I Syria kjemper Obama-støttede ‘rebeller’ mot Obama-støttede militærkorps. ‘Splitt og hersk’; Den tohodete ørn

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Friday, 12 February 2016

In Syria, Obama-backed “Rebels” Battle Obama-backed Militias

Written by  Alex Newman

In Syria, Obama-backed “Rebels” Battle Obama-backed Militias

  Photo of Aleppo, Syria: AP Images


Further illustrating what would at least appear to be the incredible absurdity of what passes for U.S. government “foreign policy,” Sunni jihadist “rebels” in Syria backed by al-Qaeda and the Obama administration have been battling against Shia militias that have also been backed by Obama. Both sides are fighting with American weapons, according to news reports. How much money U.S. taxpayers forked over to arm the two warring Islamic factions was not immediately clear. But the enormous human tragedy on the ground is getting worse quickly.

The latest battle between feuding Obama-backed forces was first reported by the far-left Daily Beast, which tends to serve as a mouthpiece for the administration and its agenda. In a story headlined “U.S. Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels,” the online publication reported: “Not long ago, U.S. jets and Shia militias worked together to battle ISIS. Today, those militias are trying to take down American proxies in Syria.” Those American proxies, Obama’s jihadist Syrian “rebels,” are fighting alongside al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, al Nusra, a top beneficiary of Obama policies.


According to two unnamed “defense officials” cited in the article, Shia-Muslim Iraqi militias that  received support from the Obama administration under the guise of battling the Islamic State (ISIS) are now fighting alongside Russian, Iranian, and Syrian military forces. The three Shia militias include the Badr Brigade, Kata’ib Hezbollah, and the League of the Righteous, the Daily Beast reported. Reports on social media cited in the article said those militias were armed with U.S. tanks and weapons obtained on the Iraqi side of the border. At least one of them, ironically, was originally established as a branch of the Iranian regime’s military, and it has helped to slaughter U.S. troops in Iraq.

The target of the Kremlin- and Tehran-backed militias armed with U.S. weapons were Obama’s infamous “Syrian rebels.” Yes, the same Sunni jihadist “rebels” that Obama painted as “moderates,” falsely according to Vice President Joe Biden and a growing mountain of evidence, in his campaign to shower weapons and support on opponents of the Syrian regime. Numerous jihadist rebels backed by Obama, including whole brigades, have defected to al-Qaeda and even ISIS. Others have pledged to ethnically cleanse Syria as they terrorize and exterminate Christians, Shias, and others..

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Marvin Gaye..”What’s Going On”…Motown 25..1983

Dette er grunnen. Det er bevisst taktikk:

Power of Prophecy: Sublime Mysteries of the Illuminati”s Double-Headed Eagle … – Texe Marrs

Politikken bak den tohodete ørn oppklart (Det er magi i “storklassen” og går ut over “småklassen”):

Codex Magica – 12

Two heads are better than one, except when they’re on the body of only one eagle.

Texe Marrs. Can the body of one bird have two heads? Is such a notion

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