Når de syriske kyllinger kommer hjem for å “vagle” har noen i USAs statsdepartement noe å forklare: Våpenforsyning til IS

Statsminister Erna Solberg og alle norske nettaviser og tv-stasjoner kommer sikkert også til å beklage at USA er “tatt”, slik de beklager alt Russland og dets samarbeidspartnere i krigen mot IS har fått til. Bevisene er på bordet, og ICC, USA og Vesten får noe å tygge på: Sine egne lepper, mens de skal tenke ut en straff for de skyldige.

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When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.



by Mike Harris VT Editor,  …with Press TV,  Tehran

Here is my interview on Press TV today. I want everyone to understand what a game changer the surrender of the Syrian Terrorists is. For the first time, the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments have hard evidence of who is providing the material support for terrorism. The capture of between 4000-6000 terrorist/mercenary jihadi’s is an intelligence cornucopia.

Meet the TOW family
Meet the TOW family

In addition there is the issue of the surrendered weapons, particularly the USA made TOW missiles, manufactured by Raytheon Corp. in Tucson Arizona. The question has been for some time, how did ISIS come to have TOW missiles and other advanced US manufactured weapons systems.

At last the world will have concrete answers. Remember, no weapons systems are allowed to ship or be sold without approval by the US Department of State.

It appears that some one at the Department of State will have some explaining to do. Every TOW missile has a serial number, we will know exactly whom it was sold to and when and more importantly who approved the sale and to what US ally. The TOW missiles are but one of many advanced weapons system that ISIS had.

I look for the repercussions from this to be very far reaching, and the world will finally have the proof of who are real the state sponsors of terror. Do not be surprised if several of the USA’s closest allies are the guilty parties.

In addition to the weapons and that paper trail, there is the issue of the stolen oil and artifacts which have funded ISIS for the duration of this conflict. The oil and artifacts did not move themselves, there was a transport, a tanker truck, a VLCC ship or a pipeline that moved the pirated oil.

There was a buyer from a refinery that purchased it and a bank that cleared the financial transaction that funded the sale of the oil and gave the proceeds to ISIS. All of these parties are also guilty of supporting terrorism, there are major corporate interests at stake here too.


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When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost.

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Israel og Tyrkias bånd er mye tettere en verden er klar over, og neste steg er å angripe det kristne landet Armenia, ved å alliere seg med Azerbaijan

Israel arms it’s Azerbaijani vassal in preparation for upcoming Trump war on Iran


[Editor’s note: Last month, the Russians moved Iskander ballistic missile systems with the range to strike anywhere in Turkey or Israel into Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Caucasus neighbour.

Therefore, one has to look at the aspect of this deal that will supply missile defence systems to Azerbaijan as partly a reaction to the Russian missile deployment. Furthermore, missile defence systems placed in Azerbaijan would be ideally sited to counter Iran’s ballistic missile forces, thus creating a defacto first line of defence for Israel against Iranian missiles.


Armenia and Azerbaijan are long-standing enemies and have been engaged in a low intensity conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh for years. Armenia is very close to Russia, both socially and politically, not least because it is a Christian country, the birthplace of the Orthodox Church, which makes it of special importance to Orthodox Christian Russia. It is also in a key strategic position between Russia and Turkey.

Azerbaijan is very close to Turkey, not least because ethnically, the Azerbaijani people are Turkic; it can be argued that Azerbaijan is a vassal of Turkey, so close are they aligned politically. Azerbaijan would be a key ally to Turkey should there be a conflict between Russia and Turkey, therefore we must view the Israeli deal to supply the latest arms to Azerbaijan as Israel arming one of it’s closest allies.

Make no mistake, Israel and Turkey are very closely aligned politically and militarily, partners in the Islamic State fraud and regardless of the current Russia-Israel co-operation that ‘elected’ Donald Trump, should Russia and Turkey find themselves in conflict, Israel would back Turkey to the hilt.

Israeli drone base in Azerbaijan. The radio mast for drone control is at the top centre of the photo.

Then there is the situation regarding Iran; Trump is almost certainly going to scrap the Iran nuke deal, that is one of the key objectives for his regime, as set by his Israeli masters. Furthermore, Trump is likely to at least attempt to start a war with Iran, again at the behest of Netanyahu and the Zionist Likud that rules Israel. Should there be a war with Iran, Azerbaijan, which borders northern Iran, will become one of the key fronts. We have known for years that Israel has drone bases in Azerbaijan that it uses to spy on Iran, as Gordon reported over two years ago.


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Israel arms it’s Azerbaijani vassal in preparation for upcoming Trump war on Iran

Ti på topp-løgner i Vesten om frigjøringen i Aleppo

Top Ten Western Lies About Liberation of Aleppo

BREAKING: Terrorists begin to leave Aleppo in buses and ambulances

Russia Thwarts ISIL Terror Attacks in Moscow, 4 Arrested

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Rouhani urges Muslims to unite against ‘great plot’ 

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Report: ISIS supply lines reached Turkey and Europe

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Loss of Palmyra – a soldiers diary

De vet å ordne seg, de amerikanerne (NATO og Co)

All verdens goder (goodies) tilhører oss guder (gods), det er bare å forsyne seg. “Since God is for us, who can be against us?” Derfor er det veldig viktig å holde styr på alle gudene, eller så kan “Gud bevare oss” gå helt i dass, hvis man har feil gud med på lass.

Bor man for eksempel på feil sted her i verden, kan det til og med være et stort problem å få tak i bananer (i et halvt århundre eller mer).

Damene på vestkanten; Majorstua (som illustrert i “Gurin med reverompa“) kunne veldig enkelt sette seg ned og kose seg med en avis og en banan, men i Nord-Norge gikk det ganske lang tid før man fikk tropiske frukter i butikken. Bananene kunne lett bli brune eller være fri for C-vitamin (appelsinene) når de endelig havnet i hyllene, på grunn av avstandene og “snegletransport”.

Men takket være insektsmidler (som drepte insekter som stod for polleniseringen) har vi nordlendinger også fått smake bananer. Takk Gud, uansett.

Ganske god, tross alt.

Banana Airlines – Yes we have no bananas

Harry Belafonte synger om Taliban (“Tellemann” telle my bananas) og bananer:





NEO – New Revelations in Syrian War


by James O’Neill,… with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Editor’s Note: We are now arriving at the later stages of the exposure of so-called free and democratic nations for their involvement in supporting state-sponsored terror as part of their foreign policy tool kit, and keeping parts of their military and defense contractors well-oiled.

They have literally tattooed themselves with their crimes, meaning their open violation of a number of international laws and conventions that are simply ignored and not enforced, while they seek to punish “rogue groups” for doing such.

But there has been a second and third layer to this ongoing crime, the culpability of mass media in not reporting it, but even worse…attacking those who do report it. And then there is the mass institutional failure, where everyone from all the various veterans, legal and security trade and professional groups, who have obviously been aware of the ongoing process has “stood down” throughout it all.

These groups are routinely honored for their service to their respective countries. When they have their respective elections for leadership, I am not aware of a single case where new aspiring leadership runs for office on the issue that their organizations are becoming “fake” ones, in which they routinely violate the oaths they have taken to defend their country by looking the other way on their own state-sponsored terrorism.

On the contrary, their failure is so abysmal, and on such a huge scale, that one could easily make the case they are aiding and abetting the active perpetrators by remaining silent, not wanting to “rock the boat”, or “discredit their organizations”, when that is exactly what they are doing.

The ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, has only now begun to pursue Western nations for crimes against humanity

At VT we had always assumed that continued revelations would build up pressure to the point where something would have to be done to turn the tide. We no longer think it, because articles exposing the scale of “Fake government” are routinely published, but the routine response from any authority is to shoot the messenger.

I would not even hesitate to pose the question is this hollowing out of nation after nation’s institutions turning them into fake Potemkin villages; can these countries honestly continue to describe themselves as civilizations any more, and does anyone care? Frankly, we are getting pessimisticJim W. Dean


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Her får dere hele forklaringen på hvem IS er:

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project

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