München-massakren en komplett dekkoperasjon. Skytterens Facebook-side viser at han er IKKE iraner men syrisk pro-Tyrkia islamist

The Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup. The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey

By Walid Shoebat on July 23, 2016 in Featured, General

Photo caption of Ali Sonboly’s Facebook page created by him with

the Turkish flag (update July 23rd 2015) hovering in the background

They initially introduced his name as a western name “David S”. Then his name changed to Ali David Sonboly (which sounds western) when his real name is Ali Daud Sonboly/Sunbuli which is an Arabic name (better pronounced Sunbuli) and has an exclusively Arabic meaning: “from the wheat kernel”.

Sonboly is no Iranian. He is Syrian. His Facebook page showed that he is pro Turkey’s Islamists. That, plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched. He is also not a teenager as they show us, but an adult as videos showed. What the reader should conclude after reading is this: why is the eye witnesses account (which is substantiated by material evidence) contradicts media reports (which provide zero evidence that we can verify, just government claim). Let me shred the media’s narrative piece by piece.

First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic: ÓäÈáí. In the English it can be spelled multiple ways like Sunbulli, Sonboly because Arabic vowels need to be added using English letters. This is why we find Muhammad spelled as Mohemmed or Mehemet or Mohammad –

But in Arabic, it is always the same spelling: ÓäÈáí

Unless one knows Arabic, they do not know where to look. Examining clan Sonboly and even Sonboly’s own Facebook (archived here) we find no persian flags hovering anywhere. What we find are Turkish or Syrian flags or the combination of the two, just like the shooter’s Facebook shows. These are Syrian Islamists who are pro Turkey’s Erdogan. We also find Arabic and not a lick of Persian as their main language. This is unlikely a “Sonboly” of the Persian variety.

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