Obama prøver å snike igjennom TPP i ‘hjernedød’ kongress, presser med ukorrekt info og store løgner. Facebook nå mer skremmende

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Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary?

August 8, 2016

Maybe Hillary is the Deep State’s shoo-in for president. But I suspect doubts in the Deep State have advanced to active sabotage for the reasons noted below.

Few would dispute that Hillary Clinton is the Establishment’s candidate. It’s widely accepted that the Establishment hews to a neoconservative (neo-con) foreign policy that is fully supported by America’s Deep State, i.e. the centers of state power that don’t change as a result of elections.

As a result, it’s widely accepted that the Deep State fully supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency and will move heaven and earth to get her elected. While this is a logical premise, I suspect it’s overly simplistic. I suspect major power centers in the Deep State are actively sabotaging Hillary because they’ve concluded she is a poisoned chalice who would severely damage the interests of the Deep State and the U.S.A.

Poisoned chalice: something that seems very good when it is first received, but in fact does great harm to the person/ institution/ nation that receives it.

I realize this may strike many as ludicrous, but bear with me as we work through the notion that the Deep State would prefer Trump to Hillary.

The consensus view seems to be that the Establishment and the Deep State see Trump as a loose cannon who might upset the neo-con apple cart by refusing to toe the Establishment’s Imperial line.

This view overlooks the possibility that significant segments of the Deep State view the neo-con strategy as an irredeemable failure and would welcome a president who would overthrow the remnants of the failed strategy within the Establishment and Deep State.

To these elements of the Deep State, Hillary is a threat precisely because she embraces the failed strategy and those who cling to it. From this point of view, Hillary as president would be an unmitigated disaster for the elements of the Deep State that have concluded the U.S. must move beyond the neo-con strategic failures to secure the nation’s core interests.

There are other reasons why elements of the Deep State view Hillary as a poisoned chalice.

1. Hillary is an empty vessel. Nobody seriously claims she has any core beliefs that she would make personal sacrifices to support. While at first glance this may seem to be a plus, the Deep State is not devoid of values. Rather, the typical member of the Deep State has strong values and distrusts/ loathes people like Hillary who value nothing other than personal aggrandizement.

Hillary’s sole supreme commitment is the further aggrandizement of wealth and power to her family. This makes her intrinsically untrustworthy to the Deep State, which has bigger fish to fry than the Clinton Project of aggrandizing wealth and personal power.

2. Hillary has exhibited the typical flaw of liberal Democrats: fearful of being accused as being soft on Russia, Syria, Iran, terrorism, etc. or losing whatever war is currently being prosecuted, liberal Democrats over-compensate by pursuing overly aggressive and poorly planned policies.

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Obama tries to sneak through TPP in lame-duck Congress

Aug17 by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport

August 17, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

First: know that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a huge Globalist trade deal among 12 nations that would a) “phase out thousands of tariffs” (NY Times, 6/1/16) and b) set up corporate tribunals to punish nations that refuse to import goods (e.g., toxic pesticides, toxic medical drugs, GMOs).

In short, it’s a nightmare.

Wiping out tariffs is the cornerstone of the Globalist agenda. It allows companies in industrial countries to move their factories to Third World hell holes, pay slave wages, ignore environmental conditions, and then export their products back to the countries they abandoned…with no tariffs. No taxes. No penalties.

The absence of tariffs is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the ONLY way these corporations can exports products from their factories in the Third World and make a profit. It’s the un-level playing field. It creates a world run by and for mega-corporations.

Obama is the Rockefeller Globalists’ man in the White House. He’s tasked with pushing through Congressional ratification of the TPP, come hell or high water.

He sees hell on the horizon and the water is rising. If Trump wins, the TPP is likely toast. If Hillary wins, who knows what’ll happen? Her latest flip-flop was to come out against the TPP. That was her strategy as she tried to win over Bernie Sanders supporters. Sanders was virulently against the TPP treaty.

So…Obama is aiming to have Congress ratify the TPP during its lame-duck session, which takes place after the November election and before new winners assume office in January.

In other words, during the lame-duck session, all members of Congress who occupy office at this current moment will still be there, before the newly elected Congress (whoever they are) takes over.

Obama calculates his best chance of passing the TPP is with the present membership of Congress.

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Obama Pushing For TPP

With Misinfo And Big Lies

By Stephen Lendman

  US trade deals are jobs-killing weapons of mass destruction. They destroy fundamental freedoms. They ignore eco-sanity.

They’re abominations vital to end. America needs fair, not Orwellian free trade. Preventing TPP?s enactment into US law is crucial for all working-age Americans and their families.

Obama intends going on the offensive publicly to get Congress on board for its passage. Last October, he touted it in his weekly radio address – featuring a litany of Big Lies, one of many examples of how he consistently betrayed the public trust throughout his tenure.

He claimed (then and now) TPP is “the best possible deal for American workers.”

Fact: It’s an abominable jobs, wages and benefits destroyer. Obama, of course, knows it but lied claiming the opposite of what’s true.

Obama: TPP lets “American businesses…sell more of their products (abroad so) they can expand and support good jobs here at home.”

Fact: “American business” want TPP enacted to offshore more jobs than already, accelerating the nation’s race to the bottom.

Obama: “Outdated trade rules put our workers at a disadvantage. And TPP will change that.”

Fact: TPP is anti-worker, anti-consumer, anti-vital freedoms too important to lose.

Obama: TPP will hold “partner countries to higher standards and rais(e) wages across a region that makes up nearly 40% of the global economy.”

Fact: TPP lowers the fairness and equity bar in all signatory countries, notably America if it’s enacted into law here.

Obama: TPP “means to level the playing field for American workers and businesses (under) rules (that) are fair.”

Fact: TPP prioritizes corporate profits at the expense of worker rights and fundamental freedoms.

Obama claims TPP will undo sins of past trade deals. It’ll exacerbate them on steroids. “It includes the strongest labor rights in history,” he said. FALSE!!

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Is Germany Really Preparing For War?

Defense Corps Tell Investors WW3 Great For Biz

7 Reasons Why We Do Not Need A President

‘Astronomical Amounts Of Radiation’ In Downtown Tokyo

Facebook Just Got a Whole Lot Creepier

Michael Krieger | Posted Tuesday Aug 30, 2016 at 3:12 pm 2 Comments

I’ve been creeped out by Facebook for a long time now. The following story takes it to another level.

From Fusion:

While some of these incredibly accurate friend suggestions are amusing, others are alarming, such as this story from Lisa*, a psychiatrist who is an infrequent Facebook user, mostly signing in to RSVP for events. Last summer, she noticed that the social network had started recommending her patients as friends…and she had no idea why.

“I haven?t shared my email or phone contacts with Facebook,” she told me over the phone. 

The next week, things got weirder.

Most of her patients are senior citizens or people with serious health or developmental issues, but she has one outlier: a 30-something snowboarder. Usually, Facebook would recommend he friend people his own age, who snowboard and jump out of planes. But Lisa told me that he had started seeing older and infirm people, such as a 70-year-old gentleman with a walker and someone with cerebral palsy.

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Facebook Just Got A Whole Lot Creepier

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Emails Show Crook Hillary’s Huma Handling Fndn Donors

New National Polls Show Crook Hillary Fading

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Clinton Body Count Mounts

Larry Cable Guy – Hillary Will Be The End Of America

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Clinton Takes Russia-Bashing To New Level – Fails

Cronkite & Hillary ADMIT The NWO Conspiracy

Obama Brings 10,000 Syrian & Somali Muslims To US

Foreign Hackers Hit AZ, IL Election Databases

US Should Improve Voting Systems Amid Cyberattacks

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US Declines Comment That TTIP Talks Failed

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France Demands An End To TTIP Talks

I’m Triggered…I Need A Safe Space

Escobar – Game is About Containing Russia-China

China New Missile Defense System To Defend vs US, SK

US, India Sign Major MIlitary Pact – China Not Happy

Luther Vandross & Patti LaBelle – Is it good to you

Er den bra for dere, Norge? Når skal dere legge dere ned og skreve for TPP også her?

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