The NYT slettet norsk VIP-pedofiliartikkel for å beskytte… VIP-pedofile

The New York Times beskytter VIP-pedofile:

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway
Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News – Part 4

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


Second, the CIA launched a Dark Web child-porn blackmail operation against the Norwegian government to loot its postal lottery system of between $89 million and $300 million paid to the Clinton Foundation. Nearly all this hush money has gone unreported by the Clintons and was stuffed into secret accounts to finance the European refugee crisis and a proposed Qatar-Saudi pipeline through ISIS territory with oil shipments destined for Ukraine.
Now, after Hillary lost her mind and then the election, the Norwegian payback comes in retaliation for the Clintons’ deception, subversion and political manipulation that led to the meteorite rise of the CIA mole, Jens Stoltenberg, the Maoist ideologue who is the Secretary-General of NATO.

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Cover-Up: New York Times Censors Norway Pedophile Ring Story

Posted on December 11, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, US // 9 Comments

The New York Times has been caught censoring a story about a Norway pedophile ring that implicates top politicians in the country.

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20 av 51 overgripere arrestert

Norway launches probe on pedophile network involving 51 people, 20 arrested



PublishedNovember 21, 2016l

Norwegian police said on Sunday they are investigating a grotesque pedophilia ring suspected of involvement in the abuse of at least 51 people, which includes the abuse of infants and at least one case of a suspect acknowledging abusing his own children. The latest incident is considered one of the largest child sexual abuse cases in the country’s history.

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Norway Launches Pedo Network Probe – 20 Arrested

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Europe Norway investigates child abuse at asylum-seekers centers   

Former FBI Hero Ted Gunderson Exposed
The ‘Illuminati, Satanism And Pedophile Rings’

Human Child Meat Said Found In 90% Of
McDonalds Meat Plants And Retail Stores

Was Aaron Swartz Killed (2012) By Satanic Child Porn Ring?

Nyheter fra Veterans Today:

Dr. Preston James:

Den kommende krig mot pedofili?

The Coming War on Pedophilia?

Turkish Intel Murders Russian Ambassador in Ankara, in Erdogan False Flag Ploy

Syrian War Report – December 19, 2016: Syrian Army Calls Tens Of Thousands Of Reserve Soldiers

Russian cyber-attacks: top US Senators from both parties call for a Select Committee

World better not pry into how we decide to pull trigger on someone – ex-chief of Mossad

Trump could accomplish ‘something remarkable’ in foreign policy: Kissinger

What Racist Registries Look Like

Syrian Govt Forces Prepare To Retake Eastern Ghouta

 The Order of Things – A Dialogue on Modernity and Michel Foucault (Part I)

UNSC Agrees on ‘Good Text’ of Aleppo Draft Resolution, Vote Scheduled for Monday

New York Times on “Aleppo’s Destroyers”: All the fake news that’s fit to print

A Century of Treachery

NEO – Reuters: “Fake News” Poster Child

Russia tells Assad there is no ‘military solution’ for Syria

Nazis Trained and Supported Chile’s Operation Condor Activities

USA-støttede terrorister i Aleppo har spist opp nødhjelpen som var ment for de sivile i Øst-Aleppo (som vanlig)

Evacuation of militants from east Aleppo suspended

Syria Hands Over Evidence of Mustard Gas Attack by Rebels on Civilians to OPCW

Vladimir Putin morally and intellectually humiliates Satanist Masha Gessen again

Chinese warship captures US underwater drone

Updated: Syrian Special Forces captured 14 US Coalition officers captured in Aleppo

The 12 Truths of Christmas

UK: Sex workers suffering violence call for greater legalization of the trade (VIDEO)

Turkish convoys loaded with TOW and MANPAD missiles waiting to equip Terrorists in Syria

NYT slams ‘dangerous’ Friedman appointment as Israel envoy

Tass: Obama vows to prove Russia’s involvement in US campaign hacks

Grassroots campaign urges electors to vote for Vladimir Putin

Syrian Army And Its Allies Launch Offensive Operation West Of Palmyra

Obama warns Trump not to provoke China over Taiwan

Your Radiation This Week No 85 and 86

NEO – Obama is Digging an anti-Russia Hole for Donald Trump

FBI backs CIA claim that Russian hackers meddled in US election

Vladimir Putin to NWO agents and Barack Obama: So, you want to get in the ring for a real fight?

West policy vis-à-vis Syria has fallen short: Ex-French PM

How does it feel being interfered with, America?

US Electoral College may refuse to select Trump as Republicans turn against him

Syrian regime halts Aleppo evacuation, says rebels firing on convoys

Kaleo: Death Dealing Pharma Gouges on Life Saving Drug

Large Number of Turkish, Saudi (Israeli) Officers Deployed in Syria’s Aleppo City

Betrayal: Neo-Nazi “Trumpities” Reel as Ultra-Zionist Appointed Ambassador to Israel

US Poised to ‘Tear Up’ Montreux Convention and Keep Its Fleet in Black Sea

US Backed Terrorists in Aleppo Consumed Food Delivered From Abroad While Civilians Starved

Facebook Garbage: WaPo to Decide What is Real, God Save Us

Aleppo: From Syrian War to the Asia-Pacific Region

Aleppo:  a mirror of the future world

Syrian War Report – December 16, 2016: Government Forces Disrupt ISIS Offensive On Tyas Airbase

Operation Condor Files Reinforce US Contempt for Latin America

Lindsey Graham: Yes, I am a political moron and a puppet of the Israeli regime

Obama vows ‘action’ against Russia over election hacks

Iranian president: Both Shia Crescent, Sunni Triangle false; Shia-Sunnis are brothers

When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.

Classified Analysis: Russia Expands Ground Forces

Tillerson has no formal foreign policy background

Israel arms it’s Azerbaijani vassal in preparation for upcoming Trump war on Iran

Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo

BREAKING: Terrorists begin to leave Aleppo in buses and ambulances

Russia Thwarts ISIL Terror Attacks in Moscow, 4 Arrested

Iran sanctions bill becomes law without Obama signature

Rouhani urges Muslims to unite against ‘great plot’ 

Trump advisor Flynn shared classified intel

RT Tours al Qaeda Base in Aleppo

US voters have low expectations for Trump: Poll

Report: ISIS supply lines reached Turkey and Europe

Press TV Debate: Israel, biggest force behind wars in Middle East

Syrian War Report – December 15, 2016: ISIS Encircles Govt Forces West Of Palmyra

Rest Of Militants Withdraws From Aleppo After Failed Night Attack

Loss of Palmyra – a soldiers diary


Nyheter fra

Bare Naked Islam

Refugee Resettlement Watch – Tracking The Invasion

Muslim Radicals In Massive Infiltration Of US Govt, Colleges

Muslim Invasion Destroying EU, US Overall IQ Competence

Almost 14,000 Syrians Enter US In 2016 (many fighters)

12 Yr Old Muslim Terrorist Tries To Detonate
A Nail Bomb At A German Christmas Market

Muslim Charged For Lying She Was Harassed
By Men Screaming ‘Donald Trump’ At Her

OSU Attacker Was Terror-Recruitment
Target – DHS Ignored The Whole Issue

Germany – Streets And Squares Under Muslim Control

Record Number Of Somali Fighters Enter US
Where Does Tillerson Stand On These Savages?

1000 Muslims Close London Streets To Chant
Allahu Akbar And Demand Islamic Caliphate!

Rome On Verge Of WAR Between Muslims, Poor Italians

Muslims Deface 50 Christian Statues In Germany

Cologne Sex Attack Videos Show Women
Screaming At Muslim Animals During Attacks

Austria FM Demands Tough Immigration Stance

10,000 Saudi-Backed Islamic Extremists In Germany


No-Go Muslim Zones’ Hit Sweden – Furious Clash

Experts Reveal Techniques Used By The
Media To Brainwash & Control The Masses

The Actual War On Christians

Fukushima har nå forurenset 1/3 av verdens hav

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean – And It’s Going To Get Worse

Vatikanet, Bilderberg og en “Flyktninge” -krise

17.12.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl

Vatican, Bilderberg and a ‘Migration’ Crisis


Tvangschipping av mentalt syke, mentalt handikappede i USA oppe til “høring”

Veterans Today:

Democrats and Pizzagate? | Veterans Today

5. mar. 2017 – I strongly recommend a viewing of David Zublick’s recent YouTube presentation on Pizzagate: The Men Who Knew Too Much about Pizzagate.

Alex Jones Apologises for ‘Pizzagate’ Fake News | Veterans Today

Alex Jones Apologises for ‘Pizzagate‘ Fake News. By Ian Greenhalgh on March 25, 2017. VT was right once again – Adding the Pizza-Gate hoax to the list.

Activist Angel vs. Kevin Barrett on “DC Pizzagate” | Veterans Today

23. nov. 2016 – Instead, the guest host, Activist Angel, began excitedly haranguing me about the so-called “pizza-gate” scandal: Allegations that Wiki-leaked …


Weinstein var Hillary og Bill Clinton, Kerrys og Obamas sponsor

Top Investment Fund Manager For Soros Accused Of Human Trafficking And Brutal Rapes

Keshe: Belgium/Netherlands Child Murder Cult Exposed

Tillegg 26. nov. 2017

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