US Drug Enforcement spiller på lag med narkomafiaen, nekter å lette restriksjoner på marihuana – igjen

Cannabis kurer kreft, viser nytt studie, men DEA tjener store penger på at det er klassifisert som versting når de konfiskerer stoffet ingen har dødd av, mens nærmere to hundre tusen personer har dødd av smertestillende piller og andre “medisiner” som de tillater. Er det ikke rart? (Om cannabis som kurer kreft, se artikkellinker lenger ned på siden.)


Breaking: DEA Rejects Calls to Loosen Restrictions on Marijuana – Again

August 11, 2016 | Lily Dane

In a move that will shock absolutely no one who knows how much the federal government profits from cannabis confiscation, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will announce today (for the fourth time) that the agency will NOT call for reclassifying the plant.

In other words, the DEA has decided that cannabis will remain a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that for the purposes of federal law, the drug has “no medical use and a high potential for abuse” and is one of “the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.”

The plant shares Schedule 1 status with heroin, LSD, and methaqualone (Quaalude) and it is more strictly regulated than the powerful prescription painkillers that have killed more than 165,000 people since 1999.

To put the absurdity of marijuana being classified as Schedule I in perspective, take a look at the list of drugs that are under the less-restrictive Schedule II: oxycodone, methamphetamine, methadone, fentanyl, Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, and…cocaine. The following drugs are listed under Schedule III: Tylenol with codeine, ketamine, and anabolic steroids.

A total of 17,465 people died from overdosing on illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine in 2014, while 25,760 people died from overdosing on prescription drugs, including painkillers and tranquilizers like Valium, according to CDC figures.

To date, NO ONE has ever died of a cannabis overdose.

The DEA’s announcement says:

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General Flynn: Terror Groups Working With Drug Cartels to Enter U.S.

(General Flynn mottok penger “under bordet” fra Tyrkia, se nederst på siden.)

Tillegg om hvem “narkotikakartellene” er: Myndighetspersoner, presidentkandidater, presidenter, m.m.

Den virkelige krigen mot narkotika…

The Real War On Drugs

By Katherine Frisk on August 9, 2016

And the Winds of Change

by Katherine Frisk

A number of years ago a good friend asked me why there is so much rampant drug abuse in the world today. She was distressed by the decimation of the young people that she was seeing happening around her on a daily basis. I did not have the answer then, however I do have some semblance of the answer now.

Drug production skyrockets with NATO running the show – And this is called a war on drugs

People who believe in Democracy, freedom of speech and equal rights do not, as some would think, believe that this includes the illegal narcotics industry that is destroying lives and families all over the world.

My first introduction to the mix between politics and drugs came when I learned about the CIA involvement in running cocaine from South America. As one example of many, consider Panama. This from William Blum:


In 2015, the world was shocked to read of the Saudi Royal family being involved in the narcotics industry. These are the same people who have been funding Daesh/ISIS in Syria, and chop off women?s heads because they are not dressed in tents and also crucify political activists. No doubt the sale of these narcotics have gone a long way to supporting the terrorists in Syria.

“Lebanese authorities have charged a Saudi prince and nine other people with drug trafficking, a week after they were arrested in the largest-ever drug seizure at Beirut´s airport.

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CIA fortsetter sin narkohandel fra sitt hovedkontor i Afghanistan


The CIA continues trafficking drugs from Afghanistan

This is the second part of the interview granted by Friba, RAWA’s representative. Interview by Edu Montesanti, Pravda.Ru Portuguese version

Years ago, former parliamentary, writer and activist for human rights Malalaï Joya pointed out that the CIA continues trafficking drugs from Afghanistan. In an interview by e-mail (censored) to the Brazilian newspaper O Tempo, later sent to me in full also by e-mail, she stated that, “the Afghan narcotics economy is a designed project of the CIA, supported by US foreign policy. There are reports in Afghanistan that even US army is engaged in the drugs trafficking: drug mafia is in the hold of power and supported by the West.” What can you say about it?

We strongly support this statement of Malalai Joya which is based on facts.

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Spansk studie bekrefter at cannabisolje kurerer kreft

Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer | Soren Dreier

Kannabisolje som kreftbehandling – Det virker

Cannabis Oil as Cancer Treatment – It’s Working | Soren Dreier

Marijuana fjerner plakk Alzheimer-plakk fra hjerneceller

Marijuana Removes Alzheimer’s Plague From Brain Cells | Soren Dreier

Ny Alzheimer-behandling gjenoppretter hukommelsen helt

New Alzheimer” Treatment Fully Restores Memory … – Soren Dreier


Narkobusiness på toppnivå har pågått lenge – utført av de “fineste” blant oss,

som amerikanerne kaller “Our finest”:


Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress (Updated)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on November 1, 2012

FBI, CIA and Foreign Intelligence Agencies “Leak” Romney Files

(See Addendum for updated critical material)

Vote for Romney or Else!!!

Les artikkel her:

Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a … – Veterans Today


Breaking: Romney´s “Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel (Video)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on October 15, 2012

Romney Candidacy Takes Major Blow as Bain Exposed as Cartel Cash Laundry

Les artikkel her:

Bain Capital” Drug Front For Bush Cartel (Video) – Veterans Today


LA Times: Romney´s a drug-money launderer

By Kevin Barrett on October 17, 2012

Why Has Not Only Corporate Media, but also Obama´s Opposition Research Let Romney Slide on his Criminal Associations?

Mitt Romney made his fortune cleaning druglords´cash

Resten her:

LA Times: Romney’s a drug-money launderer | Veterans Today

Romney leading group to draft candidate to stop Trump | Veterans Today


Mer her om cannabis legende effekt:

Spansk studie bekrefter at cannabisolje kurerer kreft, og marijuana fjerner plakk fra hjerneceller og reparerer hukommelsen


Flynn mottok penger under bordet fra Tyrkia:

Questions surround Turkish businessman at center of Flynn controversy

By Ian Greenhalgh on March 11, 2017

Questions surround Turkish businessman at center of Flynn controversy

“Flynn must have known what he was getting himself into.”

… from Al-Monitor

Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin

[ Editor´s Note: This is a short seminar on lobbying versus espionage. Listen carefully. No government pays out sums like a half million dollars, even through a middleman corporation, for open source intelligence to be done via a former NSA director. The idea of it in this case was ludicrous.

Les resten:

Questions surround Turkish businessman at center … – Veterans Today


Thus, in the course of his negotiations with Flynn Intel Group, “the need for a lobbying and PR component was agreed upon but never executed, which is why I reclaimed and they reimbursed some $95,000,” he said.

At a certain level a pile of cash like this is one notch above confetti

Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad … – Veterans Today

Flynn failed to disclose income from Russian entities … – Veterans Today

It Wasn’t Russia, How Erdogan Bought Trump and … – Veterans Today


Trump, Flynn Scuttled War on ISIS for Turkish Cash

…Erdogan didn’t leave Washington empty handed, he was simply visiting his employees

[ Editor’s note:  This week, thugs paid by Erdogan assaulted Kurdish demonstrators outside the White House.  It was Turkey that brought Sarin gas to Idlib and Trump attacked Damascus for it.


[ Editor’s note:  This week, thugs paid by Erdogan assaulted Kurdish demonstrators outside the White House.  It was Turkey that brought Sarin gas to Idlib and Trump attacked Damascus for it.

VT calls for special prosecutor for Trump, Flynn for Turkey as well, they financed SOHO, paid Flynn, bombed Americans and Trump knew

…Erdogan didn´t leave Washington empty handed, he was simply visiting his employees

[ Editor´s note:  This week, thugs paid by Erdogan assaulted Kurdish demonstrators outside the White House.  It was Turkey that brought Sarin gas to Idlib and Trump attacked Damascus for it.

Trump allowed Turkey to repeatedly bomb America´s allies in Syria, with American advisors embedded with them scrambling for their lives.  Now we see that Trump and Flynn scuttled US efforts against ISIS on behalf of Turkey, Flynn got $530,000 and Trump simply served the gangsters who financed Trump SOHO and so much more, his Bayrock partner.

Flynn had been on the Turkish payroll and under active investigation by the FBI for working for Turkey, not Russia but Turkey, when Trump put him into the White House.  Trump knew this according to this story from the New York Times:

Les resten:

Trump, Flynn Scuttled War on ISIS for Turkish Cash | Veterans Today

NEO – Does Flynn Exit Aid World Peace? | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 28, 2017

Press covering for Turkey but other nations paying off Trump and company as well, only Flynn got caught and is being thrown under a bus

Exclusive: “Lock him Up,” of Course We Mean Flynn, But Lock Him Up Last

Bibi and Erdogan are joined at the hip in military actions to oust Syria´s Assad. All along, VT has contended that Russian, Israeli and U.S. Kosher Nostra oligarchs and gangsters (with U.S. intel help) skewed and rigged the 2016 U.S. elections. The Kosher roosters are now finally come home to roost.

Gas From Israel And The Flynn Wiretapping | Veterans News Now


Nyheter fra The Daily Sheeple

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Despicable: Clinton Foundation Caught Watering Down AIDS Drugs to Africa

The Bill Gates Bulls**T Brigade: Microsoft Claims It Can Solve Cancer by Making Your Body Run Like a Crappy Operating System

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