Russland-Kina-Iran Strategisk Triangel – F. William Engdahl – Geopolitikk kan bli barnslig iblant

NEO – Russia-China-Iran Strategic Triangle


… by  F. William Engdahl,  with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


[ Editor’s note: As Mr. Enghahl specializes in this area, we like to use his material to stay abreast of what is going on in China, which includes what they want us to think.

The case in point is Bill’s not being very critical of China’s mostly “all talk and no action”, when it comes to joint work on anti-terrorism, or any real joint defense commitments with teeth in them.

China has done nothing but grab a few cheap headlines in Syria, over some medical supplies “to fight terrorism”, and similarly with Iraq. It is saving its resources for the home front, while others get a “letter of intent”. Iran does not need the military help, but does want to keep China a happy buyer of Iranian oil, via a good balance of payments with buying China products.

But what is 100% solid in the geopolitical shift is how the Eurasian countries view the US and its brat child the EU, as they seek the continued unipolar domination of the world.

We see the proof of this with the huge propaganda investment for conditioning the American public into being fearful of faraway counties that have no real capacity to sustain traditional conflict outside their border areas with feasible supply lines.

Geopolitics can get childish sometimes
Geopolitics can get childish sometimes

VT can find no military or security experts to publicly debate us on the validity of this ongoing threat hoax being rammed down the public’s throat to line them up to pay the tab necessary for our huge 750+ base forward deployment. It is one in which only a handful of key companies have a huge annuity in this never ending base support.

The Russia and China threat hoax ranks up there with the Iranian one that was exposed, but where those pushing the hoax were never attacked afterward for what I call a public relations national security crime. No one in the military, including the veterans orgs, ever went after the fraudsters, showing that they could not be trusted to defend us in such matters.

But because the people themselves were mostly asleep at the wheel, as they are on the current Russia-China threat hoax, the vets experienced no loss of esteem. They pose the question, as their cover, that if the public does not care, then why should they. No one thought the Iran deal could be done and it was, so we are hoping a similar end of the story on this new Eurasian boogeyman, with Iran being bootstrapped back inJim W. Dean ]


– First published … November 21, 2016 –

The developing economic, political and military links binding Iran, China and Russia in what I see as an emerging Golden Triangle in Eurasia, are continuing to deepen insignificant areas.

railway new silk road russia iran china

This, while it seems to be US geopolitical strategy in a prospective Trump Administration to distance Washington from both Iran and from China, while dangling the carrot of lessened confrontation between Washington and Moscow – classic Halford Mackinder or Kissinger geopolitics of avoiding a two-front war that was colossally backfiring on Washington by trying to shift the power balance.

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NEO – Russia-China-Iran Strategic Triangle

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Eller kanskje likere dere blått bedre? Blått OVER blondt. Fargen holdt ikke, så nå har jeg malt det med hvit oljemaling. “Straks bedre”. Hvit er ingen farge.  (Foto av min nymalte blå-blonde vegg mangler).

 Blondt over blått

4:54 Billy Joel sang om motorsykkelen sin som var blond over blått i farge

Karaoke: Billy Joel / Blonde Over Blue

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