Den amerikanske anti-syriske koalisjon må revurdere sine planer om en saudi-qatarsk olje og gassrørledning gjennom nordre Syria.

BREAKING: Russia May Be Forced to Attack Ukraine Missile Launchers and NATO Radars

NEO – US State Department “Greecing the Skids”

Greece is a classic regime change target with its long-time deeply divided parliament

by  Phil Butler,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Phil Butler works out of Germany
Phil Butler works out of Germany

[ Editor’s note: One of the methods the VT network uses to track false flag terrorism is to keep close track on the tools and methods that we know have been used successfully in the past.

And by that I do not mean just the successful execution of the attacks, but getting away with them without substantial, in-depth public investigation.

One of the clues we track in the operatives category is where certain US ambassadors are shuffled around to, as the placement of proven talent always precedes the start of new mayhem.

NEO’s Phil Butler has been doing this himself by keeping an eye of the recent move of Geoffrey Pyatt of the Ukraine Maidan leaked-tape fame with Victoria Nuland. Pyatt is going to Greece now.

We will be looking for some major destabilization to get cranked up there, which will throw a monkey wrench into the momentum of the Turkish Stream pipeline that has been chosen to make land fall in Greece to give Russia its long-desired Southern Europe supply chain.

A storm is gathering over ancient Greece once again
A storm is gathering over ancient Greece once again

While the US wants to paint this as a threat to Europe somehow, it is just the opposite. The multiple pipelines will provide more energy security for Europe from delivery disruptions, like we saw when Ukraine played that card in its Western-backed showdown with Moscow.

It was a stupid move that contributed to the country’s economic destruction, but those involved never accept responsibility for their disasters. Democratic representative government is just an empty word now, something that has been corrupted beyond recognition from its original intended meaning.

The US anti-Syrian coalition is having to reconsider their plans for a Saudi-Qatar oil and gas pipeline through Northern Syria to feed into southern Europe to have all those energy sale revenues stay in the US’ and Gulf States’ pockets, so they can continue buying tens of billions of dollars worth of advanced US weaponry.

Peace and stability are hated words among this phony US-coalition crowd. They are into the chaos and mayhem game all the way, as there is where their money power comes from — milking the public via endless manufactured security threatsJim W. Dean ]


Will Greece once again be targeted by powerful outside invaders?
Will Greece once again be targeted by powerful outside invaders? “It worked before…”

– First published  …  September 29, 2016 –

News the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt was replaced by Marie Yovanovitch was initially uplifting for half of the world. Then it was tentatively announced that President Obama suited the career diplomat up to take over in Greece.

Geoffrey Pyatt
Geoffrey Pyatt

The man overheard organizing “post coup” Ukraine government with Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, will no doubt head up Athens’ next civil war.

What makes matters even worse is the fact Yovanovitch has hit the ground running in Kiev, rekindling the anti-Russia blame game Pyatt helped get started.

If putting mediocrity in places surrounding Russia were not bad enough, guess who is rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s “Girl Friday” at the US State Department is she is elected.

Yes, F___ the EU Russophobe Nuland. The scary thing about all these postings for me, is the level of arrogance, illiteracy, and downright incompetence Washington sends to represent the American People. “Delusional” is the only word that comes to mind to describe Geoffrey Pyatt, who told Radio Free Europe the other day:


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NEO – The hot war with Russia began a while ago

VT has been on the front lines of exposing the massive disinformation media campaign on world events

… by  Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

The Emerald City is not waiting for us at the end of the road
The Emerald City is not waiting for us at the end of the road

[ Editor’s Note: Gordon takes us down the Yellow Brick Road of the horrible situation we find ourselves in, with no major solutions in sight or even under discussion. For those of you suffering from depression, you need to take a pill before reading this, as it is a long, unfortunate story.

But few can stitch the diverse and seemingly unconnected pieces of this ongoing tragedy as Gordon can, part of that due to his being a MENSA with a photographic memory of everything he has seen, heard or read. That really comes in handy for deep Intel analysis, and explains why certain people having Gordon’s personal cel number is considered such a privilege. He answers his phone and can provide answers on the spot where few others, or no one else can.

We often get entreaties from readers to provide more answers to the problems that are going on now. That is adding another big job onto the one we already have — uncovering the massive disinformation campaign to render public scrutiny and organized resistance into a political Tower of Babel. So far it has been working. There is not major opposition on the scene yet.

That does not mean things are hopeless. A hell of a lot more people understand more of what is really going on and where the fixes are in place for blocking our attempts to clean out the slime balls. We have a long hard fight ahead of us, with step number one being not getting sucked into all the divide and conquer stratagems placed before us…Jim W. Dean ]


Turkey just got a taste of the divide and conquer game
Turkey just got a taste of the divide and conquer game

– First published  …  July 16, 2016 –

The real actors in war are often seen and too often forgotten. When Ukraine was overrun by NATO in the guise of a revolution, any idiot should have known what was coming. Everyone knew who planned it, who paid for it, who the players were and are but there is also much no one understands.


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Doctors of Death: Syrian doctors in the US and their CIA-ISIS ties

By Ian Greenhalgh on October 4, 2016

Another CIA-Israeli Disinfo Operation in the USA Busted

SAMS are at the forefront of those pushing the false narrative of Russian “barbarity” in bombing hospitals in Aleppo

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