Milosevic rettslig frifunnet og reinvasket, mens NATO-krigsmaskinen fortsetter – og media ikke vil offentliggjøre reinvaskingen

Milosevic rettslig frifunnet og reinvasket, mens NATO-kri…


20.10.2016 10:19


Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on

By Ian Greenhalgh on August 8, 2016

No-one in the western media will report this story as it thoroughly discredits NATO, the US and their continued strategy of demonising their declared enemies


This story has been completely ignored by the Western mainstream media, not surprising as it blows a huge gaping hole below the waterline of the official narrative of the Bosnian War, the one where the evil Serbs and their dastardly leaders Milosevic, Karadic and Mladic carried out systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing – a genocide against the poor Bosnians.

So what now? Now that the truth we have known for nearly 20 years has finally been officially recognised will the real culprits be brought to justice? Not hardly. The truly guilty are the US Neocons; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld; plus their stooges in NATO and the EU.

The lesson that we need to take away from this sad saga is that NATO is not a force for good in this world, rather it is the military arm of the Zionist cabal, the stick used to beat into line any nation who dares oppose their agenda for world hegemony.

The Bosnian War strategy is being repeated today in Ukraine, with the poor brainwashed Ukrainians playing the part of the Bosnians; the Russians are the evil Serbs and Putin is filling the tyrannical “Hitler” role that was tragically fulfilled by Milosevic.

However, the stakes are much higher this time around, NATO is weaker with it’s members more divided, Russia is far stronger than Serbia and the potential battleground is the whole of Europe rather than just the Balkans. As much as NATO would love it to happen, I don’t see Putin ever occupying the dock at the Hague and Russia being beaten into submission as Serbia was.

Sadly I don’t see any greater chance of today’s guilty parties – McCain, Nuland, Yatsenyuk, Tyanhbok, Yarosh etc. being brought to justice than their predecessors who destroyed Yugoslavia.


Milosevic exonerated, as the NATO war machine moves on

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) exoneration of the late Slobodan Milosevic, the former President of Yugoslavia, for war crimes committed in the Bosnia war, proves again we should take NATO claims regarding its “official enemies” not with a pinch of salt, but a huge lorry load.

For the past twenty odd years, neocon commentators and “liberal interventionist” pundits have been telling us at every possible opportunity, that Milosevic (a democratically elected leader in a country where over 20 political parties freely operated) was an evil genocidal dictator who was to blame for ALL the deaths in the Balkans in the 1990s. Repeat after me in a robotic voice (while making robotic arm movements): “Milosevic’s genocidal aggression… “Milosevic´s genocidal aggression…”

But the official narrative, just like the one that told us that in 2003, Iraq had WMDs which could be launched within 45 minutes, was a deceitful one, designed to justify a regime change-op which the Western elites had long desired.

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Man klarer ikke engang dikte opp noe slikt: NATO -tilknyttede Atlandit Counsil planlegger falske flagg -operasjoner i Russland

You can’t make this stuff up: NATO-linked Atlantic Council is plotting false flags in Russia

By Jonas E. Alexis on August 8, 2016

If NWO agents and Satanists think that Putin is going to stand by and let them annihilate Russia, then they’ve got another thing coming. Perhaps Putin will tell them: “To forgive terrorists is up to God, and my job is to arrange the meeting.”

“Do your worst, NWO agents and Satanists. Let me remind you that Russia will survive.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

As Jim W. Dean usually says, some ideas are so stupid and crazy that a person with an ounce of common sense simply can’t make them up. They have to be the inventions of psychopaths or people who are completely out of touch with the real world.

Things have certainly been a little crazier than usual in the political landscape over the past few days. The so-called think tank known as the Atlantic Council has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that New World Order agents and political Satanists have and will continue to use terrorism and black operations to pursue their diabolical plan.

The organization has recently cranked out a paper which explicitly demanded that Poland “reserve the right to attack Russian infrastructure including Moscow’s public transportation system and the offices of RT and Sputnik via electronic warfare.”[1]

When I first read this at Sputnik News, I quickly gave it the benefit of a doubt because it was too outrageous. But as I read the actual paper, it turns out that Sputnik News was right. The Council Atlantic paper is entitled “Arming for Deterrence: How Poland and NATO Should Counter a Resurgent Russia,” written by Gen. Sir Richard Shirreff and Maciej Olex-Szczytowski. It states:

“Poland should announce that it reserves the right to deploy offensive cyber operations (and not necessarily in response just to cyberattacks). The authorities could also suggest potential targets, which could include the Moscow metro, the St. Petersburg power network, and Russian state-funded media outlets such as RT.”

What usually happens when an underground railway system abruptly stops? Well, sometimes civilians die or get hurt. And when words such as “offensive cyber operations” are used, then you know that covert or terrorist activities are taking place. We are told that the Moscow metro usually carries 10 million people on a daily basis. So, if “offensive cyber operations” ever take place, you know that civilians will die.

According to the Geneva Conventions Article 51(2), such “offensive cyber operations” are crimes and are in complete violation of international law:

“The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence, the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited.”

In other words, the Atlantic Council is intentionally plotting false flags in Russia. Keep in mind that the Atlantic Council is not some kind of conspiracy organization out there. As previously suggested, this is a widely known think tank in Washington.

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Nær-døden -opplevelser: Sinnet eksisterer adskilt fra hjernen

Near-Death Experiences: Mind Exists Apart From Brain

Posted on August 7, 2016 by Soren Dreier

Author: Tara MacIsaac

If the mind is just a function of the brain, it stands to reason that the worse the brain is injured, the worse the mind would function. While this is what much of current brain research is finding, a body of evidence exists suggesting otherwise: under extreme circumstances, such as close to death, the mind may function well – or even better than usual – when the brain is impaired.

This suggests the mind may function independently of the brain.

One of the researchers who has been studying such cases is Dr. Alexander Batthyany, a professor of theoretical psychology and the philosophy of psychology in Liechtenstein and at the cognitive science department at the University of Vienna.

In his most recent study, published this month in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, Batthyany and his colleagues reviewed thousands of accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) to determine the quality of vision and cognition.

He reported: “The more severe the physiological crisis, the more likely NDEers are to report having experienced clear and complex cognitive and sensory functioning.”

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Near-Death Experiences: Mind Exists Apart From Brain | Soren Dreier


Lekkasje fra USAs øtkyst-telekonferanse avslører at regjeringskontorer planlegger våpenkonfiskering

Teleconference of East Coast Gov’t Agencies Planning Gun Confiscation Leaked

Submitted by IWB, on August 7th, 2016

The State’s Attorney’s General of Virginia, New York, Massacheusetts, and one other east coast state, along with DHS, FEMA and the A D L had a teleconference yesterday describing huge plans for gun confiscation in those states.

Amazingly, someone either risked their life or hit the wrong button because the supposedly private teleconference went out as open access to state and government agencies.

The plan was to use police and all the other agencies listed above to bull rush the gun owning citizenry and seize their guns and to do it very quickly so a counter operation wouldn’t have time to muster.

They then began to ridicule those who would be on the front lines in this operation and laughed at how easily they will be thrown under the bus.

Turns out some of the people being ridiculed were actually listening. It was police listening over their computers in their cars. Apparently they have made disks of the 2 hour meeting and only distributing it to other trusted police members. The source of this story is Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report at The Micro Effect and Liberty Tree Radio.

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USA avslører flere “tilstander” for dødelige droneangrep

US Discloses More Conditions for Lethal Drone Strikes


Sett med høyresidens øyne:

“Denne videoen viser at Hillary Clinton eier media, SE hva de nettopp gjorde mot Trump!”

This Video Proves that Hillary Clinton Owns the Media, LOOK What They Just Did to Trump!

By Danny Gold

August 7, 2016


Hillarys freudianske aketur: “Vi skal øke skattleggingen av middelklassen!”

Hillary’s Freudian Slip: “We Are Going to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class!”

August 6, 2016 | Joshua Krause |

Now that Hillary has secured the Democratic nomination (to the surprise of no one), she has slowly shifted her rhetoric to sound more like Bernie Sanders. She knows that millions of Democratic voters absolutely despise her, and would rather vote for anyone else, or not vote at all. So she has to reel those voters back in, and convince them that she’s going to fight for at least a few of the same socialist policies that were made popular by Sanders.

During a campaign stop in Nebraska earlier this week, she was doing her best Bernie impression as she called for a more equitable tax code (ie, one that will place more taxes on the rich) and criticized Trump because he “wants to cut taxes for the super-rich.” Then she made what appears to be a Freudian slip, and revealed who she really wants to tax into oblivion.


Arkiv over Hillary Clinton -artikler hos Veterans Today

Hillary Clinton Tag Archive Veterans Today 


Wolf Richter,

For individuals, it has barely improved since the Great Recession.

If you have a salary well into the six figures, stock options, nearly free healthcare, and other benefits such as access to free gourmet lunches and dinners at the company’s food court, you might have missed something that a lot of folks feel every day: It’s still a very tough battle out there in this job market. And here is why.

Today we got what was called a “stellar jobs report”: Non-farm payrolls rose 255,000 in July. In the other component of the report, the household survey showed that 420,000 new jobs were created. There are now a record 123.9 million full-time jobs. Government hiring was strong. Numerous sectors added to payrolls. And the unemployment rate remained stuck at 4.9%, with 7.8 million people deemed officially unemployed.

So everyone was happy. Well, certainly the stock market was. The S&P 500 closed at a new high. The Treasury market started worrying about a Fed rate hike, and the 10-year yield rose to 1.59%

But on an individual basis, on a per-capita basis – and this is what people feel when they’re looking for a job or asking for a raise – these “stellar” figures depict a job market that is only a little better than at the worst moment of the Great Recession.

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Hvorfor jobbmarkedet fortsatt er forferdelig: De politisk ukorrekte tallene alle hysjer om

Why This Job Market Is Still Terrible: The Politically Incorrect Numbers Everyone Is Hushing Up

by Tyler Durden

Aug 6, 2016 11:53 AM


Hva våre besterforeldres generasjon brukte å ha rundt seg i huset og på gården (untefor husene) som vår generasjon har glemt:

The Lost Ways  (overlevelsestips; matlaging etc)


Redaktør Gordon Duff beskriver Israel og Tyrkias rolle i Azeri-Armenia -krisen

Press TV: Duff Outlines Roles of Israel and Turkey in Azeri-Armenian Crisis

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 7, 2016


Al-Qaradawi: UAE- og IS -lederne er to sider av samme mynt

Al-Qaradawi: Rulers of UAE and ISIS leaders are two sides of the same coin

By GPD on August 7, 2016

Al-Qaradawi has exposed that the princes of the UAE and the leaders of ISIS are from one species and they are two sides of the same coin in his official website. He pointed to the emergence of the sun right to see the hidden hands behind the Turkish military coup referring with that to the rulers of UAE knowing that many innocent people have claimed their lives in this coup which shows that no difference between ISIS leaders and rules of Emirates.

He also explained the vast difference between the martyrdom operations of the Palestinians and suicide bombings of ISIS, he said that the Palestinian martyrdom operations were based on the opinions of senior Sunni scholars and fatwas of Al-Azhar, on the other hand, the ISIS suicide operations have no basis in religion but are beyond religion. And also asked a question from the rules of UAE Why they defend the Zionist Israel who profaned the blood of Muslims, stole their land, killed their children and raped their women. And he also criticized strongly the financial support of the ruling families of Saudi Arabia to takfiri jihadist groups.

The new political breakup in Lebanon: Hariri vs.  Rifi?

According to a well-informed Lebanese security source, recently unhappy differences soured the relationship between Saad Hariri and Ashraf Rifi, both fiercely competing over Sunni leadership in Lebanon. Both Sunni politicians began to besmirch each others? reputation by revealing financial malfeasance.

Trying to tarnish his rival’s image, Saad Hariri instructed Al-Mustaqbal TV station to divulge the secret relationship between Rifi and Gulf’s Arab ruling regimes. Hariri has accused his opponent of accepting millions of dollars from Arab sheikhdoms and meeting with Israeli intelligence officers in Qatar.

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Damaskus i fare: rebeller sikter på den syriske hovedstad og CIA betaler hver terrorist 1000 dollar i lønn

Damascus in peril: rebels eye the Syrian capital and CIA pays each terrorist $1000

By GPD on August 7, 2016

(Damascus, Syria) – Russian Presidential press secretary Alexei Gromov, in a press conference in Moscow revealed that majority of defecting Syrian army officers who escaped to the neighboring Jordan, have been trained by CIA agents to be later infiltrate Syria again, through southern province of Suweida, hoping to reach Damascus countryside, opening the way to capture Capital Damascus, the golden apple.

Washington and London, added Mr. Gromov, which boast day and night that they fight with ISIS terrorists, have worked out plan B to overthrow democratically-elected Syrian government by paying each Child Soldier $1000 per month.

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Surveillance Aircraft, FBI Brought in to “Investigate” Native American Pipeline Protesters

In a Previously Unreleased Bit, Comedian George Carlin Hammers Cops and the Police State

Video of Drunk Hicks Giving a Baby Whiskey Goes Viral

Widespread Corruption: 71 Cities, Counties, and States Were Just Charged with Fraud

General Mills Sued Regarding Weed Killer in Nature Valley Granola Bars

Russia Sends a Surprise Message to NATO With Sudden, Massive Military Exercise

Debtors’ Prison: Judge Gives Cancer Patient 90 Days in Jail for Being Too Sick to Pay Bills

People Are Now Literally DYING While Playing Pokemon Go

Trump vs. Hillary: a Summation by Paul Craig Roberts

Video: What You Should Know About the Syrian Boy in the Ambulance?

More Americans Than Ever Are Losing Their Religion

Coincidence? Dr. Drew’s Show CANCELLED Just Days After Questioning Hillary’s Health

US Gov’t Refused US Entry to Jihadist It Employs for Creating War Propaganda to Overthrow Assad


Nyheter fra Veterans Today i dag:

Return to a Benevolent Military

Armageddon Proportions

Western Media attacks Aleppo with Guided Missile Lies

Antisemitism report tries to whitewash Zionism

Syrian War Report – October 19, 2016: Russia Sets Up Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Deploying from Iraq

British Government closes bank accounts of Russia Today

Syrian War Report, October 18, 2016: Militants Surrender in Damascus Countryside

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