Vanvittige tilstander i Tyskland. 200.000 lovbrudd begått av innvandrere pr mnd. Merkel fengsler journalister som rapporterer

Tvangs-“chipping” av innvandrere i Tyskland til neste år!

Chipen avlytter og sporer bæreren, og påvirker immunsystemet (kan skrus av via via det). Legen Leonard Coldwell rapporterer om grusomme overgrep begått av innvandrere (voldtekter med døden til følge) som innvandrerne slipper unna med. Chip-merkingen pågår allerede i Australia. Tvungne moskebesøk for å lese Koranen og be. Nekter de får de bøter. Sjekk hva som skjer i Skandinavia:

Jeff Rense & Leonard Coldwell – German Infiltration & The Dangers of Microchipping


Jeff Rense & Leonard Coldwell – Muslim Horrors On The German People…And Forced Microchipping, Too!

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Please visit for updates and information you will never see on Fox News! Clip from October 24, 2016 – guest …

Jonas Alexis forklarer hvem USAs militære/myndigheter er og hva de egentlig står for, og hvor Iran kommer inn i bildet. Det er viktig å lese, dere som synes det er så viktig at amerikanske soldater får “trene” i Norge. Har de ikke snø i USA? Viktig informasjon:

The New World Order is melting in the heat of its own contradiction


Hva betyr egentlig Washingtons “Plan B”?

What Does Washington ?Plan B? in Syria Really Mean?


Israel makes “Hail Mary” move to influence US election – FBI commit treason?


He who has no name speaks: Italian earthquakes were retribution for anti-Jewish UNESCO vote

Noen prøver å stoppe IS (USA) -herjingene i Irak:    

General Soleimani in Mosul Operations Room, Cutting off ISIS Retreat to Syria


60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD


Obama vil gjeninnsette og ansette IS-hæren fra Mosul i Irak i Syria med lønn fra Washington DC, og gir dem fri gjennomreise:

Obama Cuts Deal With ISIS, He Gets Mosul, they Get Free Passage into Syria


Is Alex Jones Covering for Trump’s Jewish Mob Ties? Israeli Press Says “YES,” Sort of?

Det er et par ting med Trump som har å gjøre med hans ståsted i Israelsleiren, blant annet – og mot Iran – som er viktig å få med seg. Med tanke på alle atomvåpnene NATO, USA og Israel bruker bare i løpet av ett år, må nå stakkars Iran få lov til å forsørge seg selv og sine egne innbyggere med et kraftverk, uten å hele tiden bli bombet i filler av Israel og co (“sprengningsuhell”, underjordisk…). Nå er det bare Iran, Nord-Korea og… hva var det siste landet (?) – som London-bankene ennå ikke har fått lagt under seg, så nå jobbes det hardt.

Trump and all the other far right leaders are Zionist Stooges  

LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog I

Syrian War Report – October 28, 2016: Militants Make Do-Or-Die Attempt to Break Aleppo Siege

Storbritannia: Russia Todays bankkonto stengt av myndighetene, men det har ingenting med Syria å gjøre…

NEO – RT’s Bank Accounts Closed – It’s Nothing to Do With Syria

Rock star Roger Waters said to lose $4m over anti-Israel activism

Victoria Gotti: “King Con” Donald Trump Should Take His Pig Self Back to “Dump Tower”

Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK

Donald Trump’s grandfather ran Canadian brothel during gold rush, author says


Russia Registered US Attack Drone in Area Where Idlib School Was Attacked

Deterioration of Interracial Relations During Barack Obama?s Presidency

The Geopolitics of Russia-Egypt Relations

Israel settlements legal, Trump aide says, playing anti-Iran video message on Mount Zion

Veterans Forced to Repay Signing Bonuses?While Billions in Aid Continues Flowing to Israel

Trump Caught Again, Ripping Off Kids Charity This time

Syrian War Report – October 27, 2016: Russian Strikes Destroyed Over 300 Terrorists’ Oil Facilities

Breaking: Iraq’s Maliki Slashes Barzani for Kurdish-Israeli Alliance

Vladimir Putin: The United States continues to sleep with al-Nusra 


Press TV: Gordon Duff on Clinton, Clapper and the Culture of Unreality in US Intelligence

Western firms primed to cash in on Syria’s oil and gas “frontier”

I beat the ban in Berkeley – still censored in Sacramento

Syrian War Report – October 27, 2016: Russian Strikes Destroyed Over 300 Terrorists’ Oil Facilities

Former C.I.A. specialist Philip Giraldi: the 9/11 narrative needs revision

NATO bekymret for døde “gode terrorister”? 

Syrian War Report – October 26, 2016: NATO Concerned over Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham Casualties

Syrian White Helmets a “terrorist support group & Western propaganda tool”

Report: Trump hosted cocaine-fueled parties with underage girls

Blacks for Trump?” What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Biden Talks Trump and the state of Democracy

Motorola is Dead but Donbass lives on

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss

Why don’t you do something about your life and become something, like me? Don’t eat, when you are so disgustingly lazy, shame on you

12. sep.

til ContactRense

(Skrivefeilene er fullt og helt mitt eget ansvar…)

Regarding the video/radio -interview you made about Hillary Clinton, when you spoke for a while what you think about her and the system, before Jordan Maxwell came in, it was interesting, but I have heard and read in many times before at your website, and others’, like Texe Marrs and Veterans Today (even though the accredited diplomat, Gordon Duff, is not as “aggressive” regarding her and Obama as you, who paint them as devils and demons in your illustrations).

I am glad that I have taken the time to listen to you, for maybe soon or more than 3 years, actually I can’t remember when I started listening to you, but I found the links to you and VT at Texe Marrs’s website. He is a great man, teacher, a friendly, loving soul, with a big heart. It is just that my heart and soul has been driven over, ploughed, as with a tractor by pastors, preachers, “prophets”, evangelists and all the rest; Christian writers etc, for so many years so that when you and Texe Marrrs agreed upon Ann Coultner or somebody, I don’t know who, nor do I care who, was nothing else but a whore “basically”, I have not been able to listen to her. I am tired of hearing about “filthy gays and politicians”. I don’t care about hearing about them. “Why don’t you do something about your life, become ‘something/somebody’ like me, get a job, on and on and on”, not giving people the chance to explain why we never became as great as you are, but it is not because we did not work hard. I used to almost lick the floors of the airport, while cleaning at Arlanda. What ever job I had I always “gave the iron”, tried my very best, but “best” may sometimes not be good enough, they only pay you maybe hundred kroners per hour, and it only steals all your energy, and then you give birth to children, and never get to sleep for the next ten years or more in the nights. Maybe when they are all “gone”, and moved away from home, I can find some peace to study something interesting, if there only was such a thing. I am fed up with it all. I am not able to smile on “command”. Maybe I’ll just walk into the forest and never come back, eating berries, fish, mushroom, snails, birds or worms, and they can keep their wonderful bread to themselves: “The lazy should not eat!” “All those lazy men and women in baggy pants selling drugs, drinking and such…”

I was thinking: “Jeff Rense is always looking for a political hero. Now it is Trump. Everything is about showing how bad Hillary Clinton will be as president, and how good Trump will be. They are all just looking for a politician-hero, another king Saul who will make them slaves. There is no peace and calm, only talking for ever, hour after hour, blah-blah-blah.” It is good to be warned, thank you, I do appreciate it, al of you have changed my life and thinking for ever more, but you have not stolen my faith, no matter how hard you try with your “official statements” as if it was the truth, that God does not excist, it is just a control mechanism. You are like psychologists, thinking you have understood it all, and want to warn us about “it / nothing” -things, fairytales, like God, Jesus and the rest. But of course UFO’s are real.

My father used to teach me this song about “store sterke karan (the big strong guys – som vårt lille land forsvare – who our little country defend”). The men, the soliders, are bragging about how tough and strong they are, but the women, the nurses, remind them how they were wining last evening because of a little wound in the toe or finger or something (Flis = a little tiny piece of wood, like a tooth picker – tannpirker, just smaller).

The Norwegian Military –

“Why don’t you do something about your life?” (I love Rance Allen)

Rance Allen – Preacher man

The Canton Spirituals – Mississippi Po Boy

A different kind of “army”, a spiritual one:

I like that young man who was/is singing, I love his voice

Willie Neal Johnson and the Gospel Keynotes – Everything’s gonna be alright

Here you see him again, that kind of “boy” that is so cute that you want to lift him up like a mother and kiss him, saying like we say in Norway to the babies in the mothers “Carriage”, bending down touching their cheek, saying: “Dikke-dikke-dikk, så søt du er”; How sweet (cute) you are”.

Willie Neal Johnson and that young man, who probably is old now, but I don’t know his name:

“I’ve got a feeling”

Here is another cute boy, who is the son of that man singing with him, Phil, something:

Steve singing “Take it to Jesus”:

Here that “Phil” is with the Blind Boys of Alabama – “Going up to the Spirit in the sky

His name is not Phil, but Paul Beasley. So, Willie Neal was the Grandfather of that “Steve”, the little boy with the great voice, and Paul is his father.

Here Paul is singing: “Walk around heaven”

Luther Vandross – Dance with my father (one of the last songs he wrote or recorded before he died, so there is not video of him performing it live)

Here Jacob Lusk is performing it: Dance with my father (at Idol)

Here Jacob is singing together with Gladys Knight and Kirk Franklin:

“I smile”

At least I will try…

hilsen meg


De sier at kvinner tenker med det de sitter på.

Jeg tror de kommer fra et land som heter Bakvendtland (vendt mot baken; for der din skatt er, vil ditt hjerte være)


«i Bakvendtland» (Reveslandia) Alf Prøysen – Video

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