Wikileaks sporet til Haifa, Trumps virkelige kampanjehovedkvarter og mer, mye mer

Real Campaign Headquarters and more, much more

Screenshot shows Israelis in an organized digital “war” room posting tweets against the flotilla to Gaza in the summer of 2011.
Screenshot shows Israelis in an organized digital “war” room posting tweets against the flotilla to Gaza in the summer of 2011.

By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh, Editors

Q: If a thousand monkeys with typewriters will give you Shakepeare, what does a thousand Haifa trolls with internet access give you?

A: Wikileaks….

Those who think Wikileaks is moving against Hillary aren’t paying attention, of course, many never pay attention – they fail to note who Wikileaks targets and who it serves. Wikileaks is here to take down Russia, they are going to use the USA to do it, the result is going to be chaos.

In the real world, there is no question that Russia knows Israel did 9-11; Russian intelligence got the evidence first, Russian spy satellites that watch America’s nuclear subs coming and going off Connecticut saw everything – they saw the nuclear weapons arrive at Teterboro airport in NJ, they picked up the jammers in Fort Lee, NJ and we know for a fact that Russia met with representatives of American news organisations in Moscow, including CNN and presented this material. VT Editor Jeff Smith helped with the presentation, drawing on his experience as a UN nuclear inspector. The same presentation that was done in Moscow was then done in Oklahoma City, Smith was there as was the head of Russian Naval Intelligence. The meeting was hosted by Justice Anthony Scalia and included every American corporate head, particuary the oil and defence sector. Local airports were lined with private jets.

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Wikileaks Tracked to Haifa, Trump’s Real Campaign Headquarters and more, much more


Wopping 10 billion euro’s loss for funding Terrorism !

World News Tomorrow – World News

According to sources Dutch, German, British and Italian companies may have been implicated in defrauding on behalf of terrorist organizations during the period of 2008 to 2011.

In an article disclosed today by the Dutch site American special forces have found documents in 2010, in Osama Bin Laden’s cave, indicating a criminal network having used companies in Italy to steal for over 1 billion euro’s by not paying VAT and used it to fund terrorism.

The Dutch investigation Journalist, Sander Rietveld, stated on the Radio 1 in the Netherlands that a list of approximately 1200 companies exist that may have been involved in these VAT fraud practices. A closer look at the list reveals that a possible 26% of them are UK related.

How the VAT carousel fraud works is explained in this article from Corporate Watch. It also shows that Carbon trading and VAT fraud is not new and goes back to before 2010. In the UK in 2010, 81 premises were raided and 26 people arrested. The alarming part about the news today is where the money is going to.


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Wopping 10 billion euro’s loss for funding Terrorism !

60 sivile drept, 200 skadet i USA-støttet koalisjons angrep på boligområder i Mosul

60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD

Syria Vows to Fight Turkish Invasion, Aimed at Seizing Aleppo

Amy Goodman Speaks Truth To Power Defending Our 1st Amendment Rights

Syria & Iraq War Report – October 25, 2016: MIlitants Suffer Major Losses in Western Ghouta

Trolling the Trolls: Trump Aggregates Sick America

BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again

Ytterst skamfullt: Storbritannia skal trene flere terrorister, av Ian Greenhalgh:

Utterly shameful: Britain to train more terrorists

Turkey’s Eagerness to Join Mosul Offensive is “All About Iran”

Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik is a Zionist (XXXX)

Puppy Wars: Paddington in 4k UltraHD

U.S. Political Games in Montenegro And Proven Winning Approach by Đukanović

Top 5 Most Racist Countries in the World

“Lock Him Up” Trump Faces Possible Jail for Insurance Fraud

CIA-forbrytelser på tidslinjen

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Who Killed Gavin MacFayden?

Clintons kriminelle familie – To rettssystemer

Clinton Crime Family – Two systems of justice

Only in America does such ignorance and hatred still exist

Russia continues to destroy the New World Order morally and politically

Syrian War Report – October 24, 2016: Only Options Are Assad in Damascus or Al-Nusra in Damascus

Henry Kissingers bedrag i Yom Kippur -krigen

The Kissinger Deception in the Yom Kippur War

Kampen om Mosul: løgner og bedgrag er våpnene som brukes

Battle of Mosul: lies and deception are the key weapons deployed

Can Everyone Stop Saying The Houthis Are An Iranian Proxy?

Public Debate at European Parliament engaged by President of ECIPS

Worse than the email scandal: Trump Has Offensive Tapes Deleted, Hidden from Courts

Are George Soros and Saul Alinsky Satanists?


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Hillary’s Muslims Vow To Make Raping White Women Legal

Iraqi Muslim Who Raped A 10 Yr Old Boy At An Austrian
Swimming Pool Has His Conviction Overturned – Sickening

Syrian ‘Refugee’ Getting $291,000 A YEAR From EU !!!

Editor Of Austria’s Largest Paper Charged With
‘Hate Speech’ Over An Article On Muslims


Den svært stygge sannheten om Panama-papirene

The Very Nasty Truth About the Panama Papers

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 4, 2016

Given to the Mossad…to seed, fabricate and censor…just like Wikileaks

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editor’s note:  Last week when VT published information gotten during the interrogation of a Turkish intelligence agent, Sawash Yeldiz, captured by Popular Party of Kurdistan (PPK) militia inside Syria, information tying Turkish President Erdogan to the Brussels terror attacks, we saw how real leaks are dealt with.

The conduit for this information, European Department for Security and Information (DESI) Secretary General Haissam Bou Said, was threatened by Israeli security agents who may have had a part in the Brussels attacks and, moreover, DESI, an EU organization was threatened with sanctions for the leak. This is real investigative journalism… Gordon ]

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The Very Nasty Truth About the Panama Papers | Veterans Today

Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us | Veterans Today

Does Sen. Menendez bust involve drugs & child sex … – Veterans Today

Beat Clinton With Her War Crimes, Racketeering

By Stephen Lendman

  Calling her “crooked Hillary,” a “liar”, a “devil,” and “unfit to serve” aren’t good enough. Ya gotta be more specific. Tiptoeing around her dark side is no winning formula.

I’m no political strategist but it strikes me that defeating her requires striking where she’s most vulnerable – with hard-hitting facts backing it up.

And hammering at them relentlessly. The Clinton campaign’s only ammunition is Trump’s rhetoric with no public record to attack him on.

It goes without saying that anyone reaching billionaire status has lots of skeletons to hide, but they’re mostly private, not public.

Hillary’s baggage is notorious, indictable stuff since her crooked lawyer days followed by a near-generation of more serious criminality – enough evidence to sink her if used effectively with an important caveat.

She’s the establishment candidate, thus the scoundrel media favorite, chosen to win in November, Trump to lose, electoral rigging easy to arrange it – the same way she stole the nomination from Sanders.

It’s all over but the postmortems unless Trump goes all-out against her no-holds-barred. He’ll lose otherwise. She’s already widely reviled and considered untrustworthy.

Volumes of hard facts add meat to the bones – discussed in detail in many articles I’ve written, other independent writers exposing her dark side the same way. It’s all there online for the taking to be used advantageously so why hesitate when holding back is a losing strategy.

I’m no Trump fan. I deplore duopoly rule, fantasy democracy, not the real thing – monied interests served exclusively, ordinary people everywhere harmed grievously.

Things worsen each electoral cycle. Trump is a deplorable choice for US president – with one redeeming feature I stressed earlier.

He’s not Hillary, the worst possible choice to empower with the fate of the nation and world – a self-serving war goddess, racketeer, Wall Street tool, threatening world peace if she succeeds Obama.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Russland gikk i en felle

Roberts – Russia Walked Into A Trap

RT møter kreftsyke barn i Aleppo, som nektes mat og klær på grunn av EU og USAs sanksjoner mot Assad

RT meets Aleppo cancer kids denied aid, food due to EU & US sanctions against Assad (EXCLUSIVE)

Jeff Rense og Tim Rifat tar for seg Wikileaks, som Gordon Duff sier er til for å “legge Russland under seg” (take down), er Russlands dans med djevelen og skader USA, fordi Wikileaks-papirene er redigert av Mossad og beskytter Israel/Mossads handlinger:

Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat – A World Full of Satanic Darkness

Ta det til Jesus. Han har overvunnet det.

1. Pet. 3

18 For Kristus selv led for synder,
          én gang for alle,
          den rettferdige for urettferdige,
          for å føre dere fram til Gud.
          Med kroppen døde han,
          men ved Ånden ble han gjort levende,
    19 og slik gikk han bort og forkynte
          for åndene som var i fangenskap.
 De hadde vært ulydige i Noahs dager, den gang Gud ventet tålmodig mens arken ble bygd. I den ble noen få mennesker, åtte i alt, frelst gjennom vann. 21 Dette er et bilde på dåpen, som nå frelser også dere. Dåpen er ikke å vaske kroppen ren for skitt, men en bønn til Gud om en god samvittighet, i kraft av Jesu Kristi oppstandelse – 22 han som fór opp til himmelen og nå sitter ved Guds høyre hånd, etter at engler, myndigheter og makter er underlagt ham.

“What A Friend (Take It To Jesus)” – Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes

What A Friend (Take It To Jesus)” – Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes available at or by calling …

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Guccifer Letter: Hillary “High Priest” of the Occult
Guccifer is a Romanian hacker responsible for hacking the computers of a number of government insiders

Germany Faces Another Banking Collapse; Orders Citizens to “Prepare for National Emergency”
Only weeks ago, the German government recommended that citizens prepare for a survival emergency. Was an impending economic collapse the reason why?

Graphic Body Cam Video Released of Cops Murdering 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy
After viewing officers gunning down a 6-year-old autistic boy in a police body cam video during court on Wednesday, a state judge released a heavily edited copy of the footage to the public.

Video: UFO Sighting? Mysterious Flying Object Recorded by Police Helicopter
Captured by thermal imaging…

What if a terrorist detonates a dirty bomb in your city?

DARPA Developing Mind Control and Mark of the Beast Technologies
How do DARPA?s projects interact with each other and what does this truly mean for us as a civilization?

Here’s How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison
When America abandoned its core values and let loose the scourge of oppressive big government, the countdown to when citizens would pay the price began.

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right – Congress Will Expand TSA to Buses and Trains
With a host of problems still plaguing the TSA, the only possible motive for such a vast extension of its powers would have to be keeping better tabs on civilians.

Every 49 Seconds – The “Land Of The Free” Kidnaps And Cages Someone For Possessing A Plant
Thankfully, some states are taking steps to end these draconian policies.

Orlando Shooter’s True Motive Finally Revealed: Why Did the FBI Try to Hide It?
The full transcripts shed light on just how powerfully U.S. foreign policy factored into the clearly unstable man?s decision to murder dozens of innocent people.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster


Congress Overwhelmingly Vetoed Obama for the First Time… and Boy Was He Mad

Leaked Colin Powell Emails Confirm Israel’s Secret Nuke Stash

Hillary Clinton’s “Intelligence Surge” Means More Spying

The Bushes and Clintons: Here’s How a Clinton White House Guarantees War with Russia

When the Real World Is Not Enough” Many Among Us Are Literally Living in a Fantasy World

#Wikileaks #PanamaPapirene #Mossad #DonaldTrump #HillaryClinton

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