Hvor er mitt folk? Jeg har allerede Lano-såpe i badehylla

Jeff Rense har ikke lest mine eposter (som oftest er kommentarer til interessante videoer han har postet), men her hadde jeg lyst å skrive om noe. “Lanza” rører ikke ved meg, selv om han hadde flott stemme – og var pen nok til å slippe inn på gymmen (og kanskje til og med til å få postet blogshout her i gården), men disse karene har rørt ved meg (jeg skrev etter å ha sett bl.a. denne videoen):


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Date: 2016-08-19 11:07 GMT+02:00
Subject: About your beloved Lanza-guy, YOUR guy
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This morning I sat down to read the news at Veterans Today, but felt like listening to “Love Train” by the O’Jays, where I stopped last evening while putting wallpaper on some walls here and painting it white. I have had to pain everything white here, because the owners asked for it (I’ve been doing this since March this year). – But then I saw the O’Jays had made a new recording in a “wooden studio” that I recognized because I one watched Smokey Robinson singing “Oh Baby Baby” there. Actually I did not remember the name of the white guy who owns it, “Daryl´s House”, and now I have checked and it is David Hall from Hall & Oates, I don’t know any of their music, but he can sing and play! So does the band.

I think that tall skinny, dancing man in the O’Jays is incredibly alive, and so is “the old man”, who reminds me about my Uncle —– —-, who was a sailor (boss, kind of the highest rank, uniform, of the ones who take care of the mechanics in old boats, and he sailed around the world for some years, along with a cat, and he reminds me about Pippi Longstocking’s father), they both do.) Gerald Levert was his son, who sang “I believe I can fly” with Yolanda Adams, or is that the father? Anyway, I love these guys. Bob Dylan’s melody “Emotionally Yours” made me aware of their existence.

– So, this Levert -man (senior) says that Mario (?) Lanza was one of his musical stars, heroes. When I listened to Lanza (only one song) it did not really strike a tone in me, but I have so many other people to listen to before I get to him. Maybe I will one day, I don’t know. After being so stuck on listening to Luther Vandross for many months (“Never let me go”), it feels very good to see and listen to some men that are actually still alive. Refreshing. I guess that is how it may be for the Catholic Fathers to get out of Church after having spent so much time praying to all these diseased old Saints, carrying their bones around in the pillows in their hands (during sermons).

Nowadays it feels like Bob Dylan and Billy Joel have become nothing else but nicely dressed soaps who have written a lot of nice music that have been a great blessing to me. They and maybe David Pack singing “Biggest part of me” (Ambrosia) are the only white guys I enjoy listening to, and this Daryl Hall guy got close to becoming number four on my “White list”. I only like “white music” when it is black, mixed with black music and black people, like Billy Joel’s “Everybody has a dream”, and I preferred listening to The Manhattans playing it yesterday, just like I prefer listening to Aaron Neville singing “If you find it in Your heart can I be forgiven” (Bob Dylan’s “Saving Grace“, even though he sang that very well himself). Aaron Neville is not a man I listen to else, just like I never listen to Bruce Springsteen, only when he played “Johnny B Good(e)” with Chuck Berry (?). I am somehow “Black” inside.

(Her skriver jeg litt om hvor mye Bob Dylan og Billy Joel faktisk har betydd for meg)

Here are the O’Jays in Daryl’s home:

 Miks – The O’Jays – Live From Daryl’s House 2016

Aren’t they cute? (Especially him in the middle, and Levert is funny and charming, and the “main” singer has a good voice and good memory (lyrics); cool; to be that old. I don’t know their age). They are so alive that they make me laugh.

 Miks – The O’Jays perform “Love Train” with Jon Batiste

– Which reminds me the second time I almost started weeping a few days ago while going for a long walk. Half way I was thinking: “I am feeling lonely right now (I rarely do). Where are “my” people? Where is that great, funny M—– from Kenya or Ghana who played the drums? He made me laugh so that was rolling on the floor laughing. We were going to make a song at Bible School, a couple of girls from Romania, me and him. You know, like Helen Baylor said in the interview when she is singing Bob Dylan’s gospel song (on youtube): “They (those) were my girls…!” Like Pattie is singing with Elton John, “if I could I would build us a home where we both could live”. I wish I had people around me that have the ability to draw life and joy out of me, and that dancing guy (the people in that Daryl- home) all do.

Have a nice day.



Helen Baylor sings WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU

Patti LaBelle & Elton John – Your Song (Video)

David Pack – Biggest Part of me – (Ambrosia) live with the great Larry Carlton! 1/15/11 Seal Beach


———- Forwarded message ———-


Date: 2016-08-19 11:40 GMT+02:00

Subject: MY guys:

To: ContactRense@earthlink.net

Take 6 singing Michael Jackson

Take 6 singing Michael Jackson

which leads me to that extremely cute singer performing “Nobody else like you”. My God, some have the expressions of Jesus on their faces… How did they get it? I hope they never put on a veil to hide it (like Moses did).

Miks – Nobody Else Like You

Luther Vandross:

Never let me go

 Miks – Luther Vandross: “Never Let Me Go” (Live at Arsenio Hall)

I feel sorry for Stevie Wonder who cannot see the glory with his eyes. But he has glory inside, that he has brought on to millions of others. And he has even honored Jesus (Jesus-Jesus-song).

Smokey Robinson singing for Stevie:


Vi, såpene… Russerne, “mørkemennene”?

Alle som ikke rapporterer om at det bare er russere som doper seg, blit utsatt for Stasi-metoder i Norge:


Såper i såpeskål – Bra å ha, når man trenger de

Jeg brukte de til å vaske kristenspiritisten fra Texas (som Jan Hanvold introduserte for Norge via Kanal7) sine manipulerende ord vekk fra meg. Som han selv poengterte: “God´s gifts are irreversable.” – Men å høre fra sin avdøde bestemor er dessverre ikke Gud, og det gjør ham ikke til “God´s prophet”, som han kaller seg.

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