Møt jødene i Donald Trumps indre sirkel

Vladimir Putin: The International Criminal Court ain’t worth it – and that’s true

Guantanamo Bay gets new boss under Trump

The rise against government corruption in South Korea

Un-Trump the World

Syrian War Report – November 18, 2016: Govt Forces Storming Eastern Aleppo

Russian spokeswoman says Jews behind Trump win

NEO – Will US Hit the Reset Button with Russia?

Should the military overthrow Trump?

Armenian President: Russia’s Iskander missile systems in Armenia to maintain balance in region

Trump Election Spurs Hate Crime Wave with 400 Racist Incidents

FF2P – False Flags 2 Protect American interests in the Mideast replaces R2P?

Trump’s “isolationism” vs. Deep State

Possible Scenarios of the Conflict in Syria

(flere nyheter nedenfor)

Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle

By Ian Greenhalgh on November 16, 2016

[Editor’s note: Trump is a Zionist puppet, created by kingpin of the Judeo-Zionist mob, AKA the Kosher Nostra, Roy Cohn. The Israeli press have been using reverse psychology to disguise the fact Trump is their boy by making false claims against him of anti-semitism and falsely claiming he would act against Jewish interests in the US – this is a ploy to appeal to the Nazis and far-right extremists that supported Trump at the ballot boxes.

However, as this article shows, Trump has surrounded himself with Jewish advisors, all of them with close ties to Israel.

Trump’s selection of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist is yet another sign of the Israeli control of Trump – Bannon has long been a stooge of Benjamin Netanyahu, and will serve as Trump’s handler, relaying instructions from Netanyahu, in effect, Bannon is the strings that connect puppet Trump to puppetmaster Netanyahu. The ADL condemning Bannon’s appointment is just more reverse psychology to fool the dumb white folks. Ian]

Les resten:

Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle


Today in Trumpland, Life on the other side of the mirror

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 16, 2016

Trumplets say that “never again” can’t come soon enough.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Schools across Ohio are reporting incidents of ethnic students being abused and bullied by alleged Trump supporters.  Most abused are girls and Jewish students, though this is not being reported.  Hispanic and African American males are seldom bothered, you can guess why, and where there are Muslim students, they are seldom a minority.  The Israeli press is reporting the abuse but there is no reporting in the US.  This is going to lead to a Columbine type incident or a Sandy Hook.  Anyone who thinks Jewish kids can’t get guns because their parents are overeducated liberals will find out different.  Ask 300,000 dead Palestinians.

On a lighter note, Ty Parsons is reporting that Trump will be issuing a secret announcement for the roundup of Jews.  He says he will be personally coming to my house to get me.  I always welcome this kind of enthusiasm on the part of our Nazi types and remind them, as I do with all such visitors, to “stand on the plastic.”

While Trump organizers have been telling “flyover state” types that Jews will be rounded up, the Jewish Telegraph Agency is reporting that Trump will be traveling to Israel to meet with Netanyahu who will be outlining American foreign policy.

It will be Netanyahu who will be directing American efforts, according to Trump, to support the Assad government in its fight against ISIS.  As Netanyahu is also directing ISIS efforts to overthrow the Assad government as well, we are concerned that there may be a potential conflict of interest.

All the while, many close to Assad believe they will actually be getting American aid, an offer made to them as ISIS is being put under the ground by the combined efforts of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria and despite the Erbil Kurds, Turkey and Israel.

Les resten:

Today in Trumpland, Life on the other side of the Mirror

Russian Pantsir-S air defense systems go to Kuweires airbase near Aleppo City

Judge orders CIA, FBI & NSA to disclose whether they spied on Occupy Philadelphia protests – report

Russia’s Economy Minister detained for corruption

Never Lose HOPE in Dealing with your Fears and Anxieties

Jennifer Hudson – Believe

Chaka Khan ‘Through the Fire’ LIVE @ GOSPEL CELEBRATION 2011 2

Yolanda Adams – The Lord’s Prayer 

Yolanda Adams sings “The Lord’s Prayer” during the 2010 National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C..

Gladys Knight “Midnight Train/Nitty Gritty/Grapevine” (2010)

Take the high road through the valley

Hvis du ikke vil bli kastet i ikke-jøder søppelkassen (er det hva dere prøver å lære oss?)

Hvis du og jeg har lyst til å komme til himmelen må du være rettferdig, og la Jesus være læremesteren, men du har kanskje din egen himmel.

“Take The High Road” by Blind Boys of Alabama feat The Oak Ridge Boys

None But The Righteous – Al Green, “Live In Tokyo”

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