Lovely… bare et lite spørsmål…

Kopi av min epost til journalist Jeff Rense i 2016:

 Just a little question: –  Og katolisismen stammer fra…?


I really enjoyed listening to Jordan Maxwell, because he speaks about something very interesting to me, and he talks in a very peaceful way. It is strange, he is just one year older than Bob Dylan, and four years younger than my mother, —–(who was 9 when the German soldiers fetched my Grandfather ———- —-, in her home to send him to a prison camp in Troms county, and later to “Grini” in Oslo), and three years younger than my father, —-. For the first time I even felt tempted to pay that 30 dollar fee to listen to/read everything, if one ever get the time.

– When you Catholics talk about “Christianity” I wonder if you mean your own religion (the one Texe Marrs also has studied, and I know that is not true Christian faith, even though there are many good people there who pray to Jesus and really love him). Even if that Catholic religion comes from Hinduism, and I believe him; that the Jewish faith (Texe Marrs: The snake -religion, since they worship a god-snake) and Islam comes from Hinduism, I still believe that Jesus has lived and still lives (in Heaven), and that he is not a Hindu.  I believe he is the son of the only true God, the One that the Satanic spirits (in the Heavenly realms but also down in “Abyss”, where the “Nordic secretaries” live, according to the “Gaia”-Commercial, and according to the book of Enoch). Even though “brilliantly” intelligent and evil people have destroyed the world with their evil religions, Catholicism as well (calling it “Christian” faith), that does not give a proof that Jesus is not real. It is a matter of faith (a matter of trust, like Billy Joel sings), that not even Jordan Maxwell can take away from me. If you believe in UFO’s, (fallen) angels or “good and evil angels”, it does not take very much faith to go from there to the thought; Jesus has conquered the Satanic spirits, and like Carman sings; “There is a God”, and that there is a Heaven, one day, after the resurrection.

I like Paul Beasley, and he made me laugh at the end of this singing, even though I had to look up to be sure what the word “moun” means, I knew it may have something to do with grief, but him singing how his mother sounded sometimes, when praying and sighing to God was funny, but I had to turn it off because I got a pain in my ear.

Paul Beasley – Walk around Heaven

(Luther Vandross sang “Dance with my father)

God bless you.

And you already know that you have a “velvet voice”, if not I would not have listened to you 🙂 – and usually, “most of the time” (Bob Dylan) you are polite to your “interview objects”, even when calling the rest of the “world” (elite) for little Satans.

greetings from me


Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell – Politics, Power & Religion

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Miks – Luther Vandross, Boy George – What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted

Ukens undervisning fra pastor Texe Marrs:

America Babylon -The Perverse Goblin of Homosexual Deviltry

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