Russlands nye base i Iran skal slå USAs etterretnings som brukes til å beskytte IS…Kampen om Aleppo trekker i langdrag pga USA

Accusation: Russia’s New Base in Iran to Beat US Satellite Intel Used to Protect ISIS

By GPD on August 17, 2016

Russia decided to use the Hamadan airfield in Iran to prevent terrorists from spying on its strategic aircraft taking part in the Moscow-led counterterrorism operation in Syria, the Vzglyad newspaper asserted.

The business daily maintained that spying appears to have become a major issue since some radical groups fighting in Syria have lately succeeded in hiding from incoming Russian airstrikes. This, according to the media outlet, seems to indicate that someone has been tracking Russian strategic aircraft and sharing this information with the militants.

“We would rather not point fingers but jihadists and ‘moderate’ rebels who joined them have managed to hide from Russian warplanes suspiciously too often. This could only be done if they have access to satellite surveillance data,” the business daily suggested.

Vzglyad emphasized that radical groups lack equipment, particularly satellites and electronic warfare systems, needed to track long-range bombers as they take off from the Engels Air Force Base located east of the Russian city of Saratov.

“There are grounds to assume that someone interested and generous could provide this information to those who fight against Assad,” the media outlet noted.

Three Reasons Why Russia Deployed Tu-22M3 Strategic Bombers to Iran

This is one of the reasons behind Russia’s decision to use the Hamadan airfield in Iran as a launching ground for airstrikes against Daesh and al-Nusra Front in Syria. Russian aircraft deployed to Iran need less time to reach their goals in the war-torn country. In other words, the militants have less time to hide even if they know that an airstrike is imminent.There is another advantage to using Hamadan, Vzglyad noted. The airfield is located in an area that is protected against incoming cruise missile strikes due to its terrain.

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Rodrigo Duerte til agenter for den nye verdensorden: “Jeg kommer til å ydmyke dere”

Rodrigo Duterte to New World Order agents: “I’ll humiliate you”

By Jonas E. Alexis on October 18, 2016

If Rodrigo Duterte had already decided to “cross the Rubicon” by giving Russia and China the nod and by giving up on the Zionist States of America, then New World Order agents will have a hard time articulating their lies and fabrications in the Philippines and much of Asia.

Putin: “Instead of learning from other people’s mistakes, some prefer to repeat them and continue to export revolutions.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

No, we are not saying that Philippine leader, Rodrigo Duterte, is a good guy. It is premature to make a definitive claim about him. But it seems that he has had enough of the New World Order ideology in the Philippines.

In fact, many Asian leaders are tired of this diabolical plan, which has been forced upon much of the entire world through covert means. Duterte doesn?t seem to be joking:

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5 ganger Clinton-ene slapp å bli arrestert av de føderale myndigheter

5 times when the Clintons escaped federal charges

Published time: 12 Aug, 2016 03:21Edited time: 15 Aug, 2016 08:28

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves to the crowd with her husband, former president Bill Clinton © Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

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Reports the DoJ rejected the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation have created a stir this week. While it is not the first time investigators have gotten close to the Clintons, the couple seem immune to cases and charges.

A new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails has shed more light on the State Department’s close ties with Bill Clinton’s foundation in the times when it was supervised by the former First Lady. Nearly 300 pages of back-and-forth emails exposed senior officials at the foundation seeking favor and special connection on behalf of wealthy donors.

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“Uunngåelige konsekvenser”: Kina og Russland sinte på THAAD i Sør-Korea

“Irreparable Consequences”: China, Russia Angry About THAAD in South Korea

By GPD on July 27, 2016

The United States and South Korea are obsessed with containing North Korea, but Washington’s aggressive expansion of anti-missile systems in the Asian peninsula, as well as in the Baltics, leave Moscow and Beijing reticent to trust America’s leadership.

The United States and South Korea announced plans in July to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system, ostensibly to counter threats from North Korea, but the move received immediate condemnation from Russia and China, who view the installation as a veiled attempt by Washington to undermine Beijing and Moscow’s mutual nuclear deterrent.

Kerry Tries to Quell Tensions in South China Sea Before War Erupts

Moscow immediately joined Beijing in warning the United States that the deployment would have “irreparable consequences.”

“This missile defense system tends to undermine stability in the region. We hope that our partners will avoid any actions that could have irreparable consequences,” cautioned the Russian foreign ministry in the wake of Washington and Seoul’s announcement.

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“Britiske embetsmenn patruljerer internett, på vei til å skape et ‘tankepoliti'”

“UK officials patrolling the Internet, on road to creating ‘thought police'”

Published time: 15 Aug, 2016 15:01

© Ints Kalnins

We have activists who have been detained for saying that they would like to do something – not the fact that they had done something – and this is a worrying trend, Annie Machon, former MI5 agent, told RT.

Scotland Yard is creating a special unit designed to counter online harassment in the UK. The program will cost almost 2 million pounds, with five detectives and an army of volunteers, hunting down Internet trolls.

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“Europa er ekstremt syk”, sier Den tyske banks sjefsøkonom

“Europe is extremely sick”, says Deutsche Bank chief economist

By GPD on July 11, 2016

Brussels urgently needs a ?150 billion bailout to begin a major recapitalization program for its banks, according to Deutsche Bank’s David Folkerts-Landau.

Italian “zombie” banks put EU financial system at risk

In the aftermath of UK’s Brexit vote, the focus of attention has switched to Italy’s banking sector, which has accumulated ?360 billion in bad loans, and growing.

A former member of the ECB executive board Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, and now chairman at Societe Generale, has warned the banking crisis in Italy could spread to the entire EU.

“Europe is extremely sick and must start dealing with its problems extremely quickly, or else there may be an accident. I’m no doomsday prophet, I am a realist,” he said in an interview to Welt am Sonntag.

According to Folkerts-Landau, Brussels should follow Washington’s steps that helped US banks with a $475 billion bailout.

“In Europe, the bailout does not need to be so large. A ?150 billion program should be enough to help European banks recapitalize,” he said.

The decline in bank stocks is only the symptom of a much larger problem, which is low growth, high debt and dangerous deflation, Folkerts-Landau added.

Over the last 12 months, Deutsche Bank shares have plummeted 48 percent. Another major European bank, Credit Suisse is down 63 percent since July 31 last year. All in all, the Bloomberg Europe 500 Banks and Financial Services Index has nosedived 33 percent in 2015 to the lowest level in more than seven years as of last Thursday.

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Kampen for Aleppo ville ha vært over for lenge siden hadde det ikke vært for USA

‘Battle of Aleppo Would Have Been Long Over if Not for the US’

Smoke billows from buildings during an operation by Syrian government forces to retake control of the rebel-held district of Leramun, on the northwest outskirts of Aleppo, on July 26, 2016



As the military commanders of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) issue an ultimatum to the jihadist groups located in Syria’s largest city of Aleppo to lay down arms and leave the city, Russian media points out that the operation on the liberation of the settlement would have been long over if not for the US.

Russia and the Syrian government have launched a joint large-scale humanitarian relief operation in Aleppo, establishing three corridors for civilians and one for militants wishing to lay down arms, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday.

Meanwhile Russian online newspaper Vzglyad notes that the operation on the liberation of Syria’s largest city would have been long over if not for one problem – namely the US.

On Tuesday, an unnamed source told Sputnik that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) destroyed an al-Nusra Front command center located in the al-Zahraa neighborhood of Aleppo as Damascus-led forces were trying to take full control of the city.

“Dozens of militants inside the headquarters were killed” in the operation, the source added. An SAA tank has also managed “to cut off al-Nusra Front’s supply route and destroy a heavy artillery gun that was directed at Aleppo’s residential areas.”

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Det amerikanske flagg er nå forbudt i det offentlige rom, og politiet bryter amerikansk lov på det område ved å kriminalisere eget lands flagg:

American Patriotism vs. VA’s Anti-Americanism

By Robert Rosebrock on August 12, 2016

By Robert L. Rosebrock

LOS ANGELES – Last Sunday was the second day of competition at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games being hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Instead of watching the Olympic Games in the comfort of his home like everyone else, Ted Hayes, “Mr. Patriot,” attended the 438th consecutive Sunday Rally of the Veterans Revolution to “Save Our Veterans Land” and to “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.”

While American Flags were being hoisted and celebrated in honor of our Olympic Team representing the United States, Mr. Patriot was hoisting his own American Flag outside the Los Angles National Veterans Home in honor of the men and women who have defended our Nation´s Colors for more than two-and-a-half centuries.

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Jeff Rense & Joel Skousen – 3rd Debate Analysis

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