Hva må jeg gjøre for at dere skal elske meg? Er Trump deres favoritt-hore, og ikke jeg? Filler’n også…

Kopi av min epost til journalist Jeff Rense på “Norwenglish” i 2016 (beklager skrivefeil):


After all the things I have learned to do and learned at the inside through experience, what must I now do (what kind of paper do I need); how many years more in addition to all the others I already have been sitting there or running like crazy after an Autistic child, cleaning, reading, writing, looking up words, talking, must I sit on a bench listening to women and men talking for hours in order to get that paper of “wisdom” good enough for others to listen to me or love me)? If this is it, I’ll find another love, like Huey Lewis sang.

Ray Charles – What have I got to do

Elton John And Ray Charles – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Partial)

I will never be as smart as them, in their eyes, so I can just leave them to God in their smartness.


What Trunp did not say, and who he protected


13. okt.

til ContactRense

NEO – Trailing ISIS to Tel Aviv | Veterans Today

25. mar. 2015 – The infamous “Bin Laden Studios? in Tel Aviv is also ‘ISIS Productions’ as well. …. bottom dollar that the boot licks in Congress will move against Obama. …. The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) …

(fortsettelse av min epost til journalist Jeff Rense:)

What I like about Trump is his honesty, that I said what he said about US founding and training ISIS, but he protected Israel, why?

I do understand that in order to be elected in the US you have to be “for” Israel, as if it is your own personal holy shrine, in order to become elected as president, and if you change your mind during the presidency, Mossad will kill you if you “veto” something against the interests of that country, and the Congress (and probably the Senate to) probably all of them are dual US-Israeli citizens, if you have read the VT article “It’s congress, stupid…”

Trump probably have done no more sins than the Clintons. If he raped children and is a pedophile, he has done nothing worse than the Clintons, who had their opponents killed (33 corpses on their list by now). VT have written about Golden Sachs and Trump, so he is in the same “Club”, having the same sponsors as the Clintons, Obama and the Bushes. What is the big difference? And you say that “you can’t find that he has done anything wrong”… Isn’t pedophilia wrong, and do you really like the Goldman Sachs and the mafia (Roy Cohn)? This is getting boring. You are trying to defend someone just because he said he will build a border-wall in the South and slow down the immigration. A UN-spokesman is talking about dangerous Trump will be for the world. That is just a joke, thinking about what a danger the UN have been and still is for the world.

If you read the article Duff has written about Wikileaks and Trump, serving the interest of Israel, and you listen to Trump who is quoting Wikileaks (Bernie Sanders and the US founding ISIS – forgetting Israel), you understand that the “poor” guy (who may be dead broke, if you read VT the last couple of days, where they are asking who is sponsoring him), who is surrounded by Jewish “interests” even in his closest familiy is standing on a shaky ground, he does not know who to turn to in order to remind the Obama-Clinton -gang what they have done, fighting abroad (Libya, NATO no good etc), because he is surrounded by Israel even in his “intelligence” that he trusts; Wikileaks. One have to feel sorry for the guy. And if he visits a church they will speak to him about God wanting him to support the Holy Land.

Your business looking for the right man, is not my business.

It bores me and is sad, just like looking at an unbalanced “weight”. Both sides of the “Balance” (“vekt” in Norwegian) has been tampered with, it will never speak the truth.


To the end of the line, Mr. Arrogant


13. okt.

til ContactRense

 I posted your video in my blog today, but that’s it.

You say that the ones who do not vote for Trump are fools. I have learned that calling somebody a fool makes one guilty of hell. I don’t like you anymore. Gordon Duff is much more polite in his words and way of speaking, even though weapon-ownership is the only thing he has in common with Christians. I think he is thinking about the Fox News – GOP – Catholic christians, just like Jordan Maxwell is calling Catholics “Christian” faith a outspring of Hinduism. Gordon Duff thereby states that he has nothing at all in common with the Christians who believe we are to turn the other cheek, and not own a gun or sword to kill the ones who threaten us. That does not hinder me from listening to him, because he still has not called me a fool.


hilsen meg

The Traveling Wilburys – End Of The Line 



Why are you and Texe Marrs “selective” and have favorite whores?


17. okt.

til ContactRense


Do you remember the interview where Texe says: “She is nothing else than a whore, basically…” – And you said, “Yeah”. That woman, was it Ann Coulter (?) had had a relationship to a married man.

Donald Trump had a sexual relationship to a 17 year old girl, and there is a picture of him having her sitting on his lap in front of a car. Wasn’t he married to Ivanka then, the Russian woman, mother of his children? What does that make him? A male whore, according to the way you usually judge people. The seventeen year old said that he had threatened her by saying that if she told anyone that he had raped her (anally and afterwards “vaginally”), he would kill her.”

Now he has admitted some other sexual sin or what you want to call it, in the weekend, a good time to do so (when people watch football and don’t care about the media). Maybe all the rest is just lies, that he has never done all these things, but I don’t like the fact that when you really like a candidate, he can just rape and have sex with so many women and kids/underage girls, other than his wife, that he wants to, but you will recommend him to the world, and so does Texe, as the only “savior” of America. I thought that was Jesus? You are both very “double moral” and willing to se aside the usual condemnation sentences that you throw out regarding gays and whores when it comes to Trump. Why should I take you serious? If I was an American I would not vote for Hillary, nor Trump, but then you call us a fool if we don’t vote for Trump. Is that the job of a journalist to tell us who we are according to you when we think and mean the wrong thing? Does not that place you in the same category as the CNN-man you call a “house negro” (because he behaved like a bad journalist, interrupting Trump? I think you have become a moral preacher like Texe, and have taken on a double role/moral lately.

Greetings from,



(Hvis jeg slanker meg, så har jeg jo skjønt at man er mer verdt å bli elsket her i verden. Noen trenger sikkert også å slanke “egoet” sitt en smule. Det får være et “åpent spørsmål” som henger i luften, for de av oss som gidder å tenke ut et svar.)

15 common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight


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