Jeff Rense & Clark McClelland – Inside The Secret Space Program

Nedenfor er en kopi av min epost i 2016 til journalist Jeff Rense angående Jordan Maxwells video i forrige blogginnlegg og hans intervju med Clark MeClelland:


Jeff Rense & Clark McClelland – Inside The Secret Space ProgramPlease visit for updates and information you will never see on Fox News! Clip from October 20, 2016 – guest …


There was one last thing I had on my mind, that I would like to share with you.

Jordan Maxwell and some other guy (maybe living in Australia, the one with the breathing problems who have recovered; the one talking about Nordic Secretaries, UFOs, Hitler and so on), once talked about the old Israelites worshipping Saturn, Satan. I am sure that may have been true, because if some of the things in the old Testament are true and not totally “hampered” (tampered?) with; changed into a big lie at many areas, God was angry at the Israelites for that reason; He told them not to worship the stars.

All of those things are not a threat to my faith. Lately I have found comfort in some thoughts coming to my mind. Even though I don’t know very, very little about the Universe, astronomy and such, if it is true what the book of Enoch says that the stars are or are being “governed” by God’s angel, and there is even an angel for the wind, for the rain and other phenomenons in nature (weather), and that Satan is the son of the red rising sun (in the morning, I think you call it dawn) but that Jesus is the Bright star of the morning, if I remember correctly, somehow, even though he is both God and human (to the full), he is also a star; the greatest star that we all have to bow down to one day (the world is full of competing star in arts and music…), then it is true that “we are looking into a mirror”, which the Apostle Paul was talking about, the things we see are just an image of things that are in the heavenly realms (a picture, symbol of), and maybe it is true that the thrown of Satan is in Pergamon?

Even though this world will fall apart, I am sure it helps putting one’s trust in God and try to let go of all the fear and just be happy, with God’s help, in some divine way (supernaturally), even when looking at evil people. Don’t be afraid of them, but only of Him who is able to put them (the evil ones) in hell one day. And rather say a prayer (when I put on my make-up, like Aretha Franklin is singing, if you use make-up, I haven’t for one year…). The link to the Pergamon (Turkey) -Satan -thing may be confirmed in The Daily Mail (Office – Bible study I did some days ago). Isaiah is calling Satan by his real name, and it is strange that it almost sounds like the god of communism. Maybe that is his only policy?

I once found a link on your site to an article asking whether there is a big hole on The North Pole. If you have read Enoch’s book I think it is talking about some “end”/edge of the world, where there is a “hole”, nothing below it.

Have a nice day,whether you are a smiler or not (Gordon Duff does not like “smilers”; Christians, and the only thing he has in common with GOP-ers is that he is against gun control. I do understand you Americans better now. “Prophet” —- ——- never answered me when I for more than 15 years ago asked him what he was thinking about guns and Christians. It takes a long time to become old friends, but being a friend with a Christian Spiritualist automatically will make you a friend of the Devil, so I am glad it all “went to hell”. Some relationships and churches are a blessing to be “blacklisted” by (never receive an approval from. I don’t need it in order to exist.)

Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight – I smile

American Idol 2011 – Jacob Lusk Kirk Franklin & Gladys Knight – I Smile

Shirley Caesar – Star of the morning (Jesus, mentioned in John’s Revelation)

Star Of The Morning By Shirley Caesar

———- Forwarded message ———-


Date: 2016-08-20 15:12 GMT+02:00

Subject: The Daily Mail: Is this The Gates of Hell (Turkey?)


Forgot the article, it was not in the Office file, but here:

 Is this the Gate of Hell? Archaeologists say temple doorway belching noxious gas matches ancient accounts of ‘portal to the underworld’


Job 37,18

kan du hjelpe ham med å hamre ut himmelhvelvingen fast som et speil av…

1 Kor 13,12

Nå ser vi i et speil, i en gåte, da skal vi se ansikt til ansikt. Nå fors…

2 Kor 3,18

Og vi, som uten slør for ansiktet ser Herrens herlighet som i et speil, v…

Jak 1,23

For den som hører Ordet, men ikke gjør det Ordet sier, ligner en mann som…

4 treff for ‘speil’­

Hebr 8,5

Men de gjør tjeneste i en helligdom som bare er en etterligning og en sky…

Hebr 9,23

De jordiske etterligningene av det som er i himmelen, må altså renses på


     23 De jordiske etterligningene av det som er i himmelen, må altså renses på denne måten. Men selve den himmelske helligdommen må renses ved offer som er bedre enn disse. 24 For Kristus gikk ikke inn i en helligdom som er gjort av menneskehånd og bare er et bilde av den sanne helligdommen. Han gikk inn i selve himmelen, og nå trer han fram for Guds ansikt for vår skyld. 25 Han gikk heller ikke inn dit for å bære fram seg selv som offer flere ganger, slik øverstepresten år etter år trer inn i helligdommen med blod som ikke er hans eget. 26 I så fall måtte han ha lidd mange ganger helt fra verdens grunnvoll ble lagt. Men nå har han åpenbart seg én gang for alle ved tidenes ende for å ta bort synden ved sitt offer. 27 Slik alle mennesker må dø én gang og siden komme for dommen, 28 slik er også Kristus ofret én gang for å bære syndene for de mange, og siden skal han for annen gang komme til syne, ikke for syndens skyld, men for å frelse dem som venter på ham.


Jes 14,12

Du har falt fra himmelen, du morgenstjerne, morgenrødens sønn! Du er slengt (SATAN)… “Assur” var noe jeg trodde var Syria, men les selv og prøv å forstå hvor det er:

Hvorfor jeg hater “The Grand Old Party” (Det republikanske parti)

Why I hate the GOP

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 17, 2016

By now, the world knows about Michigan’s GOP Governor “Rick” Snyder, the man who poisoned 10,000 children in Flint, Michigan and still remains out of prison. Below is another of his many many games, this time he has killed off veterans, and of course, covered up his body count.

Les resten:


Roof Collapses on Republican Party | Veterans Today

21. jun. 2015 – Racism Dies in Rubble of Charleston Church as Republican Party Comes …. We have GOPer Mike Huckabee empathizing with the families of the ….. Not being a bigot, Jew, Christian, Muslim or other has no meaning to me.



Kanskje var det helt OK at Obama lot IS vokse fram og ta livet av kristne og muslimer i Midtøsten? Men Johnny Punish har et poeng her. Det har også Kevin Barrett (som er muslim):



Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the Anti-Bush (But It´s All a Con Game)

By Kevin Barrett on November 9, 2016

Different color, same Kool Aid

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (except that superficially they LOOK like total opposites)

By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

Remember that illusory “hope and change thing” from 2008?

Tens of millions fell for it. Obama looked SO different from Bush. So we assumed his policies would be different.

Bad assumption. And now, eight years later, many of us are making the same mistake.

Trump looks SO different from Obama, who comes across as a sensitive, educated, literate, liberal, wishy-washy, black, globalist anti-racist. Trump embodies the precise opposite of all these qualities: He is an ultra-assertive insensitive racist nativist nationalist boor who has never finished a serious book in his life.

I wrote most of the first edition of this book BEFORE the 2008 election – and called the entire Obama presidency right. Now, in this article, I´m calling the Trump presidency…before it has even started. (Hope I´m wrong.)

Such differences are purely superficial, designed to hypnotize us into imagining that we are living in a democracy. In reality, presidents are just front men for the global elite and the powerful interests they represent. Their job is to provide a change of scenery so that business-as-usual can continue unmolested by plebs seeking a bigger slice of the pie. To create a really enthralling change of scenery, something to utterly hypnotize the masses and distract them from the actual dire situation, the DIPS (Dominant Inbred Psychopaths) have learned to bring on a front man who seemingly offers the greatest possible contrast with the previous front man.

Hillary didn´t offer enough contrast with Obama; her real function was to play the foil for the rise of Trump. Like Obama, she´s liberal, educated, literate, a little too smooth, and basically a compromiser who identifies with the left wing of the power elite and shares its globalist ideals. And just as Obama was the first black president, Hillary would have been the first woman president. Symbolically as well as in actuality, a Hillary presidency would have been another Obama presidency. That would have driven the Obama-haters nuts. They had to be thrown a bone, just as the Bush-haters were thrown a bone with the coronation of Obama in 2008.

Some criticize Trump for his lack of political experience. But the truth is that Trump´s background provides perfect preparation for the presidency: He is a lifelong front-man for organized crime. Trump got his job in the  Meyer Lansky mob through his mentor, Roy Cohn. Fronting for organized crime, and fronting for the government of the United States, is pretty much the same thing these days. Trump has got plenty of the only kind of experience that really counts.

Les resten:

Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the … – Veterans Today


Hvorfor dette får meg til å tenke på Enoks bok får du faktisk selv finne ut ved å lese hva han skrev. Han ble i Ånden ført til et sted hvor det ikke var noe “under” (nedenfor) ham her på jordkloden.

Hul jordklode

‘NASA images show giant hole at North Pole leading to hollow Earth …

21. mai 2016 – NASA caught hiding something at North Pole … by the fact aircraft are blocked from flying over the North Pole . …. Science is not religion.


Det blir ingen forandring noen gang, for de er alle bare to sider av samme mynt. Og det er en lekepenge (“con”, juks, fanteri og bedrag, brød, opium og sirkus for massene): MAFIA (Ma fia, arabisk for “Min skatt”; hva du må betale for at jeg ikke skal begå terrorhandlinger mot deg; min “beskyttelse” som du må betale meg for, hvis ikke….!)

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