Hvorfor jeg aldri ville ha stemt på Trump selv om Texe Marrs og Jeff Rense gjør det

I dette blogginnlegget deler jeg en epost jeg skrev til journalist Jeff Rense i 2016 for å advare ham, siden jeg lyttet til hva han sa i sine videoer og leste artikler på hans nettsted.


6. aug.

til ContactRense

Hi, Jeff Rense

The 9th of June I stopped blogging, and I wrote to you that I had heard the sound of sea gulls and it made me weep, because it reminded me about home; in —————-, and the fact that my parents sold their house, my home, two years ago and moved, and my home is not there anymore. I also sent a song that was on my heart that day, Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston singing; “I look to You”, singing about Jesus.

Since I do read your website and listen to your videos regulary, I know you believe in Trump and think he will be a good president, and that he can learn along the way (as “he goes”). We are all wanderers along the way (road = vei in Norwegian, and my Grandmother used to play Søstrene (The sisters) Bjørklund LP on her old gramophone player, who were singing “Den/The Glade/Happy vandrer/wanderer kalles jeg/am I called, for godt/because good er mitt/is my humør/spirits”. At least most of the time.

I deleted my old email account ******* and threw my phone into to toilet. I have been thinking for a couple of months, while painting walls, floors and fixing the floor etc in the apartment we are renting for 12.500 kroners per month. We got a letter from the community house (town leadership) who owns it of 4-5 pages of all the things people like us who rent it from them (refugees, handicapped and/or their parents a.s.o.) have to do before leaving it). We can’t afford living in it, therefore we have spent thousands of kroners on repairing and maintaining things they promised half of the rent we are paying them would be used for (the owners are responsible for fixing their own apartment, but obviously they don’t think so, after all, so they keep all the Money, and spend nothing on renewing things that are now 20 years old; WC, toilet, floors…)

I would like you to read these two articles (and the other two as well). To me, if I was an American, I would not bother voting for Trump, because then I am voting for the ones who during the history have killed people like me, who is not a Catholic and not under the Pope. Read what she is telling you, please. I know you have said you are a Catholic. I don’t know if Brother Nathanael who has said a lot of interesting things, just like you, is a Catholic Orthodox? Texe Marrs has revealed what the leader of the Orthodox Church of America had done; uniting with the Vatican the article below.

Why vote for a puppet of forces you have identified as Satanic? The ex-Satanist you interviewed “escaped” to the Catholic Church, becoming a Christian, but how can he be so sure that he has escaped Satan? When Satan tempted Jesus on the mountain and offered him (political) power over all kingdoms of the earth, Jesus rebuked him. When God wanted to be the king of the Israelites and guide them through His prophets, they preferred Saul to be king, and God allowed that in the name of Democracy (free will), but warned them that they would become slaves. There were no other alternatives than Saul, and God never gave them any “tip” about any other alternative men or women that would be better than Saul. “Blessed is he who does not put his (her) trust in (a) man”, so why is even Texe Marrs recommending Trump?

– You ought to read Katherine Frisks very important article, if you have not already, because she is telling you and us about God’s sollution, true “Democracy” on Earth, that we have slaughtered and do not believe in. I am not a member of any congregation, but I still believe in Jesus. The only song I really enjoyed today were Chaka Khan singing “Until You come back to me” (it’s about time that we stop killing and return to the love Jesus gave the world in the Golden Rule) and Luther Vandross’s “I’d rather”.

Very important:


Gordon Duff explaining the game behind the list of republicans against Trump:





I opened this email account today, because I felt it was important to say this to you.

Greetings from



11. okt.

til ContactRense

Hi, Jeff Rense

A long time ago I decided that I would never judge anyone because of what they have done in the sexual arena, even though some say they have never done anything wrong (even though they may have had a lot of strange thoughts in their hearts and heads; lust, thoughts about both both rape, murder and other evil things that they never speak aloud about), because by doing that I would judge (condemn) myself.

David Petraeus maybe fell into a Mossad-trap, or maybe that relationship was deliberately set up as an excuse to fire him for other reasons than that “apparant” one, I don’t know.

A tale of two traitors and the terrorists they created | Veterans Today

America’s Iraq Monsters: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld … – Veterans Today

You may have read the article ainThe Daily Mail about Dr. Martin Luther King who according to them/witnesses stated that “he had sex (fu****) for God”, even at the time of the Noble Peace Prize ceremony with another woman than his own wife, and during his time as a minister a whole lot of other women. He was a “skirt-hunter” (skjørtejeger), if it is not just lies, I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but God in Heaven knows, I leave it to Him, besides we don’t know or fully understand how gracious, mercyful He is, and he may have been forgiven.

Also, your hero presidents, John F. Kennedy used to have sex with other women than his own wife, in the elevator (at the White House), and if it is true what the rumors say, he and his brother, Robert, shared Marilyn Monroe’s company in bed, and maybe even had her killed because she knew too much about the nuclear secrets of the USA, or was it maybe the Mossad that killed her, because according to Texe Marrs John F. Kennedy was opposed to Israel in various ways (not wanting them to have/get a hold of nuclear weapons).

I can see that you have posted a lot of links to articles about the sexual crimes (rapes a.s.o) of Bill Clinton at your website. That is a good reason to “ponder at”, why people reject Trump and not Clinton, for sexual comments degrading women and crimes (rape). In Northern Norway the men (and women) speak about “grabbing women by the pussy” or things similar to that all of the time. They call policemen  for “horse dicks”, and are pardoned by the court because they come from Northern Norway (Nordland, Troms, Finnmark) where the language is different, just like we Norwegians subtract 50 percent of what Americans say; “I love you more than yesterday, I really mean it”, because when you speak about love you mean kind of: “I kind of almost like you just as much as I like my cereal which I care more about than you” when you say: “I love you!”, and when you say “It’s fantastic!!” it means; “It is OK” in Norwegian. In Northern Norway they speak from the liver with +++ -words (“big/capitol letters”), so the police men from the South who feel insulted subtract an equal amount of — (minues) when they want to get closer to the true translation in Norwegian Book (written) language (Danish), which is “You are a jerk (horse-dick)” . Since Trump is not the descendant of a North-Norwegian fisherman or Lappic reindeer-shepherd, he is not pardoned, because he ought to have know better, since he has attended the “finest” schools, and even is a member of the “Church”; an Catholic, who always think they are better than the Protestants, and probably of the “true” Jesuit spirit; getting them into his bosom (Mother-church), cost what it may cost (buying women with money).

But if you would take the time in between all of your talking-shows on the radio to read what Gordon Duff has found out, if that is true, would it not place you into the very “Zionist”-camp that you are so opposed to? Who are you, really? Do you know that, yourself?


Why Wikileaks is in the Trump Camp

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on October 10, 2016

And why has all media, controlled mainstream and conspiracy blogosphere alike ignored this key issue?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is a strange story here, not just Wikileaks and Trump but a strange tangle of history that goes back to the McCarthy era and the homosexual scandal around the muckraking senator and his chief counsel, Roy Cohn.

Cohn was a mentor to Trump and Bush and a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch, who was mentor to Julian Assange.  We are going to limit the dots connected, too much of that leads to nice stories but little else.  However, there is real fire behind this smoke, as this journey will prove.  Be sure to peruse the addendums.

For those of you who don’t remember, Wikileaks supposedly is secretly funded by a Swedish billionaire who had an underground fortress built to house Wikileaks servers.  Power was supplied by diesel engines intended to power Nazi U Boats.

Story sound familiar?  This is where the tale began, told by Donald Rumsfeld, the man who invented not just this, but much more as well, like two wars he pulled out of his behind:


So, let’s talk a bit about Wikileaks.  Do you know who they are?  Well, according to their website, these are their financial partners:


You will see a “who’s who” of controlled corporate and, surprise surprise, Zionist media.  Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is there as is MI5’s “Guardian.”

For those of you who are unaware, Wikileaks has views.

  • Wikileaks is pro-neocon
  • Wikileaks is anti-Palestinian
  • Wikileaks is anti-Pakistan
  • Wikileaks is anti-Iran
  • Wikileaks loves Saudi Arabia
  • Wikileaks loves Israel
  • Wikileaks loves India
  • Wikileaks supports the bombing of Yemen, now recognized as a war crime even by Obama.
  • Wikileaks supports the continual bombing of Gaza
  • Wikileaks supports ISIS, al Nusra in all her incarnations and anyone else fighting against Syria or Iraq and butchering their people.
  • Wikileaks loves Erdogan.
  • Wikileaks loves George W. Bush
  • Wikileaks loves Tony Blair.
  • Wikileaks adores Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Wikileaks worships Rupert Murdoch.

(read the rest here:)


NEO- Assange and Russia’s Dance with the Devil


By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on October 8, 2016
This article was published in Russia. Until now, defending Assange had been the most successful psychological warfare operation against both Russia and the US to date.



(fortsettelse av epost:)

Gordon Duff calls you his friend. The two of you are very far away from each other regarding who Donald Trump is. But of course you can still be friends.

Now I understand better and better why Jesus was not into “politics”, and why he was not looking for earthly power, because his Kingdom was and is not of this earth where Satan is the Prince. But Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and you know that the Noble Peace Price Committee will never give him a reward, even though he is the only one who deserved it of them all. Who are we to give him a “price”, when we can’t even give him praise for what he said and did, and the great impact his teaching (not stoning women, for instance) about forgiveness, mercy and grace from God had on the thinking of mankind (their heads and hearts) during the past 2000 years?

Miks – Luther Vandross – How Sweet It Is (LIVE) HD


Billy Joel – Two Thousand Years – from “River of Dreams”

I can’t trust any man, and God says: “Blessed is the one who does not put his trust in a man.”

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