Russland har vunnet ‘stedfortrederkrigen’ i Syria, Sionistekstremister iverksetter drapskupp mot Israelske Forsvarsstyrker

Russia Has Won the Proxy War in Syria

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on August 7, 2016

“Russia Has Won the Proxy War in Syria”: The Deal With US Fulfills Moscow’s Mission

…from Sputnik, Moscow

Can Russian and Syrian air power crush the rebel counter attacks?

[ Editor’s Note: I chose this article today for mixed reasons. The Woodrow Wilson Center is a very “power friendly” entity inside the DC beltway. On the one hand, it seems they are being critical of US policy by claiming it has failed, but the emphasis on the joint victory to Russia and Iran is a tip off that it is a propaganda piece.

Why? Part of that stems from the “why now” first question, with the answer being to tag Obama and the Democrats with the loss at this key moment in the presidential campaign.

Although this was published yesterday we can see it is a bit outdated, because Kerry is certainly not following through with the coordination on the airstrikes with Russia, due to the Aleppo battle reaching a tipping point. That has become even more of a trump card, as we are now several days into both sides claiming progress in that battle, with no real confirmation.

Mr. “unconfirmed Source” has been overused during the last few days. And then we have Syria being left out of the victory tour psyops piece below, a clear hint that these sources were assigned to pedal this spin at this point. Only someone under control of the NeoCon war-meisters would have been forbidden to give any credit to Assad’s government and the Syrian army for “the victory”, which has clearly been a group effort by Syria and its allies.

And last, has anyone noticed that the US and Western media reports never mention Hezbollah people anymore, when it was an often-used boogeyman terrorist group? Someone powerful would have had to put the word out to corporate media to banish them from any mention, most likely because they wanted the focus on Russia and Iran as “the enemy”.

We still cannot confirm the status of the SE Aleppo artillery base and its mentioned large ammunition stockpiles. Even if the jihadis are inside part of the base, securing and then transporting any captured stocks would be more than difficult, as all available Damascus and Russian air power would descend upon them.

That said, I doubt that Damascus would want to blow it up, as it is a strategic ammo reserve for the north, and there could be much fighting still ahead. We should have a clearer picture over the next few days… Jim W. Dean ]


It is Syria that has been “bogged Down” in the war, not Russia, Iran, or the US

– First published  …  August 07,  2016

Commenting on the recent developments in the Syrian conflict and the agreement between Russia and the US on the coordination of bombing missions in the country, many media sources now agree that Moscow has the upper hand in the conflict and its agreement with the US will grant it and its ally Iran the final victory.

“Russia has won the proxy war, at least for now,” Michael Kofman, a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington told the New York Times.

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Hitlers “profetiske” advarsel mot demokrati


 “Det er lettere for en kamel å komme seg inn gjennom et nåløye enn det er for en stor mann å bli `oppdaget´gjennom et valg.”

“Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be ‘discovered’ by an election.”

– Adolf Hitler


Demokrati avler marxisme

Democracy breeds Marxism 

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En radioaktiv militærbase fra den kalde krigs dager kommer snart til syne opp fra Grønlands smeltende is

A Radioactive Cold War Military Base Will Soon Emerge From Greenland’s Melting Ice

They thought the frozen earth would keep it safely hidden. They were wrong

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Sionistekstremiser fyrer av drapskupp mot IDF (Israelske Forsvarsmyndigheter)

Skuddet hørtes over hele landet

Den smilende morderen

Zionist extremists launch murder coup against IDF

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on August 6, 2016

The Shot Heard all over the Country

The smiling murderer

by   Uri Avnery,    …with  Gush Shalom

Uri has two sides… the unrepentant Zionist, but also the fearless critic of Zionist extremists

[ Editor’s note: Uri has a home run piece below, a hard-nosed exposé of Jews against Jews in a close range, take-no-prisoners knife fight, with the future control of the army at stake. I had not known that the local orthodox head extremist, Baruch Marzel, had been on the scene where the teenage Israeli soldier executed a wounded Palestinian.

The soldier was a medic, which makes his act all the more universally reprehensible. Uri would not say it below, but I will: the religious terrorist Marzel definitely could have put this stupid kid up to the shooting, knowing that it would create a battle for moral control over the army, which is exactly what has happened.

The infiltrating-Orthodox in the army felt that now was the time to beat down the old Guard army leadership by publicly and politically humiliating them before the country and the world.

If the kid is convicted of anything less than murder, it will be a victory for the religious extremists, who are eyeing the army as “their” future army. Think of a Zionist Daesh, but one that is taxpayer (including the US) funded.

For a medic to blow a wounded man’s head off is beyond the pale

Of course, corporate media will not touch this part of the story with a ten-foot pole. It does not want non-Jews seeing how Jews have the right, and exercise it, to fight bitterly, tooth and nail, to gain control over their brethren with themselves on top, and where anything nasty said or done is totally justified.

The Israeli Lobby does not want Gentiles to get the crazy idea that they have any right to disagree, oppose or resist the imposition of Hebraic domination by a small outside group tunneling its way to control on top with the help of insiders.

The proof of media being in the bag on this is its not covering the brutal political and religious brawls that take place inside Israel and are widely covered there.

Western media pretends they dont know, and have never heard anything about it. This is why, despite Uri being an unrepentant Zionist in terms of accepting that, the Western media takeover is clearly the number one factor to blame for the death and destruction. Uri has published details of the nasty side of Israeli politics, while others would not dare… Jim W. Dean ]

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