed. But this is because they tried to flee the rebel-held areas, wherewith they were captured and executed by them.

3- Syrian forces have resumed targeting rebel areas, breaking the ceasefire agreement.

– But, this has been in response to rebel attacks. Rebels broke the agreement and resumed the hostilities by firing at a convoy of rebels who agreed to be evacuated to the city of Idlib that was due to leave early Wednesday.

4- Civilians have been burning personal possessions as they fear looting by the Syrian Army and Iranian-backed militia allies.

– Again, no official media report has ever emerged to substantiate these silly allegations. The allied forces are there to save lives; they are not there to carry out butcheries, much less loot and detain 6,000 boys! Any doubters should ask the residents who are still on the streets celebrating their victory.


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Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo

Kristne aviser burde få med seg dette, og også alle andre:

Israel arms it’s Azerbaijani vassal in preparation for upcoming Trump war on Iran


[Editor’s note: Last month, the Russians moved Iskander ballistic missile systems with the range to strike anywhere in Turkey or Israel into Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Caucasus neighbour.

Therefore, one has to look at the aspect of this deal that will supply missile defence systems to Azerbaijan as partly a reaction to the Russian missile deployment. Furthermore, missile defence systems placed in Azerbaijan would be ideally sited to counter Iran’s ballistic missile forces, thus creating a defacto first line of defence for Israel against Iranian missiles.


Armenia and Azerbaijan are long-standing enemies and have been engaged in a low intensity conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh for years. Armenia is very close to Russia, both socially and politically, not least because it is a Christian country, the birthplace of the Orthodox Church, which makes it of special importance to Orthodox Christian Russia. It is also in a key strategic position between Russia and Turkey.

Azerbaijan is very close to Turkey, not least because ethnically, the Azerbaijani people are Turkic; it can be argued that Azerbaijan is a vassal of Turkey, so close are they aligned politically. Azerbaijan would be a key ally to Turkey should there be a conflict between Russia and Turkey, therefore we must view the Israeli deal to supply the latest arms to Azerbaijan as Israel arming one of it’s closest allies.

Make no mistake, Israel and Turkey are very closely aligned politically and militarily, partners in the Islamic State fraud and regardless of the current Russia-Israel co-operation that ‘elected’ Donald Trump, should Russia and Turkey find themselves in conflict, Israel would back Turkey to the hilt.

Les resten:

Israel’s Five Billion Dollar Military Goods Deal With Azerbaijan

  • Og de våpnene kommer til å brukes mot det kristne landet Armenia


BREAKING: Terrorists begin to leave Aleppo in buses and ambulances

Russia Thwarts ISIL Terror Attacks in Moscow, 4 Arrested

Iran sanctions bill becomes law without Obama signature

Rouhani urges Muslims to unite against ‘great plot’

Trump advisor Flynn shared classified intel

RT Tours al Qaeda Base in Aleppo

US voters have low expectations for Trump: Poll

Report: ISIS supply lines reached Turkey and Europe


[Editor’s note: VT has been reporting on how IS has been supplied and equipped from bases in Turkey for over two years, but only now is the Western media starting to catch up.

The supply base for Aleppo is the Turkish city of Gaziantep, due north over the border, the supplies flowing to Aleppo via the Castillo Road, usually hidden inside the aid convoys and ambulances of various NGOs and aid agencies.

Today, 5,000 terrorist fighters and family members have been allowed to evacuate from Aleppo, part of a hostage deal in order to get Syrian hostages held by the ‘rebels’ released. The sad fact is that these 5,000 fighters, many of them war criminals, will now go off to be re-equipped, re-armed and re-supplied by Turkey and will soon turn up somewhere else in Syria or Iraq and have to be defeated all over again. Ian]


Jerusalem Post
Report: ISIS supply lines reached Turkey and Europe

After the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces had cleared the village of Gogjali on the eastern edge of Mosul city in early November, they came across supplies abandoned by Islamic State. Some 100 bags of Sorbitol manufactured by the French company Tereos were found alongside a bag of potassium nitrate made by the Turkish company Toros.

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Report: ISIS supply lines reached Turkey and Europe

Press TV Debate: Israel, biggest force behind wars in Middle East

Watch The Debate at Press TV

The regime in Tel Aviv is continuing its illegal settlement expansion in the occupied territories despite international calls to stop them. More than half a million Israelis live in over 230 illegal settlement colonies built since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds. It seems that Israel is taking advantage of the occupation due to the world’s distraction from the issue because of other conflicts in the Middle East.

Press TV has spoken to Kevin Barrett, American scholar and editor of Veterans Today, as well as Ian Williams, senior analyst at Foreign Policy in Focus, to discuss the issue.

Barrett believes the Tel Aviv regime is the biggest force behind the wars in the Middle East, adding that they have been created “consciously” as part of the Oded Yinon Plan which calls for balkanization of Israel’s neighboring countries along ethnic and sectarian lines.

Les resten;

Press TV Debate: Israel, biggest force behind wars in Middle East

Syrian War Report – December 15, 2016: ISIS Encircles Govt Forces West Of Palmyra

Rest Of Militants Withdraws From Aleppo After Failed Night Attack

Hafslund monterer SmartMetere (Smart Grid), men påstår det ikke er helsefarlig. Hvor langt må man flytte for å slippe at de tar livet av oss, spør jeg. De kommer til min dør i desember, og jeg har ingenting jeg skulle ha sagt siden jeg ikke eier leiligheten. Er det forbudt å flytte til Finnmark og fyre med kull og ved, ja.

Deborah Tavares kan stave for dere hvor farlig “Smart-målerne” er (AMS)

SMART METERS smart meters exposed by DEBORAH TAVARES not smart dumb you Down

USA Inc NASA War Documents Depopulation & You – Deborah Tavares Trevor Coppola

Gunnar Stavrum/Nettavisen synes tydeligvis at Karl I. Hagen er klovnete, men neste gang kan dere jo bevise at dere ikke er det ved å se litt på hva HARP driver med. Jeg sendte det til dere for lenge siden, og har postet info om dette her i 1-2 år her inne, men ingen gidder å ta det på alvor. Hvorfor skal jeg ta dere på alvor. Når dere vet hva som skjedde i Fukushima, og dere vet hva HARP driver med; voldtar “himmelen” så temperaturene stiger, så er det klovnete å bare spørre folk om ting er “menneskeskapt” eller ikke. Anmeld heller HARP på vegne av menneskeheten.

Klovnete av Carl. I Hagen

Det står masse info om det her, hvis ikke media-Norge er like snørrhovne bleier som de alltid har vært. Jeg har ikke tid, tålmodighet eller penger til dette tullet deres mer.

Flere artikler om HAARPs teknologiske terror og befolkningreduksjon (som også Deborah Tavares har forklart grundig i NASAs krigsdokumenter (tidligere også kalt FNs Agenda 21).

NASA-satelittbilder avslører beviser på klimamanipulasjon: HAARP-bølger

Atomkatastrofen i Fukushima var menneskeskapt, for det var en terroraksjon, og nå gidder ikke jeg sitte og klikke “ja” eller “nei” på de dumme spørsmålene deres lenger. Jeg har bedre ting å bruke livet mitt til.




Jeg har kastet bort noen år på å snakke til døve ører. Jeg kan derfor like så godt la Norge gå dit de vil ha det, og fortsette der jeg slapp.

Alt de vil ha er “penger, penger, penger”, koste hva det koste vil. (Blodpenger)

De begynte kanskje en gang for mange år siden fordi de elsket å se sine egne ord på trykk?

Jeg tror jeg må gå og trykke litt, de gjør meg dårlig i magen.

En dag møter de seg selv i døren. Eller noen andre.

Ødelagte medialøgnhus har aldri sett sine egne sanne ansikt. Hadde de gjort det, ville de uansett ha benektet å noen gang å ha sett det.

Frykt ikke, for en dag skal dere få møte dere selv i døren, i fall dere skulle føle dere usikre på hvem dere er eller få nervøse rykninger av å holde masken (pokerfjesene).

Never Seen Your Face (Melvin Williams)

Buy: Visit the Williams Brothers‘ Official Website:

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