Polen er igjen styrt av en regjering på ytre høyreving, og denne nye militsstyrken fører en tilbake til fortidens militarisering

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Cold Warsaw: Poland Creating 35K Militia Force to Fight Russian Threat

By Ian Greenhalgh on June 6, 2016

The strides towards war with Russia become ever more concerning with each passing week

Polish militia on parade

Poland does not like or trust Russia, this is a deep-seated antipathy within the Polish collective mind that has existed for centuries, quite understandable as the Poles have been invaded, conquered and occupied by Russia more than once. The modern Polish state was founded in the aftermath of World War One and the Bolshevik Revolution and was quite literally, established on the Battlefield – the independence of the Poles being hard-won by defeating Trotsky and the Red Army at the gates of Warsaw. This Polish state was a right wing military dictatorship and Poland from 1919 to 1939 was a highly militarised society with what today, would be branded a far-right government.

Polish Army, 1919. These troops are wearing blue French uniforms, they were from the famous “Blue Legions” that were formed in France from Poles during WW1. These well-trained and well-armed troops were instrumental in the defeat of Trotsky and the Red Army in the 1919-1920 war that established Poland as an independent state.

History has a habit of repeating itself and today we see Poland once again ruled by a far-right government and with the creation of this new militia force, a return to the militarisation of the past. Of course, this Polish development must be viewed as part of a wider picture of ever increasing anti-Russian propaganda and military build-up that has seen US missiles and radars installed in Poland and Russia, seemingly pointless (other than to provoke) military convoys traversing the border regions and increased military spending across the European nations. It seems that there is a push to war with Russia, the military build-up, the provocations and the propagandistic media rhetoric all seem to clearly indicate this. I truly hope I am wrong, but war with Russia is starting to look inevitable, it is like we are living in the 1930s again; Putin is being demonised like Hitler, social unrest is sweeping Europe and the arms makers are doing a brisk trade. How foolish are we to allow this to happen, it is like we have learned not one single thing from the two world wars that ravaged European society.

German General Guderian and Russian General Kriwoschin at a parade marking the occupation of Brest-Litovsk by Russian troops, 22nd Sept. 1939. Everyone knows the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, igniting WW2 but far fewer know that the Soviet Russians also invaded Poland as they were, at this time allied with Nazi Germany and had agreed in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to divide Poland between them.

Sputnik News
Cold Warsaw: Poland Creating 35K Militia Force to Fight “Russian Threat”

The Polish military plans to recruit civilian volunteers to form a National Guard-style paramilitary force aimed at preparing for a “hybrid war” with Russia, the Polish Defense Ministry has announced.

The first batch of volunteers will be recruited in September, German news resource Spiegel Online has reported.

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Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia (Part III)

By Preston James, Ph.D on August 9, 2016

A core edict of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command is to transform the American Masses into self-hating, self-defeating, mind-kontrolled dupes who can never understand what is being done to them by the KM.

by  Preston James

The KM has an age-old inter-generational agenda, and it us necessary for the KM to maintain abject secrecy otherwise the masses will revolt with pitchforks:

We now know for certain there is a method and an age-old inter-generational agenda behind the seeming madness and unimaginable evil of the KM’s Top Chieftains, the soulless criminal psychopaths that control the Khazarian Mafia and set USG policy.

The KM agenda is specific:

It is now known that the KM has a specific Agenda. That agenda is to establish the KM?s desired end state, a One-world Global NWO system governed by Lucifer. These Top KM Chieftains believe they will be regenerated to immortality upon the arrival of their descended master Lucifer.

And the KM has a select set of methodologies deployed to attain this evil agenda:

And it is now known that the KM has a set of select methodologies used over the last 1,000 years to attain their agenda which is now close to attainment.

And these methodologies include sophisticated mind-kontrol, deployment of synthetic terror and manufactured wars, induced drug addiction slavery, Fiat debt slavery, and a general strategy of “divide and conquer” to create ongoing chaos.

They would perhaps already have attained their unimaginably evil agenda but for recent blockages due to the alternative news of the Internet and a spontaneously emerging populism inside America and Europe because of it.

In their quest to always improve their ability to spy on the masses, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is a KM creation, set up the Internet, believing it would be the greatest spy tool yet devised.

That turned out to be true, but there was a serious side-effect that the Top Chieftains of the KM never expected. That was the quick emergence of the alternative media on the Internet and the steady increase in its users who left their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to habitually use it to get the news and to start researching current events as well as historical events of the past.

The KM countered this by setting up hundreds of misinformation websites. However, in order to gain any following at all they had to play the “limited hangout” game. They had to include a fair proportion of truth in their stories or no one would use their sites or be subject to any of their propaganda as “bad payloads”.

A lot of these misinformation websites supported by KM Cutouts and proprietaries would put out about 70-80% good info with a periodic very bad misinforming payload. Glenn Beck has been fingered by some as a typical example, others identify Alex Jones too, but there are likely many others. It is known that both periodically do carry some good stories too.

Top of the Pyramid kissing their god of the black sun Satan

What ended up happening with many users was that they became so sophisticated in their processing and understanding of how the world really works that they were not fooled by this “limited hangout” strategy.

Many of these alternative news website users have been able to ignore the bad payloads and select the truth nuggets and connect these dots from many different websites in their heads, and come up with composites of what is really happening that are fairly accurate.

Plus, there are some alternative media websites like Veterans Today or Rense.com which are often the first to dump serious hidden facts and Intel out there for all to use as they wish.

What is the specific end game for the Top Chieftains of the KM?: 

These Select Few KM criminal psychopaths believe that as they seat Lucifer in their NWO temple in Jerusalem to be their ruling world master, they will personally be transformed into eternal gods, and will rule the universe forever with their master Lucifer.

The sad fact is that this Khazarian Mafia is just the current expression of this secret sect of Luciferians, going back all the way to ancient Babylonia and beyond. It is the Order of the Snake, but has many other names and is ancient Baal worship driven by a set of root beliefs called Babylonian Talmudism, but it is also known as Luciferianism, Satanism, High Freemasonry, OTO, and many more.

The big problem the KM’s top Chieftains now face is the fact that slowly but surely the masses are finding out about who they are specifically and what their evil agenda is.

Should these KM Top Chieftains be surprised when Goyim find out about this and want them indicted, arrested, jailed and executed for a whole laundry list of unimaginably evil capital crimes including mass-murder, war crimes, terrorism and crimes against humanity, and before the KM can complete its notoriously anti-human, anti-Goyim Globalist NWO Agenda?


White Dragon Society

There has been a startling recent development reported by Benjamin Fulford, former Editor of Forbes for Japan who is periodically approached by the White Dragon Society (WDS). The WDS is a secret, incredibly wealthy, powerful organization of Chinese businessmen likely associated with Chinese Freemasonry.

Benjamin Fulford, former Forbes Editor for Japan, incredibly gifted intellectually, multilingual, with known deep Intel connections and important back-channel contacts inside Japan and China and highly respected in certain high political circles there

Recently, according to Benjamin Fulford’s account, the official representative of the White Dragon Society set him straight and apparently advised him that the WDS was very concerned with the way the Khazarian Mafia was misusing their power to generate tyranny, oppression, poverty, disease, and mass death all over the world.

This WDS official representative and spokesman advised Benjamin Fulford that the WDS was going to issuing a “deck of playing cards” for the KM Top Chieftains.

A deck of playing cards like the deck that the Bush2 administration issued in the second Gulf War and that these cards were going to have massive rewards behind them, totaling about 40 million USD, paid in gold Bullion upon proof of capture.

VT in no way would recommend such an action, nor would I. Nor has Fulford, who has simply reported what is happening. This is important news because it could turn out to be a major lane changing event for the KM; something they really had far too much hubris to ever anticipate.

The KM Top Chieftains have been accustomed to always winning and having the skids greased by Lucifer using supernatural means.

But what if their god Lucifer is a lesser god and plans to now throw them under the bus in order to attain his own private agenda that doesn’t include them?

All the recent evidence now points to that and it looks like because of the Internet and the worldwide populism it is generating, the KM is being exposed more and more by the day.

Yes, it looks like the KM will likely be sacrificed itself by Lucifer so he can fool the world by pretending he is the good guy, the Christ, the Messiah.

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Corbyn: Storbritannia trenger å revurdere sin tilknytning til USA etter ‘ulovlig’ Irak-invasjon

Corbyn: UK Needs Review of US Ties After ‘Illegal’ Iraq Invasion

By GPD on July 6, 2016

…the death of NATO…

The UK must pursue a “more open and more independent relationship” with the US in order to avoid repeating the errors of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Following the release of the long-awaited Chilcot report, Jeremy Corbyn savaged Britain’s involvement in the military intervention, describing it “an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext,” which had “devastated Iraq’s infrastructure and society” and unleashed “lethal sectarianism within the country.”

“The war was not, in any way, as Sir John Chilcot says, a last resort,” Corbyn told the House of Commons.

“Frankly it was an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext, as the inquiry accepts, and has long been regarded as illegal by the overwhelming weight of international legal opinion.”

The opposition leader added that “there are many lessons that need to be drawn from the Iraq war.

‘They include the need for a more open and independent relationship with the United States and for a foreign policy based on upholding international law and the authority of the United Nations.'”

Prime Minister David Cameron rejected Corbyn’s plea, defending the UK’s ties with Washington, often described as a “special relationship.”

“I don’t believe the United States is always right about everything but I do believe our partnership with the United States is vital for our national Security… They are always our best partner and we should work with them.”

Middle East Destabilization

Corbyn, an anti-war campaigner who voted against the Iraq intervention in 2003, was hugely critical of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s role in convincing parliament to approve intervention, saying that MPs had been “deceived.”

He said while the Blair government had “got it wrong” on Iraqi intervention, many others had been right in opposing the war at the time, in a nod to the resignation of then cabinet minster Robin Cook, who delivered a powerful Commons speech against intervention.

The Labour leader highlighted the “catastrophic” regional impacts of the war in the Middle East, drawing links between the 2003 Iraq invasion, David Cameron’s 2011 Libyan intervention and recent terror attacks in Baghdad and Medina.

Cameron Defends Post-Iraq Intervention

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Alla Pierce – Rewriting History about WWII | Veterans Today

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