Jødiske grupper og Tyrkia, ekteskap fra helvete…Senator Kaine ønsker å utrydde den hvite rase. Den khazariske mafia og CIA

Ørnene samler seg…

Dr. Preston James:

Hemmelig “Dyp-svart” krig for å kapre ditt sinn, stjele ditt land og gjøre deg syk (våpnene er plassert rundt oss og i våre boliger)

Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind

By Preston James, Ph.D on November 21, 2016


Smartmeters and Dirty electricity: Activists claim that Smartmeters (they are digital instead of the old analog) are NOT UL rated like the old analog ones and that these Smartmeters have caused unexpected house fires and there are numerous complaints of much larger electric bills with the same prior usage, numerous complaints about sleeping problems, headaches, nervousness, agitation and various strange illness emerging. In some localities it is a violation to install any electrical devise to the AC supply system that is not UL rated so folks need to organize into action groups to expose this and stop their use as a public health issue and a violation of state electrical codes. This ignores the secret mind-kontrol aspects of Smartmeters but to focus on that issue is far too immediately self-discrediting to ever get anywhere. Few members of the public who are not trained Psyops experts can fathom this unless they have been “targeted individuals” and experienced significant symptoms firsthand. Smartmeters can allegedly be remotely “turned up” to emit large EMF pulsed beam microwave bursts (numerous times per minute) and have been alleged by experts to be able to emit significant or very large amounts of dirty electricity (dirty harmonics) in one’s AC circuits.

Counter measures include using grounded stainless steel screen or two thicknesses of grounded aluminum screen wrapped around the Smartmeter itself, and by hanging an EMF shield of special fabric or two thicknesses of grounded, hanging aluminum screen inside which adequately blocks the inward emissions reaching your bedroom and living quarters. To be sure that you have reduced the EMF you will need to purchase an Microwave detector. There are many good quality ones available for the range of $80 to $400 which will cover Smartmeters (ask the seller which model will suffice). A certified EMF detector may cost up to $2,000 and will tell the difference between regular microwaves and pulsed beam microwaves and in what intensity in microwatts per square meter and a record of accumulation per time period. Smartmeters have been found in some areas to generate large amounts of dirty electrical harmonics in the AC circuits of one’s home. The gold standard for analysis of these AC dirty electricity harmonics is to analyze them with a properly connected AC oscilloscope, a fairly expensive piece of equipment.

Description of D-waveDescription of D-wave

The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you ever imagined possible

Les resten:

 Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind, steal your Country and make You sick

Battle for BREXIT

United States of Detachment

Rigged Election? Who’s afraid of a Red Herring?

Predicted by VT: nkara, Barzani Helping ISIL Commanders Flee Tal Afar

(flere nyheter nedenfor, sendt til:)

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Date: 2016-09-09 19:24 GMT+02:00
Subject: Fwd: Viktige nyheter, del 67 – USAs klarerte ruter for å forsyne IS med våpen
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Date: 2016-08-30 17:33 GMT+02:00

Subject: Viktige nyheter, del 67 – USAs klarerte ruter for å forsyne IS med våpen

To: redaksjonen@nettavisen.no


Senator Kaine tar til orde for å utrydde den hvite rase:

Kaine: White People Need to Be Minority


Litt mer om Kaine og Co:

Vladimir Putin til George Soros: Takk Gud at vi sparket deg ut av Russland

Vladimir Putin to George Soros: Thank God we kicked you out of Russia

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 17, 2016

F. William Engdahl: “George Soros, the hedge fund speculator turned self-proclaimed philanthropist, and his tax-exempt foundations, are an integral part of that pre-emptive war machine.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Jim W. Dean says that George Soros is obviously “the man who refuses to die and join his victims.” Vladimir Putin would almost certainly agree with that statement.

Russia kicked Soros out of the country last year for good reasons.[1] It was Soros who helped ruin the Russian and Polish economy in the early 1990s.[2] Like the great white shark who can forcibly copulate with a female, Soros moves around and looks for his prey virtually everywhere. Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone said of Goldman Sachs six years ago:

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

“In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”[3]

Obviously Soros wants to be like Goldman Sachs. Phil Butler puts it well when he says: “George Soros has a finger in every political pie there is. If there is a crisis on our world, it’s a safe bet he’s had a hand in it.”

One can say that Soros and Goldman Sachs are ideologically part of the same brotherhood. Their strategy is a little different, but the end result is the destruction of lives via the economic system (be it capitalism or socialism) and political manipulation.

Les resten

Tim Kaine (Citizen Cain)

Veldig viktig artikkel skrevet av historiker Katherine Frisk:

Plausible Deniability, the Jesuits and Citizen Cain 

Hillary Clinton’s emails to be released for review

Fabricated Story: FBI, DOJ Launch Criminal Probe of Hillary Campaign Chair Over Putin Links

Is Soros Pumping Money into “A Jewish Voice for Peace?”

Født av Hillary, Taliban eller IS?

Born by Hillary, Taliban or ISIS?


Den khazariske mafia gjorde David Petraeus og andre C.I.A. -agenter korrupte

The Khazarian Mafia Corrupted David Petraeus and Other C.I.A. Agents

Interview With Director Merlin L. Miller

By Jonas E. Alexis on March 22, 2016

For several decades now we have been indoctrinated by a controlled mainstream media, puppet politicians, educational institutions and a misguided Christian community – to believe things which are simply not true.

…by Jonas E. Alexis & Merlin L. Miller 

Merlin L. Miller is an independent film director, writer, and producer. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army where he commanded two units.

Miller’s former classmates at West Point included former C.I.A. director David Petraeus, former National Security Agency director Keith Alexander, and the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Demsey. Miller is the author of the new book Eagles Are Gathering.

Alexis: You write, “I’m often asked about some of our more famous classmates, including Martin Dempsey, David Petraeus, and Keith Alexander.” You also make the point that Petraeus in particular “was regularly promoted by the national media. His successes were largely in service to the Neocon/Zionist political and media establishment.”[1]

You even went out of your way to do what many other people would never do:

“In December of 2009, I sent David a treatise that connected military, political, and media intrigues – challenging many of the orthodoxies. David is conscientious and, along with other influences, I believe began to question the Middle East situation from the perspective of what was truly best for America.

“In March 2010, he publicly addressed the Israeli/Palestinian situation as being potentially endangering to our troops. Stating this truth was a political faux pas and David came under heavy Neocon criticism. He did his best to mend those forces, but became a bit concerning to the Zionist establishment, which he had so faithfully served.”[2]

Tell me something. Do you think he did this for either money or power or fame or all the above? Tell us more about your experience with some of those people and how they are afraid to speak the truth.

You also suggest that the establishment

“need to keep him on their farm, and hence I believe Paula Broadwell (nee Kranz), who had spent time on an Israeli Kibbutz, was embedded to write his story. I find it unusual under those ‘wartime’ circumstances that this attractive biographer – was sent to join him for a lengthy period of time in Afghanistan”

“Their drama unfolded in such a way as to keep David captive. Today, he works for Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts (KKR) and is rolled out to advocate for American exceptionalism, globalism, and fealty to Israel – under the guidance of Neocons and the banking establishment.”[3]

Do you think it was another honey trap? It has been pretty much confirmed by now that the New World Order used Petraeus really well.[4]

Les resten


Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell – The Final Battle to Destroy Our Morality



Jane Harman and the Woodrow Wilson Center – A Cruel Betrayal

By GPD on December 21, 2011

The Marriage From Hell

by  David Boyajian

editing…  Jim W. Dean

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th American president, is looking down in horror at what the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWC) is doing in his name.

I wrote that last year in two exposés: The Selling of the WWC” and “The WWC Desecrates its Namesake’s Legacy“.

They revealed that the Washington, DC-based Wilson Center is violating its Congressional mandate and is up to its neck in tainted corporate cash.

A leading Congressman, a Wilson family descendant, Citizens’ groups, and many others agreed. One prominent journalist called the WWC “a global joke.

Several months ago, this Congressionally-created, multi-million dollar think tank, funded partly by taxpayers, made another colossal blunder. It hired former eight-term Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA) to be its president, replacing Lee Hamilton, also a former Congressman.

Harman, like Hamilton, is not only part of the good-old-boy (and girl) network of which the WWC is so fond. Among her other baggage, charges of illegal conduct in a spy scandal involving AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) have shadowed Harman for years.

Let’s take a closer look at Harman and the Wilson Center to see why they’re the marriage from hell.

Harman’s spy scandal


Former AIPAC ‘operatives’ – Rosen and Weissman

Two top AIPAC officials, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, were indicted on spy charges in 2005 for passing classified documents to Israel.

Citing confidential sources, Time magazine, in 2006, and Congressional Quarterly, two years ago, reported that the Feds had wiretapped Cong. Jane Harman and a “suspected Israeli agent” agreeing to this deal:

Harman would persuade the Justice Department to reduce the charges against Rosen and Weissman; in exchange, AIPAC and its influential supporters would persuade then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to reappoint the unpopular Harman as top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Harman apparently promised the “Israeli agent” to “waddle into” the AIPAC scandal “if you think it’ll make a difference.” Harman ended the exchange with “this conversation doesn’t exist.

The Justice Department and CIA wanted to prosecute Harman. But Alberto Gonzales, President Bush’s Attorney General, reportedly refused because – ironically – he “needed Jane” to support the government’s ongoing warrantless wiretapping program.

Shockingly, charges against Rosen and Weissman were dropped in 2009 because a judge put constraints on Federal prosecutors. Larry Franklin, the Defense Department official who passed the classified documents to the two AIPAC officials, wasn’t so lucky. He pled guilty three years earlier and went to prison.

Harman has long denied any wrongdoing. She has never, however, given a full account of her conversations regarding Rosen and Weissman. Full accounts, as we shall see, are not one of Harman’s virtues.

Harman’s genocide flip-flop


Multiple VT Sources Tell Us That Lantos Was a Long Time Israeli Spy That the Justice Dept. Would Never Prosecute – As With Others, for ‘Political Reasons’.

While co-sponsoring Congressional resolution HR 106 on the Armenian genocide committed by Turkey, Cong. Harman went behind the backs of her constituents in October of 2007 by asking then-Foreign Relations Chair Tom Lantos (D-CA) to bury the resolution.

Only after her constituents discovered this through other sources did she admit to it.

But the explanations for her flip-flop made little sense. “This is the wrong time” for the resolution, wrote Harman.

But she couldn’t cite anything relevant in 2007 that had changed regarding Turkey, Armenia, or the Middle East since she signed onto the resolution a few years earlier.

Harman claimed that a genocide resolution would “embarrass or isolate the Turkish leadership.”

This claim came suspiciously soon after she met with Turkey’s threatening Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan. Apparently, recognizing a genocide requires an OK from the perpetrating country’s leader.

[Editors Note: Our long time sources tell us the Congressmen, due to their access to classified immunity, and virtual immunity from prosecution, are major targets for Israeli espionage, and further…that many are not very hard to recruit.

This has long been a morale problem for patriot counter intelligence employees who are absolutely certain that the country is being betrayed not only by these people, but out top law enforcement officials who are aware of the problem, but will do nothing…Jim W. Dean]

But Harman reached truly ridiculous heights by claiming- again, this was in 2007 – that it was “obvious” that Turkey’s “leadership” was needed for “resolving the Israel-Palestine issue.” Turkey had never, of course, played a significant role in mediating between Israelis and Palestinians. What really caused Harman’s genocide flip-flop?

Jewish groups and Turkey


AIPAC – Our Sources in Counter Intelligence Tell US They are Long Time Supporters of Israeli Espionage in America

AIPAC was (and is) one of several major Jewish American organizations that have colluded with Turkey to, among other things, defeat Armenian genocide resolutions. Israel, Turkey, and Jewish groups formed their ménage-à-trois in the 1990’s.

Yola Johnston, Community Outreach Director for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, has admitted that AIPAC, theAmerican Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, her own organization, and “the Jewish lobby” have “quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing.”

AIPAC, reported the Washington Times last year, had “lit up the Phones” against the genocide resolution when “the Turks” asked a “senior researcher” at AIPAC to do so.

That “senior researcher” and “architect of the Jewish community’s support for Turkey” was none other than AIPAC’s notorious Keith Weissman. So the Harman-AIPAC-Weissman threesome was at the center of not only a spy scandal but also a genocide cover-up.

And there’s more. Yet another scandal may have induced Harman’s genocide duplicity.

Anti-Defamation League scandal


Taking Heads Was ‘In Style’ Back Then – As it Was During the Balkan Wars

Harman wrote her genocide flip-flop letter to Chairman Lantos just as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was taking a beating in the U.S. and internationally for denying the Armenian genocide and helping Turkey lobby against Armenian genocide recognition.

Human rights activists, principled Jews, and Armenian Americans had just months earlier launched a campaign (see NoPlaceForDenial.com) that was to result in more than a dozen Massachusetts cities’ evicting the ADL’s so-called “No Place for Hate” anti-bias program.

Les resten:

Jane Harman and the Woodrow Wilson


Luther Vandross – Any love

 Luther Vandross Any Love live at Jools Holland 1995


GRAMMY WINNER PATTI AUSTIN “Lean on Me” for QUINCY JONES @ Cafe Carlyle 8/08

“Love and happiness”

Al Green Bonnie Raitt Joss Stone Michael McDonald Hall Oates Live!

Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes – Farther Along

Gladys Knight feat. Bubba Knight, Happy

Kool & The Gang – Celebration

Johannes Åpenbaring 19

Rytteren på den hvite hesten

     Og jeg så himmelen åpen, og se! – en hvit hest. Han som satt på den, heter Trofast og Sannferdig, for han dømmer og kjemper rettferdig. 12 Øynene hans er som flammende ild, på hodet har han mange kroner, og han bærer en innskrift med et navn som ingen kjenner, bare han selv. 13 Han er kledd i en kappe dyppet i blod, og hans navn er Guds Ord. 14 Himmelens hærskarer, kledd i hvitt og rent lin, følger ham på hvite hester. 15 Ut av munnen hans går et skarpt sverd; med det skal han slå folkene. Han skal styre dem med jernstav og tråkke vinpressen fylt av vredesvin, av Guds, Den allmektiges harme. 16 Og han har et navn skrevet på kappen og ved hoften: Kongenes konge og herrenes herre.
    17 Og jeg så en engel som sto inne i solen. Han ropte med høy røst til alle fuglene som flyr under himmelhvelvet: «Kom hit, kom sammen til Guds store festmåltid! 18 Dere skal få ete kjøttet av konger, hærførere og mektige menn, kjøttet av hester og rytterne deres, kjøttet av alle mennesker, både frie og slaver, små og store.»
    19 Og jeg så dyret og jordens konger med sine hærer samlet til krig mot rytteren på hesten og hans hærskarer. 20 Men dyret ble fanget, sammen med den falske profeten, han som i dyrets tjeneste gjorde underfulle tegn og med dem forførte alle som tok dyrets merke og tilba bildet av det. Begge ble kastet levende i ildsjøen som brenner med svovel. 21 De andre ble drept med sverdet som går ut av rytterens munn. Og alle fuglene spiste seg mette av kjøttet deres.

Resten av rovfuglenes (gribbenes) kjøttmåltid står i Sakarja 14

   Miks – The Jungle Book – That’s what friends are for HDYouTube

Luther Vandross – Live At Wembley 1987 – Till My Baby Comes Home

Med vennlig hilsen deres “landsbyssebarn”,

Ka e det som lukta sånn her inne, som den ene hanen sa tel den andre i “Flukten fra Hønsegården”?

Er det bare hvite som er rasistiske? Kan ikke mørkhudete eller jøder også være rasistiske?

Det finnes mye skjult rasisme i religionspraksis, gjemt under ordet “hedning”.

For muslimer er ikke-muslimer hedninger,

for jøder er ikke-jøder hedninger (goyim)

og for kristne er ikke-kristne hedninger,

men i bunn og grunn ønsker alle å omvende de andre til å bli like bra som dem selv (stor selvtillit har de fleste),

men spørsmålet er bare hvilke metoder men bruker. Undertrykkelse (økonomisk etc)?

Stakkars gris, så utskjelt du har blitt opp gjennom historien, og allikevel så høyt elsket av så mange (hedninger)….

Kanskje har grisene sin egen himmel? Jeg skjønner bare ikke gryntene deres, gjør du? Som Marvin Gaye sa; i “What´s going on”, så bør man ikke straffe andre med brutalitet. Eller som Jesus sa, “Det du vil at andre skal gjøre mot deg skal du gjøre mot dem”. Det er kanskje derfor så mange blir vegetarianere? Jeg bare spør. Stakkars griser.

For muslimer er katter og hunder urene (som hedningene), og i Kina spiser man dem. Stakkars, tenk så fint om det fantes et land for oss alle, og at folk som ikke tåler hverandre heller får flytte for seg selv i egen kommune, fylke eller bydel? Det finnes “bakdeler” med globalisme (Babylon, ett land og én verden for alle, uten grenser, og fri flyt av alt, som i FNs “Agenda 21”), det synes i hvert fall Gammelpusi, som hater stinkende “Monser” (monsierurer) som ikke klarer å beherkse seg og er helt totalt uvitende om hvordan en sterilisert katt liker å bli behandlet.

I mørket er alle katter grå

(fotoene i mitt opprinnelige blogginnlegg mangler)

Melodi fra “Flukten fra Hønsegården”:

The Blues Brothers – Flip, Flop & Fly – 12/31/1978 – Winterland (Official)

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